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Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter I for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter I and it almost more than 562 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with I letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with I letter also you can filter starting I letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of I letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect I starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
IRENE - Haitian
Izna Light Hindu
Ishwari Powerful; goddess Sanskrit
Isadora - Vintage
Indrabala Daughter of indra Hindu
IRLANDE - Haitian
Ishadeep Goddess of Flower Sikh
Iffat The virtue and honour of being chaste Sikh
IsaiAmudhu Melody Tamil
Idabel - Vintage
Isabella - American
Idhika Goddess Parvathi. Hindu
Iona Purple gem Christian
Issabella My god is bountiful ; god Christian
Igassoĸ The lady who cooks well Christian
Iksa Sight Sanskrit
Ishita The master of wealth and superiority Sikh
Isika A painter brush Hindu
Ijaya Sacrifice Hindu
Ilisa Queen of the Earth Sanskrit
Ishanvi Goddess of knowledge Hindu
Iolanthe A form of yolanda Christian
Induprabha Moon Rays Hindu
Indira Bestower of prosperity Hindu
Iti Start Hindu
Ikjot One Light of God Sikh
Ilamayil Young Peacock (Peahen) Tamil
Iman Faith Muslim
Itika Endless Hindu
Icchavati One who desires Hindu
Itara Another Hindu
Innisai Sweet Melody Hindu
Ishmeet Friend of Goddess Sikh
Indrakshi One with beautiful eyes Sanskrit
Ishanika Belonging to the north east Hindu
Ibilola The girl who has opened the door to wealth Christian
Idalis A form of ida Christian
Imogene - Vintage
Ifra Giving happiness Muslim
Iraja Daughter Of The Wind Hindu
Ilakshi Center of earth Hindu
Imogen Maiden Christian
Ibrahim - American
Induvadana With a moon like face Hindu
Isha One who Protects; The Female Energy; Woman; Faculty; Power; Another Name of Goddess Durga; Formless Divinity Sikh
Indhu Christian
Ichchha Desire Sanskrit
Izabella My god is a vow Christian
Ilika Small earth Hindu
Iha Wish Sanskrit
Ishita Superior Hindu
Ilmeeyat Knowledge Muslim
Idai Awakening Tamil
Ishaana Rich Tamil
Ichita Desired Hindu
Isabella - Vintage
Idaya Heart Tamil
Indrakshi One Having Beautiful Eyes Hindu
Indukanta Beloved of the moon Hindu
Induprabha Moon Rays Sanskrit
Ikshu sugarcane Sanskrit
Indu A bright drop Hindu
Irvette Sea friend Christian
Indumati The full moon Hindu
Inayata Kind Hindu
Inbavalli Happy Girl Tamil
Ilavarasi Princess Tamil
Inayat kindness Sanskrit
Irit Daffodil Sanskrit
Indrasakti The energy of indra Hindu
Ishita Superior Sanskrit
Ishnoor Light of God Sikh
Issac - American
Inu Attractive Sanskrit
Iker - American
Ishaan - American
Ina Mother. Hindu
Imarti A kind of Sweet Hindu
Indrasena The army of indra Hindu
Ilisha Queen Of The Earth Tamil
Ireland From ireland Christian
Inimoli Sweet Voice Tamil
Itkila Full of fragrance Hindu
Ito thread Japanese
Ilm Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah Muslim
Izdihaar Flourishing Tamil
Ifesowapo Person who is made out of love Christian
Iha The earth. Hindu
Iliana Bright Christian
Ilianna Bright Christian
Ivona Croatian form of Yvonne Russian
Ifra Identity Tamil
Isanika Belonging to the north east Hindu
Ikisha The one and only true God Sikh
Ithazha Petal Tamil
Isabelle Christian
Ishleen Who Loves God Sikh
Ikjas Equality; Praise of One Sikh
Ifelayo The peaceful bliss of love Christian
Inaya Concern Tamil
Ira - American
Izaiah - American
Induratna jewel of the moon Hindu
Iyla moonlight Sanskrit
Ilana Sunshine Christian
Ilisa Queen of the earth Hindu
Iyalisai Melody Tamil
Ikshumalini Name of a river Hindu
Ilangodi Tender Vine Hindu
Ikram Honour Muslim
Itika Endless Tamil
Indianna From the land of the indians ; from the state of indiana Christian
Indrahuti Invocation of indra Hindu
