Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting From 'C' With Meaning.

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Carolina A song of joy and happiness
Carmya A tender song
Carmita A woman with rosy cheeks
Carminda To be like a beautiful song
Carmina One who is like a song
Carmin She is like a beautiful song
Carmilla A woman from the orchard
Carmerlita She is a cute little girl who is like a garden
Carmencita A little one who is like a garden
Carmen A woman who is like a fruitful garden
Carmelliana A noble golden girl
Carmelle She is made of gold
Carmella A woman of gold
Carmelita She is like a beautiful garden
Carmelia She who has a garden
Carme A woman who is like a garden. Also one who harvest
Carlyta To be a free woman
Carlotta She has a man's strenght
Carlota A strong woman
Carlita A little one who is acting very mainly
Carla A woman who acts like a man does
Carita A beloved
Carinna A lady who is very little and dear
Carinda A beloved dear girl
Carina She who is dear
Carilla A mainly woman
Caridad A very charitable person
Cariana A little darling one
Cari A very dear one
Carene A little beloved
Canyon A very large ravine
Candila Her glow is white
Candice A sparkling
Candi One who glows bright
Candess A little candle
Candelora A form of Candelaria
Candelaria She is like a candle
Candela She burns like a candle
Canciana One belonging to Anzio
Camile A free-born woman
Cambri She is changing
Cambrey A changing woman
Calynda She is a beauty
Calvine A hairless woman
Calvina A bald woman
Calli One who is the most beautiful among all women
California An US state name
Calida She is the most beautidul
Cadelaria A woman born in the Candlemas
Catalina A woman of great purity
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