Baby Girl Names From 'G' With Meaning

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Find Baby Girl Names Starting with letter

Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter G for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter G and it almost more than 696 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with G letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with G letter also you can filter starting G letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of G letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect G starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
GENESE - Haitian
Gisselle Hostage ; pledge Christian
Ghayda Young and delicate Muslim
Girisa Lady of the mountains Hindu
Godeleine Good life; godly life Christian
Ganya Garden of the lord Russian
Gordon - American
Golda - Vintage
Ganika Flower Sanskrit
Gungun Soft And Warm Tamil
Gavishika poet Sanskrit
GENISE - Haitian
Gitali Lover Of Song Tamil
Georgia - American
Greyson - American
Galina Sprit of quiet oceans. Russian
Gerardo - American
Ganesa good luck Sanskrit
Gidget Giddy Christian
GUILAINE - Haitian
Gandharvi Speech of a gandharva Hindu
Girisha Christian
Grhini Mistress of the house Hindu
Gia Christian
Gala The person who is brave Russian
Georgie A familiar form of georgeanne Christian
Gamini Silent Hindu
Gemine Twins Tamil
Gaylee A foreigner / one who is cheerful Christian
Ginni Gold Hindu
Ganavati followed by attendants Hindu
Greta - Vintage
guhyarupini Whose form is subtle Sanskrit
gurumandala rupini embodies in Herself the teaching of successive lines of teachers Sanskrit
Gella One with golden hair genesis - origin Christian
Genna A form of jenna Christian
Gibson - American
Gali Spring Christian
Galla Galla signifies festivity. Choose this Latin name for your beautiful baby. Roman
Gaby From the name gabrielle Christian
Gurleen Gurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru Sikh
Geetu Mental Hindu
Geena Silvery Tamil
Garvita full of pride Sanskrit
GLADICE - Haitian
GERALDA - Haitian
Gudia Doll Hindu
GABRIEL - Haitian
Golda Gold Christian
Ganitha Regarded Tamil
guhajanmabhuh the mother of Guha (Kartikeya) Sanskrit
Gangi Of ganga Hindu
Gauthami River Godavari Hindu
gurumurtir assumes the form of the Guru Sanskrit
Ganda Knot Hindu
Gulika A pearl Sanskrit
Gillian Christian
Gennesis Origin Christian
gudhagulpha Whose ankled are well filled and therefore without protrusion Sanskrit
Gage - American
Ganakshi Desire Or Want Tamil
Gatravati With a handsome body Hindu
Gurbani Sikhs religious prayer Tamil
GnanaMalar Intelligent Flower Hindu
Gabhasti Ray Hindu
Ghaziyah Female Warrior Muslim
Girja Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Gin silver Japanese
Gangika One who is as pure Hindu
Gutika Small ball Hindu
Gia - American
Gayatrini One who sings hymns of the sama veda Hindu
guhamba the Mother residing in the cave of intelligence (Also the mother of Guha or Subrahmanya) Sanskrit
Gazala A Deer Tamil
Goja Born amidst rays Hindu
Geeta Holy Book of the Hindus Sanskrit
Genevieve - Vintage
Genevieve - American
gyanagyeya svarupini both knowledge and the object of knowledge Sanskrit
Gena Singer Hindu
Gail Merry Christian
Gianna - American
Gira Speech Hindu
Gandhali Sweet scent Sanskrit
Gina Silvery Tamil
Gandhavati Sweetly scented Hindu
Gunnika Garland Sanskrit
gyanagamya attained through knowledge Sanskrit
Ghuzayyah She was a narrator of hadith Muslim
GUERLYNE - Haitian
Giti Song Hindu
Gunjan Humming Sanskrit
George - American
Ghaliyah Fragrant Muslim
Gori Fair Hindu
Girisma Summer Hindu
Ghaydaa Young And Delicate Hindu
Ghaneemah Spoils Muslim
Glynis - Vintage
GUILENE - Haitian
Grhakanya Daughter of the house Hindu
Gurti Approval Hindu
Gandhara Fragrance Sanskrit
Gnanam Bhagavad Gita Sanskrit
Guna Good Character Tamil
Grace - Vintage
Gunnar - American
Georgianna A form of georgeanna Christian
Ghazal She was a narrator of Hadith Muslim
Gehna Ornament Tamil
Grisha Watchful Sanskrit
Giselle - American