Ibukunade I am a proof of God's blessing Christian
Ilde Battle Christian
Invir Smart; Beloved Sikh
Idha Insight Sanskrit
Iman Faith; Belief; Faithful; Believer of Faith Sikh
Isheeta Superior Tamil
India - American
Ira A devoted one Hindu
Iraimani Divine Gem Tamil
Idhaya Heart Tamil
Inez - Vintage
Indrani Consort of indra Hindu
Inderpreet Lover of God Sikh
Imthithal Polite obedience Muslim
Isaac - American
Isana Sovereign Hindu
Ireshi Queen Sanskrit
Isvaragita Song of the lord Hindu
Ivria From the other side of the river Christian
Ilakia wisdom Sanskrit
Ishana Goddess Durga Hindu
Iksha Sight Hindu
Inaya Concern Sanskrit
Idunn She who is lovable Christian
Ida - Vintage
Ibukun The blessed lady Christian
Imelda Warrior Woman Christian
Ivy - Vintage
Ipsita Desired Hindu
Iraja Daughter Of The Wind Tamil
Islande - Haitian
Iksuvari Sugarcane juice Hindu
Ishwari Goddess Hindu
Ingrid - American
Ilina Possessing high intelligence Hindu
Iris - Vintage
Ishwarpreet God's Beloved Tamil
Idla Battle Christian
IsaiNayagi Queen of Music Hindu
Ilhaam Intuition Tamil
Iffat Chastity Muslim
Ida Prosperous Christian
Inaaya Empathy. Hindu
Intisaar Triumph Tamil
Idun The active and happy one Christian
Ikman One Mind Heart Mind Soul Sikh
Ishwarya God’s prosperity Sanskrit
Inbavalli Happy Girl Hindu
Iniyaal Sweet Tamil
Ignacio - American
Isobell Variation: isabel Christian
Ina - Vintage
Indumukhi With Moon-Like Face Hindu
Ifechukwu Living under the light of the Lord Christian
Itzel - American
Ishrat Wish; Affection; Enjoyment; Gaiety Sikh
Ishitha Christian
Indrayani Wife of indra Hindu
Isabel My god is a vow Christian
Ivana God is gracious Christian
Indukalika Piece of Moon Hindu
Ishwariya Christian
Iwa Yew or eve Japanese
Irena A variant of Irene Russian
Ibidun One whose birth has brought happiness Christian
Istara That which is desired more Hindu
Indrakanta Indrani Hindu
Isabella The name is an Italian and Spanish variation of Elizabeth meaning 'devoted to God' Christian
Inimoliyaal Girl with Sweet Voice Tamil
Indratha Power And Dignity Of Indra Hindu
Ismita individuality Hindu
Izabelle Beautiful Tamil
Indumathi Full Phase of Mooon Tamil
Indiya Knowledgeable Sanskrit
Irene Christian name meaning peace Christian
Ikantika Someone born with a singular focus in life Sikh
IsaiNagai Isai = Music + Nagai = Smile Tamil
Irenka Christian name that means 'peace' Christian
Ifedayo The joyous and loved one Christian
Ira Another name for Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Irshita Goddess Saraswati Tamil
Ilisa A form of alisa Christian
Ilja The God is my Saviour Christian
Irfana Thankfulness Hindu
Ila Water Hindu
Irika A diminutive form of earth Hindu
Isani Ruling Hindu
Ian God is benevolent Christian
Ivy - American
Inu Attractive Christian
Inimoli Sweet Voice Hindu
Isha One who protects Sanskrit
Inbha Happiness Hindu
Ijabo Hope Muslim
Ilangodi Tender Vine Tamil
Ilanila Moon Crescent Tamil
Ishpreet Love with God; Goddess Durga Sikh
Ishkirat Always Doing Work in God Way; Beloved of God Sikh
Iniyal sweet Sanskrit
Ishwarpreet God's Beloved Sikh
Ian - American
Imani - American
Inas Sociability Muslim
Issabela My god is bountiful ; god Christian
Inaam Act of kindness Tamil
In'am Kindness Muslim
Iftin Light Muslim
Ifechiluru The grace of God shines upon her Christian
Ikshitha visible Sanskrit
Idika The earth Hindu
Imtihal Polite Muslim
Ira Earth; Goddess Saraswati; Crystal Clear Water Sikh
IsaiNayagi Queen of Music Tamil
Idra Fig tree ikia - god is my salvation Christian
Iniya Sweet Hindu
Issabell My god is bountiful ; god Christian
Insuvai A common name given for all sweets Tamil
Isolde - Vintage
Ivanna A Biblical name Russian
Imanii Believer or faith Christian
Ipsa Desire Hindu
Ishira Fire Sanskrit
ichhashakti gyanashakti kriyashakti svarupini the Power of Will (Ichha – shakti) Sanskrit
Ikshita Visible Sanskrit
Ishra Related To God Hindu
Ilavalagi Young and Beautiful Tamil
