Baby Girl Names From 'E' With Meaning

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Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter E for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter E and it almost more than 575 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with E letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with E letter also you can filter starting E letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of E letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect E starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
ELZA - Haitian
Elissha God is my salvation Christian
Enzo - American
Eshita One Who Desires Hindu
Edlen Noble waterfall Christian
Ezequiel - American
Eliezer - American
Eamanjot Mind's Light Sikh
ElilKani Beautiful and as Sweet as a Fruit Tamil
Ellise Blissful Christian
Elfswitha One who is devoted and amiable Christian
Eilin Champion Tamil
Edrice Prosperous ruler Christian
EMANISE - Haitian
Ekagar One Minded; Absorbed in Meditation of One Sikh
Elisa - American
Ellie - American
Emma - Vintage
Eli - American
Evani The earth Sanskrit
Eiman Faith Muslim
Elilammal Beautiful Girl Tamil
Eathelin Noble waterfall Christian
Earna Eagle Christian
Elliana God has answered me Christian
Eni A deer Hindu
Eila The Earth Sanskrit
Elsie - American
Eudora - Vintage
EDLINE - Haitian
Emilio - American
Elisabeth - American
Ecchumati A river Sanskrit
Etebar Belief; Faith; Trust Sikh
Esme - American
EUGENIE - Haitian
Eakshaa Rational Hindu
Edhitha Progressed Hindu
Ektuhi Only One Thee Sikh
Elise A short form of elizabeth Christian
Ethel - Vintage
Evan - American
Eila The earth Christian
Eeshta Beloved Tamil
Eiravati Lightening Sanskrit
Emica (???) this name means charming or blessed and beautiful. Japanese
ELIANE - Haitian
Ekta Unity Hindu
Ekakini Lonely Hindu
Elsie - Vintage
Earwyn A form of erwina Christian
Ekadhana One who is the portion of wealth Hindu
Elissa Elissa was also known as Dido in Roman mythology. Elissa was the queen of kingdom of Carthage. It sounds pleasant and cute. Roman
Ezhil Oviyaa Beautiful Art Hindu
Eugenia - Vintage
Erina Beautiful lady Muslim
EDNA - Haitian
Erik - American
EDMONDE - Haitian
Everleigh - American
Edwardina Prosperous quardian Christian
Ellis - American
ENESE - Haitian
ENISE - Haitian
Edeva Expensive present Christian
Eelakili Parakeet from Eelam Tamil
Ekastaka A collection of 8 Hindu
Eloise - Vintage
Egberta Bright sword Christian
Ekavira The Bravest Sanskrit
EDITH - Haitian
Emilee - American
Erity one who's special Japanese
Ekamati Concentrated Hindu
Eni A Flowing Stream Sanskrit
Esther - Haitian
EUNICE - Haitian
Ealhhild One who is physically strong Christian
Ekansha Complete Sanskrit
Eshma Lucky Tamil
Ealda One who rules the universe Christian
Eashwari A name of Goddess Parvati Hindu
Ensley - American
Ernest - American
Evneet-Kaur Number One Sikh
ElilArasi Beautiful Tamil
Ek-Jyoti Sole light Hindu
Elisha - American
Eesha Goddess Parvati Tamil
ELVITA - Haitian
Ekanta Solitude Hindu
Eshmita-Kaur Smiling; Smile; Ever Smiling Lady Sikh
Ebbony A dark beauty Christian
Emiko (???) this name means a prosperous and beautiful child. Japanese
Ekanta Devoted Girl Sanskrit
Ezra - American
Ekayaa One Sanskrit
Eta Luminous Sanskrit
Emerie - American
Ednita Evolved Sanskrit
Earnestyna A form of ernestina Christian
Elenna The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Ekaja The Only child Sanskrit
Emberly - American
Enaksi Doe eyed Hindu
Eliza - American
Elias - American
Elliana - American
Easter Easter time Christian
Emi Beautiful Japanese
