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Names Meaning Category
Mie three way division. Japanese
Kazuko harmonious child Japanese
Hatsuko Japanese - First Born Child Japanese
Makiko A child of the one who is true Japanese
Aiko beloved one Japanese
Yoshikazu good and harmonious Japanese
Akemi beauty of dawn Japanese
Miyo A Beautiful and charming child Japanese
Hiroshi generous Japanese
Ruri Emerald Japanese
Kyoko Kyoko means Mirror Japanese
Minami The one who lived in the south region Japanese
Kiko hope Japanese
Tamura Japanese name meaning rice village Japanese
Chikako child of wisdom Japanese
Rikku Japanese - Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful Ruler Japanese
Yuji courageous second son Japanese
Shinichi first son of Shin Japanese
Mana One who is full of spirit Japanese
Taka Tall Japanese
Risako child of Risa Japanese
Tenchi heaven and earth Japanese
Chinami one-thousand waves Japanese
Rei A beautiful and lovely bell Japanese
Sato sugar Japanese
Nobuyuki faithful happiness Japanese
Michiya wisdom Japanese
Haneen flower child Japanese
Anzu apricot Japanese
Miku A beautiful sky Japanese
Seiren A refined star Japanese
Emi ( ??) this means smile that is beautiful and picturesque. Japanese
Kasumi Kasumi means Mist Japanese
Cho (??) Butterfly; a flying insect that feasts on nectar Japanese
Kiaria Kiaria means a Lot of fortune Japanese
Umi ocean Japanese
Kaiyo forgiveness Japanese
Azumi safe residence Japanese
Masae One who is blessed with elegance Japanese
Setsuko temperate child Japanese
Yoshiyuki Japanese
Miyako Beautiful Japanese
Sushi A Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice. Japanese
Ken healthy and strong Japanese
Masako A truthful Japanese
Taiyo sun Japanese
Kaede maple leaf Japanese
Chitose thousand years Japanese
Fujita field Japanese
Yayoi March Japanese
Yoshi good Japanese
Leiko arrogant Japanese
Mamiko She who is a daughter of the sea Japanese
Aki autumn; bright Japanese
Nanako The child of the greens Japanese
Hoshiko Japanese - star Japanese
Ozuru stork Japanese
Sayuri A flower Japanese
Shynah She is a victor Japanese
Mikka Three Japanese
Kenji intelligent ruler Japanese
Nyoko Combination of two Sanskrit words "Moha" means infatuation and "Mad" means intoxicated. Thus Japanese
Sayoko child of Sayo Japanese
Tama a jewel Japanese
Sakuko child of Saku Japanese
Bunko literary child Japanese
Sakae prosperous Japanese
Kaya Native American - Little but wise; African - Home; Japanese Yew Japanese
Hiroko Japanese - Rich Child; Magnanimous Japanese
Tomiko child of Tomi Japanese
Izanagi male who invites Japanese
Ryo excellent Japanese
Ayeka ( ???) They have quick and analytical mind Japanese
Emica (???) this name means charming or blessed and beautiful. Japanese
Ayumi stroll Japanese
Raidon thunder God Japanese
Tadame seeds of beauty Japanese
Kitaro happy boy Japanese
Haia (???) Japanese - Nimble; Quick Japanese
Ryoichi first son of Ryo Japanese
Riko A daughter of the Jasmine Japanese
Mameha Name of the Geaisha Japanese
Shiki The four seasns of the year Japanese
Mami Genuine Japanese
Sachiko The child of good luck and happiness Japanese
Kaori Fragrant Beautiful Girl Japanese
Taigen great ambition Japanese
Sajonara Farewell Japanese
Masakazu first son of Masa Japanese
Tonica To the people Japanese
Kiyoshi quiet Japanese
Rumiko child of Rumi Japanese
Chouko (???) Butterfly; an insect that feeds on nectar of flowers Japanese
Kyo Kyo means Village or Unite Japanese
Haruki springtime tree Japanese
Emiko (???) this name means a prosperous and beautiful child. Japanese
Take bamboo; symbol of fidelity Japanese
Tadako child of Tada Japanese
Kano water god Japanese
