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Find Baby Girl Names Starting with letter

Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with letter P for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christen .Get Unique modern Little Baby Girl Names in Hindi, Sanskrit.

We have a great collection of baby girl names starting with letter P and it almost more than 891 names of all the religions and you will get best baby girl names with P letter starting and with meaning of all the names and some of the names are latest with P letter also you can filter starting P letter baby girl names as per your religion and see on one page and it’s a huge collection of P letter baby girl names so you will surely get a perfect P starting letter baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Pelava Delicate Hindu
Peralagi Girl of Great Beauty Tamil
Paven Wind; Air Sikh
Prabhkirtan Singing Gods Praise Sikh
Poomaalai Garland of Flowers Tamil
Pavani Full Moon Hindu
Paro Elderly woman Muslim
Prashanthi Christian
Prashana Christian
Penny - Vintage
Philberta Brilliant Christian
Palka A remote place Tamil
Prathiba Christian
Precilla Christian
Peya Everyone's favourite Tamil
Parmita Wisdom Tamil
pranadatri gives life Sanskrit
Paadini Pleasing Song Tamil
Pashmina Woollen type of cloth Muslim
Prabhveer God; Brave Sikh
Paramita Wisdom Tamil
Padmarupa With the beauty of a lotus Hindu
Parvani The period of the change of the moon Hindu
Purnoor Filled with light Muslim
Panchi Bird Hindu
Pablo - American
Purnima The night or day of full moon Hindu
Pareet Love; The One who Loves the Lord Sikh
Pramiti Right Perception Hindu
Phalavati Fruitful Hindu
Poomaalai Garland of Flowers Hindu
Pari Beauty Sanskrit
Prathibha Christian
Pusa Nourishing Hindu
Pola In Polish meaning is : Small Muslim
Parnashri Leafy Beauty Hindu
Prabhleen In God's Grace Sikh
Parastoo A Bird (Swallow) Muslim
Pheodora - Russian
Pavandeep Firmament Illuminated; Lamp of Heavens Sikh
Prakruti Nature Hindu
Parvini Festival Hindu
Parushi The beautiful and intelligent Hindu
Parinoor Light of Fairy Sikh
Pravina Christian
Payal Anklet Sanskrit
Punnagai Lovely Smile Hindu
Pehila First Sikh
Prabhjot Related to God Sikh
pujya worthy of devoted worship Sanskrit
Phiroza Turquoise Tamil
Pehir Hour; Time Sikh
Poorva Earlier Tamil
Padideh A Phenomenon Muslim
pratishtha the foundation of all things Sanskrit
parimaLa suganta nAyaki - Sanskrit
Parineeta Married Woman Hindu
paramantra vibhedini breaks the spells of one’s enemies Sanskrit
Pratibha Intellect; Splendor; Brightness; Inspiration; Talent Sikh
Pracika Driving Hindu
Prajana Wisdom Hindu
Pakhi Bird Sanskrit
Pattricia A noble- man ; patrician Christian
Papiha A sweet singing bird Tamil
Paramdeep The Lamp of the Divine Sikh
Panisthi Admiration Hindu
Ponni Golden Tamil
Presha Christian
Prakruti Nature Tamil
Puspi Flower like Hindu
Poorvika Christian
Poppy - American
PAUL - Haitian
Paramesvari Supreme goddess Hindu
Piyusha Milk Tamil
Prabhata Goddess of dawn Hindu
Paroksi Beyond perception Hindu
prakatakrutih manifest in all as the I-sense Sanskrit
Princy Christian
punyakirttih famed for holiness Sanskrit
Priyasha dear one Sanskrit
Priyadarshani Christian
Pasha Latin - Of Easter; To pass over; Born on Easter; A variant form of Pascale Russian
