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Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter B for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter B and it almost more than 763 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with B letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with B letter also you can filter starting B letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of B letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect B starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Barlin Princesses Tamil
bhavarogaghni can cure the disease of recurring transmigratory existence Sanskrit
Briella - American
Baduli Logician Sanskrit
Brenna A raven- like woman Christian
BENETTE - Haitian
Breea Strong Christian
Bela Time; one who lives inside heart Russian
Brahmani Consort of Brahma Hindu
Bradley - American
Bibha Light Hindu
Barzah She was a narrator of hadith Muslim
Brynlee - American
Bhadra 1. Blessed; auspicious; gracious; good. 2. Fair; Happy; prosperous; handsome; fortunate; gentlemanly; excellent. Hindu
bandha mochani liberates the Jiva from the bondage of Samsara Sanskrit
Berti A familiar form of gilberte Christian
Brhaddvani Makes a lot of noise Hindu
bisatantu taniyasi as fine and firm as the fibre of a lutus stalk Sanskrit
BENITA - Haitian
Bisala Sprout Hindu
Bhuti Existence Hindu
BERLANDE - Haitian
Beth House of god Christian
Bhuvika Heaven Tamil
Braylen - American
bhagavati the Bhagavati or the supreme goddess Sanskrit
Bhavika Cheerful Expression Sanskrit
Bethanny From the house of figs Christian
Bishan The immaculate God Sikh
Bridget - Vintage
Briar - American
bhavagya knows all thoughts and sentiments Sanskrit
bramarAmbika - Sanskrit
Bhaumi Goddess Sita Sanskrit
Buthayna Of beautiful and tender body Hindu
Belli Silver Tamil
Beckett - American
Bryson - American
bhedanashini destroys the sense of differences Sanskrit
Balavati Powerful Hindu
Baruni Goddess Durga Tamil
Brenda Sword Christian
Bhavanika The Abode of the Universe Sanskrit
Babay Small Kid Hindu
Brayan - American
Bhoomika Christian
bhuvananAyaki - Sanskrit
Bhavishyaa Future's of parent Tamil
Bimala Pure Tamil
Becky - Vintage
Baylea A form of bailey Christian
bhavaranya kutharika verily like an axe for clearing the jungle of Samsara (transmigratory existence) in which the Jiva is caught Sanskrit
Bipasha A River Tamil
Bhuvanamati Owner of the world Hindu
Bria - American
Bawri Madness - loving like mad or cant leave w/o love Hindu
bhalasthendra dwells as the Bindu in the syllable Harim meditated in the forehead Sanskrit
Bliss Literally Christian
bhagamalini Bhaga-malini excellences (lordliness Sanskrit
Bhadrakali Goddess of welfare Hindu
Bruno - American
Bobby - American
bhakta chitta keki ghana ghana heavily water – laden cloud that makes the hearts of devotees dance like peacocks Sanskrit
Brjabala Creeper of Brja Hindu
bhadasainya vadhodyukta shaktivikrama harshita rejoices at the valour of Her Saktis bent on destroying the army of Bhanda Sanskrit
Bhruvee Earth Sanskrit
Banhi Fire Sanskrit
Bincy Christian
Boston - American
Bunny Cute like rabbit (per name) Tamil
Bella - American
bhakta manasa hamsika the swan sporting in the Manasa lake of Her devotees’ minds Sanskrit
Bishop - American
Barika Bloom Muslim
bhuvaneshvari Bhuvaneshvari the sovereign of the universe Sanskrit
Balvinder The girl who wins over everyone with her strength Sikh
Bandini Preserve Hindu