Etsuko joyful child Japanese
Ella - American
Everlee - American
EMILE - Haitian
Eshana wish Hindu
EDELYNE - Haitian
Edna - Vintage
Eshna Desire Tamil
Easton - American
Eleua One who is full of wisdom Christian
Ekaa Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Ekkam The one who is united Sikh
Ellice A form of elise Christian
Elia Form of elijah Christian
Ekta One; Unity Sikh
Esme - Vintage
Everly - American
Evanshi Similarity Tamil
EDWINE - Haitian
Edie - Vintage
ERMITE - Haitian
Ehani Song Hindu
Emily - American
Ekveera Lord Shiva's Daughter Tamil
Ekatara One string instrument Sanskrit
Eadgyfu One who has good moral values and right-minded Christian
Eva life or living one. Russian
Ethan - American
Esha Desire Hindu
Eama One who comprises of the whole universe Christian
Eshal The name of flower in the heaven Muslim
ELIANA - Haitian
Ena gift from God Japanese
Ekamdeep Light of Two Persons in Just One Baby Sikh
Eduardo A form of edwardina Christian
Ekanjot One Light of God Sikh
Eadwina A blessed friend Christian
Erick - American
Emilia - American
Eleora The lord is my light Christian
Ekavali A majestic and precious neckpiece Hindu
Eeshvi God Hindu
Erica - American
Ebbani It means Fog or Dew Drops. Hindu
Eeha Desired; Wish Sikh
Ellisa A short form of elizabeth Christian
Eliana A feminine form of elisha Christian
EMMA - Haitian
Emerson - American
Elina Pure Hindu
Ekisha The one who is famous Goddess Hindu
Eve - Vintage
Eshpreet Gods Love Sikh
Edna Pleasure Christian
Ellie Short form of eleanor Christian
Ekacandra The only moon Hindu
Effie A short form of alfreda Christian
Eshika An Arrow Hindu
Erum Heaven Muslim
Evelyn - American
Elise - American
Elissabeth My god is bountiful ; god Christian
ElilVili Beautiful Eyes Tamil
Etibar Belief; Faith; Trust Sikh
Eden - American
Elliann A spirited man Christian
Eartha Born of the Earth Hindu
Ezume pure water; pond Japanese
Ekanshi They are natty Hindu
Enakshi Beautiful eyes Hindu
Ellaine The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Ellaina The shining light ; in mythology Christian
ELTHA - Haitian
Ekagratha Focus Sanskrit
ELISE - Haitian
Elina - American
Emmy - American
ELINE - Haitian
Eiji Cheerful and one second; eternity Japanese
Elilnangai Beautiful Girl Tamil
Elian - American
Elianna - American
Eman Faith Muslim
Eeswari Goddess Sanskrit
ENIDE - Haitian
Edwin - American
Eisha Goddess Parvati Tamil
Echamati A fresh stream of water Hindu
Eduardo - American
Elizabeth - American
Esa Wish Sanskrit
Elizaveta A devoted individual; they are everywhere Russian
Eliseo - American
Ekroop One Beauteous Form Sikh
Elise - Vintage
EVENIE - Haitian
Efrosini A fawn or a bird Christian
Eka One and only Hindu
Eletta Elf; mischievous Christian
Elliot - American
Eldrida Wise counselor Christian
Elaina Light Christian
Esha Pleasure Sanskrit
Ekacandra The Only Moon Sanskrit
Eiravati One who has lightening speed ; Ravi river Hindu
Edelburga Noble protector Christian
Eddith Rich gift Christian
Ekadhana A Portion of Wealth Sanskrit
ELSIE - Haitian
Eathelyn Noble waterfall Christian
EDITHE - Haitian
Egbertina A form of egberta Christian
Easmatara Unknown Tamil
Edha The sacred one who is very vigilant Hindu
Emory - American
Eduarda A form of edwardina Christian
Emma - American
Eeshani Wife of Lord Shiva; name of Indian Goddess Parvati Hindu
Ekamkar Only One Creator Sikh
Ekamjot One Gods Favourite Sikh
ERLINE - Haitian
Elijah - American
Ekveera One who is the daughter of Lord Shiva Hindu
Eadita One who is very diligent and amusing Christian
Ekanansa New moon Hindu
Elaina - American
