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Like Names Means Origin
Nu'aymah The reporter of the Hadith. Urdu
Nowa Bight and powerful nimble. Urdu
Nosheen Honeyed and sweet smelling. Urdu
Noshaba Energetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world. Urdu
Nohreen One who is glittering brightly Urdu
Nirvikar Bight and powerful nimble. Urdu
Nirmesh Honeyed and sweet smelling. Urdu
Nirmeet Energetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world. Urdu
Nazz The delicacy Urdu
Nazuk A tender or a delicate person Urdu
Nazreen The one who is watching of the spectators Urdu
Nazpari The charming or beautiful as a fairy Urdu
Naznin The most charming lady Urdu
Nazneen the most beautiful lady Urdu
Nazneem An exquisitely beautiful girl Urdu
Nazmiya The melodious poem Urdu
Nazmin The delicate girl Urdu
Nazmil Like a beautiful poem Urdu
Nazmi Out of the context of nazm Urdu
Nazma The bright and shining star of the sky Urdu
Nazm A poem in context of a particular thing or person Urdu
Nazgul A beautiful or a delicate flower Urdu
Nazer The eyesight Urdu
Nazanina One who charm others with her delicacy Urdu
Nazanin A charming lady with delicacy Urdu
Nazaneen a girl full or delicacy Urdu
Nazam The poetry defining a particular thing Urdu
Nazahah The just or fair person Urdu
Nazaha The person who is on right Urdu
Nazah The purity of a person Urdu
Nazafarin The beautiful delicacy of a girl Urdu
Nazaakat The delicacy or the tenderness Urdu
Naz The pride or the delicacy Urdu
Nawla A gift or a grant Urdu
Naushaba Medicine or solution or tonic. Urdu
Natila Family member Urdu
Nashmia A garden of flowers Urdu
Nakhat Perfume or scent or bouquet or sweet smell. Urdu
Naifna'il One who acquire or earn Urdu
Nahleejah A cool-tempered person Urdu
Nahiza A raised person Urdu
Nagheen A gem-stone Urdu
Nafia A person who benefits others Urdu
Nafay The one who is full of profitable income and turnover. Urdu
Nabawiya The person who is farsighted the events through spiritual mediation. Urdu
Nabawia The person who is foretelling the events via supernatural intervention. Urdu
Naaz The person is having self respect Urdu
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