Sikh Baby Girl Names With Meaning

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Find Baby Girl Names Starting with letter

Names Meaning Category
Yakeen Trust; Belief Sikh
Bijul Lightning Flash Sikh
Tireth Holy Place Sikh
Ekkam The one who is united Sikh
Haima A name for Goddess Parvati adopted by the Sikhs Sikh
Diljot Light of the Heart Sikh
Aantika The guiding light of an elder woman Sikh
Rasmin Beam of Moon Sun Sikh
Kajari As excited and vulnerable as a little bird Sikh
Dilvinder Heart of God in Heaven Sikh
Lovdeep Attachment to Illumination Sikh
Meet Love; Friend Sikh
Tannu Body; Strength; Power Sikh
Loveleen Loved One Sikh
Darvish Humble Being; Religious Beggar Sikh
Katreesa A graceful and elegant woman Sikh
Smrita A woman adept at meditating through the troubles Sikh
Trisha Noble Woman; Power of Three Sea; Desire; Thirst; Aristocratic; Three Goddesses Shakthi Sikh
Bargitta An extremely strong and powerful young woman Sikh
Vanshmeet Clear Sikh
Pavan Wind; Pure; Who Removes Bad Energy Sikh
Greetha A girl with a clever mind and quick wits Sikh
Manat A Prayer; Sweet Wish; Intelligent Sikh
Yakin Trust; Belief Sikh
Randeep Light; Bright Sikh
Jaafi A girl who is fair and just Sikh
Rabjyot God's Light Sikh
Rubalpreet-Kaur Gem Stone; Happy; Love; Ruby Lover; A Gem of Love; Caring Sikh
Indirveer God's Warrior Sikh
Tenmeet Kind Sikh
Wishpreet-Kaur A Wishful Sikh
Punam Full Moon Sikh
Navleen New Engrossed Sikh
Rachael An Ewe; A Little Lamb; Sister of Guru Nanak Sikh
Parmeet-Kaur Wisdom Sikh
Indirpreet Lover of God Sikh
Baleen A slender and pretty girl Sikh
Chitra A gorgeous piece of art Sikh
Manseeret Beauty of Mind Sikh
Aad The beginning of everything Sikh
Lakhmi Goddess of Fortune; Luck Sikh
Deep The Lamp of Light Sikh
Nishaa Night Sikh
Fatehjit Victorious Victor Sikh
Rajvir Brave King Sikh
Uptej Glorious Sikh
Indirvir God of Heavens Warrior Sikh
Kanina A woman filled to the brim with youthfulness Sikh
Parabneet Something to do with God Sikh
Pyar Love Sikh
Prakas-Kaur Rising of Sun Sikh
Akaljeet Timeless and Eternal victory. Also means Triumph of God Sikh
Drivnaynee Angelic Eyes Sikh
Pinaaz Happiness Sikh
Reet The tradition of all life Sikh
Zinat Beauty; Adornment; Ornamentation; Decoration Sikh
Prabhdeep Candle of God Sikh
Dilpreet Of one?s liking Sikh
Tersem Perfect Saviour Sikh
Zhalak Splendour; Shimmer Sikh
Manjit One who Wins her Own Heart; Conqueror of the Mind Sikh
Irwin Jesus of Drum; Always Happy Sikh
Junal Someone who brings happiness and rejoice along with them Sikh
Pehila First Sikh
Meherbani Master's Word Sikh
Devi Goddess; Kindness; Bright; Beautiful; Luck; Rich; Goddess Laxmi / Parvati / Durga Peaceful Sikh
Agampreet The lover of god Sikh
Isht God Sikh
Preeto Loved One Sikh
Mahikpreet Love with Beautiful Smell Sikh
Pushpinder God of Flowers; Of the God of Heaven Sikh
Devinder The King of Gods Sikh
Jheel A woman who adorns the calm and quiet of a still lake Sikh
Dalwinder Army of God in Heaven Sikh
Kamili A perfect woman Sikh
Darsev One who Serves Sikh
Tarah Elevated Place; Hill; A Hair; A Wretch; One Banished; Star Sikh
Paluk Eyelashes Sikh
Opinder Near to God Sikh
Yadleen One Absorbed in God's Remembrance Sikh
Missti Sweet Sugar Sikh
Kainaat The essence of the entire universe Sikh