Eshani Goddess Parvathi Hindu
Ehimaya One who is an all prevading intelligent Hindu
Eliana - American
Eiram Heaven Tamil
Eloise - American
Edmanda A form of edmunda Christian
Erisha Speech Hindu
Emmarie - American
Eshna Desire Sanskrit
ELVIRE - Haitian
Ena The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn Sanskrit
Edlyn Prosperous; noble Christian
Elyse - American
Evangeline - American
Eti Arrival Sanskrit
Elizabeth - Vintage
Edith Rich gift Christian
Emmeline - American
Eeha Desired Sanskrit
EelaChelvi Eelam Girl Tamil
Eve - American
Eric - American
Elsa - Vintage
Eisha Purity; name of Goddess Parvati Hindu
Eesha Indian Goddess Parvati; Purity Hindu
Eksika Eye Hindu
Elisabeth In Hebrew Christian
Emiliano - American
Eravati Name Of Goddess Hindu
Eimaan Faith Muslim
Ekanthika Devoted To One Aim Hindu
Eleanor - Vintage
Eta Luminous Hindu
ERLA - Haitian
Eeshani Wife of Lord Shiva Tamil
Elampirai The young Crescent Hindu
Eshmita Smiling; Smile; Ever Smiling Lady Sikh
Eunice - Vintage
Elanila Moon Sanskrit
Eva - Vintage
Eeshika gift of God Sanskrit
Eadmund A form of edmunda Christian
Ekantika One Aim Sanskrit
Ezekiel - American
Etta - American
ElisaiChelvi Seven Musical Notes Tamil
Eliza - Vintage
ELCY - Haitian
Ekam The girl harnessing the strength of unity Sikh
Eliora God is my light Christian
Enisa Good friend Muslim
Emmett - American
Eraj Morning light Muslim
Eshanya East Hindu
Emmalyn - American
Elle - American
Edilburga Noble protector Christian
Ersheen Gods Beauty Sikh
Elleni The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Eileen - American
Ettaleen So Much Absorbed Sikh
EUNIDE - Haitian
Evgenia She who is born as a good person Russian
Eashita A person who desires a lot . Hindu
Easmatara Unknown Hindu
Emelia - American
Ealasaid A faithful devotee Christian
Etta - Vintage
Elizabet My god is a vow Christian
ERNA - Haitian
Erjot A New Beginning Sikh
Evelynn - American
Ekaa Name of Goddess Durga Hindu
Edith - American
Elena Christian
Eiram Heaven; a self assured person and responsible being Hindu
Eliza Unique Muslim
Elilnangai Beautiful Girl Hindu
ELCIE - Haitian
Elizza My god is bountiful ; god Christian
Ezzah A person who gives the honour Muslim
Ekarishi First Rishi Hindu
Eleni Bright Christian
Elleanor The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Eishita Goddess Lakshmi; Desired. Sikh
Elakshi One who has bright and beautiful eyes Hindu
Evie - Vintage
Eshana Flower Sanskrit
Eashta Eastward's name (Sanskrit) Tamil
Ektaa One who is a unified identity Hindu
Eishita Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Ebonii A dark beauty Christian
Erum Daughter-in-law of Aditi Tamil
Eri blessed prize Japanese
Ekjot God is One Sikh
Ekabhakti The worship of one deity Hindu
Ekanthika Devoted To One Aim Tamil
Emmie - American
Eknoor One Light; Light of God Sikh
Eilis Celtic god's oath Christian
Eresha Goddess of Learning Sanskrit
Edha Sacred Sanskrit
Elethia Healer Christian
Emanuel - American
ELNA - Haitian
Elainna The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Enoch - American
Esmeralda - American
Erleen Noble Woman Sikh
Estrella - American
Ebadat Prayer Sikh
Ellianna A shining and gracious woman Christian
Enrique - American
Emi ( ??) this means smile that is beautiful and picturesque. Japanese
Edgar - American
Emersyn - American
ERLANDE - Haitian
Ekathva Oneness Sanskrit
EVELINE - Haitian
Eenakshi A doe eyed woman. Hindu
EMMANISE - Haitian
Elina Woman with intelligence Sanskrit
Ekaparna Single leafed Hindu
Ekisa One goddess Hindu
Esther - American
Elizebeth Christian
Ekjit Victorious One Sikh