Inni strong water Sanskrit
Ibbani Honey Dow Tamil
Inbha Happiness Tamil
Ibha Hope Sanskrit
Imseera Wise Tamil
Ishya Spring season Hindu
Isuka Arrow like Hindu
Ila Earth Sanskrit
Irwin Jesus of Drum; Always Happy Sikh
Induma Moon Hindu
Ilham Intuition Muslim
Ihita Desired Hindu
Isht God Sikh
Isha Lord Hindu
Isla - American
Isita Desired Hindu
Iris - American
Ichchha Desire Tamil
Ishi Goddess Durga Hindu
Innila Sweet Moon Tamil
Ishwarya God`s Prosperity Hindu
Ikraam Honour Tamil
Inika Small Earth Sanskrit
Ifedolaoluwa When God has blessed the person with love and grace Christian
Ihrin The person who maintains peace Christian
Iffah Purity Muslim
IsaiKani Ultimate Music Hindu
Ikshitha Visible Hindu
Indraksi Eyes like indra Hindu
Iravati Full of water or milk Hindu
Ikshana sight Sanskrit
Ilanguyil Kuyil - A Bird with Melodious Voice Tamil
Ignazia It indicates the fire to move on in life Christian
Isabelle - American
Isheeta Superior Hindu
Indukala Phases Of Moon Hindu
Irene - American
Itkila Fragrant Sanskrit
Indumauli Moon crested Hindu
Ikongkar One Creator Sikh
Ibhi Female elephant Hindu
Idalina A combination of ida & lina Christian
Isabela - American
Ivan - American
Ivanna God is gracious Christian
Ilakkiya A Classic Tamil
Iniyaval Sweet Tamil
Idhitri One Who Praises Hindu
Ikshita A Dark Hindu
Israel - American
Indulekha A digit of the moon Hindu
Ibha Elephant Hindu
IsaiArasi Queen of Music Tamil
Izabela A variant of Isabella Russian
Ishpal Support of the Goddess Sikh
Irma Universal Sanskrit
Ismita individuality Tamil
Ivy A Creeper Tamil
Ishana Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Ilerioluwa One who lives under the promise of the Lord Christian
Indira Another name for Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
IsaiAmudhu Melody Hindu
Isobel My god is a vow Christian
Indradevi As sacred as indra Hindu
IlamPirai Young Crescent Tamil
Ihina Cheer Hindu
Iha The Earth Tamil
Ijya Sacrifice Hindu
Iskra Name has South Slavic origin and means "spark" Christian
Ishtaa Beloved Sanskrit
Ida This moment Hindu
indragopa parikshipta smaratunabha janghika Whose calf – muscles resemble the quiver of the god of love with bright glow–worm like decorations Sanskrit
Ishwin One who Praises the Lord Sikh
Iksa Sight Hindu
Ingita Movements of dance Hindu
Isaias - American
Ishaana The beholder of all glory and wealth Sikh
Isao honor; merit Japanese
Imsaal Unique Muslim
Indrina Deep Hindu
Ishika sacred Sanskrit
Ibhar Stigma of Flower Sikh
Imanni Believer or faith Christian
Ifrith fairy Sanskrit
Inmaculada Immaculate; conception of virgin mary Christian
Insol sweet words Sanskrit
Iya Pervading Hindu
Ichchha Desire Hindu
Ilyssa A form of ilisa Christian
Iksu Sight Hindu
Ifetundun The one blessed by sweet love Christian
Isabelle - Vintage
Inu Attractive Hindu
Ishwarpreet God's Beloved Hindu
Induja Narmada River Sanskrit
Ikshana Sight Tamil
Ikleen Absorbed in One Sikh
Ira Watchful one Russian
Indirpreet Lover of God Sikh
Ishani Consort of Lord shiva. Hindu
Iksumati one who has sugarcane Hindu
Ideh Praise Christian
Ishani Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Irini A variant of Irene Russian
Irit Daffodil Tamil
Ida Prosperous Sanskrit
Ishmita Friend Of God Tamil
Istu Wish Hindu
ishvari Ishvari who accomplishes this Sanskrit
Ivory - American
Irfana Thankfulness Tamil
Indumathi Full Phase of Mooon Hindu
Isita Desire Sanskrit
Ivanna - American
Ingumba African name that means an easy going person Christian
Iksha Sight Sanskrit
Iglika Another name for primrose Christian
Iva God's great gift Christian
Indranilika As blue as indra Hindu
Ishman God Gift Sikh
Isiss Goddess of the underworld Christian
Indali powerful Hindu
Idha Insight Hindu
Iksula Bringer of sweetness Hindu
Ibtihal Supplication Muslim
Ifejesukristi One who shines under Jesus Love Christian
Ibtisam Smile Muslim
Ishya spring Sanskrit