GILBERTE - Haitian
Greysen - American
Garinder Lord Hindu
GunaMalar Possessing Good Character Hindu
gyana vigraha Herself the embodiment of Supreme Knowledge Sanskrit
Gabrielle - American
Gaille Merry Christian
Guadalupe - American
Giorgianna A form of georgeanna Christian
Ghalibah Dominant Muslim
Gurrishma Gur is related to gurus and rishma is the first rays of the moon Hindu
GERTRUDE - Haitian
Geeti A Song Tamil
Geethika Christian
Gracelynn - American
Gandhari A ragini Hindu
Goldy Made of gold Hindu
Gleda Happy Christian
Gwen - American
Gelilah Rolling hills Christian
Gandhamadani Intoxicating fragrance Hindu
Gabi From the name gabriela Christian
Gehna Ornament Hindu
Gilda Covered with gold Christian
Geet Popularized by the movie Sikh
Gajalya Goddess Name Tamil
Gayantika Singing Sanskrit
Gemma - American
Ghaydaa Young And Delicate Tamil
Greeshmita Heat Hindu
Gili My joy Christian
Geena Silvery Hindu
GnanaValli Intelligent Tamil
Gandhamohini With an enchanting fragrance Hindu
goptri Whose function is protection Sanskrit
Gandha Fragrant Sanskrit
GUILANDE - Haitian
Ganesani Consort of ganesa Hindu
Gilana Joy Christian
Godavari Granting water Hindu
Gerarda Brave spearwoman Christian
Giza Stone Christian
GERTA - Haitian
Gurparveen Goddess of the stars Sanskrit
GYAnAmbika - Sanskrit
Giancarlo - American
Grhadevi Goddess of the household Hindu
Giovanni - American
Gitali Lover Of Song Hindu
Giovanna - American
GnanaMagal Intelligent Girl Tamil
Gayanthika Singing Tamil
Galya God is redeemed gana - garden Christian
GUERDA - Haitian
Ghrtaci Abounding in clarified butter Hindu
Girinandini The Earth Sanskrit
GunaMaalai Possessing Good Character Tamil
Gabrielle Dedicated to god Christian
Geetanjali Christian
Gracie - American
Gayla A form of gail Christian
Georgiana A form of georgeanna Christian
Geashna Victory Tamil
gurupriya the Consort of Shiva Sanskrit
Ghaada Beautiful Tamil
Gunwanti Virtuous Tamil
Gracie A familiar form of grace Christian
Gaylia A form of gail Christian
Gaurangi Fair complexioned Hindu
Goldy Made of gold Tamil
Ginger - Vintage
Gardenia Botany: a sweet-melling flower Christian
Gilda - Vintage
gunanidhir a treasure house of virtues Sanskrit
Gertrude German baby name that means spear Christian
Gracelynn A combination of grace & lynn Christian
govindarupini has taken the form of Govinda (Vishnu) for this purpose Sanskrit
Gandha Fragrant Hindu
Gandaki Obstacle Hindu
Godavri A river Hindu
Gnya Famous Tamil
Genee A well- born man Christian
Gopi Herdswoman Hindu
gandharva sevita attended upon by Gandharvas Sanskrit
gomata the source of speech Sanskrit
Gunsaki Treasure of Guru’s Thoughts Sanskrit
Gurkirat One who sings praises of the guru Sikh
Griva Girls Who Has Beautiful Singing Neck Tamil
Gennevieve White wave ; fair-skinned Christian
Gailine A form of gail Christian
Garima One Who Is Heaven-Sent Hindu
Gazala Intelligent Muslim
Glennda Holy goodness Christian
Gorochana Goddess Parvati Hindu
Greetha A girl with a clever mind and quick wits Sikh
Grishma Warmth Hindu
Gunavina Virtuous Hindu
Gautami Clouds Hindu
Geona Glorify Christian
Ghaniyah A daughter of "Afeef bin Amr Abdul Qays had this name; she was a very generous Muslim
Gandharika Preparing Perfume Hindu
Gana Means a group of people or a troop Christian
Giva Hill Sanskrit
Ginna A well- born woman Christian
Gangotri Sacred River Of India Hindu
Gunnika Well woven Hindu
Gowri Bright Sanskrit
Gurbani Sikhs religious prayer Hindu
GERMANIE - Haitian
Gena Woman Christian
Girika Summit of a mountain Hindu
Gefen Vine Christian
Ghumaysa Her kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; she was a front-rank companion (R.A) and narrated ahadith; she died in the times of Sayyidina Uthman (R.A) Muslim
Ghania Beautiful Muslim
Graceann A combination of grace & ann Christian
Gargi Churn Hindu
Gayna A familiar form of guinevere Christian
Gurnoor Pleasant Face Of God Hindu
Githa Gift Christian
Grahi Accepting Hindu
GUERDIE - Haitian
Ganjan Exceeding Sanskrit