Poupak A Kind Of Bird Muslim
Pinky Pinkish Tamil
Prathiksha Hope Hindu
Parmita Wisdom Sanskrit
Paveena Freshness Hindu
Parto Ray Of Light Muslim
Prabjiv Life Given by God Sikh
Prema Beloved Hindu
Paravi Bird Sanskrit
Prajana Wisdom Tamil
Paakhi An unseen pretty flower Sikh
Parnavi Bird Hindu
Pari Beauty Hindu
Paridhi Realm Hindu
Prasanthi Christian
Prathima Beautiful pleasant Hindu
Penina Jewel Christian
Pyar Love Sikh
Prahasini Continues Smiling Girl Hindu
Pritika Loved one Sanskrit
Prathika Beautiful Hindu
Para A Metal Mercury Or Mercurial Muslim
Prathyusha Christian
Paulla A small or humble man Christian
Patricia - American
paparanya davanala also the wild fire that burns down the jungles of sins Sanskrit
Ponnagai Golden Smile Tamil
Padamjeet Victory of the Lotus Sikh
Pratika Symbolic Hindu
Phuman Tassel Sikh
PERPETUE - Haitian
priyavrata fond of holy vows Sanskrit
Premalatha Christian
Pupinder God of Flowers Sikh
Paula Small Christian
Pandura Yellow lady Hindu
Pavanjot Light in Wind; Flammable Wind Sikh
Patriccia A noble- man ; patrician Christian
Pranjita Winner of Life Sikh
Pollyanna A combination of polly & anna Christian
Pinar A fountain or a spring of water Muslim
Pankita Line Hindu
Parvinder God Of Gods Hindu
Parul Name of a flower; beautiful; gracious Hindu
Pinky Most Beautiful; The Little Finger; Pink Coloured; Sweet; Pinkish Sikh
Pari Gul Flower Row Muslim
paranishtha the Supreme End and establishment in Faith Sanskrit
Princess Daughter of royalty Christian
Padmavati Full of lotus flowers Hindu
Prabhavathi Christian
Pradipta Glowing Tamil
Pragyan Christian
Prabhliv Absorbed in God's Love Sikh
Pallavika Resembling a blossom Hindu
Parvati She who lives in the mountains Sanskrit
Phoebe - American
Paravati Coming from a distance Hindu
Parivita Extremely free Hindu
padmanayana Whose eyes are like a lotus petal Sanskrit
Parleen Always Faithful to God Sikh
Panini of a poet Hindu
PAULINE - Haitian
Pranayita Animated Hindu
Parmindar God of Gods Sikh
Pauravi Descendant from Puru Sanskrit
Parigul Flower row Muslim
Parteekjot Symbol of Light Sikh
Praharshita Ever Happy Girl Hindu
Prabhroop Image of God Sikh
Prasoona A Flower Tamil
Pattie Lady. Muslim
Padmalaya Living in a lotus Hindu
Perkha Dew. Muslim
Phillip - American
Porsche Pig Christian
Pummy Innocent; Beautiful; Intelligent; Sharp Sikh
Pradhi Great intelligance Hindu
Pallavi Lotus Sanskrit
Prthvi The broad Hindu
prasavitri gives birth to the universe Sanskrit
Pearl - American
Pinky Pinkish Hindu
Paramita Wisdom Hindu
paramananda Supreme Bliss Sanskrit
Prabhnoor Light of God Sikh
Paree Fairy Muslim
parvatasundari - Sanskrit
Purnodara With satiated appetite Hindu
Patsy - Vintage
Puspendu The moon of flower Hindu
Paullina A small or humble man Christian
Priya Beloved Sanskrit
padadvaya prabhajala parakruta saroruha Whose feet defeat the lotus in beauty Sanskrit
Pitika Saffron Hindu
Phoebee A bright Christian
Polivu Beauty Personified Hindu
Parvinder Love Sikh
Paluk Eyelashes Sikh
Poornima Full Moon Tamil
Phoebe In Greek Christian
puratana the most Ancient Being Sanskrit
Papiha A sweet singing bird Hindu
Paislee Christian
PugalVadivu Admirable Girl Tamil
Primrose Primrose flower Christian
PHANISE - Haitian
Pinal God Of Child Tamil
Prashanti Peace Hindu
Pavandip Wind; Light Sikh
