Baby Girl Names From 'M' With Meaning.

Baby Girl Names

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Like Names Means Origin Numerology
Malliga Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance Tamil 7
Maeve Entrancing or intoxicating Celtic 5
Mairon The sea of sorrow Hebrew 6
Maire It is an anglicized version of Maria or Mary. The name Mary is of great biblical significance and it basically signifies Irish 5


- American 6
Madhu Anything sweet Hindu 5
Madhava Full of intoxication Hindu 7
Magnai Old Tamil word for peacock Hindu 6
Maggie A familiar form of magdalen Christian 6
Mahie Connection of Heaven / Earth Sikh 5
Maisy Scottish diminutive for Margaret Scottish 5


- Vintage 5
Makayla A name from the Bible Biblical 7


- Haitian 1


- Haitian 8
Myung bright; clear Korean 5


- Royal 4
Maddox Benevolent Celtic 6
Myaing Forest Buddhist 6
Maeva Maeva is a French origin name which means French 6
Mahubala Sweet girl Telugu 8
MIles Soldier Latin 5


- Nicknames 4
Mirre Latin - Lovely; Wonderful; To admire; Of Wondrous Beauty; Variant of Mira Hebrew 5
Mindl A peaceful person Hebrew 5


- Twin-girl-names 1
Magathi Great Telugu 7
Melanija A form of Melanie Greek 8
Madhuksara One who showers honey Telugu 1
Morina forest town Japanese 6
Mallorie Luckless Christian 8
mantrinyamba-virachita-vishanga-vadhatoshita feels satisfaction at the destruction of Vishanga by Her chief minister Syamala Sanskrit 1
Mahnaz A woman glorious like a Moon Persian 6
Magdalyn From the town on the coast of the sea of Galiee Biblical 8


- Haitian 1
Mashaka One who brings trouble African 7


- Sanskrit 1
Mayuri Pea-Hen Hindu 6
Maja splendid Swedish 4
Madhulika Honey kannada 1
Maiya Mother Telugu 5


- Haitian 8
Moto source Japanese 4
Maite Spanish name for love Spanish 5
MuthuKaruppi Beautiful like a Black Pearl Tamil 1
Monireh A shining person Persian 7
Mahamdha Great intelligence Hindu 8
Mikasa A Nara Word that means three hats of Bamboo. Also means "to resolve" Japanese 6
Mahroz Girl with the face of the Moon Persian 6


- Royal 7
Manushi Goddess Laxmi Tamil 7
Mahari One who is forgiving African 6
Malvika Lived in Malva Sanskrit 7
Moriya One who is looked by the God Hebrew 6


- American 9
Mahdiya She who is righly guided by Allah Arabic 7


- Nicknames 4


- Vintage 5
Martina It is a baby girl name derived from the male name ?Martin? or ?Mars?. Mars in Roman mythology represents the God of wars. Martina means ?warlike? Roman 7
Manroop Soul Beauty Sikh 7
Manogna Beauty Hindu 7
maheshvari the Consort of Mahesvara Sanskrit 1
Madaniya A polished Arabic 8
Maanavika Young girl kannada 1
Mathukai Strength Hindu 8
Misha Happy for entire life Marathi 5
Minori village of beautiful fields Japanese 6


- American 6
Maggen Resembling a pearl / the child of light Christian 6
Manraj Ruler of the Heart / Mind Sikh 6
Mishil A beautiful kingdom or a admired dynasty Korean 6
Masumi Innocence Tamil 6
Mehar God's Mehar; Good Wishes; Good Girl; Courtesy of God Sikh 5
Marisa sea Latin 6


- Haitian 1
Maria sea of bitterness Japanese 5


- American 7


- American 5
Madelene A place name Hebrew 8
Mi-Cha A beautiful girl Korean 6


- Vintage 5
Malinder Sense of Responsibility Sikh 8
Masami One who will become beautiful Japanese 6
Madlyn A form of madeline Christian 6
Magdalena Of magdala Christian 9
Masika baby born in rain Egyptian 6
Minal A precious stone Sanskrit 5
Masumi A woman of true purity and beauty Japanese 6
Maheera Highly skilled Muslim 7
Misty Sweet person Sweet Surgery Gujarati 5


