Baby Girl Names From 'J' With Meaning.

Baby Girl Names

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Like Names Means Origin Numerology
Jaquelin She who grasps the heel Hebrew 8
Jambuka A seedless grape Hindu 7
Jamee A supplanter Hebrew 5
Jigisha Superior Telugu 7
Joyatri Light Tamil 7
Jaishree Honour of victory Tamil 8
Janada Variation of James Hebrew 6
Janavika Dispeller of ignorance kannada 9
Jalwa A sight or a show Arabic 5
Jaisvi victory Telugu 6
Jayshree The Goddess Of Victory Tamil 8
Jerah Resembles the month or shining moon light. Hebrew 5
Jedidah A friend or companion Hebrew 7
janmamrutyu-jaratapta-jana-vishranti-dayini gives peace and repose to those afflicted with birth Sanskrit 1
Jamilah Beautiful Muslim 7
Jannie God is gracious Hebrew 6
Janaki Seeta Telugu 6
Jayalalita Victorious goddess Durga Telugu 1
Jessique Wealthy in God's grace Hebrew 8
Juanetta they are nice and have no bounds to enjoy their enjoy. They know the tactics to communicate with people. Spanish 8
Jiang River Chinese 5
Janis A form of janice Christian 5
Jailekha Record of victory Telugu 8
Jayabala Daughter of victory Hindu 8
Jamillah A beautiful one Arabic 8
Judi They are personality developers; spent most of their time in developing their personality Hebrew 4
Jaini Gift from God kannada 6
Jaanasi Someone who has been sent to Earth from paradise Sikh 7
Johdy Praised Hebrew 5
Jannie A familiar form of jan Christian 6
Jereni Free from disturbance Russian 6
Jacquelle Hebrew - Supplanter; May god Protect; A variant of Jacqueline; Feminine form of James and Jacob Hebrew 9


- Haitian 9
Jarietta A sea of bitternes Hebrew 8
Jagruti Vigilance kannada 8
Jaafi A girl who is fair and just Sikh 5
Jaanisaa A woman who loves mankind and has mercy Sikh 8
Jaymie A form of jami Christian 6


- American 6
Jalisa One who brings company Arabic 6
Jennae God's mercy has been given to mankind. Hebrew 6
Jayati Victorious Hindu 6
Jesmitha Smile Hindu 8
Jhenna Pet form of jennifer Hebrew 6
Jyothishmathi Goddess Durga Hindu 1


- American 6
Jahia One widely known African 5
Juneeta A girl who can see through the complications of the world Sikh 7


Telugu 4
Jalabala Name of a river Telugu 8
Jolande a violet flower Swedish 7
jadashaktir manifesting as the mechanical forces Sanskrit 1
Jackline It is a variant of Jacqueline meaning May God protect Christian 8


- American 7
Jayitri Victorious Hindu 7
Jin jewel; truth Korean 3


- American 7


- American 6


- American 7
Jarita Old Hindu 6


kannada 1
Jelisaveta God is my promise. Hebrew 1
Jagadambika Goddess Durga Telugu 1
Jagamohini One who attracts the world Sanskrit 1
Jaini Gift From God Tamil 5
Jaganmayi Mother of the world kannada 1


- American 7
Janaan Heart or soul Tamil 6
Jalpoorna Full of water Telugu 9
Jamiyah Arabic name meaning gathering Arabic 7
Jalila The great one Arabic 6
Judyta Judyta name means Woman of Judea Hebrew 6
Jitu Always a winner Nicknames 4
Joellen Feminine of Joel Hebrew 7
Janhavi River Ganga Tamil 7
Jonati My dove Hebrew 6
Jaleelah A dignified woman Arabic 8
Jessica God beholds Catholic 7
Jacoba Supplanter Christian 6
Janise A form of janice Christian 6
Jadzia Diminutive of Jadwiga Spanish 6
Jesika Elaboration of jessie Hebrew 6
Janene Yahweh is gracious Hebrew 6
Janne God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 5


