Southern Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Looking for some best Southern Baby Girl Names? We have listed some of the best popular southern baby girl names With Meaning starting from a to z letter and for your information 4 out of 10 southern baby girl names (Olivia, Charlotte, Ava, and Harper) of 2019 as determined by us social security statistics.

These names are chosen by states (Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia) nature, culture, music and cuisine. We have tried our best to add meaning of southern baby girl names. Hopefully you will like it and for any suggestion of name please contact us.

You can find all the a to z names from this list and with meaning of southern baby girl names also you can select and share these southern names to your friends and family and ask them to choose in them and we are continue adding new names to this list and you can get more.

These girl names are will reflect the heritage and pride of south because south has its own history and love for their location, souther loves puppy, tea and okra and you can expect the same looking feel baby girl names with same pride.

Here we have listed all the classical, new, modern southern baby girl name with a to z with meaning as per southern location and you will love it. If you are having the new idea so you can share the same with us. We will add it to our list so please us know about your thoughts about us southern baby girl names

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Like Names Means
Winona If your little one is the firstborn
Virginia A vintage name making a comeback inspired by a few celebrities. The state of Virginia was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth.
Sutton Probably no name can be more southern than Sutton. It means ?southern settlement?. It is sometimes used for boys also.
Scarlett Another conventional name which is now within the top 20
Savannah This name has since long been a favorite name in the south. It is even now within the top 50 in the list.
Pearl Pearl is a popular name of the nineteenth century making a comeback. It is the state gem of Tennessee.
Olivia It is based on the Latin word ?Oliva? meaning ?Olive?. It came to the forefront after founding a mention in the Shakespeare play ?Twelfth Night?.
Magnolia Inspired by the state flower of Mississippi of the same name
Lainey Lainey means ?bright shining light? and is derived from the French word Elaine which is derived from the Welsh Helen which is based on the Greek Helene.
Jessie Pearl Using double names as a combination of a traditional name with a family name is a southern tradition. Jessie
Gladys Gladys means ?royalty or princess?. It is from the Welsh name Glwadys. This is a classic southern name for a baby girl.
Georgia This is well accepted for a long time and an internationally used name. It sounds classy
Emma Emma of German origin means ?universal?. This traditional name has been on top of the charts for four years. It became popular after being used in ?friends?.
Deedee A Welsh and Latin origin word meaning ?pleasure
Clara bright or clear
Catherine This has a Greek origin which means ?pure?. It also means ?innocent? in the American name. The short nickname is Kate.
Camellia This name is based on the state flower of Alabama of the same name. It is a combination of the more common names Camilla and Amelia.
Betsy This has a Hebrew origin meaning ?pledged to God?. It is also a nickname for the English name Elizabeth.
Aubrey This is a name with an English origin meaning ?noble or fair ruler?. It was earlier a baby boy name now being increasingly used for baby girls.
Zelda With not many names starting with letter Z

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Disclamiar: You can use these Southern names as a nick names or official names because it’s a compilation of all the names and you can choose names between short and long and choose whether you want it for nick name or official also these Southern baby girl names Starting with '' Letter with Meaning list a collected from various sources so we can’t take responsibility of authenticity. Hopefully you will get the perfect Southern baby girl name Starting with '' Letter with Meaning for your sweet one and congratulation it’s a girl because girls makes the home from house. Thanks for your visit.