- Haitian 1


- Royal 3
Molly Hebrew - Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; Celtic - Little Mary; A variant of Mary Hebrew 5
MayilArasi Queen with Grace and Beauty like a Peacock Tamil 1
Marudham The Lush Green Fields Hindu 8
Mingyu Bright jade Chinese 6
Maanya Respected one Telugu 6


- American 6
Magda A maiden from the tower Biblical 5


- Haitian 7


- Haitian 1
Manishi A learned person Tamil 7
Makiya A Scottish female name Scottish 6


- Haitian 1
Mahneerah A first born twin Urdu 9
Madhunisha Pleasant night Telugu 1


- American 5
Mahika Earth Telugu 6
Maniyammal Like a Gem Tamil 1
Mahakanta Earth Telugu 9
Medhya Mighty Clean Fresh Gujarati 6


- Haitian 4
Mun-Hee An educated and literate girl. Korean 7
Milcah The one who is a queen or a princess Hebrew 6
Maike A child that was dearly whished for Hebrew 5
Mazal Luck or fortune. Hebrew 5
Micayla Hebrew - Who is like God; A variation of Michaela Hebrew 7
Mandira Intelligent; Helpful; Caring; Melody; Cymbals; Home Sikh 7
Madalynn From magdala Christian 8
Maalika Daughter kannada 8
Masako A truthful Japanese 6
Madaline A place name Hebrew 8
Meron The woman who serves the Army. African 5
Mana supernatural power Telugu 4
Madhumalli Royal Jasmine kannada 1
Mita Friend Telugu 4
Mona Solitary Nicknames 4


- American 5
Mutsuko child of Mutsu Japanese 7
Mareeba Marina Swedish 7
Malia Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary; Hebrew 5
Michiya wisdom Japanese 7
Minaxi One with fish shaped eyes; Goddess Parvati Bengali 6
Mahalia A woman of tender touch Greek 7
Maddisson Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 9
Marjolein Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary; Hebrew 9
Madison It is of English origin Christian 7
Michalis the person who is connected to God. Hebrew 8


- American 5
mukhachandra-kalankabha-mruganabhi-visheshaka The Kasturi Tilaka adorns her moonlike face Sanskrit 1
Mounica Silence Gujarati 7
Madeha Praiseworthy woman Arabic 6
Mamata Sense of ownership Hindu 6
Mahi Great earth Telugu 4
Makaylah A question "Who is like a God?" Biblical 8
Miranda Admirable Latin 7
Meenu Girl with Fish Eyes Sikh 5


- American 5
Migdalia Hebrew - Tower; From a tower; A variant form of Migdal Hebrew 8
Manditha Adorned Tamil 8
Manayi Wife of Manu Marathi 6
Machla Affliction Hebrew 6
Madeline Hebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of Magdalena Hebrew 8
Madellyn Woman from magdala Christian 8
Madicella Insightful Hebrew 9
Mhairi The most dearly one. Scottish 6
Maanasa Conceived in the mind kannada 8
Mckayla Hebrew - Who is like God; A variation of Michaela Hebrew 7
Manmeet-Kaur Friend of Mind; Friend of Hearts Sikh 1
Meethu sweet Telugu 6
Miniya A girl who is believed to do extra-ordinary things. African 6


- American 6
Mesh Loved by Many; A Zodiac Sign Sikh 4


- American 7
Milandu An answer to the prayers African 7
Mamta Mother's Love; Love; Motherly Love Sikh 5
Marvina A renowned friend Celtic 7


- Haitian 1
Michaela Hebrew - Who is like God; A variation of Michael Hebrew 8
Meyyammal Truthful Girl Hindu 9
MuthuChippi Pearl Shell Tamil 1
Mitali Friendship Sanskrit 6
Manshi Woman Tamil 6
Mulya-Amulya A priceless object Twin-girl-names 1
Mariette Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary; Hebrew 8
Malak One who is Angel-like Hebrew 5