- Haitian 8
Jaganmohini A name for Durga adopted by the Sikh Sikh 1
Jarul Flower Queen Tamil 5
Johnetta The modern feminine of the name John or Jon Hebrew 8
Jalaja-Vanaja A daughter of the forest Twin-girl-names 1
Jagatee The Earth kannada 8
Jahaan Land Muslim 6
Josephine The name means May God give Hebrew 9
Jesica God sees or wealthy Gujarati 6


Rustic 5
Joyshree Joy Happiness Joyful Pleasure Gujarati 8


- Haitian 4


- Vintage 7
Jasweer Victorious Hindu 7


- Haitian 6
Juana Gift From God Tamil 5
Jhalak Glimpse Sanskrit 6
Josephine increase Catholic 9
Jamille Elegant and good looking onw Arabic 7
Jagsana Brilliant kannada 8
Jannat Heaven Hindu 6
Jaimy He who replaces Scottish 5
Janicia God is gracious Hebrew 7
Jhalak Glimpse Tamil 6
Jeannine God is gracious Hebrew 8
Juliet they love their life and have eternal spirit. They have a touching personality ans easily inspire others. Spanish 6
Jovi They are of brave personality and always looking for the opportuity to avail the chances for finance. Spanish 4
Janiya God's grace Hebrew 6


Gothic 7
Janaee God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 6
Jessyka Elaborated feminine form of jesse which is derived from the hebrew yishai meaning a gift Hebrew 7
Jalpa Discussion Hindu 5
Julisha they have a ignite in their personality and spread laughter. Friends enjoy their company and they value physical apperance. African 7
Jae Hwa (??) Respect and beauty Korean 1
Jahankhatoon A persian poet Persian 1


- Haitian 7
Janie A familiar form of jane Christian 5
Jama God is gracious Hebrew 4


- American 6
Jorah they are nice and have no bounds to enjoy their enjoy. They know the tactics to communicate with people. Spanish 5
Jenil victorious Telugu 5
Janise God is merciful Hebrew 6
Joelle Hebrew - Jehovah is God; Joelle is God Will Be Willing Hebrew 6


- American 5
Jyothirmai Light in life Gujarati 1
Jaleesah A companion Arabic 8
Jenya Truth Nicknames 5
Jivati Live Hindu 6
Janani Mother Hindu 6
Jaiti Welcome kannada 6
Jaganmohini Goddess Durga Sanskrit 1


- Russian 7
Jayna Gracious Sanskrit 5
Joela Minor Prophet of Israel Hebrew 5
Jara Old age Hindu 4
Jasmin Spelling variation of Jasmine. It means jasmine flower. Persian 6
Janaknandini Daughter of king Janak Telugu 1


- American 3
Jeshna Victory Tamil 6
Jilpa Life giving Tamil 5
Jigi Goddess Lakshmi Telugu 4
Jeevnee Life Auto biography Gujarati 7
Jasweer Victorious Tamil 7
Josine Josine means God will Add its a Scandinavian name Hebrew 6
Josefa The name Josefa means God will Give Spanish 6


- Vintage 6
Jaisudha Nectar of victory Telugu 8
Jalpa Discussion Tamil 5
Jalaja Lotus Telugu 6
Jagruti Awareness Hindu 7
Johanna Gift from God Hebrew 7
Jayantika Goddess Durga Sanskrit 9
Jayamala Garland of victory Tamil 8


Rustic 5


- Haitian 6
Jhinuk Oyster Hindu 6
Jyoti Brilliant Hindu 5


- Russian 6
Joosus Gift of God. Such people know how to deal with their life and what they have to do. They are nice and unselfish. Hebrew 6
Jayanti Victorious in the end Hindu 7
Jasodhara Mother of lord Buddha Telugu 9
Jardena To flow downward Christian 7
Jaiprabha The light of victory Hindu 9
Jaanya Life kannada 7
Jaimathi Victorious mind Telugu 8
Jala' An elucitation Arabic 5
Jansi Life Telugu 5
Jahnavi Ear born Hindu 7
Jenelle God is gracious Hebrew 7
Jadwiga refugee of the war Polish 7
Javeria Name Of Prophet Muhammad's Wife Tamil 7


Rustic 4
Jolanta The meaning of the name Jolanta is Violet Spanish 7
Jamiliah A gorgeus woman Arabic 8
Joy Happiness Latin 3
Jaquelline The supplanter Christian 1


