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Names Meaning Category
Immogene Variation: imogen Christian
Iolanthe A form of yolanda Christian
Nimmi Christian
Kanishka Christian
Solveig She who has the strenght of the Sun Christian
Bhagya Christian
Hollie A form of holly Christian
Lauren A form of laura Christian
Maiya Uncertain Christian
Virginnia One who is chaste ; virginal Christian
Hellen The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Maleah Uncertain Christian
Banu Christian
Cataleya Christian
Hadasa The myrtle tree; compassion Christian
Ian God is benevolent Christian
Sondra Defending men Christian
Swanilda A girl who is a battle swan Christian
Sydniciel To be from the wide island Christian
Saige A form of sage Christian
Georgeann A combination of georgia & ann Christian
Sylviane Wood or forest Christian
Gemelle Twin Christian
Maddalynn Woman from magdala Christian
Othelia Wealth Christian
Rishitha Christian
Calleigh A beautiful girl Christian
Suky She who resembles a lily Christian
Carollyn Joyous song ; a small Christian
Gabriela In Hebrew Christian
Bithiah In Hebrew Christian
Jayasree Christian
Soon-Bok Gentle and blessed Christian
Cassondra Variation: cassandra Christian
Kaitlinn Pure Christian
Stanze One who is a steadfast woman Christian
Carrolyn Joyous song ; a small Christian
Suuvi A southern child of the summer Christian
Candiss Pure or glowing Christian
Gracelynne A combination of grace & lynn Christian
Stoyanka Feminine form of Stoyan. It means to stand or to stay. Christian
Saraa A princess ; lady Christian
Adilenne Noble Christian
Eathelin Noble waterfall Christian
Issabel My god is bountiful ; god Christian
Suellen She is like a lilly Christian
Fionna One who is fair ; a white-shouldered woman Christian
Bharti Christian
Cassia Cinnamon-like bark Christian
Silke Frisian for of Cecily. It means blind. Christian
Cecillia One who is blind ; patron saint of music Christian
Jackline It is a variant of Jacqueline meaning May God protect Christian
Francess Free Christian
Nathalia Birthday of christ Christian
Glennda Holy goodness Christian
Payge A form of paige Christian
Selena Selena means like the moon Christian
Janett God is gracious ; in the bible Christian
Ellaine The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Biannca Used by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays Christian
Ellena The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Yesennia Flower Christian
Sydnye She who lives on a wide island Christian
Leisa A form of lisa Christian
Odera Plough ofira - gold Christian
Yoninah Dove Christian
Hanisha Christian
Aariana Resembling silver / one who is holy Christian
Aaria A beautiful melody Christian
Ilianna Bright Christian
Nattalie Refers to christ Christian
Magdalena Of magdala Christian
Sarra A princess ; lady Christian
Pollyanna A combination of polly & anna Christian
Vineela Christian
Simona A woman who listens Christian
Renuga Christian
Katie A familiar form of katherine Christian
Wynona Eldest daughter Christian
Silko She is a blind woman Christian
Sylvana A lady of the woods Christian
Taeler A form of taylor Christian
Adelle A form of adelaide Christian
Adena Delicate Christian
Brenda Sword Christian
Somerild One who is a traveler in the summer Christian
Stine She is a Christianity woman Christian
Rhondda Wielding a good spear Christian
Sajna Christian
Tammera A spice or palm tree Christian
Ona River Christian
Stephie The crown belongs to her Christian
Tawnee A form of tawny Christian
Spring Springtime Christian
Cayenne A hot spice Christian
Lauryn A familiar form of laura Christian
Oralee My light Christian
Satvika Christian
Fancy Whimsical; decorative Christian
Sanela Healthy Christian
Viktoria Conqueror ; victory Christian
Janise A form of janice Christian
Aarti Christian
Tameeka Twin Christian
Iria Lady Christian
Edith Rich gift Christian
Tanikka Queen of the fairies Christian
Tammie A form of tammy Christian
Heleen The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Zipporah Little bird Christian
Beverly Beaver field Christian
Laury A familiar form of laura Christian
Uma Nation Christian
Sinikka One who is like the color blue Christian
Sopheia A woman of wisdom and knowledge Christian
Berlynn A combination of bertha & lynn Christian
Nikhila A person who is complete or whole; One who is perfect; Christian
Sarina Princess Christian
Rachel In Hebrew Christian
Earnestyna A form of ernestina Christian
Alainna Attractive Christian
Fabeena Religious person Christian