- Haitian 1
Malina A calming Greek 6


- Haitian 5


- Haitian 6
Majaal Worthy One Sikh 6


- Haitian 1
maharatih boundless delight Sanskrit 9
Mahua An Intoxicating flower Telugu 5
Mariko A genuine person Japanese 6
Maahi River kannada 6
Manya The quiet one Hindu 5
Manali A Bird Hindu 6


- American 7
Mimis Goddess Of Harvest; A variant of name Mimi which means wished for child Hebrew 5
Maruff Famous Tamil 6
mahalavanya-shevadhih a treasure house of Divine beauty Sanskrit 1
Malakeh A beautiful queen who is also a messenger Persian 7
Mahneerah First born of a pair Muslim 9
Marietta Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary; Hebrew 8
Mishall Moral or religious values from the God Persian 7
Manorama Attractive Tamil 8
Madihah Praiseworthy person Arabic 7
Maithili Sita Telugu 8
Mayuko A child of Mayu Japanese 6
Manjit One who Wins her Own Heart; Conqueror of the Mind Sikh 6


- American 6
Megha Cloud Sanskrit 5
Maanyata Principles kannada 9


- Haitian 1
Masha A Russian name meaning bitter Russian 5
Mardelle Coming from the valley; Supplanter; He who supplants Hebrew 8
Montsho A black colored person African 7
Mitsu A shiny reflection Japanese 5
Madri Wife of Pandu Telugu 5
Mikenna An African name that means who brings the Joy. African 7


- Haitian 1
Madhavi a creeper with beautiful flowers Telugu 7
Marrim Latin - Star of the Sea; Beloved of Amun; A variant of Miriam Hebrew 6


- Vintage 5
mrutymathani destroys the fear of death Sanskrit 1


- Vintage 6


- Haitian 8


- Haitian 7
Michal the person who put up with somebody unpleasant. Hebrew 6
Miya A sacred house Japanese 4
Margeria A daisy flower Spanish 8
Mohenpreet Enticing Lover Sikh 1
madhumati called madhumati Sanskrit 9
Mikka Three Japanese 5
Maqboola A person who is aknoledged and accepted Urdu 8


- Haitian 1
Muniya Name of a bird Marathi 6
Maiah A form of maia Christian 5
Mariasha A woman full of bittesness Hebrew 8
Maca A person who is happy and cultured Spanish 4
Mahek Sweet Odour Tamil 5
Manaal Attainment Hindu 6
Madisynn Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 8
Macie A gift of God Hebrew 5
Madelia Hebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of Magdalena Hebrew 7
Mie three way division. Japanese 3
mahatripura-sundari Triupura-sundari (the Divine Beauty known by that name) Sanskrit 1
Malavi Princess of the malavas Hindu 6
Mava A girl who is pleasant to look at or spend time with Hebrew 4
Malathi Flower Tamil 7


- Goddess 9


- Nicknames 4


- American 7
Mirella Hebrew - God Has Spoken; To admire; Wonderful; A variant of Mira Hebrew 7
Mayukhi Someone as captivating as a beautiful peacock Sikh 7
Madeeha Praiseworty Muslim 7
Monika Counsel Advisor Solitary Marathi 6
Mishaye Gift of Love Marathi 7
Madhupriya Fond of honey Telugu 1
Min Min means Korean 3
Maida Maiden Christian 5
Meher Grace Hindu 5
Maariyammal Prosperous Tamil 1


- Haitian 1


- Haitian 6
Mira ocean Swedish 4


- Haitian 1
Mitsuki The gracious moon Japanese 7
Mantaj Crown of Mind Sikh 6
Mayookha a ray of light Celebrity 8
Mah jabeen A woman with the face like a Moon Arabic 1
Magg Hebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of Magdalena Hebrew 4
Mutholi Like the Shine on a Pearl Tamil 7