- American 8
Jambhalika Yawning Hindu 1
Jaina Victory kannada 6
Joyatri people with this name are trustworthy friends and love to spend time with friends. They have many impressive qualities and have joyful spirit. Hebrew 7
Jasodhara Mother of Lord Buddha Tamil 9
Josefina Hebrew - Yahweh will add; Spanish form of Josephine Spanish 8


- Haitian 7
Jigyasa Curiosity To Know Things Hindu 7
Jagruti Awareness Telugu 7
Joo-Chan praise the Lord Korean 8
Jaagruthi Awakening Tamil 9
Jacqueline Supplanter Christian 1
Jazmyne Jasmine Persian 7


- American 6
Jarul Flower queen Telugu 5


- American 3
Jolean it means gracious Hebrew 6
Jung righteous Korean 4
Josune The name Josune means Jesus Hebrew 6


- American 4
Jaagruthi Awakening Hindu 9
Jayrani Victory of the queen Gujarati 7
Jagrti Awakening Hindu 6
Ji Hyun This name means Korean 7
Jenica God is kind and compassionate. Hebrew 6


- American 6
Jacquelynn The supplanter Christian 1
Jahaira From a Arabian descent and means jewel kannada 8
Jaiman Victorious kannada 7


- American 6
Josephene The meaning of the name is God May Add Hebrew 9
Jovita Joy Hindu 6
Ju Daisy Chinese 2
Jalsa Celebration Tamil 5
Jigna Intellectual Curiosity Sanskrit 5
Josy Josy means God Heals Hebrew 4
Jital Winner Tamil 5
Janhitha One who thinks of the welfare of men Telugu 8


- Haitian 7
Jaiwanti Victory Telugu 8
Jaymini An ancient philosopher Gujarati 7
Josefiina The meaning of the name is God will Increase Hebrew 9
Jovita Merry Spanish 6
Jigisha Superior Hindu 7
Johari Something of value African 6
Jaipriya Beloved of Victory Sanskrit 8
Jahmilla She is a pretty woman Arabic 8
Jessah Person who sees and observes everything Hebrew 6
Jessenia Jessenia is Flower; A variant of Jesenia which means in Hebrew - God Beholds; Foresight Hebrew 8
Jona it means the God is gracious and Dove bird. Such people are most adored and admirable in the society or among family. Japanese 4
Janna Who speaks or answers Biblical 5


- American 6
Jumaina The meaning of the name is Small Urdu 7


- American 7


- Nicknames 3
Jessy Wealthy Hebrew 5
Jaiwanti Victory Tamil 8
Jaquelinne The supplanter Christian 1
Jamila Beautiful Muslim 6


- Haitian 9
Jaqueline A supplanter Hebrew 9
Juhi A flower Sanskrit 4
Johane Dignity Hebrew 6
Juliste strong-spirited Polish 7
Jamuna Holy river kannada 7


- American 5
Jossie Jossie meansGod Will Give Hebrew 6
Jalah A small leafed wild indigo African 5
Joon This name means Korean 4
Jacklynn Supplanter Christian 8
Jahanara To flower Muslim 8


- American 8
Jheel A woman who adorns the calm and quiet of a still lake Sikh 5
Jaahnavi River ganges Hindu 8
Jasalina Abode of fame Hindu 8
Jenice God is mild and gentle. Hebrew 6


- American 5
Jessechia A Gods gift born in the daylight Spanish 9
Juana daughter of the Almighty Hispanic 5
Jahnvi River Ganga Sanskrit 6
Jagruti Awakening; awareness Malayalam 7
Jansi Life Like Tamil 5
Jovanna They want to get freedom and want to enjoy the life by availing all the available opportunities. Spanish 7
Jabi Pray Hindu 4
Jaswitha Smile Telugu 8
Jeramee Honour or esteem of the Lord Hebrew 7


- American 7
Jayantika Goddess Durga Tamil 9


Telugu 1
Jamilya Variation of Arabic name Jamil Arabic 7
Jahanara Queen of the world Telugu 8


- Haitian 5
Jeiya sweetheart Telugu 5
Jozua they have a funny side and are involved in many activities. They help to bring people together and have spark in their personality. African 5
Jayamala Garland of victory Hindu 8
Jalvi Name of River May kannada 6
Jasima Beautiful Hindu 6