Annaisha helpful guide to others Japanese
Takai Japanese
Chiharu one thousand springs Japanese
Namie Blessings or little help Japanese
Naoko Respectful and submissive child. Japanese
Tsunade One who is like the young thunder; confident Japanese
Chiaki Sparkling Japanese
Aoki An evergreen blue tree Japanese
Chizu one thousand storks Japanese
Nariko A Gentle or soft child Japanese
Saki A blossom of new hope Japanese
Miki beautiful tree Japanese
Arisu noble sort Japanese
Makoto A sincere person Japanese
Masami One who will become beautiful Japanese
Haruhi Japanese name meaning Spring Day; Blooming and Flowering Japanese
Eichi wisdom Japanese
Rini One who is like a little sweet bunny Japanese
Miya A sacred house Japanese
Maho One who always tells the truth Japanese
Tetsip clear thinking Japanese
Sueko She who is the youngest child in the family Japanese
Sanyu Japanese name meaning happiness Japanese
Wakumi beautiful spring of water Japanese
Kikuko chrysanthemum Japanese
Kozue Kozue means Chinesee Black Pine Japanese
Hoshi star Japanese
Masaaki correct brightness Japanese
Yukako child of Yuka Japanese
Katashi firmness Japanese
Rikako child of Rika Japanese
Yuka A bright Star Japanese
Yukio gets what he wants Japanese
Goro fifth son Japanese
Asuga (???) Swift like a wind Japanese
Kin Kin means Golden Japanese
Kane two right hands Japanese
Sayua One who is swift andf fast like an arrow Japanese
Manzo third-born son Japanese
Danuja (????) Knight; a ruler Japanese
Sorano of the sky Japanese
Rika A woman who is going to stay strong forever Japanese
Kuri Kuri means Chestnut Japanese
Minako A beautiful child Japanese
Shuji governing second (son) Japanese
Hisano long plain Japanese
Sakurako A child of the cherry blossom Japanese
Saori Color of sand Japanese
Ruqa One who is a bright blue flower Japanese
Kimiko Means Valuable Child Japanese
Yumiko child of Yumi Japanese
Morika A fragrance of the forest Japanese
Asuka tomorrow fragrance Japanese
Midori one of the colors Japanese
Tsubame Accept or believe. Japanese
Kurva mulberry tree Japanese
Ainu (???) Goddess of Fertility; Human like; Japanese
Satoshi clear-thinking Japanese
Mako A woman who is grateful ant truthful Japanese
Nani beautiful Japanese
Sachio happy child Japanese
Kentaro big boy Japanese
Tetsuya clear evening Japanese
Keomi Pure Japanese
Sai Japanese name meaning paint Japanese
Haru born in the spring Japanese
Shika A gentle deer Japanese
Kiyomi Pure Japanese
Yoichi masculine first (son) Japanese
Mizuki The beautiful and pleasant moon Japanese
Kimika Kimika means Noble Japanese
Ryozo third son of Ryo Japanese
Yori dependence Japanese
Rumi A beauty of the lapus lazuli Japanese
Satoko Child of Sato Japanese
Mikia flower stem Japanese
Ringo apple Japanese
Mio (??) A beautiful cherry blossom Japanese
Chika (??) Filled with wisdom and intellect Japanese
Mayumi A girl of true beauty Japanese
Kawa river Japanese
Chiyo one thousand generations Japanese
Hanako flower child Japanese
Nayoko child of Nayo Japanese
Shig names beginning with Shige- Japanese
Sadako The child that is chaste and of integrity Japanese
Kanaye zealous one Japanese
Mon Gateway Japanese
Machiko A fortunate child Japanese
Taki Plunging waterfall Japanese
Madoka tranquil Japanese
Taishiro ambitious boy Japanese
Tsumugi (???) Pongee a soft cloth made from threads of silk Japanese
Kisho one who knows his own mind Japanese
Kayo Kayo means The Beautiful Generation Japanese
Mayu Genuine Japanese
Oishi An Arabic word that means a noble Japanese
Shamon Buddhist monk Japanese
Maemi A truthful smile Japanese
Kumi Kumi means Forever Beautiful Japanese
Junko pure child Japanese