Bryan - American
Brantley - American
Balapuspika The young blossom Hindu
Baka Crane Hindu
Braahmi Goddess Durga Tamil
Bakht Lot Muslim
Bansari Flute Hindu
Banu Christian
Breanne Noble Christian
Barkha 1. Rain. 2. Moistens; soothes; cools; life giving. Hindu
Bessie - Vintage
Bilvani Goddess Saraswati Tamil
Bhavyakirti With magnificent Hindu
Brenden - American
Bhavita Bhagyavidhata Tamil
Bulbul Nightingale Sanskrit
Baijayanthi Garland of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Bahriyah al-Aabidah She was a devoted worshipper and ascetic of Basrah. She used to say Muslim
Bimbi As glorious as the sun or the moon Hindu
Bhagyalakshmi Goddess of Wealth Hindu
Bjorn - American
Bobby Abbreviation Of Robert Tamil
Bandini Preserve Tamil
Bel Sacred Wood Apple Tree Hindu
Bhanupriya Beloved of the sun Sanskrit
Bahiga variant transcription of Bahija Sanskrit
Bharati Descendant of Bharata Hindu
Bini Christian
Bawri Madness - loving like mad or cant leave w/o love Tamil
Bessie Christian
Bhoomi Earth Tamil
Bellona Bellona Roman
Beena The melody of a musical instrument Sikh
Bhamini Shining Hindu
Benita Christian
Bhaumi Goddess Sita Tamil
bhaktanidhih a treasure to Her devotees Sanskrit
bhadramurtih the embodiment of auspiciousness Sanskrit
Bhanuni Charming Woman Tamil
Bracken Fern Christian
Brynn - American
Belle - Vintage
Bianca - American
Bhanavi Descendant of the sun Hindu
Barbaraa A traveler from a foreign land ; a stranger Christian
Bandhini A bond Sanskrit
BRUNETTE - Haitian
Balambika A virgin who is worshipped as mother Hindu
Barrett - American
Babita Born in the first quarter of an astrological day Hindu
Ballari Creeper Tamil
bhava dava sudha vrushtih the rain of nectar that puts out the wild fire of Samsara Sanskrit
Blaise - American
bandinyadi samanvita surrounded by Bandhini and other five Saktis Sanskrit
Barhina Adorned with peacock feathers Hindu
Bidya Knowledge Tamil
Brenda - Vintage
Briggs - American
Brayson - American
Birdie Bird Christian
Bhalli A kind of arrow Hindu
Bhavishyaa Future's of parent Hindu
Bakhtawar Fortunate Muslim
Bithi Bunch Of Flower Hindu
Banhi Fire Tamil
Blessy Blessing Hindu
Biannca Used by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays Christian
Bhavika 1. Well-meaning. 2. Righteous; pious; happy. Hindu
Bijul Lightning Flash Sikh
Bilvani Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Benson - American
Beatrix Voyager through life Christian
Bhuvi Heaven Sanskrit
Bhavanti Now Hindu
Biserka - Russian
brahmatmaikya svarupini the symbol of the oneness of Brahman and the Atman Sanskrit
Bavishni One who has future Sanskrit
Bubby My beloved Hindu
Bryce - American
Briti Strength Tamil
Bodhini Wise Sanskrit
Brooke - American
Barhismati Blazing Hindu
Baylie A form of bailey Christian
Bhanushri As glorious as the sun Hindu
Bethany House of figs Christian
Braylee - American
bhaktipriya fond of true devotion Sanskrit
Bhavi Emotional Hindu
BETTY - Haitian
Bess From the name elizabeth bessie - consecrated to god Christian
Bavita Person Who Knows Future Hindu
Brijabala Daughter of Nature Sanskrit
brahmarupa has taken the form of Brahma for creation Sanskrit
Baleigh A form of bailey Christian
brahmopendra mahendradi devasamstuta vaibhava Whose manifold powers (displayed in the fight with Bhanda) are praised by Brahma Sanskrit
Bhavna Goddess Parvati Hindu
Brinda Tulsi Tamil
Brodie - American
Bhaumi Goddess Sita Hindu