Harleen Feminine of harley Sikh
Taljot River Light: Sikh
Yeeshu Name of God Sikh
Faheema One who is learned and wise Sikh
Tajinderpreet Someone who is in love with the might of God Sikh
Zaghlula Young Pigeon Sikh
Divjot Divine Light Sikh
Madan Battlefield; Lord Shri Krishna Sikh
Giani One having exalted divine knowledge Sikh
Mamta Mother's Love; Love; Motherly Love Sikh
Nilly Sky of the World Sikh
Sargun All the quality Sikh
Zaitoon Olive Sikh
Manju Pleasant; Snow; Dew Drops; Sweet; Heart Winner; Charming; Flower; Passion Sikh
Prakarti Nature Sikh
Visah Trust; Faith Sikh
Priyanka Beautiful; Loveable; Beautiful Symbol; Lovable Act; Beautiful Body Sikh
Rit Tradition Sikh
Charanjeet Winning the service of guru?s lotus feet Sikh
Surinder The queen of all Gods in heaven Sikh
Damanjeet Skirt of the Victor Sikh
Saachi Born with the blessings of Gods Sikh
Ikampooj A girl who only ever worships the supreme God of all Sikh
Navjot New Light Sikh
Lachhmi Goddess of Fortune Sikh
Parvender Loving God Fellow Sikh
Nar Good Nature Sikh
Darshpreet Lord Krishna's Love or the Love for Lord Krishna Sikh
Nimrata Humble Sikh
Ishmeet Friend of Goddess Sikh
Uppenderjeet Add Meaning Sikh
Premsiri Greatest Love Sikh
Rawal Gold Dust Sikh
Mehroop Add Meaning Sikh
Zeenat Beauty and Happiness of Home; Beauty; Decoration; Delicate; Honor Sikh
Nivarn Dispelled Sikh
Rayna Queen; Pure; Purity; Holy Dust Sikh
Mansimran In Remembrance of Mind; Meditation of Mind Sikh
Baisakhi A popular festival in Punjab which is also a great name for a girl Sikh
Manjeet One who Wins her Own Heart; Conqueror of the Mind Sikh
Nabjit Charming Sikh
Manavi Humanity; Daughter of Man Sikh
Eknoor One Light; Light of God Sikh
Preeyam Love; Beloved Sikh
Leana Pledge; Noble; Nobility; Sunlight; Meadow; Combination of Names Lee and Ann Sikh
Parinoor Light of Fairy Sikh
Rinar Drop of Rain Sikh
Dilneet Ethical Heart or Moral Soul Sikh
Nihaara The unseen beauty of the morning mist Sikh
Prabhkirtan Singing Gods Praise Sikh
Ekmanjot Concentration Sikh
Ojasvi Bright Sikh
Lakshya Aim; Destination; Who has a Specific Goal Everywhere; Target Sikh
Kaya A girl with the body of a goddess Sikh
Lochan Bright Eyes Sikh
Tatleen The girl who understands the final truth of life Sikh
Xamak Twinkle; Shimmer Sikh
Rameet Goddess Sikh
Pragunn Blessed with All Qualities Sikh
Wisekh Excellent; Abundant Sikh
Mandira Intelligent; Helpful; Caring; Melody; Cymbals; Home Sikh
Yash Fame; Success Sikh
Tejveer Fast Sikh
Charanpreet Fostered under Lord?s feet Sikh
Parteet Faith Sikh
Muskan Smile; Laughter; Sweet Smile Sikh
Manpriya Beloved Heart Sikh
Navserat New Sol Sikh
Upenderjit Add Meaning Sikh
Divprit God's Love; God Lover Sikh
Prabhleen In God's Grace Sikh
Damanpreet Demolishing Negative Energy Sikh
Ojal Splendour; Vision; Shelter. Sikh
Invir Smart; Beloved Sikh
Junaraaj A woman that is open and honest with everyone around her Sikh
Roopjass Beautiful in Nature; Full of Beauty; Jazzy Version on Roopjot Sikh
Staleenjeet A girl who is always successful in her life?s endeavours Sikh
Parvinder Love Sikh
Chadda A warrior princess born in the midst of battle Sikh
Diya The divine and bright light of God Sikh
Navroj-Kaur Everyday New Sikh
Ikisha The one and only true God Sikh
