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Lorah A woman who is as beautiful as a flower
Lora Spanish for Flower
Londre An escapade
Loma A small hill
Lolitta Spanish name meaning manly
Lolita Form of name Dolores
Loisa Spanish name describing something holy
Lo A deminutive of Dolores and means Sorrow
Lluvy The soothing sound of the falling rain
Lluvia Spanish word that means Rain
Livia An envious person; color blue
Litzy Spanish name describing joy
Lindie A coinage of the Linden tree
Lindi A woman whose beauty can be compared to a Linden tree
Linda Beautiful woman; Serpent
Liliosa Spanish variant of name Lily
Liliana Name of the flower lily
Lidia A person who is from Lydia
Licha A honorable person who is noble
Lia A weary mistress or ruler
Leya Spanish name meaning Loyalty
Levina Woman who is a dear friend
Leticia A person who spreads joy and happines
Lera A an allusion to the Vergin Mary
Leonorah An illuminated and compassionate person
Leonora The light of a compassion
Leonor Light
Leokadia Bright
Leocadia Person with splendid brightness
Lavada An individual who is purified and clensed
Laurinda The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.
Laurentia From the place of honor and victory
Laura Person crowned with laurels
Latoya The victorious one
Latoria Victorious one
Latisha Person filled with joy
Larena The Queen who rules the people and the country
Lareina The Queen
Laray The beautiful shine of the Sunrays
Lara A famous person who is notable to many
Laquinta A person who is the fifth one in a row
Lanita Name meaning God has shown favor
Landrada The advice giver
Landa The white sea bird.
Laia Laia means Sweet-Speaking
Lafonya One who is reaching to the great depth of earth
Laesta She who is here
Labonita Labonita means Beautiful One
La cienega La cienega means Swarmp
Lola Spanish name describing strong woman
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