Moe It is a German reference to "Mother Mary"; the holy virgin Japanese
Kiyoko Kiyoko means A Pure and Clean Child Japanese
Shoko A little child who is auspicious Japanese
Moriko A child that hails from the forest Japanese
Yutaka rich Japanese
Tame unselfish Japanese
Nana In Hawaiian it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa it signifies the status of a monarch. Japanese
Yuri lily Japanese
Sakai To live in prosperity Japanese
Mi Beauty Japanese
Kitiara The name means Blade from the North Japanese
Seki wonderful Japanese
Ritsuko child of Ritsu Japanese
Takane mountain peak Japanese
Mieko the brightness of the light. Japanese
Kosuke Kosuke means The Rising Sun Japanese
Ayaka ( ??) A coloured flower; scented Japanese
Haya quick Japanese
Ezume pure water; pond Japanese
Tamami A woman who is a beautiful gem or jewel Japanese
Mariko A genuine person Japanese
Okemia A variant of Cornelia that means a war horn. Also the mercy or pity. Japanese
Nara Extraordinary blossom from paradise Japanese
Arata fresh Japanese
Reina The Queen of people Japanese
Uta song; melody Japanese
Makaira One who brings Happiness Japanese
Rikka Japanese - Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful Ruler Japanese
Aya design Japanese
Miyoko A beautiful child of a beautiful generation Japanese
Subaru One who is uniting. A term that identifies the Pleiaddes star cluster in the constellation Taurus Japanese
Gin silver Japanese
Chiharu (??) Springs and clear skies Japanese
Chieko thousand blessings child Japanese
Toshi alert Japanese
Maiya Japanese name meaning rice valley Japanese
Kimi Kimi means Beautiful Story Japanese
Aimi love beauty Japanese
Tozen deserving one Japanese
Akihiko shining prince Japanese
Risa One whose laughter is like the song Japanese
Jin tender Japanese
Koharu (???) Koharu means Late Summer Japanese
Renjiro virtuous Japanese
Ryoko A woman who is like the dragon Japanese
Den bequest from ancestors Japanese
Dai great Japanese
Iwa Yew or eve Japanese
Emiko smiling child Japanese
Tsubasa Refers to section or extension. Japanese
Noriko Commandments Japanese
Chizue (???) Long life or endurance or durability Japanese
Tamashini A soul. One who is very soulful Japanese
Ohta This name has two meanings Japanese
Kimmi Kimmi means Righteous Japanese
Minori village of beautiful fields Japanese
Shinon Japanese name of a type of flower Japanese
Kairi Kairi means Ocean Village Japanese
Michiko the child with fantastic knowledge. Japanese
Sanako child of Sana Japanese
Sora sky Japanese
Misumi pure beauty Japanese
Takiyo great light Japanese
Harue Sunshine Japanese
Maru round Japanese
Kata Kata in Japanese means Worthy One. In Greek Japanese
Mari Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary; Japanese
Yoko positive Japanese
Taree A branch that is bending Japanese
Marri A ball Japanese
Toyo plentiful Japanese
Kana dexterity and skill Japanese
Mine A will or a desire to protect Japanese
Kei rapture Japanese
Komako filly; term of endearment Japanese
Hanako (???) Flower Japanese
Maeko The child of truth Japanese
Utano field of songs Japanese
Mayoko child of Mayo Japanese
Masanori correct principles Japanese
Noa Undertaking or wave program or indication. Japanese
Taura Many lakes or rivers Japanese
Tamiko A child of great beauty Japanese
Kei (??) Kei name means Square Jewel Japanese
Gina silvery Japanese
Namiyo wave man Japanese
Ran An orchid flower Japanese
Tatsuo A female dragon Japanese
Kaiya forgiveness Japanese
Daisuke great helper Japanese
Emi Beautiful Japanese
Doi (??) It means mountain or earth Japanese
Ne Sound or a musical instrument Japanese
Fuji (??) Refers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion. Japanese