Rabaab Musical Instrument Sikh
Paakhi An unseen pretty flower Sikh
Prabhsimran Admiration of God Sikh
Divreet Faithful Sikh
Mahekpreet Fragrance of Love Sikh
Rajni Night; Half Name of Flower; Queen Sikh
Dharamleen One Absorbed in Righteousness Sikh
Palkeet-Kour Tears of Eyes Sikh
Husaina An extremely beautiful and pretty girl Sikh
Mehakveer Fragrance Sikh
Madhurbain Sweet Words Sikh
Mehpreet Mind Filled with Love Sikh
Parphullat Happy; Contended Sikh
Dharat Earth Sikh
Dalbir The Brave Soldier Sikh
Ishaana The beholder of all glory and wealth Sikh
Esharvir Victorious Almighty God Sikh
Zubaira Sunshine Sikh
Tashu Kind; Cute; Talented in Many Ways; Sweet Singer; Melodious; Adorable; Brave; Joy; Pure Love Sikh
Rajpratap Dominion of Majesty Sikh
Zohra Venus; Love; Beautiful Sikh
Layla The magnificent beauty of the night Sikh
Wafa Faithfulness; Loyalty Sikh
Upkar Help with Respect; Gift Sikh
Neenika Water; Earth; Air Sikh
Taj Crown; Jewel Sikh
Veerindar A Brave Godly Person Sikh
Isha One who Protects; The Female Energy; Woman; Faculty; Power; Another Name of Goddess Durga; Formless Divinity Sikh
Anya A woman whose gracefulness will never end Sikh
Varnit Good; Kind Sikh
Parveer Brave Sikh
Ekkirat Only Ones Praise Sikh
Gurleen Gurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru Sikh
Ravina Sunny; Beauty of the Sun Sikh
Tavneet Beautiful Sikh
Rashmeet Sweet; Cute Sikh
Tarvinder Salvation of God in Heaven Sikh
Xanda Insignia Sikh
Melody Music; Rythmic; Instrument; Song; Harmonious Sikh
Mohkam Manager Sikh
Taran Rocky Hill Sikh
Rubal A Gem; Stone; Money Sikh
Mannat A wish that will always be fulfilled Sikh
Upenderjeet Add Meaning Sikh
Mohenpreet Enticing Lover Sikh
Praneet Dear one Sikh
Mukham Manager Sikh
Katiya Katiya means Perfect Sikh
Dhara Constant Flow; The Earth; Constant Flow of Liquid Sikh
Tavgun A woman of all good qualities Sikh
Divya Pure; Divine; Settlement; Heavenly; Divine Luster; Pure Light; Source of Wisdom Sikh
Roopkamal Beauty of Lotus; Beauty of Flower; Glorious; Appearances Like Lotus Sikh
Zhanda Insignia Sikh
Narinder Mighty Man; Lord of Mankind; Doctor Sikh
Eeha Desired; Wish Sikh
Pupinder God of Flowers Sikh
Balvinder The girl who wins over everyone with her strength Sikh
Yashpreet Friend of Success Sikh
Ikjot One Light of God Sikh
Nysha Special; New Beginning Sikh
Tirath Travel; Holy Place Sikh
Vaishakhi Who Support Others; Festival Sikh
Onkarpreet Love of the Inseparable Creator Sikh
Parmpreet Love of God Sikh
Laveneet Soccer Sikh
Taan Strength; Power; Body Sikh
Vismad Wondrous Sikh
Dilreet An emotion that stems from the heart habituated to love Sikh
Namrita Modest; Humble Sikh
Purvanshi Purv Disha; Sun Sikh
Vaapaar Trade; Vocation Sikh
Pooja Prayer; Worship; Devoted to God Sikh
Poonam Merit; Full Moon Night (Poornima) Sikh
Pavandip Wind; Light Sikh
Mavleen Chief Sikh
Reeya Gem Sikh
Triptleen Engrossed in God with Satisfaction Sikh
Ishjeet Victorious Supreme Being Sikh
Rasnaam God's Elixir Sikh
Dilpreet-Kaur Loves Heart Sikh
Devindar The King of Gods Sikh
Rai Trust; Love; One Name of Radha Sikh
Zahrah Flower; Beauty; Star; White; The Planet Venus; Brilliant; Bright; Breeze Sikh
Simarleen A girl who is created from memory Sikh
Paramjeet Supremely Victorious Sikh