pranada gives life Sanskrit
Paisleigh - American
Pahal Facet Tamil
paratpara the Supermost superior even to those who are adored as supreme deities Sanskrit
Pratyusha Bright Hindu
Parveena Loving; Charming and Lucky Sikh
Paloma Dove- like Christian
punyapunya phalaprada the dispenser of the fruits of righteous as also of evil actions Sanskrit
Priya Kind; Beloved One; Loved One; Darling; Dear One; Lovable Person; Loving to Everyone Sikh
Piki Indian cuckoo Hindu
panchabrahma sanasathita rests on a seat formed of the five Divinities (Brahmans) Sanskrit
Panaya A girl who will honour and applauds for her family Sikh
Pranja Very Cute Hindu
Paras Touchstone Muslim
Pal Moment of Life; Every Movement; God Time Sikh
Pisaca Of yellow colour Hindu
Poorvi A Classical Melody Hindu
Preety Christian
Panjari Impression of full hand Hindu
Pooja Prayer; Worship; Devoted to God Sikh
Pinakini Bow shaped Sanskrit
Preetum Longing for Beloved Sikh
pushkara like a lotus in bloom Sanskrit
paramdhama the Supreme Abode that homes all things that exists Sanskrit
pranarupini Herself Life (Prana or Brahma) Sanskrit
Padmashree Divine Lotus Hindu
Parita In Each Direction Tamil
Prima If your baby girl is your firstborn Roman
Punya Virtuous Sanskrit
Pranita Led forward Hindu
Pradipti Light Hindu
Pancalika Princess of pancala Hindu
Prachi East Tamil
Poojasri Poojinche Lakshmi Tamil
Philomena - Vintage
Pratibha Image Hindu
purvaja the first born Sanskrit
Prabhnam God's Name Sikh
Parizad Of divine origin Muslim
Prama Basis Hindu
Prabhada Lady Tamil
Prurpriya Dear of many Hindu
Prakirit Highly celebrated Hindu
Pragna Buddhi Tamil
Praharshita Ever Happy Girl Tamil
parashaktih Para – sakti Sanskrit
paradevata Paradevata the object of supreme devotion Sanskrit
Pranaya Leader Sanskrit
Preet Love Sikh
Premavati Full of love Hindu
Prakhya Appearance Sanskrit
Pragunn Blessed with All Qualities Sikh
pashyanti Pashyanti or speech in the inaudible stage Sanskrit
Paawni Sacred Tamil
Panthini One Who Leads The Way Tamil
Prsasti Fame Hindu
Prabhsimran Admiration of God Sikh
Panya Admired; Glorious; Excellent Sikh
pancha ptreta manchadhi shayini seated on a seat supported by the Five Dead Sanskrit
Partapi Majestic; Courageous Sikh
Parul Beautiful Sanskrit
PAULA - Haitian
Parnal Leafy Sanskrit
Parnavi Bird Sanskrit
Pranita Christian
Prafula In Bloom Hindu
Pivari A Wife Of Sukha Hindu
Pouran-dokht A Female Character In Shahnameh Muslim
Popularaz - Vintage
Pritamhari Beloved God Sikh
Pramitha Christian
Prava Blowing forth Hindu
parameshvari the sovereign Supreme Sanskrit
payasannapriya likes offerings of Payasa (milk food) Sanskrit
Panthini One Who Leads The Way Hindu
Puspajati Born of flower Hindu
Parmita Wisdom Hindu
Praneeta Christian
Prisha Beloved Sanskrit
Prity Christian
Paloma - American
Pippa A short form of philippa Christian
Praanvi Forgiveness Tamil
Paawni Sacred Hindu
Prabhati The song of morning Hindu
panchakrutya parayana engaged in the five functions mentioned above Sanskrit
paramodara supremely generous Sanskrit
Prabhada Lady Hindu
Peehu She is great Hindu
Pavika Goddess Saraswati (goddess of education) Hindu
parichhedya the Infinite without any limitation Sanskrit
Pavika Goddess Saraswati (goddess of education) Tamil
Poorbi Eastern Tamil
Piki cuckoo Sanskrit
Paithu Green Hindu
Pahar Hour; Time of Day Sikh