Yumi A beautiful archery bow Japanese
Hana favorite; flower Japanese
Takahiro abundantly filial Japanese
Maiko A child that has a love for dancing Japanese
Tamiqua Japanese name meaning "People" Japanese
Ena gift from God Japanese
Kokoro (???) Heart Japanese
Gen spring Japanese
Jiro second male Japanese
Seina The innocente one Japanese
Mei A beautiful girl Japanese
Nanami Seven seas or beautiful green vegetables Japanese
Kotone harp sound Japanese
Iku nourishing Japanese
Ima Now Japanese
Arakan worthy one; hero Japanese
Nishi Growing stronger and stronger Japanese
Shikha gentle deer Japanese
Roku emolument Japanese
Shin'ichi faithful first (son) Japanese
Aiko (??) love Japanese
Isao honor; merit Japanese
Machi ten thousand Japanese
Hiromi widespread beauty Japanese
Shina virtue Japanese
Rin A cold Japanese
Akari (???) Light; Brightness Japanese
Kohana little flower Japanese
Kagami Kagami means Mirror Japanese
Yasuo peaceful one Japanese
Ahmya (????) In Japanese it means black rain. In Spanish it means higher ground Japanese
Nami wave Japanese
Emiyo blessed beautiful generation Japanese
Tamako precious stone Japanese
Seijun pure Japanese
Chuya (???) Something that is pure and clear like water Japanese
Ronin Samurai without a master Japanese
Aoi (???) Holly flower Japanese
Teru true illumination Japanese
Chiasa one thousand mornings Japanese
Oda An assister of the religion or faith. One who assists in spreading the faith. Japanese
Sada The woman who is the pure one Japanese
Hikaru light; shining Japanese
Shigekazu first son of Shige Japanese
Hikari Light; Shining Brilliance Japanese
Taro first-born male Japanese
Yasashiku gentle; polite Japanese
Sute forsaken; foundling Japanese
Fumiko child of treasured beauty Japanese
Ren water lily Japanese
Rui Affectionate Japanese
Akihiro bright scholar Japanese
Amaya night rain Japanese
Daitan daring; bold one Japanese
Moto source Japanese
Tsuna bond Japanese
Teruma true illumination Japanese
Akina spring flower Japanese
Kaoru Kaoru means Fragant Japanese
Satsuki Fifth month Japanese
Etsu delight Japanese
Yoshito good and lucky man Japanese
Nikko sunshine Japanese
Koshiro wide-mind; ambitious Japanese
Koge Koge means Scented Flower Japanese
Raku Pleasure Japanese
Misaki The beautiful newly-grown flower Japanese
Aika love song Japanese
Michi the upright path. Japanese
Sadao decisive man Japanese
Hiroyuki widespread happiness Japanese
Katsumi victorious beauty Japanese
Nari thunder Japanese
Etsudo (???) a Japanese name meaning joy and child. Japanese
Osamu ruler Japanese
Kumiko Kumiko means Companion Child Japanese
Mihoko child of shielded loveliness. Japanese
Takarra Precious item Japanese
Hachi (??) Eight; Also means a bee or flowerpot Japanese
Manami Affectionate Japanese
Koemi smiling Japanese
Ayame (???) Iris; the one who can see perfectly Japanese
Takako Child who is an aristocrat Japanese
Saory A nicely woven cloth Japanese
Ine rice Japanese
Hideyo superior generations Japanese
Erity one who's special Japanese
Fumiko (???) Academic or intellectual. Japanese
Kazumi Kazumi means Beautiful Harmony Japanese
Yoshie good bay Japanese
Toshiko An ancient or valued child Japanese
Shun A fast and talented person Japanese
Japana One who has energetic Japanese
Kiki Double happiness Japanese
Maki Finnish meaning is Hill Japanese
Maria sea of bitterness Japanese
Ayumu One who has a dream and a vision Japanese
Shizu silent Japanese
Fudo god of fire and wisdom Japanese
Morina forest town Japanese
Hotaru firefly; lightning bug Japanese
Anka color of dawn Japanese
Nikaio Who belongs to Daimyo Japanese
Mitsuki The gracious moon Japanese