Bhargavi Descendant of bhrgu Hindu
Bhavya A splendid feeling of joy Sikh
Bhagwati Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Breana Noble Christian
Boone - American
Bavanya Goddess Durga Tamil
Belle Beautiful Christian
bhagaradhya worshipped in the orbit of the Sun Sanskrit
Baligha eloquent Sanskrit
Betsy Consecrated to god Christian
Bibha Light Tamil
bhakta saubhagya dayini grants all-round advancement to devotees Sanskrit
Bisini A collection of lotus flowers Hindu
Brecken - American
Bhalesvari Goddess of forehead Hindu
Barrah She was the aunt of the Prophet (S.A.W) Muslim
Boba - Russian
Brandi It means fiery beacon Christian
Bani Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Belinda - Vintage
Bavita Person Who Knows Future Tamil
Bina Melodious Sanskrit
Bisanpreet Love Of God Sikh
Blair - American
Bahupuspa Has many flower Hindu
BETTIE - Haitian
Bodhi Perfect knowledge Hindu
Bala Young girl Sanskrit
Bina understanding Hindu
Blakely - American
Basabi Wife Of Lord Indra Tamil
Barsha Rain Hindu
Bhairavi Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Blythe Happy or cheerful Christian
Bhagyasri fortunate Hindu
Becka From the name rebecca Christian
Bhadrarupa Beautiful Hindu
Brooklyn - American
Bandhini Who binds Hindu
Baleen A slender and pretty girl Sikh
Blossom Flower Christian
Bara To choose Christian
Blake - American
Bharani One who fulfils Hindu
Becky Bound Christian
Brinda Goddess Radha Sanskrit
Bhooma Earth Hindu
Brycen - American
Blanche - Vintage
Bhauvana 1. Belonging to the world. 2. A deity. Hindu
bhandasurendra nirmukta shastra pratyastra varshin counters by Her own missiles the rain of missiles directed against Her by Bhadnasura Sanskrit
Bimbi glorious Sanskrit
Beverley A form of beverly Christian
Basanti Of the spring Hindu
Barsha Rain Tamil
Barkha Rain Sanskrit
Bettina Consecrated to god betty - consecrated to god Christian
Badra Full moon Muslim
Bailee - American
Baylor - American
Buthayna Of beautiful and tender body Tamil
bindumandala vasini dwells in the Brahmarandhra of the individual Sanskrit
Brahmi Holy Hindu
Bailey - American
Banita Teenager Tamil
Bhavanika Living in a castle Hindu
Bhaviki Real Hindu
Bhooma Earth Tamil
Bidya Knowledge Hindu
Bakul Flower name Sanskrit
BLEUETTE - Haitian
Bridget - American
Breann Noble Christian
brahmi belongs to the Eternal Sanskrit
Baasima Smiling Hindu
Binita Modest Sanskrit
Bhandana Applause Hindu
Bhavyashree Splendid wealth Hindu
Bansuri Flute Hindu
Bishanpreet The one who is the beloved of God Sikh
Barisha Pure Tamil
Bellinda Pretty or very beautiful Christian
Bhairavi Terrible Hindu
Beaula Christian
Banujah The daughter of al-Mahdi Muslim
Brishti Rain Tamil
Biancca Used by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays Christian
Bel Bethlehem Christian
Bhavi Emotional Tamil
Bhanuja River Yamuna Hindu
Bhrithi Strengthened Hindu
Bhupali A Raagini In Indian Music Hindu
Brentley - American
bhumarupa Infinite by nature Sanskrit
Bilva Auspicious Fruit Sanskrit
Banni Maiden Hindu
Baheera Dazzling Hindu
Badiyah Desert Muslim
Bhuti Well Being Sanskrit
Bhudevi The god of earth Hindu
Bavishya Future Tamil
Bula A nose ring Hindu
Baha Value Muslim
bindutarpana santushta pleased with libations offered to the Bindu (the central dot in the Shri chakra) Sanskrit
Bonasri Flute Tamil
Bagesri Prosperity Hindu
Bariah Excelling Muslim
Baishali An ancient city Tamil
Bargitta An extremely strong and powerful young woman Sikh
