Baby Girl Names From 'L' With Meaning

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Find Baby Girl Names Starting with letter

Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter L for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter L and it almost more than 608 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with L letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with L letter also you can filter starting L letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of L letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect L starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Lalima Beauty Sanskrit
Lavani Grace Tamil
Labuki A kind of lute Hindu
Liberty - American
Leigh A form of lee Christian
Lochlan - American
Leon - American
Lakhmi Goddess of Fortune; Luck Sikh
Lakhsman Quality of Mind Sikh
Lizzie - Vintage
layakari generates harmony in dance and music Sanskrit
LILIANNE - Haitian
lopamudrarchita worshipped through the Mantra named after Lopamudra Sanskrit
lobhanashini destroys greed in Her devotees Sanskrit
Lean A form of leeann Christian
Langalisa The pole of the plough Hindu
LOUIS - Haitian
Lalli blush Hindu
Lokshita Pray For World Hindu
LISETTE - Haitian
Leslie - American
Londyn - American
Leo - American
Laksamana With auspicious marks Hindu
Lathika Christian
Loganayaki Goddess Parvati Tamil
Laura - American
Lajni Shy Hindu
Lincoln - American
Lalantika A long necklace Hindu
Lael Of god Christian
Lohini Red skinned Hindu
Leivina Dragnet Tamil
Leena Plant of dates Muslim
Lovdeep Attachment to Illumination Sikh
Luella - American
Lia - American
Lavinia Lavinia Roman
Lakshmishree Fortunate Hindu
London - American
Leila - American
Lainey Bright light Christian
Laila Of the Night Muslim
Lana - American
Lakshmika Lakshmi Devi Hindu
Laxmidevi Goddess name and Money Tamil
Lillian - American
LUCETTE - Haitian
Laxmidevi Goddess name and Money Hindu
Lakshmika Lakshmi Devi Tamil
Louisa - American
Louella - Vintage
Lavi Lovable Hindu
Lohitaksi Red eyed Hindu
Lokavya One who deserves heaven Hindu
Lada Lada is the name of pagan Slavic Goddes of Love Russian
Lalitangi With a beautiful body Hindu
Luna Luna in Roman mythology refers to the moon goddess. She is often portrayed as riding a white chariot through the blue skies. Roman
Laghuvi Tender Hindu
Lenora - Vintage
Lila Play Hindu
Laboni Graceful Sanskrit
Leslly From the holly garden ; of the gray fortress Christian
Lallie Babbler Christian
LUNIE - Haitian
Leela Beautiful woman Hindu
Lolita Beautiful or Decorative or Delighted Hindu
Luvleen Imbued; Infused; Absorbed in Love Sikh
LUCIE - Haitian
Lajwanti Modest Hindu
Leem Peace Muslim
Lanee One who takes the narrow path Christian
Lakshmi Shree Fortunate Hindu
Lumbini Grove Hindu
Luvdeep Illuminated Absorption Sikh
Luciano - American
Ludmilla The one who loves people Russian
Lavinia Christian
Lakshya Aim; Destination; Who has a Specific Goal Everywhere; Target Sikh
lokatita transcends all the worlds Sanskrit
Laranya Graceful Sanskrit
Loganayaki Goddess Parvati Hindu
Logan - American
lalitambika called Lalitambika (the goddess Lalita Sanskrit
Lambodari Consort of lambodara Hindu
Lesliee From the holly garden ; of the gray fortress Christian
Lance - American
Lovleen Absorbed; Imbued; Infused Sikh
Leanore A form of helen Christian
Lessly From the holly garden ; of the gray fortress Christian
Lanika The Best Muslim
Leanndra Like a lioness the female version of leander also see leona Christian
Leivina Dragnet Hindu
Lavangi An Angel Sanskrit
Laksha A White Rose Hindu
Lalitamohana Attractive Hindu
Leighanne A form of leeann Christian
Lajja Modesty Hindu
Lamya Dark Lipped Tamil
Lachlan - American
Lakshaki Goddess Sita Sanskrit
Lasitha Christian
Lovely Beautiful Tamil
Luca - American
Lesya Defender Russian
