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Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter S for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter S and it almost more than 1797 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with S letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with S letter also you can filter starting S letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of S letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect S starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
statpada lakshyartha denoted by the word Tat (That) Sanskrit
Sadia lucky Tamil
Shemunshi Name of an Indian white rose Hindu
SONIA - Haitian
Sajiya Brave Tamil
Sailaja Christian
Sanjoli Period of twilight Tamil
sadachara pravartika inspires men to right conduct Sanskrit
Saschenka - Russian
Sashilekha A digit of moon Hindu
Sindhuja Name of the Goddess Laxmi Hindu
svabhavamadhura sweet by nature Sanskrit
sarva vedanta samvedya Whom all the Vendantas (Upanishads) declare Sanskrit
Samaah Generosity Tamil
Sukhjyot The shining flame of happiness Sikh
Saddie A princess ; lady Christian
Senichi first son of Sen Japanese
Shaila Living on the mountain Sanskrit
Shoichi first son of Sho Japanese
Sarrah A princess ; lady Christian
shrishoda shakshari vidya the Shodashakshari – vidya Sanskrit
samanadhika varjita has none equal or superior Sanskrit
Smrita A woman adept at meditating through the troubles Sikh
Summah She who looks and smells like a beautiful flower Hindu
Sima Boundary Hindu
Selena - American
Sopio Georgian form of Sophia Christian
Suhrita Well-disposed Hindu
Smita Lady who is always smiling Sanskrit
Sora (??) She is like the sky Japanese
Saila Dwelling in the mountain Hindu
Sylvia Lumber Christian
Sille She who is blind Christian
Sukanya Beautiful damsel Hindu
satyavrata vowed to truth Sanskrit
SHERLINE - Haitian
shastrasara the essence of all Shastras (Scriptures) Sanskrit
Suprabha Good light Hindu
Suellen She is like a lilly Christian
Sabeen Cool breeze of the morning Tamil
Sigrid A beautiful wisdom the victory brings Christian
Saritha Christian
Sarai - American
Soredamors Name of Gawain's sister Christian
Saharra Lord shiva Christian
sarvagya omniscient Sanskrit
SYLVANIE - Haitian
Sevandhi Chrysanthemum Hindu
Sujey One who brings charm and hope Christian
Scout - American
Sitika Coldness Hindu
Sotiria She who brings salvation to people Christian
Sujala Affectionate Hindu
SandanaChelvi Fragrance Hindu
Samanvi One who has all the best qualities Tamil
Subaja A fortunate victor Hindu
Sullivan - American
Svadhi One who like to think things trough Hindu
samarasya parayana the harmony of all Diversities Sanskrit
Suzan A flower Christian
Selvi Youthful Tamil
Stela Croatian form of Stella Christian
Suniti One with good morals Hindu
Silvi A woman from the woods Christian
sarvopanisha dudghushta Whom all the Upanishads proclaim Sanskrit
Swarnamala Garland of gold Hindu
Sanumati Mountain Hindu
Suprema A supreme woman Christian
Sasha A helper and defender of mankind Russian
Savreen Multitalented Sikh
Sabrinna A legendary princess Christian
Seiko A child that is sincere Japanese
Sassy - Vintage
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Sila A girl who is full of strenght and power Christian
Sompriti One who is attached Hindu
Sunayani A woman with lovely eyes Hindu
Sakae prosperous Japanese
SYLVIE - Haitian
Suzannah She looks like a rose or a lily Christian
Syuzanna She who is as graceful as a lily flower Russian
Syara Quiet Sanskrit
Samantha - Haitian
Snezhana A snowy woman Russian
Sephali With drowsy bees Hindu
Saima Fasting Tamil
Spomenka Croatian name for forget-me-not flower. Christian
shobhana sulabhagatih Whose path is lustrous and easy to traverse Sanskrit