Brundha Nightingale Hindu
bhariavi Bhariavi Sanskrit
Bobby Abbreviation Of Robert Hindu
Bayusha A place name in Moldova Russian
Bhaanupriya Beloved of the Sun Hindu
Brendaa A princess ; wielding a sword Christian
Bhuvi Heaven Hindu
Bhanupriya Beloved of the sun Hindu
Bhavna Good Feelings Tamil
bhagyabdhi chandrika the full moon that sets up the tides of good fortune Sanskrit
Bhuvanesi Goddess of the earth Hindu
Botan peony Japanese
Bhaima Descendant of Bhima Hindu
Blaine - American
Bithiah In Hebrew Christian
Baruni Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Betty A familiar form of elizabeth Christian
Breonna Just pretty Tamil
Balqis The Name Of The Queen Of Sheba Tamil
Brixton - American
Bernadette - Vintage
Branson - American
brahmagrandhi vibhedini in Her ascent from the Muladhara breaks through the Brahma-grandhi (the Barrier of Brahma to the subtle dimension) Sanskrit
Betsy - Vintage
Bhuvana The universe Sanskrit
Brooklynn - American
Bree Broth Christian
bhanumandala madhyastha meditated upon as stationed in the centre of the solar orbd Sanskrit
Bhedi One who gives out secrets Hindu
Bertha - Vintage
Badriyah Resembling the full moon Muslim
Bhagyashree Christian
Bodhi - American
Basabi wife of Lord Indra Sanskrit
Bernice In Latin Christian
Bodie - American
bhavachakra pravartini has also set in motion the wheel of recurring transmigratory existence Sanskrit
Bandhavi Who Loves Friends & Family Members Tamil
Benton - American
Bhagvanjyot Someone who carries the light of God with her Sikh
Bernice - Vintage
Baisakhi Sweet Name Tamil
Balqis Name of the queen of Shiba Muslim
Bryant - American
Boond Drop Hindu
bruhatsena leads a mighty army Sanskrit
Bimala Pure Hindu
Bhavi Emotional Sanskrit
Bahiyyah Radiant Muslim
Bre A form of bree Christian
Bodhana The awakening Hindu
Braelynn - American
Brittany - American
Bernadine Brave as a bear Christian
Bhasi Illusory Hindu
Bhagyashri Lucky Sanskrit
bhaktigamya attained through true devotion Sanskrit
Bhawna Sentiments Hindu
Bharavi 1. Protected by God. 2. The shining sun. 3. The author of Kiratarjuniya. Hindu
Brhaddiva Highly Hindu
bruhati the Immense Sanskrit
Burhaan Proof Tamil
Bindu 1. Drop; dot; globule; spot. 2. A dot worn on the forehead between the eyebrows. Hindu
Bellamy - American
Breonna Just pretty Hindu
Brett - American
Banu Princess Hindu
Bhanvitha Sun Rays Sanskrit
Bithi Bunch Of Flower Tamil
Banasri Beauty of the forest Hindu
Baasima Smiling Tamil
Bipasha A river Sanskrit
Bhaina Large grey babbler bird Hindu
Bobbi Shortened name of Robert or Robertia Christian
bhaktivashya can be won over through true devotion Sanskrit
Breonna Just pretty Christian
brahmane Herself Brahma Sanskrit
Bhagavati Creator Hindu
Barisha Pure Hindu
Bowen - American
Bhini Humid Tamil
Barani Star Hindu
Brayden - American
Brishti Rain Hindu
Bratindri Devoted to right deeds Tamil
Briana - American
Brhati Heaven and earth Hindu
Bhamini A beautiful lady Sanskrit
Bhagyavi In My Body Hindu
Ben - American
Benisha Flashing Tamil
Birwa Leaf Tamil
Bahudanti With many teeth Hindu
Balamani Youthful Hindu
Braylon - American
Beatrice - American
Bentley - American
Brnda Surrounded by many Hindu
Brody - American
Bhagya Christian
Bindiya A small dot Hindu
Brysen - American
Binu Created With Immense Power Tamil
Bahaa Beauty Muslim
brahmananda the bliss of Brahman Sanskrit
Baylee A form of bailey Christian
Banhishikha Flame Tamil