Ganga River Ganga Sanskrit
Gyana Full Of Knowledge Hindu
Gilen Gilen means a vow or a pledge Christian
Girisha Goddess Parvati Tamil
Ganarupa Of the form of ganas Hindu
GERDA - Haitian
ganamba the Mother of all the shivaganas Sanskrit
Grahini Someone who would make a wonderful housewife Sikh
Gangu Where ganga flows Hindu
Gourvi honour Sanskrit
gunatita transcends the three Gunas of Prakruti known as Sattva Sanskrit
Gopika Cowherd girls Sanskrit
Gunjita Buzzing of bees Sanskrit
Gurinder Lord; guru Sikh
Ghufayrah This was the name of a very pious woman who kept vigil in the night Muslim
Ghosavati Resounding Hindu
Goparasa Made of the water of the earth Hindu
Gaurika Pretty young girl Sanskrit
Greha Planet Hindu
guhya worshipped in secrecy by some adepts Sanskrit
Greta - American
Grhitha Understood And Accepted Tamil
Gloria - Vintage
Gaganasindhu Ocean of the Sky Tamil
Gurumita Friend of the guru Hindu
GERTHA - Haitian
Ghaaliya Fragrant Tamil
Gopika Herdswoman Hindu
Georgia Feminine form of george Christian
Girisha Goddess Parvati Hindu
Geethu Christian
Gurvinder Lord; guru Sikh
Gitika A small song Sanskrit
Gool A flower Tamil
Ganitha Regarded Hindu
Gannon - American
Gajalya Goddess name Sanskrit
Gouthami Other name for the river Godavari Tamil
Gunjana Buzzing Of A Bee Hindu
Greha Planet Tamil
Gabby From the name gabrielle Christian
gaganatastha pervades all space Sanskrit
geyachakra ratharudha mantrini parisevita attended by Her minister (Syamala) seated in Her chariot named Geya – chakra Sanskrit
Gazala A Deer Hindu
Ganjan Surpassing Hindu
Gada Lucky Christian
Gracen A short form of graceanne Christian
Gabriela - American
Gargi Scholar Sanskrit
Guillermo - American
Gitali Melodious Sanskrit
Gireesha Goddess Parvati Hindu
GLADYS - Haitian
Gatlin - American
Goura Name of Goddess Parvati Tamil
Ghusoon Branches (tree) Hindu
Giva Hill Tamil
Geeta Holy book of the Hindus Tamil
GUERDY - Haitian
Gulmini Clustering Hindu
Gayanti Of gaya Hindu
Geeta Holy book of the Hindus Hindu
Gurshakti Power Of Guru Tamil
Gitisha Seven Sound Of Song Tamil
Ghosini Famed Hindu
Guna good character Sanskrit
Gouthami Other name for the river Godavari Hindu
Gudia Doll Tamil
Griyashi The beauty and divinity of a decent woman Sikh
Genesis - American
Granthana Book Hindu
Gracee Having god Christian
Gaelle - Haitian
Garrett - American
Gurkiran The Ray of Guru?s Light; Radiance and brightness of Guru Sikh
Giana - American
GunaVadivu Symbol of Good Character Hindu
Gee Christian
Gatita A River Hindu
Girini Praise Hindu
Goldie - Vintage
Graceanne A combination of grace & ann Christian
Gramani Ladies of the village Hindu
Gannika Counted of value Hindu
Godgifu A form of godiva Christian
Geetika Beauty Hindu
Gul Flower Sanskrit
Gabriella - American
Godiva God's present Christian
Gayatri Singer Sanskrit
Gaura A Fair Woman Tamil
Gul Flower Tamil
Geetika Christian
Girimallika Creeper of the mountain Hindu
Gayathri Mother of Vedas Hindu
Genesiss Origin Christian
Gulika Ball Hindu
Ghizlan From gazzalle Muslim
Gopi A woman who Loves Cows Sanskrit
ganalolupa fond of music Sanskrit
Ganika Flower Tamil
Gyanada Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Gita Song Hindu
GUERLINE - Haitian
Ginnifer White; smooth; soft Christian
Gunjana Buzzing Of A Bee Tamil
GnanaMalar Intelligent Flower Tamil
Gitashri the Bhagvat Gita Sanskrit
Gorma worth considering Hindu
Geena A well- born woman Christian
Gianluca - American
Gajalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Giradevi The goddess of speech Hindu
Gourangi Fair complexioned Sanskrit
Garinder Lord Tamil
Gabriel - American
Gandhapuspam Fragrance and flower conjoined Hindu
Gemelle Twin Christian
Ghareebah Strange Muslim
Gianni - American
GnanaVadivu Symbol of Intelligence Hindu
Gauranshi Pride Hindu
Georgeanna A combination of georgia & anna Christian
Gerald - American
Gyandevi lord of knowledge Hindu
Ginni Gold Tamil
Griva Girls Who Has Beautiful Singing Neck Hindu
Glenda - Vintage
Georgene A familiar form of georgia Christian
