Baby Girl Names From 'C' With Meaning

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Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter C for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter C and it almost more than 884 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with C letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with C letter also you can filter starting C letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of C letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect C starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Chouj Unique Wonder Muslim
Clarabelle - Vintage
Chitra Picture Hindu
Camilla - American
Chitrita Picturesque Hindu
Chitralekha Beautiful design Hindu
Chandi Goddess Durga Hindu
Chaya - American
Cunni A small rubby Hindu
Chandini Star Hindu
Caksani Soothing to the eyes Hindu
Colt - American
Chadda A warrior princess born in the midst of battle Sikh
Collins - American
Cecillia One who is blind ; patron saint of music Christian
Ceres Ceres Roman
Colette - American
Ceema Friendly individual Christian
Colette - Vintage
Cadie A form of kady Christian
Chitrashila Of Strong Character Sanskrit
CHRISTA - Haitian
Carys One who loves and is loved Christian
CATIANA - Haitian
Charita of pleasant character Hindu
Carmen Song catherine - pure Christian
Chandler - American
Cali - American
Candi the passionate and angry Sanskrit
CheranMadhevi Chera Queen Tamil
Chitose thousand years Japanese
Carleen A form of caroline Christian
Clara - American
Calama Ever moving goddess Hindu
Carmelo - American
Chiti Love Hindu
Cedes An understanding and caring person Christian
CHARITE - Haitian
Charley - American
Chuni One who is loved like a scarf you hold close to you Sikh
Camilla Camilla is a beautiful name for a baby girl with an interesting piece of mythology related to it. Roman myth refers to Camilla as a huntress who could run so fast over the field without touching or bending any grass. Roman
Charlotte - American
Chandraleksha A ray of the moon Tamil
Case - American
Chandani Moon light or A river Hindu
Cetana intelligence Sanskrit
Chinnamal Little Girl Hindu
CheranMadhevi Chera Queen Hindu
CHARLES - Haitian
ChinnaMani Little Gem Tamil
Carter - American
Catia A pure soul Christian
Chemmani Flawless Gem Tamil
Catuskarni 4 eared Hindu
Catalina - American
Cooper - American
Casey - American
ChudarOli Brilliant Tamil
Chamundi Goddess durga Hindu
Chana - American
Cansu Spirit or soul of life Christian
Cho (??) Butterfly; a flying insect that feasts on nectar Japanese
Chahna Love Sanskrit
Chasmi The eye Muslim
Camila In Latin it means '"young ceremonial attendant". The name also has Arabic origin meaning 'Perfect Christian
Cash - American
Chesta Desire Sanskrit
Cameron - American
Cassandra Unregarded prophetess or a prophetess who is not given importance Christian
Chandira Moon Tamil
Cumba Kiss Hindu
Chandrapushpa Star Hindu
Chinitya Shobamaina Hindu
Chhaya Shadow Tamil
Catharine A clear and pure character Christian
Chahna Affection Hindu
Colten - American
Chandrakala Beauty of moon Hindu
Chetaki Conscious Sanskrit
Chellakili Precious Tamil
Chitrani River Ganga Hindu
Carryn Pure Christian
chaitanyarghya samaradhya best worshipped with the offereings of the spirit as Arghya Sanskrit
Carollyn Joyous song ; a small Christian
Corey - American
chanda mundasura nishudini the destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda Sanskrit
Citravalaya With a painted bracelet Hindu
Chitrali A Row Of Pictures Hindu
Cora - Vintage
Cetana Intelligence Hindu
Cantar small bridge Muslim
Cullen - American
Chanchal Active Sanskrit
Cedrica Battle chieftain Christian
Chaandvika Beautiful Moon Sanskrit
Champa Fragrant flower Hindu
Callie - American
Chashmum My eyes Hindu
Chinmayi Pure Knowledge Sanskrit
Chandrakanti Moonlight Sanskrit
Charanjeet Winning the service of guru?s lotus feet Sikh
Chhabi Picture Hindu
Carmen - American
chakraraja niketana has Her abode in Chakra – raja or Shri chakra Sanskrit
ChudarKodi Brilliant Tamil
Cara - American
