Baby Girl Names From 'D' With Meaning

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Find Baby Girl Names Starting with letter

Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter D for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter D and it almost more than 918 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with D letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with D letter also you can filter starting D letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of D letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect D starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Diego - American
Deenna Valley Christian
Dhriti Courage Sanskrit
Debopriya God'S favourite Tamil
Daksha Lord Shiva’s wife; Earth Sanskrit
dadhyannasakta hrudaya loves to have offerings of curd Sanskrit
Devadhani Divine abode Hindu
Dhriya Patience Tamil
Deeksha Initiation Tamil
Dilber Lover Tamil
Deandre - American
Diqrah A narrator of hadith Muslim
Dhanvi Money Tamil
Derrick - American
Dafiyah Narrator of Hadith Muslim
Dallas - American
Davinna Beloved Christian
Dora - Vintage
Den bequest from ancestors Japanese
damaryadi bhiravruta surrounded by ten Sankits beginning with Damari Sanskrit
Darshika Perceiver Tamil
Darshita Sight Sanskrit
Dharampreet Love for One's Faith Sikh
Dyuthi Light Tamil
Deann From the valley ; a church official Christian
Deanndra Strong and womanly Christian
DYNA - Haitian
Dhanwati born in heaven Sanskrit
Darpanika A Small Mirror Tamil
Dinah - Vintage
Davian - American
Darren - American
Dwiti Dual Tamil
Dhanista Residing in wealth Hindu
Deborah A bee Christian
Dishani Queen of all four directions Tamil
Dildeep Lamps of Heart Sikh
Devya Devine Power Hindu
Daniel - American
Danielle God is my judge Christian
Dominic - American
Deepavati A Raagini Which Is A Hybrid Of Deepak Hindu
Deetya Answer Of Prayers Tamil
Deveera A girl representing the divinity of Mother Earth Sikh
Dwani Voice Tamil
Dani - American
Debborah Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian
Dhanyashree Blessed Tamil
Doaa Pray Muslim
Deepthi Flame Hindu
Demira Devotee Of Lord Krishna Tamil
Duke - American
Debalina Christian
Dhanvi Money Hindu
dhanuhprabha shines in the colours of the rainbow Sanskrit
Duaa Prayer Muslim
Divleen Lost in God's Praise; Divine; Drawn in God Sikh
Deepika A Lamp Hindu
Deepa A Lamp Tamil
Deacon - American
Dalphina Used to refer to a blue bell like flower Christian
Dilberjot Sweet Heart Sikh
Dharamleen One Absorbed in Righteousness Sikh
Dayashree Masterful Teacher Hindu
Daja Already Christian
Dakshita Fully Skill Person Tamil
Devadai Angel Sanskrit
Dhaneshi Having Knowledge Of The Subject Hindu
Darsha To See Hindu
dyutidhara full of splendour Sanskrit
Dakshina A donation to God Sanskrit
daharakasha rupini the subtle Self in the heart of man Sanskrit
Dilmeet Add Meaning Sikh
Damini Lightning Tamil
Devindar The King of Gods Sikh
Deshna Gift Tamil
damshtrojvala has shining face Sanskrit
Dharini Earth Sanskrit
Debby From the name deborah Christian
Deena Variant Of Diana Meaning Divine Tamil
Danika Morning Star Tamil
Daanya Gift of god Muslim
Dana - American
Deelilah The beautiful temptress (the lover of samson in the bible) Christian
darahaso jvalanmukhi Whose face is lit with a gentle smile Sanskrit
Deepnoor-Kaur Beauty of Light Sikh
Dillon - American
darandolita dirghakshi has shapely Sanskrit
Deepta Shining Tamil
Darsev One who Serves Sikh
Debopriya God'S favourite Hindu
Dhanika Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Daniella A form of dana Christian
Dilneet Ethical Heart or Moral Soul Sikh
Drishti Sight Sanskrit
Darshani The One Who Blessed Tamil
Drashti Sight Sanskrit
DENISE - Haitian
Delisha Happy & Make Others Happy Hindu
Diljot Light of the Heart Sikh
Devagiri Divine Knowledge Hindu
Dunya Beautful and smart human being Russian
Damasvasri Dama sister Hindu
Debjani Beloved/Adorable Tamil
Daniell God protects all Russian
Darvish Humble Being; Religious Beggar Sikh
DADIE - Haitian
Deshna Gift Hindu