Omahara Welling Up of Rapture Sikh
Loveneet Love Sikh
Lovepreet Sweet; Lovely Sikh
Manjot Lightening the Heart Sikh
Pavandeep Firmament Illuminated; Lamp of Heavens Sikh
Eshmita Smiling; Smile; Ever Smiling Lady Sikh
Deepti Flame; Lustre; Glow; Shine; Luster; Nice Sikh
Ikleen Absorbed in One Sikh
Luvnoor Light of Love Sikh
Ekroop One Beauteous Form Sikh
Etebar Belief; Faith; Trust Sikh
Dharampreet Love for One's Faith Sikh
Umaid Inspire Hope Sikh
Umeed Wish; Expectation Sikh
Ronak Delight; Bright Sikh
Virinder Heroic One of God Sikh
Chitranjan Inner joy Sikh
Vismaad Wondrous Sikh
Luvdeep Illuminated Absorption Sikh
Ratta Imbued with Devotion Sikh
Vidia Knowledge Sikh
Sukhleen The woman on whom God bestows the eternal light of happiness Sikh
Tript Contentment Sikh
Arheer Someone as precious as a diamond Sikh
Daljeet The Conqueror of Forces Sikh
Ekamjot One Gods Favourite Sikh
Vaani Guru's Voice; Speech; Goddess Saraswati; The Sweet Spoken One Sikh
Pinky Most Beautiful; The Little Finger; Pink Coloured; Sweet; Pinkish Sikh
Dharvan A Winner Sikh
Muskaan Smiling; Smile; Symbol of Happiness Sikh
Ishman God Gift Sikh
Vineet Kind Sikh
Fatehnoor Beautiful Winner. Sikh
Mithi Truthful; Sweet; Daughter of Goddess Lakshmi Sikh
Adveka Another name for Mother Earth Sikh
Chitleen A woman fully absorbed in the awareness of the world Sikh
Zurafa Elegant; Witty; Graceful Sikh
Taj-Man Fresh Soul Sikh
Haryath The name for a wonderful and brave woman Sikh
Pritika Love; Dear One; Loved One; Beloved Sikh
Tawakkali Hope; Trust in God Sikh
Bishanpreet The one who is the beloved of God Sikh
Prithvipal Beloved Cherisher; Protector Sikh
Naveen Fresh; New; Excellent Sikh
Parambir The Greatest of Warriors Sikh
Ujala Lighting; On Fire Sikh
Taru Tree; Myth; Legend Sikh
Maneet Helper; Inner Soul; Who Wins Hearts; Mind to Win Sikh
Ikongkar One Creator Sikh
Roopkanwal Beautiful Face Sikh
Rawinder Kind Hearted Sikh
Ekamdeep Light of Two Persons in Just One Baby Sikh
Zainab Decorated or Ornamented Tree; Fragrant or Beautiful Plant; Variant Transcription of Zaynab; Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad; Name of Prophet's Wife Sikh
Roopinder Beautiful Sikh
Laxmi Goddess of Wealth Sikh
Prem Love Sikh
Dalmeet Team Friend Sikh
Fatehvir Victor Sikh
Manmeet Friend of Mind Sikh
Navkiran New Light; New Ray of Sunshine Sikh
Naleen Lotus Sikh
Rasleen Dissolved in the Remembrance of God; One Absorbed in the Elixir of Naam Sikh
Ekam The girl harnessing the strength of unity Sikh
Mesh Loved by Many; A Zodiac Sign Sikh
Rachnik Creator of Universe Sikh
Zabya Female Gazelle Sikh
Tarman Beautiful Princess; Best Girt Sikh
Rattanpal Devoted to God Sikh
Lucky-Singh Lucky Sikh
Qaayenaat Universe Sikh
Prabhnoor Light of God Sikh
Meenu Girl with Fish Eyes Sikh
Naaz The bringer of glory and pride Sikh
Janika Someone who is as compassionate and kind as God Sikh
Arjyot The excitement of a new beginning Sikh
Navjotdeep-Kaur New Light Sikh
Ishita The master of wealth and superiority Sikh
Husnah A girl with impeccable beauty of the eternal Sikh
Xery All True Sikh
Bhavya A splendid feeling of joy Sikh
Ramneet Beautiful; Beauteous Sikh
Rashpal All Loving; Purity; Love Sikh
Pratibha Intellect; Splendor; Brightness; Inspiration; Talent Sikh