- Haitian 1
Mahtab She is beautiful like the Moon Persian 6
Maimi smiling with truth Japanese 5
Margaret Pearl Catholic 9
Marsha Respectable Gujarati 6
Mao A real and genuine girl Japanese 3
Madhuja Made of honey Hindu 7
Madhula Sweet kannada 8
Makaio One who was a God's gift Hawaiian 6
Maho One who always tells the truth Japanese 4
Mansi Intellect Telugu 5
Magana Engrossed Telugu 6
Madhurima Sweetness kannada 1
Mahor Ancient coins Sanskrit 5
Magdeline She comes from the town Magdala of Galiee Biblical 9


- Haitian 8
Malha Queen Christian 5
Marysa Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Marilyn; As Mary; Hebrew 6


- Haitian 1
Madira Intoxicating Hindu 6
Mika In Hebrew Hebrew 4


- Haitian 1
Mahalakshmi Goddess Laxmi Telugu 1
muktida the giver of salvation Sanskrit 7
Marillyn Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary; Hebrew 8
Madalyn She who comes from a tower Hebrew 7
Mirembe Peace or a peaceful nature. The peaceful world African 7
Maahnoor The Moon's glow Arabic 8
Miska A blessing of God Hebrew 5
Marloes Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Marilyn; As Mary; Hebrew 7


- American 5
Madelina Hebrew - Of Magdala; Variant transcription of Magdalena Russian 8
Maia Kinswoman; maiden Christian 4
Marrianne The feeling of rebelleousness Hebrew 9
Marcelina from Mars Polish 9
Mrunalini Intelligent lotus Marathi 9
Mriganayani Doe eyed Gujarati 1
Madhushri The Spring Hindu 9


Rustic 3
Malana Light; Buoyant Hawaiian 6
Minaxi Have eyes as fish Marathi 6
Manhita Wins hearts Tamil 7
Manveer Heart Winner Sikh 7
Mehakveer Fragrance Sikh 9
Mehala A name describing tenderness Hebrew 6
Mikaili The one who is likely to the God's messenger. African 7
Maheen Fine or thin texture Muslim 6
Marla Hebrew - Of Magdala; Sea of bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; To swell Hebrew 5
Meeli Bitter Hindu 5


- Russian 7
Mandeep Light of Heart; Light of Mind Sikh 7


- American 6
Mikan A Japanese word that means Orange or tangerine. Japanese 5
Mahapunya Extremely auspicious Hindu 9


- Haitian 8


- Haitian 1
mahakamesha-nayana-kumudhalda-kaumudi gladdens the eyes of Her Lord Kameshvara as the moon gladdens the water – lilies Sanskrit 1
Minnoli Brilliant like lightning Marathi 7


- Haitian 1


- Haitian 6
Mahika Earth Sanskrit 6
Mohita Attracted Infatuated Bewildered Gujarati 6
Mireya miracles Maxican 6


- American 6
Manaswini The god of intellegence a light Hindu 9
Mahalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi kannada 1
Myung Hee Brightness and pleasure Korean 9
Maithili Another name of Sita Sanskrit 8
Meyyarasi Truthful Hindu 9
Madhumati Rich of honey Hindu 9
Mandeepa Light Of Heart Tamil 8
Maanswi Skilled kannada 8
Marisa Mother of Daksa Malayalam 6


- Haitian 8
Maeko The child of truth Japanese 5
Meirit Giving shining and power light Hebrew 6
Moanna Hawaiian - Ocean; A variant form of Moana Hawaiian 6
Manali A Bird Tamil 6
Maribel Girl who is full of bitterness Hebrew 7
Mi-Ok Beautiful pearl Korean 5
Madalena From magdala Christian 8


- Haitian 1
Maadharasi Queen of Women Hindu 1
manovachama-gochara beyond the range of mind and speech Sanskrit 1
Maaya The great one ; in mythology Christian 5


- American 6
Moriko A child that hails from the forest Japanese 6
Maisa Walking With Proud Swinging Gait Tamil 5
Mehry Mehry derives from the word "Mehr" that means "The Sun". It also means someone who is kind and lovable. Persian 5
Madhusmita Sweet love kannada 1
Meirav To maximize Hebrew 6