Darakhshaan Shinning Muslim
Dharmjot Light of Religious Sikh
Duba'ah Daughter of az-Zubayr and a female companion (R.A) she said to the Prophet (S.A.W) that she intended to perform the pilgrimage but was suffering from pain. The Prophet (S.A.W) instructed her to assume Muslim
Dishari Who shows way Tamil
Douglas - American
Dhavni Noise Tamil
Damyanti soothing; "subduing" Hindu
Dhamini Focus Hindu
dhyana gamya can be approached through meditation Sanskrit
Daphne Christian
Dyumna Glorious Sanskrit
Danica Morning star Christian
Devarti Delight of the god Hindu
Daniela - American
Dakshayani Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Darla - Vintage
Darika Maiden Hindu
Dilan - American
Drishy Sight Tamil
Danti Pateince Hindu
dhanya supremely blessed Sanskrit
Darshna Pray To God Hindu
Deeba Obedience Muslim
Dasanandini Daughter of a fisherman Hindu
Diyu Lamp Tamil
Della - Vintage
Diana Diana Roman
Dilraj Ruler of Hearts Sikh
Divya Divine or Divine Luster Hindu
dhrutih fortitude (Dhruti) and is also worshipped as the deity Dhruti Sanskrit
DANIE - Haitian
Divya Pure; Divine; Settlement; Heavenly; Divine Luster; Pure Light; Source of Wisdom Sikh
Deveshi Goddess Durga Tamil
Dakshata Skill Hindu
Darian - American
Dayanara Husband slayer Christian
Darlene - Vintage
Dishmeet Lovely Soul Sikh
Deep-Kamal Lotus in the Lamp of Light Sikh
Dorothy/Dorothea - Vintage
Dakshina A Donation To God Or Priest Hindu
Divvy Very Bright Tamil
Damini Lightning Hindu
Deveena Eye Of God (dev-God) Eena (eye) Hindu
Devi Goddess; Kindness; Bright; Beautiful; Luck; Rich; Goddess Laxmi / Parvati / Durga Peaceful Sikh
Deepitha Illuminated Hindu
Damanjeet Skirt of the Victor Sikh
Deepana Illuminating Hindu
Devshree Goddess Laxmi Hindu
Daphne - Vintage
Digisha Direction of god Tamil
DheivaChelvi Blessed girl Tamil
Doyel A Songbird Tamil
Daphnee Of the laurel tree Christian
dadimi kusumaprabha shines like a pomegranate flower Sanskrit
Dhanjot Light of Goddess Lakshmi Sikh
Debolina Christian
Dhrisha Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Delisha Happy & Make Others Happy Tamil
Destiny - American
Darshita Sight Hindu
Dishu Direction Sikh
Deekshita Initiation Tamil
Drake - American
Dharini Earth Tamil
Dema The Rainy Cloud Muslim
Deboraah Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian
Daria Learned Muslim
Damari - American
Dahanapriya Beloved of fire Hindu
DARLYNE - Haitian
Devayani Chariot of the gods Hindu
Devina Resembling a goddess Hindu
Dorothy - American
Darshita Sight Tamil
DAPHNEY - Haitian
Dhimahi Wisdom Tamil
Denver - American
Dayita Beloved Sanskrit
Deepika A Lamp Tamil
Darika Maiden Tamil
Devamati Godly Minded Hindu
Dipleen The Divine Candle Sikh
darasmera mukhambuja Whose smiling face gladdens all Sanskrit
Duma Silence Tamil
Debashree Christian
Devon - American
Darria Processing good fortune ; wealthy Christian
Donovan - American
Devamayi Devine Illusion Tamil
dhira endowed with wisdom Sanskrit
Divyani Heavenly Sanskrit
Dharshini Someone Who See Tamil
Dayle A form of dale Christian
Deeandra Strong and womanly Christian
Daija Already Christian
Devpreet Love for God Sikh
Dhianjot Enlightened by Meditation Sikh
Dayannara Resembling a bird of prey Christian
Dalbir The Brave Soldier Sikh
Diksha Initiation Tamil
Dpinder Light of Lord Indra Sikh
Daichi great first son Japanese
Dhanyata Success Tamil
Divreet Faithful Sikh
Danna - American
Dhano Special Sikh
Devaja Born From God Hindu
Dayanita Tender Hindu
Danniela God is my judge Christian
Dakini Witch Hindu
Devalina Like a Goddess Tamil
Divya Pure Sanskrit
Darleen It means darling Christian
dhanadhanya vivardhini increases riches and harvests Sanskrit
Deeta A Name For Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Dawna A form of dawn Christian
Dilreet An emotion that stems from the heart habituated to love Sikh
Deveshi Goddess Durga Hindu
Dharitri The Earth Tamil
Daityasena One who has an army of demons Hindu
Dilpreet-Kaur Loves Heart Sikh
Dilbaagh Blossoming Heart; Within Sikh
Dayita beloved Hindu