- American 7
Jennisha Dispeller of ignorance Gujarati 8
Jasee Fearless Christian 5
Jyostna Moon Light Tamil 7
Jerusalem Hebrew - Peaceful place; Heritage of Peace; Hebrew 9
Jalahasini smile of water Hindu 1


- American 4
Jakshani Hindu's God Hindu 8
Jakshani Hindu's God Tamil 8
Jonni such people have spark in personality and glow in their smile. Noble and have ability to unite people. they hardwork to fulfull their desire. Hebrew 5


- Haitian 6
Janaki Name of God Hindu 6
Jaiman Victorious Tamil 6
Jessenia Jessenia is Flower; A variant of Jesenia which means in Hebrew - God Beholds; Foresight Spanish 8
Jayani One who brings Hindu 6
Jinisha Superior Person Hindu 7
Jaivati Being victorious Hindu 7
Jaanvi Ganga - the river kannada 7
Janava The girl with a feminine essence Sikh 6


- Haitian 5
Jamie A form of james Christian 5


Christian 8
Jetashri A raga Hindu 8
Jada She was a God's gift Spanish 4
Janica God is loving Hebrew 6
Jagvi Worldly Hindu 5
Juana Gift of God. Such people know how to deal with their life and what they have to do. They are nice and unselfish. Spanish 5
Jeev Life Nicknames 4
Judita Judita means Woman of Judea Hebrew 6
Jaratkaru Wearing out the body Hindu 9


- Haitian 6


- American 7


Christian 6
Jeyashri Goddess of Victory Sanskrit 8
Jasmine Name of a fragrant flower Christian 7
Jaenbert The bright follower of God Biblical 8
Judithe Judithe means The Praised One Hebrew 7
Jomana Silver pearl Egyptian 6
Jemimah It means Dove Hebrew 7


- Haitian 8
Jalpoorna Full Of Water Hindu 9


- Haitian 8
Jisha The Person Having The Highest Feelings For Living Hindu 5
Jahnavi Daughter of Jahnu Telugu 7
Janaki Goddess Sita kannada 7
Jagruthi Awareness Sanskrit 8
Jekka A gift from Yahweh Hebrew 5
Jacinda One who is like the hyacinth flower Spanish 7
Jadagrace A combination of the names "Jada" which means beautiful green stone and "Grace" means good will. Spanish 9
Jaella A woman who is prominent Hebrew 6
Jaimathi Victorious mind kannada 9
Jazmine Jasmine Persian 7
Jiya Heart Sweet heart Gujarati 4
Janette God has been gracious Hebrew 7
Jariyah God Has Seen Tamil 7
Juza The meaning of the name Juza is Notify African 4


- American 6
Jyostna Moon Light Hindu 7
Jorie Hebrew - Descend; Flow Down; Feminine form of Jordan; Short for the name Marjorie Hebrew 5
Jairekha Beautiful kannada 9
Jaganmata Mother of the world Hindu 9
Jacobina grasps the heel Catholic 8
Jodha Princess Tamil 5
Jeevanlata Creeper of life Tamil 1
Jyotika Light A flame Brilliant Gujarati 7
Jalbala Lotus flower kannada 8
Jaisudha Nectar of victory kannada 9


- Haitian 4
Jhansi Rising Sun Tamil 6


- American 4
Jyotsni A moonlit night Hindu 7


- Nicknames 4
Jeanne Jeanne is a feminine form of John which means French 7
Julia Youthful Latin 5
Jaina Good Character Telugu 5
Jamella She who is beautiful Arabic 7
Jaihasini Victory of Happiness kannada 1


- American 4
Jasmin Flower Telugu 6
Jagvi Worldly Telugu 5
Jaidurga Durga the victorious Hindu 8
Janine One who is a gift from God Hebrew 6


- American 8


- American 7
Jalodari Abode of the ethereal universe kannada 9


- American 4
Joo jewel Korean 3
Jyotibala Splendour Tamil 9
Jaishila Character of Victory Sanskrit 8
Jyoti-Jyotika One who is borne of a flame Twin-girl-names 1
Jadee Resembling the green gemstone Christian 5
Jaimah She is a replacement Hebrew 6