Geet song Hindu
Giribhu Originating from the mountain Hindu
Gayana Singing Hindu
Gregory - American
Giana God is gracious Christian
Gupti Preserving Hindu
Geetu Mental Tamil
Gladys - Vintage
GUIRLENE - Haitian
Gandhali Perfumed Hindu
Ghadah Beautiful Muslim
Gandharika Preparing Perfume Tamil
Gorochana Goddess Parvati Tamil
Gireesha Goddess Parvati Tamil
Ginni Precious gold coin Sanskrit
Gopa Gautama's Wife Tamil
Ghusoon Branches of a tree Muslim
Giva Hill Hindu
Gina silvery Japanese
GnanaMagal Intelligent Girl Hindu
Garima Prowess Sanskrit
guhyakaradhya worshppped by the demi – gods called the Guhyakas Sanskrit
Guerlande - Haitian
Gandhini A fragrant Hindu
Gurjari A Raga Tamil
Geetika A Little Song Tamil
Gwendolyn - Vintage
Georgette - Vintage
Gatita A River Tamil
Gunaja Daughter of virtue Hindu
Gabbriel Heroine of god Christian
Gadadevi Mace lady Hindu
Gamati With a flexible mind Hindu
Gitashri The Bhagwat Gita Tamil
Grace - American
Gnya Famous Hindu
Gulbano Rose Muslim
Gyanada Goddess Saraswati Tamil
Gazit Hewn stone Christian
Georgina A form of georgia Christian
Gracelynne A combination of grace & lynn Christian
Gandharika Preparing perfume Sanskrit
Giani One having exalted divine knowledge Sikh
Gabbriella Heroine of god Christian
Geshna Singer Tamil
Ghaada Beautiful Hindu
Geet Melody Sanskrit
Grhitha Understood And Accepted Hindu
Gopa Gautama's Wife Hindu
Garati Virtuous Woman Hindu
Galilea Sloping hills Christian
Gauthami River Godavari Tamil
GnanaValli Intelligent Hindu
Grahi Accepting Tamil
Gael - American
Girija Daughter of the mountain Hindu
Godeleva Good life Christian
Gini Parrot Hindu
Geeti A Song Hindu
Grishma Warmth Tamil
GunaVadivu Symbol of Good Character Tamil
Giriganga Ganga that comes from the mountain Hindu
Gajagamini With a gait as graceful as an elephant Hindu
GnanaChelvi Intelligent Girl Hindu
Gaura A Fair Woman Sanskrit
Girikarni Lotus of the mountain Hindu
Gracelyn - American
Ginette A form of genevieve Christian
Georgeann A combination of georgia & ann Christian
Gitana Gypsy Hindu
Gayatri 3 Phased verse Hindu
Galilea - American
Grey - American
Gomadhi Wealthy in cows Hindu
Giovanna God is gracious ; in the bible Christian
Genessis Origin Christian
Gertrude - Vintage
GINETTE - Haitian
GISLAINE - Haitian
Geetha Sacred song or poem; praised in songs Christian
Gloria - American
Gethika Christian
Gomeda Gemstone for Rahu Hindu
Grayson - American
Gungun Soft And Warm Hindu
Gaia Gaia has a Greek origin and as per ancient mythology Roman
Glynis Christian
Garati Virtuous Woman Tamil
Gautami River Godavari Sanskrit
Georgia - Vintage
Gangangini Daughter of ganga Hindu
Greashma Summer Tamil
Glara heart Sanskrit
Ghitbah She was a narrator of hadith Muslim
Gunjan Humming Hindu
Ginny A familiar form of ginger Christian
Grace In Latin Christian
Ganga Ganga is the name of the holiest river in India and is worshipped by many Hindus Hindu
gambhira inscrutable Sanskrit
Graham - American
Gowri Bright Hindu
Gaurika Lord Of Brahmins Hindu
Giuliana - American
Gehen deep Sanskrit
Gayathri Goddess of the Vedas Tamil
Gitanjali a collection of poems Sanskrit
Gabriela In Hebrew Christian
Gunjita Humming Of Bee Tamil
Gajagati A gait as graceful as an elephant Hindu
GERLINE - Haitian
Gamin With a graceful gait Hindu
gudanna pritamanasa has a liking for rice cooked with jaggery Sanskrit
Gitanjali Devotional offering of a hymn Hindu
Gini Parrot Tamil
Gurmeet Friend of Guru; A companion of the Guru; A variant spelling is Gurmit Sikh
Gunita Proficient Hindu
GISELE - Haitian
Goldie A familiar form of golda Christian
Ghanta Bell Hindu
Godbika Emblem of the goddess gauri Hindu
Ganakshi Desire Or Want Hindu
Gunjika Humming Sanskrit
Geshna Singer Hindu
Gideon - American
Guna Good Character Hindu
Gul-e-Rana Sweet-smelling rose Muslim
Girisha Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Gavrila God is my strength Christian
Gomti A river Hindu
Gina Silvery Hindu

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