siddheshvari the supreme goddess of Shddhas or spiritual adepts Sanskrit
Surinder The queen of all Gods in heaven Sikh
Sanjevani Immortality Hindu
Suzuki A common surname in Japan Japanese
Sathya Christian
Shikha gentle deer Japanese
Sathyapriya Christian
Stonilda A stony woman Christian
satyarupa herself truth Sanskrit
Sorano of the sky Japanese
Saesha With Great Desire And Wish Hindu
Saveena Ruler Sanskrit
Stasya Strength Russian
Saral Simple Sanskrit
Shanaya Eminent Hindu
sarvamayi the all Sanskrit
Solvej A woman with the strenght of the Sun Christian
Sadagati Liberation Hindu
Sylvette Sylvette is a version of Sylvia Christian
Salmavati She who is peaceful Hindu
Suvarnarekha Line of gold Hindu
So Young Eternal Christian
SudarKodi Brilliant Hindu
Sonoma A place name. One who is from the place Sonoma in California Christian
Samani The calming one Hindu
Sorinah Sorinah is a variation of Sorina and means strict or stern. Christian
Scarlet A form of scarlett Christian
Shaun - American
Saibya Belonging to the sibis Hindu
Sabeen Cool breeze of the morning Muslim
Sakiko child of Saki Japanese
Sarrina A princess ; lady Christian
Sanjna Well Known Hindu
Stormie Means a Storm Christian
Symsa She who is flourishing Christian
Suhana Beautiful Hindu
Stefania She who wears the crown Christian
shyamabha of shining dark complexion Sanskrit
Sanjyoti Light Of Sun Tamil
Sentamil Pure Tamil Tamil
SenTamilMani Tamil Gem Hindu
Sannidhi nearness Sanskrit
Safranka Saffron flower. Christian
Santoshi Goddess Name Tamil
Sinitalela Little one from the ashes. Christian
Sanjna Well Known Tamil
Solveig She who has the strenght of the Sun Christian
shiva yoga nAyaki - Sanskrit
Subhasini A nice girl who is soft-spoken Hindu
Sóldís Sun goddess Christian
shadadhvatita rupini transcends the six modes of devotion (Varna Sanskrit
Sampurna Christian
Sopheary One who is attractive and beautiful. Hindu
Sonji A woman of great wisdom and knowledge Christian
satyananda svarupini Supreme Knowledge and Supreme Bliss Sanskrit
Stanilde A woman who is from the lands of stone Christian
Sahana Raaga or patience Hindu
Sydnee Wide meadow Christian
Sato sugar Japanese
Sinhi Lioness Hindu
Sai Female friend Hindu
Sabhramati Full of water Hindu
Samreen A lovely quite girl Sanskrit
Solita A little loner. A little girl who enjoys solitude Christian
sukharadhya Whose worship is easy to perform Sanskrit
Salvador - American
Siyasundari Wife of siva Hindu
Silas - American
Sanjh Evening Hindu
Sivya One with a hart of a deer Christian
Sruti Mohanto Hindu
Samarra Ruled by god Christian
Surabhi Having a lovely fragrance Hindu
shankari Shankari the Consort of Shiva Sanskrit
SelvaNayagi Prosperous Girl Tamil
Skyler - American
Sarah - American
Saana Dough Christian
Sun Jung Goodness and noble Christian
Sanako child of Sana Japanese
Sable Sable; sleek Christian
Sophie She is wise and clever Christian
Samici Praise Hindu
Simran Meditation Sanskrit
Sada The woman who is the pure one Japanese
Sin'ichi faithful first-born son Japanese
Sigrunn The secret victories Christian
Shmuel - American
Sunniva Sun gift Christian
Salmi Beautiful and endearing. Hindu
Stefka She who has the crown Christian
Santiago - American
Sylvia - American
Suvrita A well behaved woman Hindu
Sunandita Happy Hindu
Salena The Moon Tamil
Sprig One who is like a spring Christian
Seika Pure summer Japanese
Shubhita Graceful Hindu
Satvika Christian
Sanyogita Relating to Sanskrit
sarvadhara On whom everything rests Sanskrit
Sachika Kind Hindu
Sahitya Literature Tamil
Sumiye bright mind; smart girl Japanese
satyagyananandarupa Truth Sanskrit
Shamita peacemaker Sanskrit
shuklavarna white in complexion Sanskrit
Shin truth Japanese
Shashibala The moon Hindu
Sierra - American