Gada Lucky Christian
Leesa A form of leeza Christian
Ideh Praise Christian
Sukie She who is like a lily rose Christian
Gracie A familiar form of grace Christian
Jamie A form of james Christian
Brendaa A princess ; wielding a sword Christian
Ifedolaoluwa When God has blessed the person with love and grace Christian
Soredamors Name of Gawain's sister Christian
Štefanija Slovene and Croatian feminine form of Stephanie. It means cr... Christian
Sofia Means wisdom in Greek. A wise woman Christian
Aarianna Resembling silver / one who is holy Christian
Syble She who is a prohet Christian
Natallie Refers to christ Christian
Sailaja Christian
Lara It is the name of a Roman mythological character Christian
Ledah Birth Christian
Frida Peace Christian
Adriene A form of adrienne Christian
Godeleine Good life; godly life Christian
Zvjezdana The shining light Christian
Jacqueline Supplanter Christian
Quinn Irish origin name meanswise Christian
Paula Small Christian
Ilisa A form of alisa Christian
Latissha Great joy Christian
Danelle God is my judge Christian
Zuriel God is my rock Christian
Eanflaed One who is a compassionate being Christian
Reenu Christian
Ella In English Christian
Kathryne A form of katherine Christian
Sesilia Estonian variant of Cecily Christian
Akasha Open air Christian
Ealda One who rules the universe Christian
Neethu Christian
Dayle A form of dale Christian
Felberta Brilliant Christian
Sóldís Sun goddess Christian
Binita Christian
Maggen Resembling a pearl / the child of light Christian
Foy Faith Christian
Saverina Feminine form of Xavier. It means the new house. Christian
Mahola Dance Christian
Leocadia Clear Christian
Suncana Sun or sunny Christian
Harleen A form of harley Christian
Stephanie She who to whom the crown belongs Christian
Laurynn Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian
Adelynn Christian
Aksa Christian
Jaana God is gracious ; in the bible Christian
Imelda Warrior Woman Christian
Golda Gold Christian
Leighanna A form of liana Christian
Tamitha Twin Christian
Addyson A form of addison Christian
Vinitha Christian
Katreen A form of katherine Christian
Quiana Living with grace ; heavenly Christian
Zaria Christian
Splendora A brilliant Christian
Natally Refers to christ Christian
Rayna One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel Christian
Sine One who has felt the God's graciousness Christian
Gabbriella Heroine of god Christian
Genessis Origin Christian
Skky From the heavens Christian
Nileena Christian
Taara Of the tower ; rocky hill / star ; in mythology Christian
Gaylia A form of gail Christian
Samyuktha Christian
Sunflower A kind of a yellow flower that follows the Sun Christian
Vickki Variation: vicky Christian
Madhumitha Christian
Sapphire Precious gem Christian
Stellina A little shining star Christian
Talissa A form of tallis Christian
Quibilah She who is peaceful with her family Christian
Oralia Golden; light Christian
Yaasmeen Resembling the jasmine flower Christian
Fernley From the fern meadow Christian
Sigurdís Victorious woman Christian
Macii One who wields a weapon Christian
Akshata Christian
Kaleena Rowan tree Christian
Jane A femininie form of john Christian
Sofonisba The God Ba'al has sheltered her Christian
Soazig One who comes from France Christian
Taya A short form of taylor Christian
Winona Eldest daughter Christian
Sabreen A short form of sabreena Christian
Daniela God is my judge Christian
Valarie To be healthy Christian
Akiva Protect Christian
Carolin A lady of strong character Christian
Berti A familiar form of gilberte Christian
Suzy A dame who is like a lily flower Christian
Maegann Resembling a pearl / the child of light Christian
Nandhini Christian
Nan A form of ann Christian
Taylour A form of taylor Christian
Raveen A form of raven Christian
Ifejesukristi One who shines under Jesus Love Christian
Addalynn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor Christian
Cedes An understanding and caring person Christian
Stangiva Non chalant Christian
Hollyn A short form of hollyann Christian
Bindhu Christian
Priyadarsini Christian
Lexi Defender of man Christian
Galya God is redeemed gana - garden Christian
Zofia Wisdom Christian
Safaia The sapphire stone or the color blue Christian
Staniue An organized and affectionate being Christian
Silvestra A woman of the forest Christian
Indianna From the land of the indians ; from the state of indiana Christian
Graceann A combination of grace & ann Christian
Hedva Joy Christian
Kalanit Flower name Christian
Sille She who is blind Christian
