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Like Names Means
Marissa A beautiful lady of the sea
Marisol One who is like the sea of solitude
Marisela A woman who is warlike and agressive
Marisa A child that was wished for
Mariposa One as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly
Marina A woman of the sea
Marifel Combination of Miria-sea of sorrow and Felicity-happiness
Maricza A bitter woman
Maricela A combative young girl
Maricel A warlike girl
Marianna A glorious sea of sorrow
Marianela One who is rebelious and like a star
Mariana One who is bitter
Mariajose A bitterly wanted child
Maria Variation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for child
Margoria Spanish name for Marjorie meaning pearl
Margeria A daisy flower
Margarita One who is as beautiful as a pearl
Margarida Portuguese word for daisy
Margaria A daisy flower
Marciella A young warrior
Marbella A Spanish place name
Maraya A woman who is admired
Marabella A sea of bitterness and sorrow
Maquinna Spanidh word meaning machine
Manuella Spanish name meaning God is with us
Manuela God Is With Us; Feminine form of Manuel which is derived from the Hebrew name Emanuel
Mandalit Spanish girl name
Malisa A soothing balm
Maleta Spanish name
Malak One who is Angel-like
Maite Spanish name for love
Maisa She who is walking proudly
Maicean One whose hair is the color of the corn
Mahogany Dark Red Wood
Magdalina A woman from the tower town
Magdala Hebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of Magdalena
Mafalda A powerful warrior
Madrona Mother Goddess
Madrid A place name
Madre Spanish word for mother
Madra Mother
Madina A Quranic name for girls that means city of the Prophet
Madicella Insightful
Madia A bitter one
Macaria Old Greek - Blessed;
Macarena The blessed one
Maca A person who is happy and cultured
Martta She who is a lady
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