Camelia Flower Christian
Champabati The capital Hindu
Chandra Moon Hindu
Carol Strong Christian
Chance - American
Chikku Sweet Hindu
Chayanpreet The girl who is enamoured by the presence of the moon Sikh
Caritas Love Christian
Carcika Repeating a word Hindu
Cecilly One who is blind ; patron Christian
Crystal - American
Chihiro (???) Thousand springs Japanese
Cayson - American
Candi The passionate and angry Hindu
Christine - American
Candri Moonlight Hindu
Carma Honouring Muslim
Cosima - Vintage
Chandra Beautiful As The Moon Muslim
Cade - American
Chitrali A Row Of Pictures Tamil
Carlee A form of carly Christian
Chika near Japanese
Changuna A good woman Hindu
Coralee - Vintage
Caitlyn Pure beauty Muslim
Calisto Most Beautiful or Pretty Christian
Claire - American
Cecelia - American
Carilyn A form of caroline Christian
Chellakumari Precious Girl Hindu
Chandanika Diminutive Tamil
CholaiMani Garden Gem Hindu
Catherin Christian
Chashida Was Tasted Muslim
Chiyo one thousand generations Japanese
Chakria Lakshmi Hindu
Claudia - American
Camila - American
Chaitali Born In The Month Of Chaitra Tamil
Chaheti Lovely Hindu
Cecellia One who is blind ; patron saint of music Christian
Carynn Pure Christian
Carrina A bride Christian
Cariman Merciful And Gracious Woman Muslim
Chandrakin A peacock Tamil
CholanMagal Daughter of Cholan Hindu
CLAUDINE - Haitian
chideka rasarupini of the nature of Pure Consciosuness Sanskrit
Chitrani River Ganga Tamil
Chintana Meditation Hindu
Catherine Pure Tamil
Chaman Garden Muslim
Chika (??) Filled with wisdom and intellect Japanese
Chistha River Tributary Hindu
Chandravali A friend of radha Hindu
Charumati Beautiful Tamil
CARINE - Haitian
Charita Good Tamil
Cairo - American
chaturanga baleshvari commands armies well – equipped in all the four arms Sanskrit
Christina Anointed Tamil
Chandika Diminutive Of Chandana Hindu
Chandrabhaga River Chenab Tamil
Chhavi Reflection Tamil
Charushila The beautiful woman Tamil
Callista Most beautiful ; in mythology Christian
Cohen - American
Chamundeshwari Goddess Durga Hindu
Chashmum My eyes Tamil
Corinne - American
Caksusi Preceptor Hindu
Chameli Creeper with fragrant flowers Hindu
Cherika Moon Hindu
Carly - American
Constance - Vintage
Charusheela A Jewel Tamil
Cholai Garden Hindu
Cholai Garden Sanskrit
Cadence - American
Carson - American
Cyrus - American
Carmen In hawaiian meaning is : garden; field of fruit; song Muslim
Chaitaly Name of an ancient city Hindu
Cataleya Christian
Citrajyoti Wonderfully glorious Hindu
Chapala Restless Tamil
Chanchala Restless Tamil
Chitrangi With a Charming Body Sanskrit
Cakori Shining Hindu
Craig - American
Chahak The call of a lover Sikh
Calliope - American
Chandramukhi One with a round face like the full moon Sanskrit
Charutha Beautiful girl Sanskrit
Chaturya Clever Hindu
Chatima Beautiful Tamil
Citramayi Full of wonders Hindu
CLAUDE - Haitian
Chaitra Aries sign Hindu
Conor - American
Chaithra New Bright Light Hindu
Candarupa Terriable in form Hindu
Cassia Cinnamon-like bark Christian
Carmalita Vineyard or means growth Christian
Cadee One who is round / of the cask Christian
Colleen - Vintage
Chandrapushpa Star Tamil
Calvin - American
Charvi Beautiful Woman Tamil
Candis Fire-white Christian
Chellam Pampered Tamil
Caitlin Unsullied and Pure Being Christian
Chandrakanta Beloved of the Moon Sanskrit
Chandraleksha A ray of the moon Hindu
Chadna Love Hindu
Chandanika Diminutive Hindu
chintyarupa transcends all thought Sanskrit
Colby - American
Chaarvi Beautiful girl Tamil
Cory - American
Chintanika Meditation Tamil
Chimaye Wonderful Hindu
Cahndravati Illuminated by moon Hindu
Chereen In french meaning is : Variant of Cherie Dear one;darling Muslim
Caroline - Vintage
CARLENE - Haitian
Catherine - American
Channaya Eminent Hindu
Colin - American
Chaitaali Born in hindu month of chaitra Hindu
Caryn Pure Christian
Champakali A Bud of Champa Sanskrit
Chandrika Moon Tamil
Chakori Alert Sanskrit
CholanMagal Daughter of Cholan Tamil
Cynthia - Vintage
Candravali Moon like Hindu
Cashielda A safe place to stay Christian