Poojita Prayer Tamil
Panra Leaf. Muslim
padmaraga shiladarsha paribhavi kapolabhuh Whose cheeks are far fairer than mirrors of ruby (Padmaraga) Sanskrit
Pazia Golden Christian
Pakhee A bird Tamil
Pradipta Glowing Hindu
Pirai Crescent Hindu
Praneet Dear one Sikh
Panbu Good Character Tamil
Pramila Lassitude Hindu
Parwan Acceptable Sikh
Pooneh A Flower Muslim
Pausti Strong Hindu
Prajwala Eternal flame Hindu
PHARA - Haitian
Paramjeet Supremely Victorious Sikh
Phalya Flower Hindu
Parinita Complete Sanskrit
Puspa Flower like Hindu
Pameela Honey Hindu
Priscilla - American
purushartha prada bestows the fourfold values of human life – Dharma (morality) Sanskrit
Priyadarsini Christian
Padmasri Divine lotus Hindu
Parthivi Daughter of the earth Hindu
Prit Love Sanskrit
praneshvari the ruler of Prana (life force) Sanskrit
Pivari A Wife Of Sukha Tamil
Parvin Pleiades Muslim
Pammela A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian
Prameela Christian
Picila Christian
Pushpinder God of Flowers; Of the God of Heaven Sikh
Paula - Vintage
Poorbi Eastern Hindu
Payton - American
Pradheepha Christian
Palakshi White Tamil
Padmakshi One With Lotus Like Eyes Hindu
premarupa pure Love itself Sanskrit
Parushi The beautiful and intelligent Tamil
Pravi Incredible Sanskrit
Padamdeep Thousand Billions; Of Regions; Of Lotus Petalled Lamps Sikh
Parwah Supremely Wonderful Sikh
Parita In Each Direction Hindu
Punpreet Charity Lover Sikh
Puran Complete; Perfect Sikh
Prema Love Sanskrit
Pracheeta Origin Tamil
Parihan A Fairy. Muslim
Payala Of the food Hindu
PATRICIA - Haitian
Prathiksha Hope Tamil
Parajika A Raagini Tamil
Preena Christian
Phoenixx A dark red color ; in mythology Christian
Pa?a A rank in military system. Muslim
Pushpanjali flower offering Sanskrit
Pazia - Vintage
panchatanmatra sayaka holds five arrows representing the five Tanmatras (Subtle elements) Sanskrit
Puti Purity Hindu
panchapretasa nasina sits on a seat formed of the five dead deities (same as the Brahmas mentioned below) Sanskrit
Pranidhi Spy Hindu
Patasa Sort of Candy. Muslim
Pavitra Pure Hindu
Paige - American
Persis Persian woman Christian
Paula - American
Parthavi Goddess Sita Tamil
Polina Latin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of Paula Russian
Poorvi A classical melody Sanskrit
Palakshi White Hindu
Pracheeta Origin Hindu
Palita Guarded Hindu
Parteet Faith Sikh
Pritika Love; Dear One; Loved One; Beloved Sikh
Prajwala Eternal flame Tamil
Prinu Pleased Sanskrit
pashahasta holds in Her hands the nosse that binds all to Samsara Sanskrit
Pedro - American
poorna Poorna (the all-encompassing whole) Sanskrit
Pranathi Bow in salutation/greeting; Obeisance; Reverence Christian
Parashree Ganga Hindu
Paige Young child Christian
Pranjali Upright Hindu
Pauri Filler Sanskrit
Pahul Goddess; Amrit ( Holy Water ); Nectar; Pure Sikh
Priscila Ancient Christian
Pixie Mischievous fairy Christian
Princess - American
Pinky Christian
Permaz Hoping Muslim
Prarthana Prayer Tamil
Piyali a tree Sanskrit
Parnika A Small Leaf Hindu
Pavlina Variation of name Paulina; a little one Russian
Prajna Wisdom Hindu
Preethi Christian
Phoolan Flower Hindu
Prasoona A Flower Hindu
Prachi East Hindu
Phalini Fruitful Hindu
Prakhya Look Hindu
Pierce - American
Phyllicia Fortunate Christian