- Vintage 3
Jaymi A form of jami Christian 5
Jane A femininie form of john Christian 4
Jasmine Name of the Jasmin flower Persian 7
Jacintha She who smells like a hyacinth flower Spanish 8
Jayden Variation of Jaden which means God has heard Hebrew 6


- American 5
Jyestha Eldest sister Hindu 7
Jahmela A good-looking girl Arabic 7
Jignasha Curiosity Hindu 8


- Vintage 7


- American 5
Jennilie A gracious gift from God Hebrew 8
Jalia A manifest Arabic 5
Jayasri Goddess of vicory Hindu 7
Jhumari Ornament of the forehead Hindu 7
Jochebed The name Jochebed means God's Glory Hebrew 8
Janeah God is merciful Hebrew 6
Jansje Present from God Hebrew 6
Jetashri A raga Tamil 8
Jayati Victorious Tamil 6
Juni born in June Swedish 4
Januja Joyous Hindu 6
Jaagravi Alert kannada 9
Jesicca Yahweh foresights Hebrew 7
Jasveen Get Victory From Others Hindu 7
Jasmyn Jasmine Christian 6


- Haitian 7
Jae Hwa This means Korean 7
Jagvi Born of the world kannada 6
Jagruti Awareness Sanskrit 7
Janaa God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 5


- American 7
Jamyah One who is replacing Scottish 6
Junakhi A girl with honest intentions to discover various truths of the world Sikh 7
Jia Jia is the one who is ?outstanding? Chinese 3
Joasia God is merciful Polish 6
Ji wisdom Korean 2
Jamillia She who is elegant Arabic 8
Joed God is Witness; Witnessing; Robbing; Passing Over Hebrew 4
Jahmyyllah Beautiful one Muslim 1
Janaki Wife of Lord Rama; Sita Malayalam 6


- American 5


- American 3
Jeany My merciful God Hebrew 5
Jessalyn Yahweh is merciful Hebrew 8


- Haitian 1
Jagati Bestowed with speed Telugu 6
Jesenia Hebrew - God Beholds; Foresight Hebrew 7
Justina just or fair Catholic 7
Janis God is gracious Hippi 5
Jabeen Forehead Muslim 6


- American 5
Jalarnava Ocean of water Hindu 9
Juliette youthful French 8
Jivika Life Source Telugu 6
japapushpa-nibhakrutih Whose colour is of the nature of japa flowers (China rose) Sanskrit 1


- Haitian 8
Jayna Victory Good character Gujarati 5
Jaanvhi The river Ganga kannada 8
Jodee Afflicted Hebrew 5


- American 6
Julia downy Catholic 5
Jahnavi Ganga river Sanskrit 7
Jalpoorna Full Of Water Tamil 9


- Haitian 5


- American 6
Jodie Nickname of Joseph Hebrew 5
Janki Goddess Sita Telugu 5


- Haitian 8
Jaqlyn Short from Jacqueline Hebrew 6
Jeevani Life Auto biography Gujarati 7
Jensine Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious Hebrew 7
Jamileh A beautiful woman Arabic 7
Jira such people are bit sporty and love to play games. They have good sense of homour and often get fame in life. African 4
Joseffa Joseffa means God will Add Hebrew 7
Juliana Youthful Tamil 7
Julia Latin - Jupiter's Child; Julia is Youthful Spanish 5


- American 7
Jaganmohini Goddess Durga Telugu 1
Janisha Dispeller Of Ignorance Hindu 7
Julia Youthful Tamil 5
Jignasa Academic Curiosity Hindu 7
Jiti Obtains Triumph Sanskrit 4
Jessie Pearl wealthy Southern 1
Janell Lord is merciful Hebrew 6
Jay Conqueror Nicknames 3
Jocasta sparkling moon Gothic 7
Jainisha Find Hindu 8
Jauna Someone as gentle as a dove and born with the grace of God Sikh 5


- American 6
Jailaya Victorious and Laya means Layam in music kannada 8
Jagrati Awakening Sanskrit 7
Jovana They inspire others Spanish 6
Jovia Latin - Dedicated to love; Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious; Yahweh is merciful; A variant form of Jovi Hebrew 5