Calli Fortress Christian
Castiel - American
Charitrya History Tamil
Carolina - American
Cherry Fruit Tamil
Citti Thought Hindu
Candraprabha Moonlight Hindu
Carl - American
Collin - American
Cecilia Christian
Chellakumari Precious Girl Tamil
Cady A form of kady Christian
Chalama Goddess Parvati Tamil
champeya kusumapriya fond of the fragrant Champa flowers Sanskrit
Caroline Christian
Chaunta One Who Outshines The Stars Tamil
Celia - Vintage
Cassia Cassia has a Roman connection with the name Keziah. As per the Old Testament Roman
CHANTAL - Haitian
ChampaKali An ornament Hindu
charuhasa Whose smile is charming Sanskrit
chidagni kundasambhuta came out of the fire of Pure Consciousness Sanskrit
Channaya Eminent Tamil
Charmy Charming Hindu
Chellakili Precious Hindu
Calista Most beautiful ; in mythology Christian
Chayagrahi Catching the image Hindu
Candace - Vintage
Chancy Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Cho butterfly Japanese
Candrakanta A digit of the moon Hindu
Chitrangada One of Arjuna's wives Hindu
Chetna Power of intellect Hindu
Chitrajyoti Wonderfully Glorious Sanskrit
Chellammal Precious Girl Tamil
Chaitra The beginning; the first month of the year as per the Indian calendar Sanskrit
Charuvi Light Sanskrit
Charula Feminine Variant Of Charles Meaning Manly Hindu
Cristiano - American
Catie A form of katie Christian
Chitra Picture Sanskrit
Charushila The beautiful woman Hindu
Camron - American
Chistha River Tributary Tamil
Chintanika Meditation Hindu
Chainpreet The one who is in love with the Moon Sikh
Carvangi With a beautiful body Hindu
Chaman ara The Beauty Of The Garden Muslim
Coen - American
Chiasa one thousand mornings Japanese
Carlena A form of caroline Christian
Citrasena Of stranger Character Hindu
Celeste - American
Celia - American
Campika Little Champa flower Hindu
Candrani Wife of the moon Hindu
Cesta Efforts Hindu
Chiaki Sparkling Japanese
Chamis Sun Muslim
Cala Castle Muslim
Chiaki ( ??) Sparkling light Japanese
Camilo - American
Candrakali As brilliant as the moon Hindu
CLAUDIA - Haitian
Charusmita One with a beautiful smile Tamil
Chitkala Knowledge Sanskrit
chakraraja ratharudha sarvayudha parishkruta Seated in Her chariot Chakra raja equipped with armaments of every kind Sanskrit
CHRISNA - Haitian
Charuvardhani Name of a Raga Sanskrit
Carole A form of carol Christian
Colson - American
Chaheti Lovely Tamil
Cathryn Pure Christian
Chayla Fairy Hindu
Candramati As beautiful as the moon Hindu
Chaya Shadow Hindu
Chameli Jasmine Sanskrit
Chandrabali Krishna`s girl-friend Hindu
Carelyn A form of caroline Christian
Claudia Claudia in Roman culture was the name of the wives of Pontius Pilate and Nero. It means an enclosure and has an aura to it. Roman
Chandrani Wife of the moon Hindu
Candalini Glorious Hindu
Cecilia This name is derived from the Roman clan name with a subtle and sweet meaning. Cecilia means ?blind by love?. Roman
Chashni Sweet Thing Muslim
Carina Christian
Callum - American
Cailie Beloved. Muslim
Cynthia - American
Candanayika Slayer of canda Hindu
Candika Slayer of Canda Hindu
Chelsea Seaport Place name Tamil
Chandravati Lit by the Moon Sanskrit
Caitri Born in spring Hindu
Charlie - Vintage
Chahana Desire Tamil
Chaaya life Hindu
Christina Anointed Hindu
Chitkala Knowledge Hindu
Chadia gracious Muslim
Chikako child of wisdom Japanese
Chaim - American
Carusila Beautiful Jewel Hindu
Catheryn A form of catherine Christian
Chhavi Reflection Sanskrit
Chitra A gorgeous piece of art Sikh
ChellaMani Precious Gem Tamil
Chandira Moon Hindu
Chitramala Series of pictures Tamil
Caruvi splendour Sanskrit
charurupa Whose form is exquisite Sanskrit
Callie - Vintage
Carolyn A form of caroline Christian
Camille - American
Campakali A bud of the Campaka tree Hindu
Carolynn A form of caroline Christian
charachara jagannatha the queen ruling over all beings sentient and insentient Sanskrit
Cecilia - Vintage
Carmina Melody or Song Christian
Candrasita Pale white moon Hindu
Cecilia - American
Caruvangi With splendid limbs Hindu
Candace In Cushitic Christian