Berlynn A combination of bertha & lynn Christian
Baidehi Sita Hindu
Brian Hill Place Tamil
Billie Strong willed protector Christian
BERTHA - Haitian
Beulah Married Christian
Bunny Cute like rabbit (per name) Hindu
Bahumati Extremely Hindu
bhavanashini frees devotees from involvement in the cycle of births and deaths Sanskrit
Baani Earth Hindu
Brija Seed Tamil
Bo - American
Bala Vibrant Tamil
Bhupali A Raagini In Indian Music Tamil
Balqees She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar Muslim
Breeze Light wind; carefree Christian
Bhanumathi Wife of Duryodhana Tamil
Brennan - American
Bunko literary child Japanese
Bev A short form of beverly Christian
Belle - American
Bhoomika Base Tamil
Bella It is Christian name meaning beautiful girl Christian
Banafsha Daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah; was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity (A.N) Muslim
Billi A form of billie Christian
Banita Teenager Hindu
Bayli A form of bailey Christian
Bhauli Full of feeling Hindu
Barani Star Tamil
Bubley One who is from Babylon. A surname Russian
Bishakha star Hindu
Brielle - American
Brunda God Name Hindu
Brady - American
Brinda tulsi Hindu
Bhasvati Luminous Hindu
Barshisa Light Hindu
Bhagavath Intuitive Tamil
Bhavya Splendid; grand; another name for the goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Bennett - American
Banhi Fire Hindu
Bela Creeper Sanskrit
Bharu Heavy Hindu
Bishakha Star Tamil
Bristol - American
Binita Christian
bandhuka kusumaprakhya has the tender grace of Bandhuka blossoms Sanskrit
Banan Delicate Muslim
Bethann A combination of beth & ann Christian
Bertina Bright; shining Christian
Bareerah Pious; Muslim
Beena Christian
Bhini Humid Hindu
Bakavati With the qualities of a heron Hindu
Bekuri Playing a musical instrument Hindu
Bela The jasmine creeper Hindu
Beatrix - Vintage
Boond Drop Tamil
BETHIE - Haitian
Baisakhi A popular festival in Punjab which is also a great name for a girl Sikh
Bhrithi Strengthened Sanskrit
Bhavini Emotional or Beautiful Lady Hindu
Bachendri The sense of speech Hindu
Bairavi Goddess Durga Tamil
Blessy Blessing Christian
Bhanu Fame Sanskrit
Barbie - Vintage
Bindhu Christian
bhadasura vadhodyukta shaktisena samanvita Whose command an army of Saktis are intent on destroying Bhadasura (the Asura being Ignorance Sanskrit
Bharathi Christian
Bavishya Future Hindu
Braydon - American
Bonny Beautiful Christian
bhasharupa in the form of language Sanskrit
Benu Flute Tamil
Bindu Drop Sanskrit
Bijli Lightning Hindu
Bhrithi Strengthened Tamil
Bhadrika A noble women Hindu
Bojana - Russian
bAlambika - Sanskrit
Bexley - American
bhandaputra vadhodyukta balavikrama nandita overjoyed to see Her daughter Bala intent on slaying the son of Bhanda Sanskrit
Bronya - Russian
bhadrapriya fond of everything auspicious Sanskrit
Benisha Flashing Hindu
Bahar Spring Muslim
Brennda A princess ; wielding a sword Christian
Benu Flute Hindu
Bratindri Devoted to right deeds Hindu
Baidehi Sita Tamil
Brian Hill Place Hindu
Barbara - American
Bavanya Goddess Durga Hindu
Bruce - American
Blaze - American
Bentlee - American
Baghyawati lucky Hindu
Bhadrasoma As noble and beautiful as the moon Hindu
Bhavukta Emotions Hindu
BERLINE - Haitian
Bhaanupriya Beloved of the Sun Tamil
Brandon - American
Berkley - American
Blythe - Vintage
bhavanagamya realized through devoted meditation Sanskrit

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