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Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter R for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter R and it almost more than 983 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with R letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with R letter also you can filter starting R letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of R letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect R starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Reeta Christian
Rani Queen Tamil
Raphaela Divine healer Christian
Rocky - American
Roshika Never forgotten by people Hindu
Riddhima Spring of love Tamil
Ruzha Rose in Bulgarian language. Russian
Romola Hairy Hindu
Rashad - American
Racquell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian
Ridhushni Season Tamil
Rashmi Ray Hindu
Rompreet Who Lives in Heart Sikh
Rebecca - American
Raakhi A thread tied by sister to brothers Hindu
Rajita Illuminated Hindu
Rewa A girl meant to be speed ahead in life without troubles Sikh
Rashi A collection of wealth Sanskrit
Ranjeetha Adorned Hindu
Rubani Soul of Holy Book Sikh
Rowen - American
Reyansh - American
Rajrita Prince of living Hindu
Roopa Blessed With Beauty Hindu
Ruben - American
Ruchi Lustre Hindu
Rheanna The great and sacred queen Christian
Roopkanwal Beautiful Face Sikh
Rehwa Ancient Name Of River Narmada Tamil
Rebecal Tied; bound Christian
Rivka - American
Rajanvanti Abode of kings Hindu
Rishima Moonbeam Hindu
Rebecaa Bound Christian
Rabail A veil of flowers Muslim
Rosetta - Vintage
Reneeka Song Sanskrit
Rainbow Rainbow Christian
Rodney - American
Ratnamala Jewelled Hindu
Roopraaz Queen of Beauty Sikh
Rifna Beauty Princess Tamil
Revati Prosperity Hindu
Rama Another name of Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Riddhima Spring of love Hindu
Ratnavati Abounding in jewels Hindu
Rosy Deep pink Hindu
Ragine A form of regina Christian
Rudhi Rise Hindu
Raphael - American
Rafiqah Friend Muslim
Rebecca A servant of God Christian
Ranjita Victorious in battle Hindu
RENETTE - Haitian
Richa Light Hindu
Rucita Bright Hindu
Radha Lover to Lord Krishna Sanskrit
Rudrani A Wife Of Shiva (rudra) Hindu
Riley In English Christian
ROSE ANDRE - Haitian
Raamratan God's Jewel Sikh
Rhett - American
Renata - Vintage
Roopan Quite; Intelligent; Beautiful; Gods Love Sikh
Renjiro virtuous Japanese
Ranjeetha Adorned Tamil
Robin - American
Rianna The little ruler ; little king Christian
Rahini Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Ritsuko child of Ritsu Japanese
Roman - American
Rhoda Rhoda means rose Christian
Ravinder Sun God Sikh
Romini Pretty Tamil
Rasleen Dissolved in the Remembrance of God; One Absorbed in the Elixir of Naam Sikh
Raamrattan Attentive to God Sikh
Reeta Pearl Hindu
Ruchira Beautiful Hindu
Rajvir Brave King Sikh
Roop Appearance Sanskrit
Rory - American
Rijak Earning; Tradition; Way Sikh
Rasmi Rope Hindu
rajya vallabha loves dominion Sanskrit
Rabia Famous Sanskrit
Rusama Angerless Hindu
Reagan - American
Ricardo - American
RITA - Haitian
Rituparna Leafy Season Tamil
Raquell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian
Rajwinder High Thinking; Born to Rule; Kind Sikh
Ramapriya Lotus Hindu
Roopashri Beautiful Hindu
Rajyalaksmi Wealth of a state Hindu
Rangrup Beautiful Form Sikh
Rinti Clever Sikh
Riya Rich or from hadria Hindu
Raksa Protection Hindu
Rimpa Christian
Rasam Beam of Light Sikh
Ritsika Traditional Sanskrit
rogaparvata dambholir the thunderbolt that shatters the mountain of diseases Sanskrit
rakenduvadana Whose face is like the full moon Sanskrit
RUTH - Haitian
Rosalyn - American
Rimple Soft Hindu
Rakti Redness Hindu
Rajmeet Queen; Friend Sikh
Raameen Obedient Muslim
Riwana The Moon Light Tamil