Chaandani Moon light Hindu
chaitanya kusumapriya loves the flower offerings of the spirit Sanskrit
Claire - Vintage
Chandani A river Tamil
Candela Candle Christian
Chiharu one thousand springs Japanese
CHERLY - Haitian
Chitrarekha Picture Hindu
Chaunta One Who Outshines The Stars Hindu
Clayton - American
Cherry Fruit Hindu
Chinmai Supreme Consciousness Hindu
Charusheela The beautiful woman Sanskrit
CHANTALE - Haitian
Cayden - American
Cyra Sun Or Throne Muslim
Channakka Beautiful lady Tamil
Chakrika Goddess Laxmi Sanskrit
Chandrajyoti Moonlight Sanskrit
Ceylan An Antelope Muslim
Chitragandha A fragrant material Sanskrit
Celine - American
Chalipa Cross Muslim
Cariline Feminine Strength Christian
Ceeja A spiritual person Christian
Clarice - Vintage
Chayanika The Chosen One Hindu
chischaktish the Power of Consciousness Sanskrit
Chandika Diminutive Of Chandana Tamil
Carri Dear Christian
Chaaya Shadow Tamil
champakashoka punnaga saugandhika lasat kacha Whose shining locks of hair impart their fragrance to flowers like Chamka Sanskrit
Cristian - American
Carolin A lady of strong character Christian
chandravidya the subject of Chandravidya (the same Srividya as practiced by Chandra Sanskrit
Cadyna A form of cadence Christian
Chanda Moon light Muslim
check check Hindu
Chaitri Born in hindu month chaitra Hindu
Cassee Brave Christian
Chandrani Beautiful as Moon Sanskrit
Camunda Slayer of Canda and Munda Hindu
Candani Moonlight Hindu
chandanadrava dhighangi Whose person is fragrant with the scent of sandal paste Sanskrit
Caleigh A beautiful girl Christian
Cholai Garden Tamil
Chunni A star Hindu
Clarissa - American
Callee One who is manly and strong / a free man Christian
Candramukhi As beautiful as moon Hindu
Carinna A bride Christian
Chuya (???) Something that is pure and clear like water Japanese
Charu Beautiful Tamil
Candana Sandalwood Hindu
Chitranjan Inner joy Sikh
CAROLINE - Haitian
Chizue (???) Long life or endurance or durability Japanese
Chiti Love Tamil
Chitramala Series of pictures Hindu
Chand bibi A woman like the moon Muslim
CAMILLE - Haitian
CARLINE - Haitian
Callan - American
Camdravati Lit by the moon Hindu
Carollynn Joyous song ; a small Christian
Clara - Vintage
Chandrima Moonlight Night Sanskrit
Carine Cheerful child of love Christian
Calina A most beautiful young woman Russian
Celeste - Vintage
Carolyne A form of caroline Christian
Carlla A free woman Christian
CHERLINE - Haitian
Cailyn Lass/ Girl Christian
ChudarKodi Brilliant Hindu
Channakka Beautiful lady Hindu
Chavi Image Hindu
Cassius - American
Chessy At Peace Muslim
Chanda Moon Hindu
chandahsara the essence of all Vedas Sanskrit
Cassidy - American
Carra One who is dearly loved / a good friend Christian
Cailey Beloved. Muslim
Carmela Garden Christian
Charleigh - American
Candralekha A digit of the moon Hindu
chiti Citi Sanskrit
Chadna Love Tamil
Caryss One who loves and is loved Christian
Cora - American
Candiss Pure or glowing Christian
Chana Gracious Muslim
Chakria Lakshmi Tamil
Carley A form of carly Christian
Carolyn - American
chatushshashtih yupachardhya worshipped with sixty four ingredients (Upacharas) Sanskrit
Charumathi Beautiful mind Hindu
Carly A familiar form of caroline Christian
Chandrabha Luster of moon light Hindu
Cruz - American
Crew - American
Cantara Small Bridge. Muslim
Catherine A form of katherine Christian
Caria She who flows like a water Muslim
Catina A form of katina Christian
Calle One who is manly and strong / a free man Christian
Chand Moon Muslim
Chunni A star Sanskrit
Chandrika Moonlight Sanskrit
Chahana Desire Hindu
Cinta consideration Sanskrit
Callen - American
Caoimhe Gentleness ; beauty Christian
Cemal Beauty. Muslim
Chaturya Clever Tamil
Citrini Endowed with marks of excellence Hindu
Caroline - American
Charusmitha One having a beautiful smile Sanskrit
Cameli A Jasmine flower Hindu
Christopher - American
Cedric - American
Candragauri As fair as he moon Hindu
CAMITA - Haitian
Cody - American
Cataleya - American

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