Sikh Baby Girl Names From 'N' With Meaning

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Looking for best sikh punjabi baby girl names for your baby girl with gurbani words of female sikh punjabi girl names for your cute little angle and as you know most sikh punjabi gurbani guru granth sahib baby girl names are gender neutral and mostly cased girl name end with kaur and boy names with singh so these punjabi sikh names are popular and unique and uncommon.

You can easily find punjabi sikh baby girl names with starting letter from a to z and also you can suggest your punjabi girl names by emailing us if we missed any best popular unique latest punjabi girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Navkirat New Glories of God Sikh 8
Niroop Beauty Sikh 6
Navseer Polite; Light Sikh 7
Neeshma Supreme Sikh 7
Neknoor Nice Sikh 7
Nivarn Dispelled Sikh 6
Navleen New Engrossed Sikh 7
Namrita Modest; Humble Sikh 7
Nili Success; Indigo; A Goddess Sikh 4
Neet Original; Ethical Sikh 4
Nirbhau Without Fear; Fearless Sikh 7
Nimmia Conceived; Formed; Created Sikh 6
Nabjit Charming Sikh 6
Nirman The Ego-less; Humble Sikh 6
Nanaki Sister of Nanaka Sikh 6
Narjeet Winner; Ruler of Heart Sikh 7
Ninderjot Light of Good Sleep Sikh 9
Navroj-Kaur Everyday New Sikh 1
Noor Attractive Light; Light; Moonlight; Star Light; Holy Light; Illumination Sikh 4
Nimmi Beautiful Eyes; Home Sikh 5
Nirgun Pure Sikh 6
Nimrat Humble; Patience Sikh 6
Nirlaip Pure Sikh 7
Navjeetjot Good Luck; New Look Sikh 1
Nimrata Humble Sikh 7
Nahar Tributary; Day Sikh 5
Naazreen Wild Rose; Blue Scented Flower Sikh 8
Naleen Lotus Sikh 6
Naveen Fresh; New; Excellent Sikh 6
Navserat New Sol Sikh 8
Narinderpal Protector of a Man of the God of Heaven Sikh 1
Neenika Water; Earth; Air Sikh 7
Nimrta Patience Sikh 6
Ninder King Sikh 6
Navjotdeep-Kaur New Light Sikh 1
Navreet New Tradition; Angel; New Custom Sikh 7
Neha Beautiful Eyes; Love and Affection; A Flower; Love; One who Loves and is Loved; Cherished Beauty; Sweet Rain; Adorable; All Kinds of Water Sources; Friendship; Lovable; Perfect; Eyesight Sikh 4
Nimeeta Beauty Sikh 7
Navneet One who is Ever New; Who Takes Pleasure in New Joys Sikh 7
Narayna God Sikh 7
Nitnam One who Ceaselessly Remembers the Lord Sikh 6
Navjit New Victory Sikh 6
Narinder Mighty Man; Lord of Mankind; Doctor Sikh 8
Neelam Blue Diamond; Sapphire; Blue Gem; Precious Stone; Blue Colour Sikh 6
Namreet Very Rich; God Gift Sikh 7
Nilly Sky of the World Sikh 5
Nirvir Without Animosity Sikh 6
Nar Good Nature Sikh 3
Niwarn Dispelled Sikh 6
Neena New; Emotion; Better Sikh 5
Nirmal Pure; Without Any Impurity Sikh 6
Nihaara The unseen beauty of the morning mist Sikh 7
Niman Sunshine Sikh 5
Navkiran New Light; New Ray of Sunshine Sikh 8
Nijta Combination of Love; Union of Love Sikh 5
Nimret Peace Sikh 6
Nysha Special; New Beginning Sikh 5
Namanpreet Religious Sikh 1
Navsheen New; Beautiful Sikh 8
Nirdeep Large Water Sikh 7
Nimraati Half Night Sikh 8
Naethr Eyes Sikh 6
Namrit Precious to the World Sikh 6
Navdeep New Shine Sikh 7
Navjot New Light Sikh 6
Nizel Champion; A Beautiful Bird Sikh 5
Nehar A girl with the beauty of a dewdrop Sikh 5
Nissan Insignia; Banner; Flag Sikh 6
Nav New Sikh 3
Nehchal Immovable Sikh 7
Noorpreet Light and Love Sikh 9
Nina Love Hope; Lovely-eyed; Full of Grace; Little Girl; Girl; Grace; Diminutive of Ann; Ornamented; Slender; Strong; Fire; God had Gracious; Beautiful Sikh 4
Nitya Everyday; Constant; Continuously; Goddess Parvati Sikh 5
Nishaa Night Sikh 6
Naaz The bringer of glory and pride Sikh 4
Navpreet New Love Sikh 8
Nirbani TRUE Sikh 7

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