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Cecilia This name is derived from the Roman clan name with a subtle and sweet meaning. Cecilia means ?blind by love?. Roman
Ceres Ceres Roman
Diana Diana Roman
Flora Flora was the wife of Roman
Quintia Quintia means ?the fifth?. It has a beautiful rhythm to its name and can be used for your baby girl to gift her a unique identity. Roman
Albina This name is derived from Albus Roman
Tertia Tertia means ?third? in Roman parlance. It is a trendy and attractive name for a baby girl. Roman
Maia Maia Roman
Mariana Mariana has been derived from the name Marius. In Roman mythology Roman
Flavia Flavia means golden or blond. One of the ancient Roman female names Roman
Cassia Cassia has a Roman connection with the name Keziah. As per the Old Testament Roman
Lavinia Lavinia Roman
Galla Galla signifies festivity. Choose this Latin name for your beautiful baby. Roman
Hortensia The name Hortensia has a sensual and flowery touch to its name. Also Roman
Sabina Sabina is an ancient tribal name having Roman origins and means ?Sabine?. Roman
Valentina Valentina is an exotic and pretty name with Latin origins. It means ?health? and ?strength?. Roman
Concordia Concordia sounds magical and peaceful. Named after the goddess of harmony and peace as per Roman mythology Roman
Octavia Octavia has a Roman connection as this name was chosen for the daughter of Emperor Augustus?s sister Roman
Alba Beautiful as the name Roman
Amor This is an alternative name of the Roman God of love Roman
Valeria An uncommon name Roman
Gaia Gaia has a Greek origin and as per ancient mythology Roman
Prima If your baby girl is your firstborn Roman
Rufina If your baby girl has a reddish hued hair Roman
Minerva The Roman goddess depicting both war and wisdom Roman
Bellona Bellona Roman
Agnes The name Agnes personifies purity. Having Greek origins Roman
Angerona Beautiful and delicate Roman
Venus Roman mythology legends portray Venus as the goddess of ?sex and love?. She is also known to be an ancestor of the people of Rome. Interestingly Roman
Elissa Elissa was also known as Dido in Roman mythology. Elissa was the queen of kingdom of Carthage. It sounds pleasant and cute. Roman
Fauna Derived from the masculine form of ?Faunus? Roman
Mila One of the old roman girl names- Mila Roman
Tauria If you are from Peru Roman
Florentina Florentina Roman
Martina It is a baby girl name derived from the male name ?Martin? or ?Mars?. Mars in Roman mythology represents the God of wars. Martina means ?warlike? Roman
Septima Septima has a Latin origin and means ?seventh?. Roman
Pomona It is derived from the Latin word ?pomus? which means a fruit tree. In Roman myth Roman
Aeliana This name has a charm and sounds appealing. Aeliana has a Latin root and means ?sun?. Roman
Julia A classical name of ancient Roman origins Roman
Camilla Camilla is a beautiful name for a baby girl with an interesting piece of mythology related to it. Roman myth refers to Camilla as a huntress who could run so fast over the field without touching or bending any grass. Roman
Augusta Augusta was originally a title given to honor the wives as well as daughters of the Roman Emperors. It later became an independent given name for girls. It means one who is great or magnificent. Roman
Lara Lara Roman
Luna Luna in Roman mythology refers to the moon goddess. She is often portrayed as riding a white chariot through the blue skies. Roman
Claudia Claudia in Roman culture was the name of the wives of Pontius Pilate and Nero. It means an enclosure and has an aura to it. Roman
Horatia This name is a feminine variant of the Roman name Horatius. Horatia means ?the keeper of time?. Roman
Laelia Derived from the Roman name Laelius Roman
Marilla Marilla strikes a chord with its pleasant and delicate sound. It is the shorter form of Amaryllis Roman
Hersilia Roman mythology suggests that Hersilia was a Sabine woman Roman
Laurentia The feminine form of Laurence Roman
Rhea In Roman mythology Roman
Sergia Sergia originates from Alba Longa Roman
Vesta Inspired from the Roman word ?Hestia? Roman
Tullia The name Tullia has been in the Roman times as the prestigious family name Tullius. The name has a very calming charm to it and means ?peaceful?. Roman
Marcella St. Marcella Roman
Nerilla An uncommon name Roman

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