Palam Beautiful Sikh
Rajinder King Indra; The Emperor; King of Kings; Variant of Rajendra Sikh
Rina Peace; Form of Catherine; Pure; Queen; Beloved; Melody; Joyful; Dissolved; Of the Sea Sikh
Manveer Heart Winner Sikh
Zahida Beautiful; Hermit; Ascetic Sikh
Masum Innocent Sikh
Ruha A girl who is on the path of success Sikh
Tulvar Blessed Support Sikh
Praavi A woman with incredible beauty Sikh
Narjeet Winner; Ruler of Heart Sikh
Kajali The beauty an eyeliner brings to a woman?s eyes Sikh
Dukhnivarn Remover of Sorrow and Suffering Sikh
Amalinder Pure god Sikh
Paramdeep The Lamp of the Divine Sikh
Jumari Someone who is willing to share their knowledge with the world Sikh
Roshninder Rising of Sun Sikh
Mansirat Sweet; Beautiful Mind Sikh
Nehar A girl with the beauty of a dewdrop Sikh
Mansundar Beautiful Soul Sikh
Mandra Pleasant Sikh
Gyanleen A girl who is bathed in the light of heavenly knowledge Sikh
Tatbir Deliberate Truth Sikh
Mehakpreet Love and Fragrance Sikh
Uma Goddess Parvati / Durga; Nation; Mother; Light; Fame; Reputation; Education Sikh
Nili Success; Indigo; A Goddess Sikh
Rasam Beam of Light Sikh
Nanaki Sister of Nanaka Sikh
Quity A Beautiful Girl Sikh
Devatma Deity Incarnate Sikh
Onkarjit Triumph of the Inseparable Creator Sikh
Queen Highest Lady; Wife of a King Sikh
Maahi The great union of heaven and Earth Sikh
Rupneet Beautiful Sikh
Nitya Everyday; Constant; Continuously; Goddess Parvati Sikh
Mayukhi Someone as captivating as a beautiful peacock Sikh
Noor Attractive Light; Light; Moonlight; Star Light; Holy Light; Illumination Sikh
Qishen Deity Krishna Sikh
Ravleen Spreading Sunshine Sikh
Manraj Ruler of the Heart / Mind Sikh
Vkaur Ushmeet Sikh
Navreet New Tradition; Angel; New Custom Sikh
Zoha Light; Morning Light; Sunrise Sikh
Tyree King Sikh
Varneet Calmness Sikh
Puran Complete; Perfect Sikh
Padamjeet Victory of the Lotus Sikh
Indirjeet One who Wins the Love of God Sikh
Nimret Peace Sikh
Dilsher Lion Heart Sikh
Zaheen Clever; Fast; Intelligent; Sharp Sikh
Xalak Splendour; Shimmer Sikh
Nirbani TRUE Sikh
Zunairah Flower of Heaven; Flower Found in Paradise Sikh
Vapar Trade; Vocation Sikh
Vaarinjeet Add Meaning Sikh
Gurmeet Friend of Guru; A companion of the Guru; A variant spelling is Gurmit Sikh
Poojitha Devoted; The One who is Worshipped Sikh
Meera Light; Saintly Woman; A Devotee of Krishna; Aristocratic Lady; High-born Girl; Precious Gem Sikh
Ravinder Sun God Sikh
Rupinder Beautiful Sikh
Navneet One who is Ever New; Who Takes Pleasure in New Joys Sikh
Divroop God's Beauty Sikh
Vasundhara World; Earth; Daughter of the Earth Sikh
Maanvi The daughter of the entire mankind Sikh
Zaaminah One who Stands Surety for Another One who Helps Sikh
Tapa Penance; To Burn; Shine; Suffer Sikh
Raveena Sunny; Beauty of the Sun Sikh
Nissan Insignia; Banner; Flag Sikh
Kajalla A bringer of the strength as strong as iron Sikh
Niman Sunshine Sikh
Maninder Lord of Mind Sikh
Zarina The Gold One; Golden; Queen; Magical Sikh
Nizel Champion; A Beautiful Bird Sikh
Pareet Love; The One who Loves the Lord Sikh
Erjot A New Beginning Sikh
Prabhliv Absorbed in God's Love Sikh
Dipleen The Divine Candle Sikh
Naazreen Wild Rose; Blue Scented Flower Sikh
Tripta Satisfied Sikh