Natalia Christ's birthday Christian
Jancy Christian
Rebecca A servant of God Christian
Aida A form of ada Christian
Praveena Christian
Florissa A variant of the name 'Flora' Christian
Ibukunade I am a proof of God's blessing Christian
Regina King's advisor Christian
Deborah A bee Christian
Primrose Primrose flower Christian
Sabitha Christian
Leanndra Like a lioness the female version of leander also see leona Christian
Saharra Lord shiva Christian
Sabrinna A legendary princess Christian
Carli A form of carly Christian
Richelle Brave ruler Christian
Sybella A form of syvil Christian
Janis A form of janice Christian
Zana A form of zanna Christian
Dawn Sunrise or dawn Christian
Paislee Christian
Shukhia The light Christian
Rishona First Christian
Madisson Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian
Ifesowapo Person who is made out of love Christian
Salini Christian
Daralis Beloved Christian
Ailish Consecrated to god ailsa - concecrated to god Christian
Darria Processing good fortune ; wealthy Christian
Gali Spring Christian
Kallyn Laurel Christian
Oceana Ocean Christian
Calle One who is manly and strong / a free man Christian
Madonna My lady Christian
Henrietta Ruler of the household Christian
Jaquelinne The supplanter Christian
Solveiga Strength or the sun. Christian
Ishika Christian
Neenu Christian
Sissela To be without a sight Christian
Piya Christian
Deepthi Christian
Haley Heavy rainfall Christian
Carrie A familiar form of carol Christian
Vivianna Full of life Christian
Ishitha Christian
Smilla One who is always smiling a beautiful smile Christian
Bara To choose Christian
Janecia A form of janice Christian
Brea Noble Christian
Bayleigh A form of bailey Christian
Penelope The name has a Greek origin meaning 'A Silent Worker; Weaver'. Christian
Leanne A form of leeann Christian
Reggina A queenly woman Christian
Heba Gift from god hedia - voice of the lord Christian
Preethi Christian
Skyrah She who is an academic Christian
Sydneigh She is from a very wide island Christian
Iraia One who wrestles with God Christian
Stojanka She who stands firmly on the ground Christian
Ireene A peaceful woman ; in mythology Christian
Jamii He who supplants Christian
Svana One who is like a swan in the battle Christian
Sesili Sesili is a Georgian form of Cecily and means blind Christian
Lenisha Christian
Regann Born into royalty ; the little ruler Christian
Steren Cornish word meaning star. Christian
Nimitha Christian
Sebrina A form of sabrina Christian
Brandii A woman wielding a sword ; an alcoholic drink Christian
Sylvonna A dame of the woods Christian
Yana God is gracious Christian
Breann Noble Christian
Silafi Tongan word for giraffe. Christian
Alannah Rock Christian
Adrina A short form of adriana Christian
Gracee Having god Christian
Rina A short form of names ending in rina Christian
Willma Resolute protector Christian
Dawnn Born at day- break ; of the day Christian
Tasmin A short form of thomasina Christian
Sisilla A woman without a sight Christian
Salina One of a solemn Christian
Oriana Born at sunrise Christian
Femi Christian
Socorro A helpful person. One who will help Christian
Flieur Flieur means a beautiful flower Christian
Hedya From the name hedia Christian
Easter Easter time Christian
Holli A form of holly Christian
Leanna A form of liana Christian
Prathiba Christian
Ponnu Christian
Maddisson Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian
Stellita A girl who is like a little star Christian
Jailene Jay and leen Christian
Tamiia Twin Christian
Sylve She who holds the strenght of the Sun Christian
Hanne Gracious Christian
Vismaya Christian
Naomii Beautiful Christian
Xandra Defending men Christian
Sowena Success or achievement Christian
Pammela A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian
Sylvette Sylvette is a version of Sylvia Christian
Carleigh A form of carly Christian
Suzette One who is like a little rose or a little lily Christian
Wenndy One who is fair ; of the white ring Christian
Vasantha Christian
Hana Happiness Christian
Samantha Told by God;Listener;Equality Christian
Wanetta Pale face Christian
Hetta A familiar form of henrietta Christian
Freya Woman Christian
Haven A form of heaven Christian
Samyukta Christian
Niresha Christian
Debolina Christian
Sinead She who felt the gace of God Christian
Nikkitta Victourious Christian
Davinna Beloved Christian
Florie A familiar form of florence Christian
Bethanny From the house of figs Christian
Sarah In Hebrew Christian
Breanne Noble Christian
Godeleva Good life Christian
