Tamil Baby Girl Names From 'C' With Meaning

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Best tamil lord murugan baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Cholai Garden Tamil
Channakka Beautiful lady Tamil
Chaya Shadow Tamil
Charushila The beautiful woman Tamil
Chainika Specially selected Tamil
Chitra Picture Tamil
Chetana Perceptive Tamil
Chaithra New Bright Light Tamil
Chayanika The Chosen One Tamil
Chunni A star Tamil
Chitrakshi Colourful Eyes Tamil
Charitrya History Tamil
Chandani A river Tamil
Chandrapushpa Star Tamil
Christina Anointed Tamil
CholaiMani Garden Gem Tamil
Chellakili Precious Tamil
Chahana Desire Tamil
Chetna Power of intellect Tamil
Charula Feminine Variant Of Charles Meaning Manly Tamil
Chancy Goddess Lakshmi Tamil
Charulata Beautiful Tamil
Chimaye Wonderful Tamil
Chelsea Seaport Place name Tamil
Chiti Love Tamil
Chellakumari Precious Girl Tamil
Charumati Beautiful Tamil
Cherika Moon Tamil
Chashmum My eyes Tamil
Chandrabhaga River Chenab Tamil
Chaaya Shadow Tamil
Chitrita Picturesque Tamil
Charita Good Tamil
Channaya Eminent Tamil
Chandrani Wife of the moon Tamil
Charusheela A Jewel Tamil
ChudarOli Brilliant Tamil
Cheshta To try Tamil
Chayla Fairy Tamil
Chitrani River Ganga Tamil
Chintana Meditation Tamil
Chadna Love Tamil
Chhaya Shadow Tamil
Chemmani Flawless Gem Tamil
Catherine Pure Tamil
Chalama Goddess Parvati Tamil
ChellaMani Precious Gem Tamil
Chikku Sweet Tamil
Charmy Charming Tamil
Chinmai Supreme Consciousness Tamil
Chandrakin A peacock Tamil
Chakria Lakshmi Tamil
Changuna A good woman Tamil
Chitramala Series of pictures Tamil
Chaitan Consciousness Tamil
Chitkala Knowledge Tamil
Charmi Lovely Tamil
Chistha River Tributary Tamil
Chhavi Reflection Tamil
Chandrika Moon Tamil
Chitralekha Beautiful design Tamil
Chithirai Name of the first Thamil month Tamil
Chandraleksha A ray of the moon Tamil
CheranMadhevi Chera Queen Tamil
Charumathi Beautiful mind Tamil
Chndraja Daughter Of The Moon Tamil
Charvi Beautiful Woman Tamil
CheranMagal Daughter of Cheran Tamil
Charuprabha Beautiful Tamil
Cherry Fruit Tamil
Chaunta One Who Outshines The Stars Tamil
Chitradevi A Creeper Tamil
Chitrali A Row Of Pictures Tamil
Chandika Diminutive Of Chandana Tamil
Chandrabali Krishna`s girl-friend Tamil
Chandira Moon Tamil
Chandrajyoti Moon Light Tamil
Chaheti Lovely Tamil
Chitrarekha Picture Tamil
Chatima Beautiful Tamil
Chimayi Blissful Tamil
Chanchala Restless Tamil
Chakori A Bird Enamoured of the Moon Tamil
Chaturya Clever Tamil
Chaarvi Beautiful girl Tamil
Chintanika Meditation Tamil
Chandanika Diminutive Tamil
ChinnaMani Little Gem Tamil
Chitrangada One of Arjuna's wives Tamil
Champabati The capital Tamil
Chhabi Picture Tamil
Cauvery Same As Cauvery Name Of A River Tamil
Chellam Pampered Tamil
Chinnamal Little Girl Tamil
Cheena Stupid Tamil
Chapala Restless Tamil
Chaitali Born In The Month Of Chaitra Tamil
Charusmita One with a beautiful smile Tamil
CholanMagal Daughter of Cholan Tamil
Chandini Star Tamil
Chinitya Shobamaina Tamil
Chellammal Precious Girl Tamil
Charu Beautiful Tamil
ChudarKodi Brilliant Tamil
Chandana Sandalwood Tamil

Hindu Baby Girl Names

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Susanthika Padmarati
Anaya Jayadevi
Izna Kamada
Pilak Vaikuntha
Heera Yashila
Jaiprabha Vedanta
Citrangni Ammu
Bhaanupriya Sumavali
Marudhammal Madalasa
Thulasi Banita

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names

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guhya Chandrakanti
Banhi trigunatmika
sandrakaruna Vandana
Hitha Parnavi
dhrutih Vedika
kshayavruddhi vinirmukta Pinakini
Tarunika Naija
mukti rupini satyarupa
brahmananda chetanarupa
kalaratradi shaktyaugha vruta Kajal

Goddess Baby Girl Names

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Parvathy Padmawati
Aadi Lakshmi Dhumavati
Medha Sati
Aishwarya Lakshmi Narayani
Brahmani Bhargavi
Kausiki Sita
Chandraghanta Bhudevi
Padmavati Shodashi
Indrani Vidya Lakshmi
Vani Kamakhya

Christian Baby Girl Names

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Gracee Sampurna
Jaquelinne Letty
Maddie Sylvana
Adelle Zoeey
Daphne Laurenn
Dayana Sunhild
Sofia Saaman
Suzanna Freedah
Dafne Darra
Earwyn Georgia

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