Leen A kind and soft girl Sikh
Meena Precious Stone; Fish; Starling; Heaven; Glass Sikh
Majaal Worthy One Sikh
Agamjot God?s light Sikh
Luvleen Imbued; Infused; Absorbed in Love Sikh
Navjit New Victory Sikh
Prabhveer God; Brave Sikh
Rajwinder High Thinking; Born to Rule; Kind Sikh
Dishmeet Lovely Soul Sikh
Manreet Custom of Heart; Very Good Girl Sikh
Mahtab Moon; Moonlight Sikh
Rashia A Young Gazelle Sikh
Charanpal A girl Sikh
Munlene Absorbed in Devotion; Pray to God from the Heart Sikh
Rajbir Brave King Sikh
Mokshika To Find Good Soul; Name of Durga Sikh
Teijinderjeet One who wins God of greatness Sikh
Vinjeet Add Meaning Sikh
Rijak Earning; Tradition; Way Sikh
Mankiran Ray of Mind Sikh
Zhim Soft; Gently Sikh
Mehak A sweet fragrance Sikh
Ritubindar Add Meaning Sikh
Neena New; Emotion; Better Sikh
Rajpreet King; Love Sikh
Ishleen Who Loves God Sikh
Zoyaara Destiny Sikh
Bishan The immaculate God Sikh
Manshish Warrior Given by God Sikh
Dilbaagh Blossoming Heart; Within Sikh
Sukhwinder The woman who will carve her own destiny Sikh
Gurinder Lord; guru Sikh
Ushpreet Add Meaning Sikh
Imrat Cute; Love Sikh
Ravreet Traditions Sikh
Pummy Innocent; Beautiful; Intelligent; Sharp Sikh
Roopindar God of Beauty Sikh
Ruby Reddish; Red Colored Precious Gemstone; Red; Ruby Jewel; Reborn; The Red Gemstone Sikh
Adarshpreet Love of ideals Sikh
Geet Popularized by the movie Sikh
Mehtaab Starlight; Moonlight Sikh
Manheer Precious Heart Sikh
Omica God's Blessing; Gift Sikh
Daman Beauty; Mysterious; Innovative Sikh
Zinaat Dress; Ornament Sikh
Qasam Oath Sikh
Rajbeer Brave King Sikh
Preetum Longing for Beloved Sikh
Naethr Eyes Sikh
Gehana The precious beauty of great jewelry Sikh
Pavanjot Light in Wind; Flammable Wind Sikh
Mahinder God of Gods Sikh
Parminder God of Gods Sikh
Taranjot Light of Redemption Sikh
Juneeta A girl who can see through the complications of the world Sikh
Divsheen Shine Sikh
Roop Look; Beauty; Appearance Sikh
Eishita Goddess Lakshmi; Desired. Sikh
Deepinder Light; Light of God Sikh
Mishmeet Beauty; Love Sikh
Aaima The undisputed leader of all living Sikh
Mahek Fragrance Sikh
Sukrajanya A girl who has a peaceful mind and heart Sikh
Parleen Always Faithful to God Sikh
Daya Kindness; Mercy; Pity Sikh
Iman Faith; Belief; Faithful; Believer of Faith Sikh
Monu Soft; Pretty Sikh
Rachpinderjeet Trusted in Faith Sikh
Disha Direction Sikh
Quarbani Sacrifice Sikh
Upma Example Sikh
Ekamkar Only One Creator Sikh
Zabartorh Destroyer of Tyranny Sikh
Dilshan Joy of Hart Sikh
Rubani Soul of Holy Book Sikh
Rabani Divine; God's Favourite Child Sikh
Yuvleen Absorbed in Youthfulness Sikh
Harveen A person who always ensures to love another Sikh
Tanvi Delicate; Goddess of Beauty; Caring; Loving; Good Hearted; Slender; Beautiful; Goddess Durga; Rays; Brightness; The Brightened One; Shinning Star; Bright Sikh
Parteek Symbol Sikh
Darminder Door of the God of Heaven Sikh
Narayna God Sikh
Alisha The salvation offered by God Sikh
Reena Artistic; Gem; Dissolve; Reborn Sikh
Griyashi The beauty and divinity of a decent woman Sikh
Rimpi Pretty; Glory Sikh
Deepi Beauty; Gorgeous; Light Sikh
Dasmeet Clever Sikh
Sukhminder The pivotal place where you can pray for happiness Sikh

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