Samrita Provided with nectar Hindu
Santos - American
SHELLA - Haitian
Sengamalam Red Lotus Flower Hindu
Sorcha She who is brigh and radiant as a light Christian
Salvatore - American
Shantay Enchanted Christian
Siwa A name of the Goddess of love and fertility Christian
Safia Chaste Tamil
Sym A woman who is like a symphony Christian
Sanjita Triumphant Tamil
Sallie A form of sally Christian
Shuchi Pure Sanskrit
Stephen - American
Stjepana Female of Stephan Christian
shuddha manasa ever pure in mind Sanskrit
Samentha - Haitian
shadanga devatayukta accompanied by the deities of the six Angas (parts – heart Sanskrit
Suhani Beautiful Hindu
Shashi The moon Hindu
Svetlana She who shines brightly Russian
Sajra A form of Sara Christian
Sylvina A dame of the forest Christian
Satoko Child of Sato Japanese
Sucheta one with good mind Hindu
Samhitha Christian
Saimeera Brilliant and energetic girl Tamil
Sudeepa Bright Hindu
Selvarasi Prosperous Girl Hindu
Sawatdee Thai greeting Hindu
Snædís She who is a goddess of Snow Christian
samhritashesha pashanda The destroyer of heretics those who are averse to spiritual values Sanskrit
Sasi Hare marked Hindu
Saujanya Good Hindu
Sanithi Obtainment Hindu
Saahana Raga Tamil
Skunti Bird Hindu
Stellita A girl who is like a little star Christian
Skyla The sky Christian
Sadhna Worship Tamil
Sommer Summer Christian
Samara - Russian
Sentamarai Red Lotus Flower Tamil
Sanoli Possessed with self penance Hindu
Shreya Prosperity Sanskrit
sugandhavananAyaki - Sanskrit
Sabi Young Sanskrit
Saaedah The quiet one Muslim
Sabelia Name of an ancient tribe in Italy. Christian
Sobodhini Waking the gods Hindu
Spasenka Rescue or save Christian
Sage - American
Shynah She is a victor Japanese
Starla A form of Star Christian
Shivankruti Creation of Lord Shiva Hindu
Sofia Means wisdom in Greek. A wise woman Christian
Sunnie She is the Sun's gift Christian
Sagaya Christian
Savanna - American
SandanaChelvi Fragrance Tamil
Saarpreet Essence of love Sikh
Steren Cornish word meaning star. Christian
Surupa Beautiful Hindu
Subhashini Well-spoken Hindu
svatmarama merged in the joy of Her own Self Sanskrit
Sisilla A woman without a sight Christian
Sang Hee Benevolence and pleasure Christian
Saylor - American
Sabuhi Morning Star Muslim
Sloan - American
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi Tamil
Salonia Peace Tamil
Sadabhuja Goddess Durga Hindu
shubhakari blissful in blessing Sanskrit
Stephanie She who to whom the crown belongs Christian
Silvestra A woman of the forest Christian
Satyasandha True in promise Hindu
Selah - American
Saroj Lotus Sanskrit
Sanctity Holiness Christian
Suzie A little girl who looks like a rose or a lily Christian
Sweting A woman who is sweet and cute Christian
Solène She who is religious. Christian
sumeru madhya shrugastha dwells on the mid most peak of Mount Meru Sanskrit
Saara A princess ; lady Christian
Sanjona The creator. Hindu
shatchakropari samsthita then establishes herself above the six Chakras Sanskrit
Samiti Committee Hindu
Shooshan Assyrian form of Susan. It means lily. Christian
Sayuri A flower Japanese
Sukriti Good deed Hindu
Sharvani Goddess Parvati Hindu
Solomon - American
Solaiammal Garden Girl Tamil
Saoirse - American
Stephania A woman who is crowned Christian
sarva trantrarupa the embodiment of all Tantras (scriptures dealing with worship) Sanskrit
Saira Princess Hindu
Sussi Nickname for susan Christian
Sire A victorious woman Christian
Skyla - American
Suzilah A rare version of the name Susan Christian
Sangini Life Partner Hindu
sahasraram bujarudha then ascends to the Thousand – petalled Lotus known as the Sahasrara Sanskrit
Shivagami Follower of Lord Shiva Hindu
sumukhi has a lovely face Sanskrit
SUZE - Haitian
SandanaValli Fragrance Hindu