Masayuki correct happiness Japanese
Yumena famous Japanese
Torio tail of a bird Japanese
Tomoe A blessing in the form of friend Japanese
Soma No Japanese
Wattan homeland Japanese
Tomi rich; wealthy Japanese
Amaterasu sun goddess Japanese
Masumi A woman of true purity and beauty Japanese
Shino A woman who is like a stem of bamboo Japanese
Mayuko A child of Mayu Japanese
Kita Kita means North Japanese
Julieanne people with this name are loyal Japanese
Amida name of Buddha Japanese
Shiori To be a guide Japanese
Akiko autumn child Japanese
Kagome Kagome means Lost Japanese
Sango coral Japanese
Akako red Japanese
Norita Tradition Japanese
Yubi graceful Japanese
Tomoni unity; togetherness Japanese
Sora (??) She is like the sky Japanese
Kiwa Kiwa means She is Born on the Borderline Japanese
Taku Japanese
Shinobu A person that is very enduring Japanese
Botan peony Japanese
Miyu A beautiful truth Japanese
Miwa A beauty or harmony Japanese
Yoshimitsu Japanese
Hachiro eighth son Japanese
Kaida Kaida means Little Dragon Japanese
Tsuru Stork greeting for a long last life. Japanese
Tora In Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder. Japanese
Chihiro (???) Thousand springs Japanese
Nisbett Reliable Japanese
Kazashi hair ornament Japanese
Kyou Kyou means Capital City Japanese
Tokiko child of Toki Japanese
Rai trust Japanese
Hitomu Wisdom; Intellect; Beautiful Japanese
Nen deep hope Japanese
Natsuko The one who was born in summer time. Japanese
Eiji Cheerful and one second; eternity Japanese
Sumire A lovely violet Japanese
Aneko An older sister who is versatile and spontaneous Japanese
Hajime beginning Japanese
Chiaki ( ??) Sparkling light Japanese
Aia (??) One who is famous Japanese
Misako A fascinating child Japanese
Chika near Japanese
Kazane Kazane means The Sound that the Wind Makes Japanese
Taney Japanese name meaning valley Japanese
Kiyo purity Japanese
Tomo Intelligence or a knowledge of a person Japanese
Tsutomu worker Japanese
Miu A beautiful feather Japanese
Keina Keina means Prosperity Japanese
Akira (???) Bright Japanese
Sakiya cherry blossom growing Japanese
Bashira Joyful; Predictor of Good News Japanese
Harumi Japanese - Spring; Beauty; Clear Weather Japanese
Misa A beautiful bud or a beautiful sand Japanese
Kioko The name means Who Shares The Happiness With the World Japanese
Yuko helpful child Japanese
Shigeko A child that has everything it needs Japanese
Masuyo increase world Japanese
Mayako child of Maya Japanese
Harue (??) Spring Bough; Sunshine Japanese
Shunichi first son of Shun Japanese
Ryuji Dragon Man Japanese
Ito thread Japanese
Ayaka colorful flower Japanese
Momoko Numerous children Japanese
Usagi moon Japanese
Okimi The bright shining light Japanese
Asami (???) Morning beauty Japanese
Kuni country born Japanese
Momiji Red leaves Japanese
Masahiro govern widely Japanese
Nori The person who is resembling good moralities and principalities. Japanese
Nobu faith Japanese
Aiya beautiful silk Japanese
Oki The Champion in all the fields Japanese
Yuna The archer Japanese
Aina Beautiful Eyed Woman Japanese
Sana Brilliance; exceptional talent or intelligence towards things Japanese
Genki lively one Japanese
Hayami rare and unusual beauty Japanese
Akito (???) Bright person; who is like autumn season Japanese
Asami morning beauty Japanese
Yukiko child of Yuki Japanese
Yoshifumi Japanese
Seiichi first son of Sei Japanese
Yoshiko child of Yoshi Japanese
Takeo warrior Japanese
Sen Name of Lotus flower Japanese
Kono dexterity and skill Japanese
Ko Baby Japanese
Mitsu A shiny reflection Japanese
Ayame Iris Japanese
Hisoka reserved Japanese

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