Ruby Reddish; Red Colored Precious Gemstone; Red; Ruby Jewel; Reborn; The Red Gemstone Sikh
Reena Artistic; Gem; Dissolve; Reborn Sikh
Riley - American
Ranjitha Christian
Ramona - American
rajapitha niveshita nijashrita raises Her devotees to royal status Sanskrit
Rudrani A Wife Of Shiva (rudra) Tamil
Roshninder Rising of Sun Sikh
Rupika Possessing a form Hindu
Rahini Goddess Saraswati Tamil
Ragavi God of Raghavendra Tamil
Rai trust Japanese
Ryuichi first son of Ryu Japanese
Ria From the river Christian
Reba From the name rebecca Christian
Raidon thunder God Japanese
Rashmi Moonbeam Sanskrit
Ravina Sunny; Beauty of the Sun Sikh
Rosalie - American
rakinyamba svarupini the Mother as Rakini Sanskrit
Rhea Singer Sanskrit
Ragavarshini One who showers ragas Hindu
Remington - American
Rini Christian
Rahila One who travels Muslim
Raaga Belongs to music terms Tamil
Rishona First born Tamil
Reign - American
Renna Peace ; joyous song rimona - pomegranate Christian
Raika Beautiful Tamil
Ryu lofty Japanese
Rani Queen Hindu
Rashmeet Sweet; Cute Sikh
Rajata A Name From Ancient Epics Hindu
Ramini Beautiful Woman Tamil
Rasika With discrimination Hindu
Rupashi Beautiful Sanskrit
Raynne One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel Christian
Roopinder Beautiful Sikh
Ratima Fame Hindu
Rennae One who has been reborn Christian
Ruhi Ascending Hindu
ragyana dhvanta dipika dispels the darkness of ignorance Sanskrit
Roopa Blessed With Beauty Tamil
Rajdeep Light of State Sikh
REGINE - Haitian
Raveena Sunny Hindu
Ruth - American
Rajeena Intelligent And Beautiful Hindu
Rishitha Christian
Ramita Pleasing Tamil
Rajika Lamp Tamil
Rena Peace; joyous song rimona - pomegranate Christian
Reepal Love Hindu
Rayna Queen; Pure; Purity; Holy Dust Sikh
Rafael - American
Ryoko A woman who is like the dragon Japanese
Ruthie - Vintage
Reneeka Song Hindu
Rudrapriya Goddess Durga Hindu
Rhythm Music Flow; Taal; Sur Sikh
Rose-Merline - Haitian
Raelynn - American
Rhithika Generous Tamil
Rajinder King Indra; The Emperor; King of Kings; Variant of Rajendra Sikh
Roza One whose beauty is compared to one of the rose Russian
Raghad Pleasant Muslim
Reshma Silken Tamil
Raman Comfort; Repose; Strong Person Sikh
Rebekah In Hebrew Christian
Rajani The dark one Hindu
Rajashree Royalty Tamil
Rahilah One who travels Muslim
Rihana Sweet Basil Tamil
Renuga Christian
Roop Look Tamil
Rocco - American
Rosheen Rose Tamil
Raekh Shape Sikh
Roshita Illuminated Hindu
Rina Melted Hindu
ratipriya dear to Rati Sanskrit
Rajanya Kingly Sanskrit
Renu Particle Sanskrit
Roland - American
Rishu To rise Hindu
Ramila Lover Tamil
Reji Christian
Rupasri Divinely beautiful Hindu
rasysa the essence of all things we enjoy Sanskrit
ROSITA - Haitian
Rabaab Musical Instrument Sikh
Rishima Moonbeam Sanskrit
Rehma Silk Sanskrit
Rumiko child of Rumi Japanese
Roopjass Beautiful in Nature; Full of Beauty; Jazzy Version on Roopjot Sikh
Raktapa Blood Hindu
Ritisha The Goddess Of Truth Hindu
ROSE-LAURE - Haitian
Rabhya Worshipped Sanskrit
RENEE - Haitian
Ryuji Dragon Man Japanese
Randall - American
Rikona intelligence Japanese
rajajaitri helps to overcome Aja (Ignorance) Sanskrit
Ruchika Beautiful Hindu
Raaya A beloved friend Christian
Rosy Deep pink Tamil
Remi - American
Reid - American
Reggina A queenly woman Christian
Rati Joy Sanskrit
Raizel Rose Tamil
Radharani Queen goddess radha Hindu
Ran Pleasing Sikh
Rahma Mercy Muslim
Riddhi Good Fortune Hindu
Roopal Made of silver Tamil
Reese - American
Rucika Shining Hindu
Revathi Christian
Rylie - American
Rashel Hebrew - Ewe; A variant of Rachel Russian
Russell - American
Rasika sugarcane juice Sanskrit
Rubina - Vintage
Rajmandar Palace Sikh
Ryland - American
Raina Night Hindu
Ramola Who Takes Interest In Everything Hindu
Radhika Successful Hindu
Radnya Daughter Of King Tamil