Soledad Solitude Christian
Samanntha One who listens well Christian
SANDY - Haitian
Srimedha Knowledge of God Sanskrit
Sahadevi Protected by the goddesses Hindu
Sanjh Evening Tamil
shakti - Sanskrit
Samantha - Vintage
Suewinda A modern American name that is made up and holds no specific... Christian
Sarvari Night Hindu
Sabri Lord Ram's Devotees Hindu
Sofya A woman who is wise Christian
Swann A swan-like person Christian
SABINE - Haitian
Stella - Vintage
Suchitra Beautiful Hindu
Salina One of a solemn Christian
Sireda A wise advice that brought victory Christian
Sarah - Vintage
Sunako The sand child or the dark side Japanese
Shivanta A part of Lord Shiva Hindu
Sayona to decorate Sanskrit
Sowjanya A girl who is tender Hindu
Schwanhilde Icelandic term for swan. Christian
Surabhi Fragrance; cow Sanskrit
Sakiya cherry blossom growing Japanese
Sauda Dark and beautiful Christian
Sukhi A very happy person Hindu
Samidha An Offering For A Sacred Fire Tamil
Sister A word name. Means a female sibling Christian
sadyahprasadini bestows Her grace immediately on being so worshipped Sanskrit
Sveta One who shines with the divine light Russian
Sanjiti Complete Victory Hindu
Sampriya Full loved Hindu
stanabhara dalanmadhya pattabandha valitraya Whose waist Sanskrit
Sabrena A form of sabrina Christian
shadgunya paripurita is endowed with the dix good qualities in perfection Sanskrit
sharvani the consort of Sharva or Shiva Sanskrit
Selena Selena means like the moon Christian
Sybby A woman who is like an oracle Christian
shruti simanta sinduri krutapadabja dhulika The dust of whose feet are borne on their head by the Shruti Devatas (Vedas personified as goddesses) Sanskrit
Sadee A princess ; lady Christian
Sannidhi Nearness Tamil
Shefali Fragrant Sanskrit
Sarada A vina or lute bearer Hindu
Sara - American
suvasinyarchana prita pleased with respect shown to married women Sanskrit
stotrapriya loves hymns of praise Sanskrit
Sadvati Righteous Hindu
Sydney - American
sudhasagara madhyastha dwells in the center of the sea of Nectar (which is the light of the Blissful Moon of the pericap of the Sahashrara) Sanskrit
Saloni Christian
Sophelia One who helps with her wisdom Christian
Sheela cool Hindu
Sence Saintly Christian
Sahiba The Lady Tamil
Sanmita Godess Parvathi Hindu
Sybella A form of syvil Christian
SHERLYNE - Haitian
shirahsthita dwells in the Shasrara in the head Sanskrit
Steffi A woman who has the crown Christian
Swanilda A girl who is a battle swan Christian
sarvashaktimayi Whom the powers associated with all deities belong Sanskrit
sahasrapath has thousands of feet Sanskrit
Styliani A woman with stars in her eyes Christian
Sookie She who is like the lily flower Christian
sumangali most auspicious in Herself Sanskrit
Samidha An Offering For A Sacred Fire Hindu
SANTA - Haitian
Sandhaya Collection Tamil
Shravani Fifth month as per the Indian calendar Sanskrit
Sabina Sabina is an ancient tribal name having Roman origins and means ?Sabine?. Roman
Sabrina Passion Hindu
Starley A form of star Christian
sagara mekhala Whose girdle is the sea Sanskrit
Suja A well-born girl Hindu
Stetson - American
Sindhi One who is like a little cinders Christian
Salini Christian
Sarra A princess ; lady Christian
Solenne She is like a sunlight Christian
Sachith A person with good mind and heart Hindu
Sirène She who is like a mermaid Christian
Swarnalata Lustrous Hindu
svapanti the Dream State Sanskrit
siddhavidya Whose Mantra (Srividya) is always fruitful Sanskrit
SUZETTE - Haitian
Savady Thai greeting. Hindu
Silafi Tongan word for giraffe. Christian
shobhana all radiance with beauty Sanskrit
SAGINE - Haitian
Salette A form of sally Christian
sakalagama sandoha shukti samputa mauktika the priceless pearl contained in the shell casket of all the Agamas (ritualistic scriptures) Sanskrit