- American 6
Mikal The dear messenger of God Hebrew 5


- American 8
Mitya The god of Earth Russian 5
Marusia A sea of bitterness Hebrew 7
Margo It is a short trendy name which has a French origin. Margo is a girl name which means French 6
Mira Lord Krishna’s devotee Sanskrit 4
Myo Relative Buddhist 3
Manica A place name African 6


- American 7
Macii One who wields a weapon Christian 5
Makaira One who brings Happiness Japanese 7
MalarOviyam A Painting of Flowers Hindu 1
Moriel God is my teacher Hebrew 6
Maarka It means steady rain Christian 6
Marsha Respectable Marathi 6


- American 5
Mangai Cultured Lady Hindu 6
Mana Mind Sanskrit 4


- Haitian 1
Makshi Honey bee Telugu 6
Mayra Moon; Beloved; A Plant Name Sikh 5
Marjorie Old Greek - Pearl; A variation of the name Margaret Greek 8
Madhur Sweet Tamil 6


- American 4
Minal Precious Stone Telugu 5
MalarVili With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Flower Tamil 9
Meggy One who is the child of the light Persian 5
Madhumalati Name of a raga kannada 1
mohanashini dispels all illusions Sanskrit 1
Mohsana The person bearing the nature and sweetness of Honey Urdu 7


- Haitian 1
Moana Hawaiian - Ocean; A variant transcription is Moanna Hawaiian 5
Micheal A beautiful gift from the God Hebrew 7
Madura Bird Telugu 6


- Vintage 8
Mina Love Telugu 4


- American 7
Misheeta Goddess Laxmi Sweet person Marathi 8
Muthelil Beautiful like a Pearl Tamil 8
Meisha One who lives Tamil 6
Madelin A woman from Magdala Hebrew 7
Mariel A sea-bright person Celtic 6
Madhvi A Creeper With Beautiful Flowers Tamil 6
Mozelle Saved out of the water Hebrew 7
Muniya Name of a bird Gujarati 6
Melody Song Hippi 6
Mae A bitteness Hebrew 3
Meghana Cloud Tamil 7
Momiji Red leaves Japanese 6
Mirke Bitter. Yiddish variant of Marie. Hebrew 5
Mala Necklace Hindu 4
Madhumita Full of honey Telugu 9


- Haitian 1
Madhu Honey Malayalam 5
Maragadham A Gem Hindu 1


Swedish 7
Margaret Pearl Persian 8
Manashvi Intelligent Tamil 8
Manoritha Of The Mind Hindu 9
mahaisvarya possesses supreme lordliness Sanskrit 1
Mahabuddhi Extremely Intelligent Hindu 1
Murigo This is a load. African 6


- American 6


- Haitian 5
Moulya Together Marathi 6


- American 7
Min Smart Chinese 3
Madee A good beginning Buddhist 5


- Sanskrit 1
Malka Queen Hindu 5
Maanhitha Together kannada 1
Mythradevi Goddess of truth Gujarati 1
Manadha Giving Honour Tamil 7
Mehal Cloud Telugu 5
Maghenyld Hebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of Magdalena Hebrew 9
Mahakali Goddess Durga kannada 9
Misri Sweet Sanskrit 5
Mahola Dance Christian 6
Minerva The Roman goddess depicting both war and wisdom Roman 7
Maragadham A Gem Tamil 1
Mahboobe A mistress Arabic 8
Mariposa One as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly Spanish 8
Marisah A bright sea of sadness Hebrew 7
Mala Necklace Telugu 4
Maya Illusion Telugu 4
Mahasin A virtuous Arabic 7
Magen Shield Christian 5
Mahabir Illustrious Hero Sikh 7


- American 5
Magdalen Of magdala Christian 8
Mildred Power Catholic 8


- American 6
marali-mandagamana Whose gait is slow and gentle like that of a swan Sanskrit 1


- Haitian 6
Marudhammal From the Lush Green Fields Hindu 1


- Haitian 1
Mishaal A short illustrating religious lessons Persian 7


- Royal 6
Mrinmay Deers eye Marathi 7
Masara A magical woman African 6
Maanika Ruby Sanskrit 7
Mailyn A child of pearly light Hebrew 6