- American 6


- American 7
Jordenne The meaning of the name Jordenne is Descending Hebrew 8
Janean God is gracious Hebrew 6
Jillian youthful Latin 7
Jadona One who was heard by Jehovah Hebrew 6


- Vintage 5
Jeanee God is kind and care. Hebrew 6
Jumapili Kenyan term African 8
Jalpa Discussion kannada 6
Jayalalita As beautiful as victory Hindu 1
Jehannaz Pride of Universe Tamil 8
Ju Ju ? a short Chinese 2
Jolene Jolene is a female name with French origin. The meaning of the name is French 7
Junia The name Junia means born in June Greek 5
Jigi Goddess Lakshmi Telugu 4
Jaclyn Hebrew - Supplanter; May god Protect; A variant of Jacqueline; Feminine form of James and Jacob Hebrew 6


- American 7
Josetta Hebrew - Yahweh will add; God Will Add You; Jehovah Increases; A variant form of Josephine Hebrew 7
Jayadevi Goddess of victory Hindu 8
Jowaki A firefly Tamil 6
Janaliz A wood used for making bows Hebrew 7
Jesca Frisian form of Jessica Hebrew 5
Jaimalla She is well-known for her beauty Arabic 8
Jamuna A Holy river in India Telugu 6
Jannelle Variant of Jane Hebrew 8
Jena Lady of the people Celtic 4
Janki Goddess Sita Tamil 5
Jordane Hebrew - Descend; Flow Down; Feminine form of Jordan Hebrew 7
Janpriya Beloved of the people Hindu 8
Jovonna Merry Spanish 7
Jaisica Rich kannada 8
Jamela A beautiful girl Arabic 6
Janata Gift from God kannada 7
Jherrico A city of the moon Hebrew 8


- American 5
Find Baby Girl Names Starting with letter

Gothic Girl Names

Narcissa Amabel Valentina Renita Badriyah Kavita




Ethelinda Danika Branwen Minerva Musette Vespera Felicia Xenobia Guinevere



Norwegin Girl Names

Lilian Solvi Bifrost Celine


Hilde Bertine Andrea Bergdis Irene Norah Olivia Frida Felicia Sophie Heidi Benedicte Fanny Maiken Torill

Welsh Girl Names

Buddug Cristyn Branwen Brenda Ceri Donna Del Adaryn Aberfa Dilwyn Aerona Gorawen Awena Ceirios Megan Alis Brownwen Amser Efa Alaw

Egyptian Girl Names




Asenath Eshe


Bastet Zuberi Bennu Layla Lapis Fukayna Onofria Habibah Dalilah Akila Femi Chione Hafsah Anippe

Polish Girl Names

Gertruda Irene Salomea Vanessa Celina Gizela Joasia Olga Bolesawa Adelajda Pola Zuzanna Genowefa Sonia Cecylia Apolonia Iwona Jagna Izolda Zaklina

British Girl Names

Kate Unity Frideswide Gladys Hattie Beatrix Una Pearl Lettice Barbara Maryam Tilly Cressida Isla Zara Rosie Carol Myrtle Deidre Edie

Swedish Girl Names

Agnes Miah Eva Juni Ulla Ronja


Clara Jolande Freja Alma Isabelle Elsa Hilma Edith Gustava Wilma Sally Ebba Nova

Maxican Girl Names

Sofia Estelle Florencia Clarisa Maria Buena Seirra Vittoria Linda Heloise Neva Ramona Xalvadora Ria Tierra Sara Osana Rita Esmeralda Sancha

Hispanic Girl Names

Teofila Eugenia Leocadia Ercilia Prudencia Rafaela Gabriela Ramona Dorita Antonia Idoya Paloma Aleta Eulalia Celestina Sens Agata Crescencia Benita Marta

Persian Girl Names

Tayyebeh Gulbarg Nirush Jazmine Mehriban Mojgan Darejan Mirzeta Minu Larmina Caspara Roshanak Farzin Paniz Lale Hester Shahrbanou Mahsheed Liana Etty