Sissy A little Christian
Sagarika Christian
Striratna Another name of Goddess Laxmi Hindu
Santino - American
Sayaka A clear one Japanese
Sissela To be without a sight Christian
Syvva A wooden woman Christian
Stephani She who has a crown on her head Christian
Samreet Unique Sikh
Shun A fast and talented person Japanese
Shailaja Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Sugandha Fragrany Hindu
Senada One who is graceful and heavenly. Christian
Sachiko The child of good luck and happiness Japanese
Soleste A woman who is heavenly Christian
Shrena A name of Goddess Lakshmi. Hindu
Sithara Raindrops and honey bee Hindu
sachhidanada rupini Whose form is Existence – Knowledge – Bliss absolute Sanskrit
Sorana One beautiful as a dawn Christian
Sylke Sylke is a form of Cecilia and means blind. Christian
Simona A woman who listens Christian
shrimath tripura sundari the divine Tripura-sundari Sanskrit
Shemushi Intellect Hindu
Sameera Early morning fragrance Sanskrit
Sobeska Appropriate glory Christian
Somoche A distinguished woman. Christian
Sabeena Beautiful Sanskrit
Suvi A summer shild from the south Christian
Sanjana In harmony Sanskrit
Souzan She has the grace of a lily flower Christian
Soo Yun A perfect lotus flower. Christian
Summerset One who comes from the summer settlement Christian
Sharukina Female version of Sharukin. It means true king. Christian
Sangini Life Partner Tamil
Swapnasundari A woman of dreams Hindu
Surotama Auspicious apsara Hindu
Sanuthi An intelligent woman or one with good brains. Hindu
Sophina A little wise one Christian
shrimata Salutations to the Divine Mother Sanskrit
Seamus - American
Sanjevani Immortality Tamil
Silja A short for Cecilia Christian
Shraddha Veneration Hindu
Sevvi Perfection Tamil
Szonja A woman who is wise Christian
Shurka - Russian
Sela A short form of selena Christian
Sumi clear Japanese
Subhadra A wife of arjuna Hindu
Shirina Night Sanskrit
SOLANGE - Haitian
Stephany The crown is hers Christian
Solveiga Strength or the sun. Christian
Srimita Beautiful friend Sanskrit
Shepard - American
Sohvi A woman of wisdom Christian
Suhasini One with beautiful laughter or smile Hindu
Sistine A name of the Vatican chapel with Michelangelo's frescoed ce... Christian
Saachi Born with the blessings of Gods Sikh
Samantha Told by God;Listener;Equality Christian
Skylar - American
Shehani Magic Hindu
Sitesh The Lord Ram's wife Hindu
Siena - American
Sucharita Of good character Hindu
Swantje Frisian form of Schwanhilde. It means swan. Christian
Sadie - American
Sousanna A woman graceful like a lily flower Christian
Sahana patience Sanskrit
Saifreena Smile Tamil
Sangani Companion Hindu
Sonata A girl who is like a music Christian
Sajonara Farewell Christian
shivakAmi - Sanskrit
Shunichi first son of Shun Japanese
Sugauri Anothe name of the Goddess Parvati Hindu
Sabitha Christian
Sarahi Princess Christian
Srividya She is a Goddess of Knowledge an Wealth Hindu
Sabiha Beautiful Tamil
Sueta She who brings light to the world Russian
sarvaga present in all as the inner controller Sanskrit
Stefa A woman with the crown Christian
Sango coral Japanese
Sabirah Patient Muslim
Shannon - Vintage
Setsuko temperate child Japanese
Suchandra Beautiful Hindu
Sadaf Shell Muslim
Svea A girl who is Swedish Christian
Saloma Peace Christian
Syrena She is a siren Christian
Seiren A refined star Japanese
Shubhangi Beautiful Sanskrit
Suvali A woman who is full of divine grace Hindu
Swanild She acts like a battle swan Christian
svargapavargada bestows the enjoyments of Paradise and the eternal bliss of Moksha Sanskrit
Syntyche The person wit sweet fragrance and is intoxicating Christian

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