Devishi Chief Of The Goddesses Tamil
dakshina dakshinaradhya worshipped according to both the Dakshinacara and its opposite Sanskrit
Dishi Gift of God Sanskrit
Delia - Vintage
Dhakiyah Bright Muslim
Daksha The Earth Tamil
Deveena Eye Of God (dev-God) Eena (eye) Tamil
Dominique - American
Deshika Guru Hindu
Danikka Morning star Christian
Dhaneshi Having Knowledge Of The Subject Tamil
Dayapreet Lover of Compassion Sikh
Dharuna Supporting Tamil
Dinara A treasured individual; a sensitive person Russian
Dasia Gift of god Christian
Devna Godly Tamil
durgama hard to approach Sanskrit
Devoshri The Diamond Of Kohinoor Hindu
Dhithi Thought Tamil
Dattadevi Goddess of gifts Hindu
Desmond - American
divya vigraha has Divine form Sanskrit
Damien - American
Divroop God's Beauty Sikh
Dream - American
Danniella God is my judge Christian
Divita Unknown Tamil
Daivi Pious soule Tamil
Deepti Full of light Hindu
Dae Day Christian
Deepshikha Christian
Darshika Perceiver Hindu
Dakshita Fully Skill Person Hindu
DAPHNEE - Haitian
Dusica - Russian
Deeann From the valley ; a church official Christian
Deleena Good Looking Tamil
Divya Shree Divine Tamil
Devanshi Divine Tamil
Disha Direction Tamil
Debra From the name deborah delilah - delicate Christian
Divyana Divine Tamil
Dviti Bright Sanskrit
Darshanbir Sight; View; To Perceive; Vision; Philosophy; Paying Respect; Visions of Divine Sikh
Dharat Earth Sikh
Dayamai Kind; Merciful Hindu
Deana Valley Christian
Devanadi River of the gods Hindu
Daya Kindness; Mercy; Pity Sikh
Davine The loved Christian
Deborrah Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian
Dasi Servant Hindu
Damon - American
Darshani The One Who Blessed Hindu
Dannielle God is my judge Christian
Demira Devotee Of Lord Krishna Hindu
Daina A form of dana Christian
Daisey A form of daisy Christian
Daritree Earth Hindu
Debora Name of a prophetess in the Bible Christian
Devaarti Aarti Of God Hindu
Daman Beauty; Mysterious; Innovative Sikh
Deepali Collection Of Lamps Hindu
Dashmeet Loving All People Sikh
Dilsheen Shining Heart Sikh
Darpana A Mirror Hindu
dhanadhyaksha controls all riches Sanskrit
Dalee Valley Christian
Deepika A little light Sanskrit
DIEUMENE - Haitian
Deepali Collection Of Lamps Tamil
devakarya samudyata promotes the cause of Divine forces Sanskrit
Dhanvika Goddess Annapurna Sanskrit
Dilpreet Of one?s liking Sikh
Dea Goddess Hindu
Drishani Daughter of the Sun Tamil
Dalia A branch Christian
duraradhya hard to worship by those having no control over the senses Sanskrit
Dayana - American
Devshree Goddess Laxmi Tamil
Dheeti Thought Sanskrit
Dalbinder Army of God in Heaven Sikh
Daniil God is a judge who rules Russian
Disha Direction Sikh
DANIELA - Haitian
Divyajyot Light of Divya Sikh
Daana Woman from denmark Christian
Debashmita One who can smile and make people smile like god Hindu
Deepshika Lamp Hindu
Dnyanada Intelligent Tamil
Diyanah Religion Muslim
Dolly Like Doll Tamil
Devamayi Devine Illusion Hindu
dvijabrunda nishevita adored by holymen at the Sandhya worship Sanskrit
Devika Minor deity Hindu
Dani My judge Christian
Dhriti Courage Tamil
Devangi Like A Goddess Tamil
Dayanita Tender Tamil
deshakala parichhinna not limited by space and time Sanskrit
Daisy - American
duradharsha hard to resist Sanskrit
Dax - American
Duschinka - Russian
Daria Trustworthy natured person Russian
Divyathi White Tamil
Deleena Good Looking Sanskrit
DOROTHY - Haitian
Danniell God is my judge Christian
Dhvani Sound Tamil
Darshpreet Lord Krishna's Love or the Love for Lord Krishna Sikh
DIEULENE - Haitian
Dhakshita Skill Hindu
DANIELLA - Haitian
Devadarshini Goddess Tamil
Darcie From arcy Christian
Duladevi Name of Goddess Tamil
Dilchanann Spiritual Illumination of the Heart Sikh
Darshini The One Who Blesses Tamil
Daralis Beloved Christian
Deepshikha The flame of a lamp Sanskrit
Dominick - American
Dakshhtha Efficiency Sanskrit
Devarupa Of divine form Hindu
Dulce - American
Danielle - American
Damaruki Sound Of Emotion Tamil
Damini Lightning Sanskrit
Devashree Goddess Lakshmi Tamil