Inbanayaki Queen of Happiness Tamil
Inbanayaki Queen of Happiness Hindu
Ilavarasi Princess Hindu
Ikshula A Sacred river Hindu
Ifeoluwapo The God who loves a lot Christian
Ikamroop A girl with the visage of the Lord himself Sikh
Indrayani Name of Sacred River Sanskrit
Issis Goddess of the underworld Christian
Isvari Best among the divine Hindu
IMMACULA - Haitian
Ihita Desire Sanskrit
Ishaana Rich Hindu
Inan A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih) Muslim
IsaiNagai Isai = Music + Nagai = Smile Hindu
Immogene Variation: imogen Christian
Iditri One who praises Hindu
Iksirat Inside Beauty Sikh
Iku nourishing Japanese
Idhitri One Who Praises Tamil
Ipsita desired Sanskrit
Ibtihaaj Joy Tamil
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Ilina Queen Sanskrit
Induja Daughter of the moon Hindu
Ishika Christian
Ivey A form of ivy Christian
Izabella - American
Iyla Moonlight Hindu
Inderjeet One who Wins the Love of God; God's Triumph Sikh
Illiana Bright Christian
Ishika Sacred; Sacred Paint Brush; The Queen of Water and Mountain; Lovely Sikh
Ikampooj A girl who only ever worships the supreme God of all Sikh
Izna Light Tamil
Indirveer God's Warrior Sikh
Irshita Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Ifeya Ifeya means love or lovable Christian
Ishmita Friend Of God Hindu
Inaaya Gift of Allah Muslim
Illianna Bright Christian
Imani Trustworthy Tamil
Ishi Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Iria Lady Christian
Irene - Vintage
Ireene A peaceful woman ; in mythology Christian
IsaiKani Ultimate Music Tamil
Imogen - Vintage
Idika The Earth Sanskrit
Inimai Sweetness Tamil
Indu Moon Sanskrit
Isai Music Hindu
ISEMANIE - Haitian
Isai Music Tamil
Ilaaf Protection Muslim
Inkurali Possessing Melodious Voice Tamil
Isaiah - American
IlaNangai Youthful Girl Tamil
Imanuela Christian girl name that means Christian
Idhaya Heart Hindu
Isa Faculty Hindu
Isabel - American
Inika little earth Hindu
Ishika Paint Brush Hindu
Ilma Novel Tamil
Indrapriya Blue lotus Hindu
Iksita Visible Hindu
Itcha Beautiful; Desire Sikh
Ima Now Japanese
Idris lord; studious Hindu
Iscah In Hebrew Christian
Isabela My god is a vow Christian
Infanta Christian
Ilavalagi Young and Beautiful Hindu
Issabel My god is bountiful ; god Christian
Ishra Related To God Tamil
Imaani Believer or faith Christian
Isla Christian
Ishika Paint Brush Tamil
Imani Trustworthy Sanskrit
Isi Goddess Hindu
Ikramiya Honorable Muslim
Isiri Ishwary Tamil
Indirjeet One who Wins the Love of God Sikh
Idabelle A combination of ida & belle Christian
Idhika Another Name For Parvathi Tamil
Imrat Cute; Love Sikh
Ibidolapo The child is lucky and has brought wealth to the house Christian
Isvarakanta Beloved of the gods Hindu
Irmigard The war that is guided by the Gods Christian
Indrani Lord Indira’s wife Sanskrit
Indrina deep Sanskrit
Ineet A woman with incomparable beauty Sikh
Ipsa ambition Sanskrit
Ikshitha Visible Tamil
Indrabha Light of indra Hindu
Ilhan Respectfull Muslim
ISABELLE - Haitian
Immani Believer or faith Christian
Indirvir God of Heavens Warrior Sikh
Ifede A person who is loving and caring Christian
Inderveer God's Warrior Sikh
Itzayana - American
Ifza Protective angel Muslim
Ishta Another name for lord vishnu Hindu
Indurekha A Creeper Hindu
Ihuomachukwu Blessed with the favor of God Christian
Isaabella My god is bountiful ; god Christian
Indratha Power And Dignity Of Indra Tamil
Ishjeet Victorious Supreme Being Sikh
Imani Faith Muslim
Inika Small earth Christian
ISMENE - Haitian
Imtithal (Polite) Obedience Tamil
Izanagi male who invites Japanese
Inrani Spouse Of Lord Indira Hindu
Iraia One who wrestles with God Christian
Ismael - American
Ivy Signifting the climbing plant Christian
Iliana - American
Inia Body of Water Tamil
Ibthaj Joy Muslim
Innisai Sweet Melody Tamil
Ine rice Japanese

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