- American 6
Malha Hebrew - A queen; A variant of Malka Hebrew 5
Marley Boundary wood Hippi 6
Medhavi Wise Very intelligent Gujarati 7


- Haitian 1
Madhavi Sweet Hindu 7


- American 5
Misty Mist Hippi 5
Misthi Sweet person Sweet Surgery Marathi 6
Mausami Seasonal Hindu 7
Minah Yiddish variant of Marie Hebrew 5
Mirana A female ruler Persian 6
Mariam Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary; Hebrew 6
Maya-Chhaya ‘Shadow’ in Sanskrit Twin-girl-names 1
Manorama Attractive Hindu 8
Maisa She who is walking proudly Spanish 5
Madhusha Beauty Tamil 8
manasvini self-possessed Sanskrit 9
Madaline A form of madeline Christian 8
Mahi Great world Hindu 4
Muireann A 6th-century mythological mermaid who became a woman after she was baptized by Saint Comghall Irish 8
Meshia The butter made from the Sheep's milk. Persian 6
Madhat Praise Muslim 6
Mun-Hee literate; shiny Korean 7
Madhushree Beauty of Spring kannada 1
Madalasa Lazy with intoxication Hindu 8
Magdalini A woman of Magdala Biblical 9
McKenna The Gaelic origin name McKenna is taken from the Irish name Mackenzie. It means Irish 7
Mahakantha Earth kannada 1


- American 6
Moneshaa Intelligent Lord Krishna Gujarati 8
Magdalina A woman from the tower town Spanish 9
Maiya Little girl Marathi 5


- Haitian 6
Marina Of the Sea Latin 6
Madina A Quranic name for girls that means city of the Prophet Spanish 6
Marabella A sea of bitterness and sorrow Spanish 9
Michaele the one who is nearer to God. Hebrew 8
Makali Moon Telugu 6


Gothic 8
Meet Love; Friend Sikh 4
Mahasweta Goddess Saraswati Telugu 9
Find Baby Girl Names Starting with letter

Gothic Girl Names



Belinda Turaya Diamanda Drusilla


Jevera Nissa Amaris Calliope


Dionisia Joliette Musette Xylia Bellamira Velvet Amabel Bernia

Norwegin Girl Names

Agnetha Malin Eline Agnes Grethe Mathea Torill Ase Bifrost Erika Asta Mette Nina Anja Sophie Fanny Runa Aundy Lilian Karoline

Welsh Girl Names

Cadie Arianwen Del Eilonwy Dilwyn Anwen Tangwystl Caryl Eilir Daron Dyllis Betrys Seren Awena Efa Addien Cassadee Ceri Seirian Dilys

Egyptian Girl Names

Chione Hafsah Zuberi



Femi Fukayna


Eshe Amunet Edrice Dalilah Gamila Heba


Maibe Cliupatra Khepri Kissa


Polish Girl Names

Joasia Kinga Izabella Hania Itka Angelica Pola Berna Magdalena Valery Izolda Dagmara Irene Jagna Jolanta Martyna Paulina Eliza Juliste Genowefa

Swedish Girl Names

Lajla Filippa Andrine Saga Wilma Agda Vera Mira


Freja Elsa Laura Barbro Gustava Vilhelmina Agnes Birgitta Edith Victoria Tindra

Maxican Girl Names

Florencia Ora Shoshana Salvadora Teodora Arcilla Guadalupe Julieta Chiquita Anika Xalvadora Izar Francisca Vittoria Pia Leticia Dia Lia Nana Serene

Hispanic Girl Names

Luisina Marta Carmen Ana Celestina Sofia Leocadia Adalina Gracia Enriqueta Adoncia Rocia Bibiana Perla Crescencia Sanchia Felicidad Adora Angelica Juana

Persian Girl Names

Nazveen Tawana Minu Arzu Farzin Shakufa Naheeda Azadeh Farzanah D?eneta Kaameh Sooria Dildar Jasmin Fehmeeda Roxana Afsarara Jazmyn Daana Dilara