Dhakiyah Bright Tamil
Delphina - Vintage
Devakiri Name of a raagini Sanskrit
Davis - American
Dolores - Vintage
dandanitishtha sits on the throne of justice Sanskrit
Desapali Protected by the country Hindu
Deepa A lamp Hindu
Dorothy Gift of God Tamil
Dalmeet Team Friend Sikh
Dangelo - American
Deborahh Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian
Daxton - American
Diya Lamp Tamil
Dalbinderjit Victorious Army of God in Heaven Sikh
Divyaleen Divine and Brilliant Sikh
Dhanavi Money Sanskrit
Deekshana Christian
duhkhahantri puts an end to sorrow Sanskrit
Dasmeet Clever Sikh
Deepa A lamp Sanskrit
Deidree A broken- hearted or raging woman Christian
Dhairyya Patience Tamil
Delakshi Fortune Tamil
Deeta A Name For Goddess Lakshmi Tamil
Dayton - American
Devangi Like a Goddess Sanskrit
Daania Beautiful Muslim
Deesha Direction Hindu
Daniela God is my judge Christian
Dheera Courageous Tamil
DheivaVadivu With the likeness of God Tamil
Deep The Lamp of Light Sikh
Dior - American
Deekshitha Christian
DIEULA - Haitian
durlabha difficult to attain Sanskrit
Dayawanti Goddess of Kindness Hindu
Dolika Doll Tamil
Deepshika Lamp Tamil
dharmini righteous Sanskrit
Danuja (????) Knight; a ruler Japanese
Duscha - Russian
Dina Love Muslim
Darleene Our little darling Christian
Debborrah Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian
Dhuthi Splendour Tamil
Dukhniwarn Remover of Sorrow and Suffering Sikh
Divjot Divine Light Sikh
Debbra Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian
Dujanah Rain Muslim
Darra Angel of rains and rivers Christian
Dario - American
Devaarti Aarti Of God Tamil
Dakshayani Goddess Durga Hindu
Deesha Direction Tamil
Decker - American
Deepthy Christian
Datti A gift Hindu
Dorian - American
Dehini Of the body Hindu
Debashmita One who can smile and make people smile like god Tamil
Deborah Queen Bee Sanskrit
Deeshna Gift Hindu
Deepta Luminous Sanskrit
Dahlia - American
Dalwinder Army of God in Heaven Sikh
Diva Divine One Sanskrit
Devangi Like A Goddess Hindu
Dolly - Vintage
Dhanuja Arujuna wiil Hindu
Deeksha Initiation Hindu
Dariel - American
Declan - American
Dakshata Skill Tamil
Dustin - American
Dahma She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; she excelled in grammer and literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts. (A.N.) Muslim
Dominik - American
Dhyuthi Glow Tamil
Darshana Seeing Tamil
durachara shamani puts an end to evil ways Sanskrit
Devagnya Lakshmi Tamil
Dibya Roshani Tamil
Devyani Daughter Of Shukraacharya Hindu
dharmadhara the support of Dharma Sanskrit
Daysi A form of daisy Christian
Deeba Silk Tamil
Devta Divine Damsel Sikh
Dhanya Virtuous Hindu
Drisana Daughter Of The Sun Tamil
Darya One who is good Russian
Duschenka - Russian
Divani Madly love songs Tamil
DARLENE - Haitian
Devaja Born From God Tamil
Duncan - American
Darshana Christian
Dinal Variant Of Donald Great Chief Tamil
Deepinder Light; Light of God Sikh
Dalaja Produced from petals Hindu
Dixie - Vintage
Dara Angel of rains and rivers Christian
Dadhija Daughter of milk Hindu
Delilah - Vintage
Devamati Godly Minded Tamil
Dadhichi Name of a sage Hindu
Devi Divine Hindu
Dishi Direction Tamil
Devadarshini Goddess Hindu
Dristi Eyesight Tamil
Diya Lamp Hindu
DINA - Haitian
Daljinder Love for God Sikh
Deidra Uncertain Christian
Deepi Beauty; Gorgeous; Light Sikh
Devatma Deity Incarnate Sikh
dharmavarddhani - Sanskrit
dharasuta the daughter of Himavan Sanskrit
Dash - American
Damayanti Subduing men Hindu
Dennis - American
Darwin - American
Dukhnivarn Remover of Sorrow and Suffering Sikh
Drew - American
Devagnya Lakshmi Hindu
Darit - Russian
Dayashree Masterful Teacher Tamil
dushtadura far away for the wicked Sanskrit
Devashri Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Darshini The One Who Blesses Hindu
Dante - American
Doi (??) It means mountain or earth Japanese
Devki Lord Krishna's Mother Tamil
Daisy - Vintage
Danelle God is my judge Christian
Dharvan A Winner Sikh

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