Laury A familiar form of laura Christian
Laurel - American
Lovely Beautiful Hindu
Lopa Sun Hindu
Laasya Graceful Sanskrit
Laurissa Variation of the name Laurel Russian
Latifa Beautiful Muslim
LOVELY - Haitian
Lamya Dark Lipped Hindu
Layne - American
Lovelie, Lovely - Haitian
Lajjita Coy Hindu
Leesly From the holly garden ; of the gray fortress Christian
Laraib Without a doubt Muslim
Leonna Lion Christian
Luvnoor Light of Love Sikh
Lea - American
Lindsey - American
Lepaksi With painted eyes Hindu
Lavi Lovable Tamil
Latha Christian
Leena Lord Of The Universe or Immortal Hindu
Lina Absorbed Hindu
Lohitya Rice Hindu
Laiba Angel of heaven Muslim
lila vinodini sports in the creation of the universe Sanskrit
Lilia Variation of the name Lily Russian
Laurentia The feminine form of Laurence Roman
Laureanne A short form of laurianna Christian
Lavanya Pretty; Beauty; Grace; Sweet; Attraction; Angel; Beautiful Sikh
Lata Vine Hindu
Lipi Script Hindu
Lemuela Dedicated to god Christian
Lucy - Vintage
Lakendra Son of henry Christian
Latkan An ornament of the hair Hindu
Lalita Lovely Hindu
LUCIANA - Haitian
Linitha Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Luna - American
LUNA - Haitian
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in Muslim
Lubaina The Innermost Essence Tamil
Lakhviar Heroic Quality Sikh
Lukas - American
Laksheta Distinguished Hindu
Leema Cultural Sanskrit
lila klupta brahmanda mandala For whom the creation of many a universe is a mere sport Sanskrit
Liyana Art Sanskrit
Laureen Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian
Laila Sweetheart; Night Beauty; Nocturnal; Nightfall; Beloved; Dark-haired Beauty; Holy; Blessed; Dark Beauty Sikh
Leilani - American
Lillianna - American
Latabha Handsome Hindu
Lokita Beheld Hindu
Layla Born at night Muslim
Laina A form of lane Christian
Levi - American
Lochan The Eye Tamil
Lajita modesty Hindu
Leyla - American
Lavindeep Bright Future Sikh
Lidia A person who is from Lydia Russian
Lyra - American
Lula - Vintage
Leen Tender Muslim
Lila - Vintage
lasyapriya likes the rhythmic dance of women Sanskrit
Labha Profit Hindu
Lida A person from Lydia Russian
LUMENE - Haitian
LILIANE - Haitian
Lacey - American
Lovereet Tradition / Pearl of Love Sikh
Lenuschka - Russian
lakinyamba svarupini the Mother with the form of Lakini Sanskrit
Lawrence - American
Leeza A form of lisa Christian
Lexi Defender of man Christian
Larry - American
Landry - American
Leeann A form of lian Christian
Lajjavanti Shy Hindu
Leocadia Clear Christian
Lehar Waves Hindu
Latonya - Russian
Legend - American
Lacci Man from normandy ; as delicate as lace Christian
Leigha A form of leah Christian
Lama Darkness of lips Muslim
Lilly A flower Hindu
Lotika Sorrel Hindu
Levita Twinkle Christian
LONISE - Haitian
Lakshana One With Auspicious Signs On Her Tamil
Lina - American
Leighton - American
lilavigraha dharini takes various forms of Her cosmic play Sanskrit
Livia - American
Leesa A form of leeza Christian
Lottie - Vintage
Latassha Birthday Christian
Lalima Reddish glow Hindu
Lanna Attractive Christian
LYNDA - Haitian
Liya She is one with the God Russian
Lolaksi A Shakti Of Ganesha Hindu
Lylah - American
Lorraine - Vintage
Labanya Beauty Hindu
Lavina Christian
Laxmi Goddess of Wealth Sikh
Leelavati Charming Hindu
Leana A form of liana Christian
Lamisah Soft to the touch Muslim
Laurenn Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian
Lizabeta A woaman who is consecrated to God Russian
Luis - American
Leenakshi Having Eyes of Devotion Sanskrit
Ladli loved one Hindu
Laboni Body Hindu
Leen A kind and soft girl Sikh
Lorene - Vintage
Louisa - Vintage
LEONNE - Haitian
Labeebah Intelligent Muslim
Leeona Lion Christian
Landyn A form of landon Christian
Lara It is the name of a Roman mythological character Christian