Priyala Bestowing pleasure Hindu
Pushti Fatness Hindu
Paislee - American
Panbu Good Character Hindu
Patrricia A noble- man ; patrician Christian
Pariza Fairy Muslim
Poonam Full Moon Hindu
Pegah Dawn Muslim
Palkeet-Kour Tears of Eyes Sikh
Pareechehr Having A Face Like A Fairy (beautiful) Muslim
Puspadanti Flower toothed Hindu
pratipan mukhyarakanta tithimandala pujita to be worshipped on the full – moon day Sanskrit
Pavithra Beautiful Hindu
Pipper One who plays the flute Christian
Pinaaz Happiness Sikh
Phyllis - Vintage
Panna Emerald Sanskrit
Prarthana Prayer Hindu
Prathima Beautiful pleasant Tamil
Prathibha Light Hindu
Pakeezah Pure Muslim
Parvail Victorious Sikh
pragyana ghanarupini Pure consciousness condensed Sanskrit
Prableen Absorbed in God's Love Sikh
Premalata The vine of love Hindu
Paola - American
Purva east Sanskrit
PAULETTE - Haitian
Pratusha Christian
pancha yagya priya loves the five sacrifices of the rightward Savya path Sanskrit
Parand Silk Muslim
Pameela Honey Sanskrit
pushkarekshana has eyes charming like petals of lotus Sanskrit
Prabhavali Shining Hindu
Prisha Talent given by God Hindu
Paramatmika Possessing a supreme soul Hindu
Prasha A mark of love Hindu
Pratistha Steadfastness Hindu
Padmapriya One who loves lotuses Hindu
Puja Worship Hindu
Pak Daman Pious Muslim
Pavenpreet Lover of Wind; Air Sikh
Promise - American
Pukhraj Topaz Muslim
Parvaneh Butterfly Muslim
Peya Everyone's favourite Hindu
Pari Fairy Muslim
Poojita Prayer Hindu
pashupatinAyaki - Sanskrit
Pinki Christian
Pearl Christian
Paul - American
Parambir The Greatest of Warriors Sikh
pushti fullness (Pushti) and is also the deity Pushti Sanskrit
Priscilla In Latin Christian
Pearl - Vintage
Prsani Tender Hindu
panchashat pitharupini forms the fifty basic sounds of our speech Sanskrit
Priscilla - Vintage
Pranjeeta Winner of Life Sikh
Patri Vessel Hindu
Pinal God Of Child Hindu
Praskovya Preparation; A variant spelling is Praskovia Russian
Piral Crescent Sanskrit
Preetha Christian
Padmaja Born From Lotus Tamil
Phylicia Foliage Christian
PASCALE - Haitian
Palasini Covered with foliage Hindu
panchabhuteshi rules over the five primordial elements Sanskrit
Poojasri Poojinche Lakshmi Hindu
Parmila Wisdom Hindu
Paridhi Realm Tamil
Paadini Pleasing Song Hindu
papanashini destroys sins together with the root of all sinful tendencies Sanskrit
Preston - American
Prachi East Sanskrit
Petia From Petya Russian
Pharsa The Horse Riding Muslim
Prthika Jasmine Hindu
Parvati The mountains Hindu
Pratiksha Christian
Prajakta Christian
Pariis Woman of the city in france Christian
panchavaktra exhibits five faces Sanskrit
Palwasha Light Ray of Moon. Muslim
Prapti Achievement Hindu
Parvinder God Of Gods Tamil
Pranitha Christian
Pranali Organisation Sanskrit
Pranisha love to life Tamil
Poorvi A Classical Melody Tamil
Prahasini Continues Smiling Girl Tamil
punyashravana kirtana To hear of whom and to praise whom make for holiness Sanskrit
Prina Content Sanskrit
Parinda Bird Muslim
Parnavi Bird Tamil
Paulina - American
pavanakrutih Whose form is holy and sanctifying Sanskrit
Prabhavati Luminous Hindu
Pauravi Descended from puru Hindu
Paavai Beautiful Girl Hindu
Panchi Bird Tamil
Pazeer -- Muslim
Poornima Full Moon Hindu
Puni Heavenly flower Sanskrit

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