Ruqa One who is a bright blue flower Japanese
Ratna Jewel Hindu
Rubaina bright Sanskrit
Ramadevi Goddess of beauty Hindu
Roli The red powder used in tika during a holy ceremony Tamil
Reinna A queen Christian
ranjani gives delight Sanskrit
Rangana A Flower Hindu
Rasila Very sweet Tamil
ravyakta the unmanifest state of the universe Sanskrit
Ronin - American
Radhana Speech Tamil
Renaee One who has been reborn Christian
Rema Christian
Rufina If your baby girl has a reddish hued hair Roman
Ranya Pleasant Sanskrit
Ravya Worshipped Hindu
Rayana Christian
Resmi Full Of Light Hindu
Rupa Bearer of form Hindu
Rajeshwari Goddess Parvati Hindu
Roseline - Haitian
Renuka Molecule Hindu
Ritisha The Goddess Of Truth Tamil
Rasna Rope Hindu
Ruchi Lustre Tamil
Ramini Beautiful Woman Hindu
Ripanshi God's child Tamil
Roohi Soul Tamil
ragyi the queen (shakti) of the Supreme Being Sanskrit
Resmi Full Of Light Tamil
rasashevadhih Herself the treasure of all Rasa Sanskrit
Rameet Goddess Sikh
Rainelle A combination of raina & elle Christian
Ratnali A Jewelled Hindu
Reginald - American
Ren water lily Japanese
Rika A woman who is going to stay strong forever Japanese
Raisa Easy going Sanskrit
Raeesah Princess; Noble lady Muslim
Ronak Delight; Bright Sikh
Rey - American
Ranhita Quick Tamil
Rakshitha Who Protect Hindu
Rina Peace; Form of Catherine; Pure; Queen; Beloved; Melody; Joyful; Dissolved; Of the Sea Sikh
Rosella - Vintage
Ritubindar Add Meaning Sikh
Regina - American
Raiya A Russian name meaning heaven Russian
REJEANNE - Haitian
Rasila Very sweet Hindu
ROSE MANIE - Haitian
Ragini Melody Hindu
Revekka Hebrew - Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name Rebecca Russian
Ratnambari Clab in jewels Hindu
Ruha A girl who is on the path of success Sikh
Rayne - American
Rit Tradition Sikh
Riyanshi Cheerful Tamil
Reena Gem Sanskrit
Rajakanya Princess Hindu
Rubalpreet-Kaur Gem Stone; Happy; Love; Ruby Lover; A Gem of Love; Caring Sikh
Raven - American
Romila Heartfelt Sanskrit
Rbhya Worshiped Hindu
Ragi Loving Hindu
Reenu Christian
Rosalyn/Rosalind - Vintage
Ramya Delightful Sanskrit
Revathi Wealth Tamil
raja rajeshvari Rajarajeshvari (The Ruler of rulers) Sanskrit
Rashelle Hebrew - Ewe; A variant of Rachel Russian
Rini One who is like a little sweet bunny Japanese
Rakti Pleasing Sanskrit
Rambha Fairy; nymph Sanskrit
Raksita Protected Hindu
Rina A short form of names ending in rina Christian
Rajveer Brave King Sikh
Rashpal All Loving; Purity; Love Sikh
Roksana She who is bright as a down Russian
Rajamani Crown jewel Hindu
Romini Pretty Hindu
Rasmeet Beautiful Princess Sikh
Ria Singer Hindu
Rafida Gift Muslim
Rajika Lamp Hindu
ROSE MARIE - Haitian
Roopkamal Beauty of Lotus; Beauty of Flower; Glorious; Appearances Like Lotus Sikh
ROSELORE - Haitian
Rainna A queenly woman Christian
Rachel In Hebrew Christian
Rachna Construction Tamil
Rene - American
Reshu Pure soul Tamil
Romila Heartfelt Tamil
Riyanshi Cheerful Hindu
raktavarna has a ruddy hue Sanskrit
Rebbecca Bound Christian
Rumi A beauty of the lapus lazuli Japanese
Reina Pure ; clean Christian
Rabhya Worshipped Hindu
Rajsi Passionate Hindu
Rheya Flowing stream Christian
Renita Reborn Christian
rakshakari saviour of Jivas from Samsara Sanskrit
Rajavee Royal bird Sanskrit
Raja King-queen; Hopeful Sikh
ramana lampata craves to sport with Her Consort Sanskrit
Roshani Brightness Tamil
Raima Pleasing Tamil
Raynna One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel Christian
Reneeka Song Tamil
Rajashree Royalty Hindu
Ranjit Queen Govern a Palace Sikh
Rupreet Ritual of Beauty Sikh
Ridge - American
Rijuta Innocence Hindu
Rawinder Kind Hearted Sikh
Ranjini Pleasing Tamil
Rennie A familiar form of renata Christian
Rajathi Queen Sanskrit
Renitta A rebel Christian
ROSENIE - Haitian
Rinar Drop of Rain Sikh
Ravya Worshipped Tamil