Loveneet Love Sikh
Lokshita Pray For World Tamil
LUCIA - Haitian
Letticia Joyful happy or glad Christian
Lilianna - American
Lopamudra Learned Woman Sanskrit
Lavra One crowned with a crown of laurel tree leaves Russian
Lohitika the rudy Hindu
Lovinder Love with (God) Inder Sikh
Leela Divine drama Sanskrit
Liv - American
Leif - American
Lakhshmi Goddess of Fortune Sikh
Lakshmi Goddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate Hindu
Lisa - American
Lyubov To love others Russian
Lata Creeper Sanskrit
Liya I Am With God Hindu
Louise - American
Lakessha Joyful or happy Christian
Laurren Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian
LOVELIE - Haitian
Laaiqah Worthy Muslim
Livavtar Love Incarnate Sikh
Landen - American
Lamisa Soft to the touch Muslim
Liza Devoted to God Hindu
Lakken From the still waters Christian
Lavi Lovable Sanskrit
Latika Ornament of the forehead Hindu
Lennox - American
Leila Night Muslim
Loveleen Loved One Sikh
LUNISE - Haitian
Luke - American
Landon - American
Libni White Hindu
Layla - American
Lily - Vintage
Laavindeep Illuminated; Infused Lamp Sikh
Laksita Seen Hindu
Leandro - American
Levka Russian name for Lioness Russian
Lehar Waves Tamil
Lanie A form of laney Christian
Lajjasila Of modest character Hindu
Lola - American
Lark Skylark. Christian
Leela Divine Drama; Play; Amusement; Night; Goddess of Wealth Sikh
Laelia Derived from the Roman name Laelius Roman
LOUNA - Haitian
Leonard - American
Leea From the meadow Christian
Lochan Bright Eyes Sikh
Linda - American
Lauryn - American
Laney A familiar form of lane Christian
Lucinda - Vintage
Lekshana One With Auspicious Signs Tamil
Lipika Idea Hindu
Lakshya Destination Sanskrit
Lera A an allusion to the Vergin Mary Russian
Lily - American
Laina Ray Of Sun Tamil
Laiba Female of the Haven Tamil
Leanna - American
Leenata Humility Hindu
Lena - American
Lovely, Lovelie - Haitian
Leeanne A form of lian Christian
Lillian - Vintage
Lona Beauty Hindu
Lali Darling Girl Hindu
Lucy - American
Leeonna Lion Christian
Lina Alive Sanskrit
Larra Cheerful Christian
Leia - American
Lourdes-Gina - Haitian
Lailah Christian
Lara A famous person who is notable to many Russian
Lucky-Singh Lucky Sikh
Latika Related to Rose; Darling Name; Small Creeper; Sweet; Elegant Sikh
Lamees Pure silk Muslim
Lalana Beautiful Woman Tamil
Lenyushka - Russian
Langali The plough carrier Hindu
Lucia - American
Laila - American
Lingammal Goddess Parvati Tamil
Lexi - American
Lenisha Christian
Luciana - American
LAMERCIE - Haitian
Lochan eye Hindu
Laynee One who takes the narrow path Christian
Leisa A form of lisa Christian
Leona - American
Lexie - American
Lidija She who is from an ancient Kingdom of Lydia Russian
Lenushka - Russian
Leiko arrogant Japanese
Likhitha Writing Hindu
Larisa Cheerful Tamil
Lekha Goddess Hindu
Layla - Vintage
Lashirah Very intelligent Muslim
Lakeesha Joyful or happy Christian
Leena A Devoted One; Tender; Light; Free Man; Palm Tree; Feminine Diminutive Form of Charles; Carl; A Man; Wet Meadow; Little and Womanly; Plant of Dates; Soft; Mild; Clemency; Variant of Helen Sikh
Lakhbir As Brave as a Hundred Thousand Sikh
Letty A familiar form of leticia Christian
lolakshi kamarupini love in women Sanskrit
Lamiya Dark lipped Muslim
Laurynn Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian
Lalita A beautiful woman Sanskrit
Louis - American
Lilith - American
Latissha Great joy Christian
Laghupuspa Delicate flower Hindu
Ledger - American
Lingammal Goddess Parvati Hindu
Lakeeshia Joyful or happy Christian
Ledah Birth Christian
Leia Child of heaven Christian
Layla A variation of an Arabic word Leila Christian
Lena Woman Of Magdala Tamil
Laveneet Soccer Sikh
lokayatra vidhayini directs the cosmic process Sanskrit
Lyle - American
