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Pauline Pauline is a female French version of Paulinus which originally derived from the word Paulus which means
Marguerite Marguerite is a classic old French origin name which means
Louise Louise is a royal name that has an old German origin which means
Julienne Julienne is a fancy version of traditional name Juliet. It is a feminine form of the male name Julian which means
Isabeau Isabeau is a French origin name with the meaning
Henriette Henriette is a classy French girl name derived from the male name Henry. The name has an ancient French origin which means
Felicienne Felicienneis a beautiful French name for girls. It is a feminine form name that was derived from the ancient Latin word felix which means
Emilie The name Emilie is a French origin name. It means
Elise Elise is a beautiful French girl name. It is a shorter variation of the traditional name Elizabeth. It is a French origin name that means
Dominique Dominique is a classic female French name. It is a feminine form of the Latin male name Dominic that means
Collete Collete is a feminine name developed during the 15th century after a famous French nun. The name has a French origin which means
Christine Christine is a classic name with French or Latin origin. It was formed from Christ which refers to the
Charlotte Charlotte is a very ancient name from the late 14th century. It was formed from the male name Charlot. The name has a French origin which means
Catherine Catherine is a famous French name formed from the Latin Katharina and the Greek Aikaterina. It is a traditional name that developed in 4th century.
Carole It is the French form of the English name Carol. It was originated as a feminine name from the Latin Carolus which means
Brigitte It is named after famous French lady who inspired many with her magnificent persona. It is a French form of Irish name which means
Bernadette The name came from the ancient girl saint in the 19th century who saw an apparition of Mother Mary in Lourdes. The name has a French and old German origin which means
Audrey Audrey is formed from the historical saint
Alice Alice is an old traditional name which is very popular from ancient times. It is the French form of German name Adalheid is which means
Adrienne Adrienne is a feminine French name formed from a male name Adrien. The name has a Latin origin which literally means

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