ELTA - Haitian
ELDA - Haitian
Earwyna A form of erwina Christian
Elili Beautiful Tamil
Eesha Another name for Goddess Parvati; pure Sanskrit
Edith - Vintage
ESTHERE - Haitian
Effie - Vintage
Eva Life Sanskrit
Ekavira Outstandingly brave Hindu
Eswari Wife Of God Siva Tamil
ElisaiValli Seven Musical Notes Tamil
Elizabez A passionate being Christian
Elena - American
Eilleen - Vintage
Eti Arrival Hindu
Edison - American
Ellie - Vintage
Eva - American
Eashani Goddess Parvathi Sanskrit
Elle From a foreign land Christian
Eshanya East Tamil
EVENA - Haitian
Evie - American
Emi It is a popular name in Japanese as well Tamil
Edwina Prosperous friend Christian
ELIMENE - Haitian
Ellen A form of eleanor or helen Christian
Ekta Unity Sanskrit
Ekaterina One who is innocent and pure Russian
Eiko long-lived child Japanese
Ellen - American
Emmitt - American
Everett - American
Eeshta Beloved; Name of Godess lakshmi Hindu
Eugene - American
Edward - American
Ereshva Righteous Tamil
Edrea A short form of edrice Christian
Eveleen Bringer of Light; Lively; Unselfish; Little Bird Sikh
Eashta Eastward's name (Sanskrit) Hindu
EDLYNE - Haitian
Esteban - American
Elsa - American
Emmaline - American
Elianna God has answered Christian
Ekaparnika Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Emily - Vintage
Eddie - American
Elliott - American
Elisse Blissful Christian
Estelle - American
Ernesto - American
Eshita Blessed Sanskrit
EVA - Haitian
Ethanya firm Sanskrit
Ekacarini A woman devoted to a single man Hindu
EDELE - Haitian
Ella In English Christian
Ekisha One Goddess Tamil
Emely - American
Emery - American
Ellison - American
Elma Apple Muslim
Ephraim - American
Eeshika A powerful arrow Hindu
Elisa A short form of elizabeth Christian
Erin - American
Edina Prosperous fort Christian
Elisheba In Hebrew Christian
Ellianna - American
Emiliya it means to work hard. Russian
Evelyn - Vintage
Emiko smiling child Japanese
Esharvir Victorious Almighty God Sikh
Emmalina - Vintage
Ella - Vintage
Ekaparana One who is the wife of Himalayas Hindu
Emmalynn - American
ElilChelvi Beautiful Girl Tamil
Eila The Earth Tamil
Ekaja The only child Hindu
Esha'al Protected by god Muslim
Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God Muslim
Ellina The shining light ; in mythology Christian
Ela Cardamon tree Christian
Egbertine A form of egberta Christian
Edria Mighty Christian
Evanshi Similarity Hindu
Ekani One Sanskrit
Emmanuel - American
Elaxi A woman who has bright eyes Hindu
Eloksi With hair as thick as the cardamom creeper Hindu
Elberta A form of alberta Christian
Ecchumati Flowing water;river;spontaneous Hindu
Etty - Vintage
Elora - American
Estella - American
Eshika An Arrow Tamil
Esterline - Haitian
Elilmangai Beautiful Girl Tamil
Elaine - American
Ekmanjot Concentration Sikh
Elizabeth In Hebrew Christian
Eva Life Tamil
Esa wish Hindu
Eshmaal Bunch of red roses Muslim
Eason - American
Edeline Noble; kind Christian
Eadwine A form of edwina Christian
Ekantika Singly focused Hindu
Elana Announce Hindu
Ela oak Hindu
Elethea Healer Christian
EDWIGE - Haitian
Elaura A youthful princess; rich and famous Hindu
Elakshi A Woman with Bright Eyes Sanskrit
Ekantha One who is peaceful and love solitude Hindu
EDELINE - Haitian
Ekshika The eye Sanskrit
Ella light Hindu
Ekiya Kindness Hindu
Erika - American
Egbertyne A form of egberta Christian
Enid - Vintage
Ekaparnika They are like Goddess Durga Hindu
EMILIE - Haitian
Etaha shining Hindu
Etsu delight Japanese
Ermina Friendly Muslim
Ekatha Unity Sanskrit

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