Leighann A form of leeann Christian
Lamis Soft Muslim
Langapriya Adorable Hindu
Levia Combine forces lexine - helper of mankind Christian
LOURDY - Haitian
Leeah One who is weary ; in the bible Christian
Leonidas - American
Lyanna - American
Larifa Beautiful And Intelligent Girl Tamil
LINEDA - Haitian
Lauran A form of lauren Christian
Lasa Saffron Hindu
Leeandra Like a lioness the female version of leander also see leona Christian
Lavanya Grace Hindu
Leoma Brilliant Christian
Lauren A form of laura Christian
Lakshmani Belonging to Lakshman Sikh
Lucian - American
Lila - American
Lorelei - American
Lennon - American
Lavpreet Beauty; Swaggerific Sikh
Latangi Slim girl Hindu
Lajvati Shy Hindu
Lekshana One With Auspicious Signs Hindu
Lydia - American
Liliana - Vintage
Layla The magnificent beauty of the night Sikh
Layton - American
Lionel - American
Lillie - American
Larisa A citadel Russian
Lavalina Devoted Hindu
Lakhwinder Loved by Many; Ruler of 10 Lakh People Sikh
Labibah Understanding Muslim
Leeanna A form of liana Christian
Leanna A form of liana Christian
Lakhi Goddess Laxmi Hindu
Labanya Beauty Tamil
Lucille - American
Luella - Vintage
Laurrie Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian
Lakshami Goddess of wealth Hindu
Lochana Bright Eyes Sanskrit
LISE - Haitian
Lauren - American
Lovepreet Sweet; Lovely Sikh
Loretta - Vintage
Lali Blushing Sanskrit
Lohitika The Ruby Sanskrit
Laylah - American
Lamya Of dark lips Muslim
Laiqa Intelligent Muslim
Louise - Vintage
Leonel - American
Loma With long hair Hindu
Lara - American
Leanne A form of leeann Christian
Lakhi Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Layka Likeable Sanskrit
Lia A weary mistress or ruler Russian
Leenata Humility Tamil
Latoyya Praised woman Christian
Lapita Spoken Hindu
Lailah - American
Luni Salty Tamil
Liza - Vintage
Lydia - Vintage
Lali Darling Girl Tamil
LEONIE - Haitian
Lorelai - American
Lauriane A short form of laurianna Christian
Lokamatri Mother of the world Hindu
Lara Lara Roman
Lyudmila A dear person who loves and feels deeply Russian
Lorenzo - American
Lyla - American
Leann A form of leeann Christian
Loshini Love Sanskrit
Lailie Born during light Christian
Lavana Lustrous Hindu
Langston - American
Louie - American
LOUISE - Haitian
Lamar - American
Luni Salty Hindu
LAURA - Haitian
Lyric - American
Lakshita Distinguished Hindu
Lainey - American
Lieve A Woman with a heart as brave as a Lion's Russian
LOUINA - Haitian
Liza Devoted to God Tamil
Ladonna Lady Christian
Lavangi Of the clove plant Hindu
Lali Blushing; Darling; Song Girls; Well Spoken Sikh
Lyuba The one who loves Russian
Layyah Twist Muslim
Leena/Lina Devoted Sanskrit
Lavenia Purified Hindu
Luba Slavic word for Love Russian
LOURDES - Haitian
Liliya Russian cognate og Lily Russian
Labha Profit Tamil
lakshyaroma latadharata samunneya madhyama has a waist so slender that it can only be inferred as a base for the creeper of fine hair springing from her navel upwards Sanskrit
Leroy - American
Laghima Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Laurin A form of lauren Christian
Lucca - American
Laksheta Distinguished Tamil
Lauryn A familiar form of laura Christian
Lilyana - American
Laurianna A combination of laurie & anna Christian
Leilanni Heavenly flower Christian
Lekisha Life Hindu
LUMANE - Haitian
Lenya - Russian
Lewis - American
Lydie A Maiden from Lydia Russian
Lena Woman Of Magdala Hindu
Lily A Flower Hindu
Larissa A safe protected place Russian
Lakshanya One who achieves Hindu
Laasya Dance Hindu
Lilian - American
Landyn - American
Lambini Hanging Down Hindu
LUCIENNE - Haitian
Lawson - American
Lohita Red Hindu
Laksmi Fortune Hindu
Liliana - American
Lana Wool Muslim
LUCITA - Haitian
Laiba Female of the Haven Hindu

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