Rustic Girl Names





















Southern Girl Names




Madison Annabelle




Maisie Ivy




Delilah Genia Blanche





Latin Girl Names

Cecilia Felicity Amelia Claude Augustine Deanna Angelica April Francesca Cadence Cornelius Magdalene Natalie Maximilian Tracy Joy Marina Priscilla Romulus Serena

Hebrew Girl Names

Eleisha Yovela Daphna Merkaba Shameara Gala Marca Jaimah Blith Batya Eeli Marnie Daliyah Sely Josy Mickayla Gurit Odelya Nannette Josiane

Biblical Girl Names

Abigaille Crescentia Leah Maiken Syntyche Bethshaya Liezel Maralyne Merjem Abihail Shyloh Zilpah Delilah Khloee Asenath Eve Elizabeth Cristine Khloe Jaila

Celtic Girl Names

Aife Delia Pirkko Gwendolyn Lugh Keely Kiora Hashna Puspamanjari Deidre Afric Ciarra Isolde Brianna Keith Kylah Riona Kaasi Kylene Riana

Urdu Girl Names

Marqooma Turfa Furozan Nazmi Hawazin Nazmiya Aasieyah Naz Shiza Kasool Tasmeekh Basmah Bassima Summiya Nawla Mohaddisa Liba Fazeen Naushaba Gathbiyyah

Buddhist Girl Names

Toru Inzali Tsolmon Haymar Teesta Enkhtuya Bi Bodhi Sunako Htun Phurba Xanadu Goldeholda Terbish Sreyleak Zhang Xiu Achara Socheata Od Zeyar

Chinese Girl Names

Yun Tung-mei Zan Lin Xiaolian Qi Xiaodan Chen Zhen-zhen Chang Alix Daiyu Ai Li wei Nuan Jun Fung Ah-lam Quinyang Wei

Royal Girl Names





















American Girl Names





















Spanish Girl Names

Dali Sagrario Rosalva Salvatora Rayquel Salma Valeria Carilla Valentina Sofia Trella Rosaline Elodia Vanesa Larena Savannah Madra Marisa Eider Duena

Greek Girl Names

Hillary Karon Lydia Vanessa Barbel Eos Letha Neri Katherin Thao Thessaloniki Persimmon Desdemona Pallas Marjorie Agnesia Alexandr Dorothy Dimos Ianthe

African Girl Names

Olufemi Hidi Niana Mikenna Marjean Obioma Juza Huso Hija Milandu Abeni Ghanima Abeba Taleisha Jahia Salama Pamojan Visola Wambui Chinelo

Arabic Girl Names

Parniyan Saajida Taletha Izzati Jameerah Badah Lamya' Zada Magali Badiha Uhuru Hajira Ellma Qasida Baiza Elmedina Raaina Cairo Sabooha Kamilah

Scottish Girl Names

Maesie Davita Jamyah Vertie Marcail Olivia Galiene Aisla Euna Sophie Ogilvy Kellina Caitir Finnea Davonna Brichtrede Elspet Broca Anabell Yvaine

Hawaiian Girl Names

Zariah Lanni Mallu Leilani Milani Kapueo Aulani Aloha Kani Kainona Kaleho Leiko Kaileah Nalanie Hoku Aiden Kanani Leia Olivia Kaia

Korean Girl Names

Mi-Ok So Young Ho-Sook (??) Dasom Young-Il Dae Iseul Nabi Duck-Hwan Ha Yoon (??) Eun Ae Kyung Mi (??) Hyun-Ok (??) Bora Man-Young Hee Min Hyun Yeo Jee

Italian Girl Names

Giustina Isa Beatrice Fulvia Amy Alessa Aurora Alma Viola Stella Delia Aurelia Francesca Asia Bice Emelia Caroline Verona Valentina Perla

Irish Girl Names

Betha Tamsin Brianna Eithne Neala Nessa Blathnaid Shalene Eithne Riegan Siomha Tracy Kiara Teagan Nuala Sile Riona Maureen Fiona Maire

French Girl Names

Lucienne Rosine Maeva Adrienne Evalynn Felicienne Estelle No?mie Celina Carole Juliette Yvonne Charlotte Violette Antonine Elayne Elise Odette Dominique Blanche

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