Symsa She who is flourishing Christian
Faye A form of faith Christian
Ilerioluwa One who lives under the promise of the Lord Christian
Priscilla In Latin Christian
Sarrina A princess ; lady Christian
Ladonna Lady Christian
Katina A form of katherine Christian
Elisabeth In Hebrew Christian
Brenna A raven- like woman Christian
Oksanna Hospitality Christian
Edie A familiar form of edith Christian
Philippina Lover of horses Christian
Reginna A queenly woman Christian
Neveah Butterfly Christian
Vinicia Christian
Felisha Happy Christian
Vidette The beloved Christian
Swethyna A sweet loved one Christian
Whittley From the white meadow Christian
Salliann A combination of sally & ann Christian
Danniella God is my judge Christian
Iva God's great gift Christian
Gayora Valley of sun Christian
Tabbitha Resembling a gazelle ; known for beauty and grace Christian
Souzan She has the grace of a lily flower Christian
Dannee God is my judge Christian
Frederica Peaceful ruler Christian
Ebonii A dark beauty Christian
Nira Of the loom Christian
Waynette Wagon maker Christian
Wendie Friend Christian
Fay A form of faye Christian
Janinne A funny Christian
Slavitsa Glory Christian
Nalina Christian
Landyn A form of landon Christian
Sybyll She who predicts future Christian
Susan Kinship Christian
Taana Issue Christian
Baylie A form of bailey Christian
Leonna Lion Christian
Lessly From the holly garden ; of the gray fortress Christian
Naava Pleasant Christian
Sueanne A noble woman who is like a lilly flower Christian
Tamera Palm tree Christian
Jazlynn Fragrant flower Christian
Ria From the river Christian
Deeksha Christian
Orpah Fawn Christian
Daphne Christian
Mair Uncertain Christian
Makaila As the lord Christian
Sadee A princess ; lady Christian
Oksana Hospitality Christian
Lailah Christian
Langley Long meadow Christian
Carita Love Christian
Swanhilda She who is a battle swan Christian
Tabetha Gazelle Christian
Gemma Christian
Renna Peace ; joyous song rimona - pomegranate Christian
Zoffany A blessing from the Almighty Christian
Jannett God is gracious ; in the bible Christian
Mallia Uncertain Christian
Malina Tower Christian
Saarah A princess ; lady Christian
Prashana Christian
Aiyanna Eternal blossom Christian
Stacia A short form of anastasia Christian
Steffi A woman who has the crown Christian
Nicholle Variation: nichol Christian
Eama One who comprises of the whole universe Christian
Sonata A girl who is like a music Christian
Sohnian A happy Christian
Gerarda Brave spearwoman Christian
Maggi A form of maggie Christian
Daissy Of the day Christian
Carina Christian
Zaharina The name is the Bulgarian feminine form of Zechariah Christian
Quenna A form of queen Christian
Sesila Croatian form of Cecilia Christian
Nattaly Refers to christ Christian
Ravina Christian
Ivey A form of ivy Christian
Presha Christian
Rena Peace; joyous song rimona - pomegranate Christian
Reanna An alternate form of raine Christian
Aariel A lion of god Christian
Zelene Sunshine Christian
Sung Successor or one on the verge of winning. Christian
Janeth A form of janet Christian
Preema Christian
Leann A form of leeann Christian
Firdous The girl of the paradise land Christian
Jannae God is gracious Christian
Dannia God is my judge Christian
Reba From the name rebecca Christian
Laureanne A short form of laurianna Christian
Sofija A woman full of wisdom Christian
Karmann The lord of the manor Christian
Ursula Little bear Christian
Idun The active and happy one Christian
Natassha Refers to christ Christian
Madalynn From magdala Christian
Jasmin A flower Christian
Edwina Prosperous friend Christian
Payel Christian
Stasia A short form of anastasia Christian
Janaa God is gracious ; in the bible Christian
Mahita Christian
Sylvie A lady of the forest Christian
Laney A familiar form of lane Christian
Elle From a foreign land Christian
Prity Christian
Kaitlyn It is another name for Catherine. Christian
Alaana Peace and serenity Christian
Zaara Flower Christian
Ifeoluwapo The God who loves a lot Christian
Vina Christian
Smaragda A form of Esmeralda Christian
Irvette Sea friend Christian
Skyli A woman scholar Christian
Natalya Christ's birthday Christian
Tailor A form of taylor Christian
Staciannie A beautiful and upstanding woman Christian
Danikka Morning star Christian
Sobìslava A form of Sobeska Christian
Nanci A form of nancy Christian
Swetyene She who is a sweet love Christian
Viatrix Voyager through life Christian
Ragine A form of regina Christian

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