Rustic Girl Names





















Southern Girl Names

Harlene Magnolia


Caroline Emma Rosie Delilah


Nellie June









Feliz Violet

Latin Girl Names

Klaudie Letitia Estelle MIles Celeste Olethea Bennett Bea Marcella Vera Priscilla Thiago Jillian Camilla Magdalene Constantine Octavian Nero Cara Jerome

Hebrew Girl Names

Zoheret Liyah Suesan Denita Eleisha Joselda Shae Avishag Avy Nancey Elised Leeza Abigail Anetta Mayzee Naami Samarie Sharis Jonelle Nitza

Biblical Girl Names

Crissa Adaliah Rayven Lieschen Abigale Phoenicia Jezreel Chana Syntyche Abigaia Cresence Timnah Liesi Maralyne Rahab Ahlai Hilen Keilah Jaenbert Obed

Celtic Girl Names

Lee Gallagher Ciarra Kylise Rhona Kyley Kylie Nevina Br?et Reagan Gusty Breanna Blaine Kaileigh Jena Gwendolyn Una Kylee Rianne Rhianna

Urdu Girl Names

Naushaba Nazmil Rudainah Fawha Esra Taraab Ma Shiza Fuada Nowa Mahneerah Shabina Mehrvash Naznin Sharia Taqadus Nazahah Mawhooba Lubena Naaz

Buddhist Girl Names

Zeyar Theavy Taka Hella Zhang Xiu Fumiko Kohsoom Teesta Thandar Thawda Garma Madee Karma Nima Tun Oyunchimeg Bolormaa Tasanee Chesa Jayathi

Chinese Girl Names

Huan Peizhi Li Bao Lian Meiling Lin Da-Xia Niu Daiyu Kwong Qingling Qiao Mei Lai Fen Yunru Shuang Xiaodan Ming

Royal Girl Names





















American Girl Names





















Spanish Girl Names

Soledad Reina Cari Eloisa Jovanna Lolitta Hermina Silvi Carinda Tequilla Calynda Dama Genoveva Sola Generys Candice Naolin Generosa Margarida Georgina

Greek Girl Names

Ione Kaly Timothea Panthea Letha Lydia Theresa Phaidra Libra Margarethe Pernilla Hera Diantha Larisa Margrieta Basilia Xanthe Nitsa Zena Dorinda

African Girl Names

Takiyah Bandele Gheche Dabiku Mariatu Olajuwan Chibuzo Tinecia Jahzara Ledisi Sala Nontle Zina Wamuhu Hinaa Julene Dalilah Kissa Oluchi Afua

Arabic Girl Names

Fadila Zarifa Pareechehr Zera Bahria Wathiqa Eimaan Qudsiyah Qudwa Raahi Zaheera Zayda Bahiyya Ghania Qindeel Emarie Jaimalla Hadiyyah Kainat Iraj

Scottish Girl Names

Alish Noah Ogilvy Minnie Kamdyn Aed Paislee Anabel Euna Mikenzie Brichtrede Meribeth Massie Donaldina Bonni Grisell Kenna Makailyn Aberdine Anabell

Hawaiian Girl Names

Malina Mila Olina Kahiau Aloha Lanni Zariah Keahilani Ohanna Nohealani Noah Leia Ava Nalanie Pele Napua Kainalu Aulani Mahina Kahealani

Korean Girl Names

Gi Du Hyun (?) Jae-Hwa Woong Jin Ae (??) Hyo (?) Hee Yeo Kyung-Soon Yong Kyu Hei Jin Ryung Wook Soon-Bok Sang Hyun Ok Hyun-Ok

Italian Girl Names

Clarissa Eugenia Amy Giustina Damiana Chiara Virginia Madonna Camilla Venetia Aria Antonia Agata Laura Stella Fulvia Bambi Marissa Berenice Capriana

Irish Girl Names

Fiona Kelly Daire Shannon Leianne Jane Eithne Caitlin Bebhinn Trevina Riona Betha Ula Nessa Keela Alannah Oonagh Orlaith Toireasa Finley

French Girl Names

M?lanie Oc?ane Blanche Maeva Carole Giselle Pauline Capucine Rochelle Sarah Emilie Marie Christine Dominique Chlo?,"Chlo? is a feminine French name that is der Eleonore Yvonne Denise Dior Estelle

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