Urdu Baby Girl Names Starting From 'S' With Meaning.

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Like Names Means
Suntaha Waiting
Sunbula A corn's ear
Sunat A woman who has a way with things
Summiya She is a woman of proper name
Suml She is an early distinguisher
Sumamah A name of the plant millet
Subaytah A woman who is of brave nature
Subayah A name of the narrator of Hadith
Siddra One who is like a star
Shuqra A woman of blonde hair and fair skin
Shumaila The name means soorat
Shujana A strong woman who has no fear
Shiza She is a preset
Shimaz A deeply beloved girl
Shihaam An intelligent girl
Shezan A beautiful girl
Shehrbano A name for a princess
Shazmah Rare like the Moon
Shazfa A successful girl
Shazana Urdu name meaning princess
Sharleez A lady who is beaitiful
Sharia A girl who is just like a Princess
Shanza A woman who is diginied
Shanum One who is blessed by Allah. Also
Shamsia She is beautiful like a shinig star
Shamoodah SHe is precious like a diamond
Shameemah A breeze of fragrances
Shajeea A bold and brave woman with no fears
Shaizen A beautiful or preety girl
Shahra One who is gift
Shahnoor A woman with a royal glow around her
Shaherbano SHe who is like a princess
Shahamat A woman of great bravery and valour
Shahada She who is a witess
Shaffan A woman cool as a morning breeze
Shafaq A virtuous woman on integrity
Shadmani A feeling of joy
Shadhiyah An aromatic smell
Shabina To be in the eye of the storm
Saniyah Pearl or Radiant or Brilliant
Sanaubur Tree that you can see everyday
Samrina A woman who is sweet like a flower or a fruit
Sameeah A percieving
Sakhiya A generous person with a liberal mind
Sakeeza A nice smell
Sajuwa The feeling of inner peace
Sajoon A loved woman
Sajila A person who is determined
Sahab The clouds in the sky
Saghirali A tender and slim woman
Saghira Small
Sadida The right thing
Sadeeqa A woman who is both a friend and a companion
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