Best Unique Hippi Female Baby Girl Names

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Best Hippi baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Aspen Aspen tree Hippi 5
Joni God is gracious Hippi 4
Cherry Cherry fruit Hippi 6
Rainy Hippi 5
Gypsy ?The rover Hippi 5
Indigo Hippi 6
Karma Fate Hippi 5
Lotus Lotus flower Hippi 5
Love Love Hippi 4
Ocean Hippi 5
Zinnia An allusion to the flower of the same name Hippi 6
Daffodil A personal name derived from the plant of the same name Hippi 8
Morning Hippi 7
Sage Sage plant Hippi 4
Harmony Perfect unity Hippi 7
Janis God is gracious Hippi 5
Dharma Ultimate Law of All Things Hippi 6
Cher Dear Hippi 4
Dawn The first appearance of light Hippi 4
Ivy Ivy plant Hippi 3
Lovely Hippi 6
Eartha Earth Hippi 6
Echo Reflected sound Hippi 4
Poppy ?The milk of happiness Hippi 5
Peace Hippi 5
Snowdrop Hippi 8
Loveday Love Hippi 7
Lark Hippi 4
Flower Blossom Hippi 6
Jewel Plaything Hippi 5
Silver Hippi 6
Marley Boundary wood Hippi 6
Hope Desire to be Hippi 4
Lennon Dear one Hippi 6
Meadow Hippi 6
Dove Hippi 4
Rainbow Hippi 7
Willow Willow tree Hippi 6
Sun Hippi 3
Dahlia Dahlia flower Hippi 6
Lily Lily flower Hippi 4
Clementine Merciful Hippi 1
Sunny Sunshine; happy Hippi 5
Serene Serene Hippi 6
Lavender Hippi 8
Spirit Hippi 6
Blossom Flower-like Hippi 7
Sky Hippi 3
Twilight Dusk Hippi 8
Lyric Words to a song Hippi 5
Misty Mist Hippi 5
Snow Frozen Rain Hippi 4
Honesty Hippi 7
Violet Violet flower Hippi 6
Feather Hippi 7
Rain Hippi 4
Golden Hippi 6
Twyla Hippi 5
Daisy Daisy flower Hippi 5
Breezy Hippi 6
Serenity Calmness Hippi 8
Peony Praisegiving Hippi 5
Freedom Not in Captivity Hippi 7
Sundown Dusk Hippi 7
Star Hippi 4
Magnolia Magnolia flower Hippi 8
Genesis The beginning Hippi 7
Sunday Hippi 6
Rose Rose flower Hippi 4
Petal Hippi 5
Heavenly From the heavens Hippi 8
Snowy Filled with Frozen Rain Hippi 5
Heather ?The maiden from the heath Hippi 7
Aurora Goddess of dawn Hippi 6
Nirvana Hippi 7
Orchid Flowering plant Hippi 6
Melody Song Hippi 6
Venus Hippi 5
Moon Hippi 4
Poet Writer of poems Hippi 4
Truth Hippi 5
River Flowing body of water Hippi 5

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