Rashi Collection Hindu
Rachelle - Haitian
rajiva lochana Whose eyes are lutus-like Sanskrit
Rewa Swift Hindu
RENANTE - Haitian
Resmi Christian
Ramola Who Takes Interest In Everything Tamil
Rashia A Young Gazelle Sikh
ratirupa Whose form is like that of Rati Sanskrit
Royalty - American
Ridhima Christian
Rachpinderjeet Trusted in Faith Sikh
Rhea - American
rudhira samsthita presides over blood in living beings Sanskrit
Ryo excellent Japanese
Ranamita A friend in need Tamil
raviprakhya blazes in the heart like the Sun Sanskrit
Ruhaniat Divine; Sacred Sikh
rasagya knows all Rasas (tastes Sanskrit
Reeya Gem Sikh
Rachell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian
Ritu Season Sanskrit
Rabitah Bond Muslim
Rinki Christian
Ryoichi first son of Ryo Japanese
Rasmita Christian
Roku emolument Japanese
Rajni Night; Half Name of Flower; Queen Sikh
Ranit Song Christian
Riha Free Sanskrit
Rodrigo - American
Rano A Peacock tail Hindu
Roger - American
ROSE-MARIE - Haitian
Rikku Japanese - Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful Ruler Japanese
Reed - American
Ratnawali Wife of the famous poet named TulsiDas Tamil
ratnagraiveya chintaka lolamukta phalanvita wears a gem – set necklace having a big pearl as a pendant Sanskrit
Ruby - Vintage
Rupinder Beautiful Sikh
Rincy Christian
Ruchira Delicious Sanskrit
Ramya Enchanting Hindu
ROSENA - Haitian
Ria Singer Tamil
Rabsimar Messenger of God; Kind; Remembering God Sikh
Ragavi God of Raghavendra Hindu
Ramyarupa With a lovely form Hindu
Rabia Spring Muslim
Randi Familiar forms of miranda and randall Christian
Raveena Sunny Sanskrit
Ritisha the goddess of truth Sanskrit
Regina King's advisor Christian
Remy - American
Rikita Clever Hindu
Rangana happy Sanskrit
Rachael An Ewe; A Little Lamb; Sister of Guru Nanak Sikh
Reiki A practice of healing the spirit Japanese
Rajkamal Add Meaning Sikh
Rishona First born Hindu
rajatkrupa gloriously compassionate Sanskrit
Ramon - American
Rattan Gem Sikh
Ravdeep Light of Sun Sikh
Rithika of a stream Sanskrit
Rex - American
Rosie - American
Rupika Gold coin Sanskrit
rajyalakshmih the goddess of sovereignty Sanskrit
Raji Shining Sanskrit
Ran An orchid flower Japanese
Renny One who is a conqueror; Mighty and conqueror Christian
Rajeshri Sweet Girl Hindu
Resham Silk Hindu
Roop Look; Beauty; Appearance Sikh
Rohini Ascending Hindu
Raina Night Tamil
Raquel - American
Rehmat Blessing Sikh
Rehnuma One Who Guides U Tamil
ragamathani destroys all passion in the minds of devotees Sanskrit
Raahi Traveller Tamil
Randeep Light; Bright Sikh
Rikako child of Rika Japanese
Raagini A Melody Hindu
Ratnaprabha Radiation from the diamonds Hindu
Ria Singer; Love; To Flow; Earth; River; Merry; Victor; From the River's Mouth; Anger; Happy; In Bengal is for Fragrance of a Flower; Best Friend; Drop of Water; A Flooded River Valley; Fairy Sikh
Ray - American
Royal - American
Richard - American
ROSELENE - Haitian
Ruci Beauty Hindu
Roopa Blessed with Beauty; Beautiful; Full of Life; Active; Miraculous; Loyal; Selfless Sikh
Rafa Happiness Tamil
Ratnavali A necklace of jewels Hindu
Raveena A form of raven Christian
rakshasaghni the slayer of Rakshasa Sanskrit
Ridhushni Season Hindu
Reina The Queen of people Japanese
Rosalind - Vintage
Ragi Loving Tamil
Rakshita Protector Sanskrit
Rasmika A tiny ray of light Hindu
Rangana A Flower Tamil
RACHEL - Haitian
Rayan - American
Rachna Construction Hindu
Rajveer-Kaur Add Meaning Sikh
Rajlaxmi The one who will rule on money Hindu
Rupali Excellent in form Hindu
Rhea In Roman mythology Roman
Risha Saintly Tamil
Raheemah Merciful Muslim
Ryan - American
Rupesvari Goddess of beauty Hindu
ragasvarupa pashadhya holds in her lower left hand a noose representing the power of love Sanskrit

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