Korean Baby girl names Starting A to Z with meaning | Best 아기 소녀 이름

Korean baby girl names with meaning starting from a to z letter. Find all 아기 소녀 이름 with meaning.

These melodic baby names can be used in literally thousands of different ways. They range from Eun-Kyung ("graceful gemstone") to Heejin („precious pearl"), Jin­Ae ("truths, love, treasure") and Haneul (“heavenly sky”).

Our list of 99 Korean girl names will help you find the perfect name for your baby, no matter if you are looking to honor your Korean heritage or search for something truly original.

What are the names of Korean baby girls?

Before we start to create our unique list of Korean girl names, let's first understand what the Korean naming process is. This section can be skipped if you are already familiar with the process. Continue reading if you are not.

The basic Korean baby name is made up of two or three elements, often three syllables but sometimes as many as five. The family name is in the first section, while the given name is in the second.

Here's how it works.

The family name is the first syllable (similar to a Western surname).

The second syllable usually refers to the generational name, or dolimja (dolrimja). This is the part that indicates the baby belonged to a particular generation of a family.

The third syllable of a name is unique. It is often chosen by the grandfather or professional namers.

Given names are usually hyphenated, and consist of two elements with distinct meanings. This would create a name such as Lee Hyo-Ri (ihyori), in which "Lee" is a family name and "HyoRi" the given name.

What are the most popular Korean first names for females? Continue reading to learn more!

Notice: Korean names are often written using the Hangul alphabet or Hanja. Below are the most common translations.

Find Baby Girl Names Starting with letter
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Like Names Means
Jina Princess
Tara hill
Tori bird
Taemin great beauty
Tiffany appearance of God
Taegyeong great respect
Tera earth
Taeyeon great beauty
Taeri great jasmine
Taehui great joy
Tina little girl
Okju jade pearl
Ori duck
Oyeon graceful
Luna moon
Lea delight
Laon delight
Lina tender
Lyn forest
jang marmalade

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