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Looking for best sikh punjabi baby girl names for your baby girl with gurbani words of female sikh punjabi girl names for your cute little angle and as you know most sikh punjabi gurbani guru granth sahib baby girl names are gender neutral and mostly cased girl name end with kaur and boy names with singh so these punjabi sikh names are popular and unique and uncommon.

You can easily find punjabi sikh baby girl names with starting letter from a to z and also you can suggest your punjabi girl names by emailing us if we missed any best popular unique latest punjabi girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Mohenpreet Enticing Lover Sikh 1
Mukham Manager Sikh 6
Mishpreet Sweet Sikh 9
Manjot Lightening the Heart Sikh 6
Meena Precious Stone; Fish; Starling; Heaven; Glass Sikh 5
Mantaj Crown of Mind Sikh 6
Mahekpreet Fragrance of Love Sikh 1
Mansimran In Remembrance of Mind; Meditation of Mind Sikh 9
Makali A wonderful woman bringing with her the calm of a full moon Sikh 6
Mina Love; Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection; Sea Port; Goddess of Sun; Moon; Stars; Enamel; Blue Glass; A Light; Child of the Red Earth; Garden; A Gem; Fish; Jewel Sikh 4
Mokshika To Find Good Soul; Name of Durga Sikh 8
Maahi The great union of heaven and Earth Sikh 5
Manheer Precious Heart Sikh 7
Mana Supernatural Power; Love; Alike; Similar; Name of a God; Affection; Psychic Gifts Sikh 4
Meeta Friend; Good Behaviour Sikh 5
Meher Benevolence; Moon; Sweet Smell; Aura; Blessings Sikh 5
Mankinder Protector Sikh 9
Mavleen Chief Sikh 7
Mehtab Light of Moon; Moon Sikh 6
Mahinder God of Gods Sikh 8
Mandra Pleasant Sikh 6
Munlene Absorbed in Devotion; Pray to God from the Heart Sikh 7
Manveen Add Meaning Sikh 7
Mannat A wish that will always be fulfilled Sikh 6
Manseeret Beauty of Mind Sikh 9
Missti Sweet Sugar Sikh 6
Meera Light; Saintly Woman; A Devotee of Krishna; Aristocratic Lady; High-born Girl; Precious Gem Sikh 5
Mahabir Illustrious Hero Sikh 7
Melody Music; Rythmic; Instrument; Song; Harmonious Sikh 6
Madhurbain Sweet Words Sikh 1
Mishmeet Beauty; Love Sikh 8
Manju Pleasant; Snow; Dew Drops; Sweet; Heart Winner; Charming; Flower; Passion Sikh 5
Manroop Soul Beauty Sikh 7
Muskaan Smiling; Smile; Symbol of Happiness Sikh 7
Manjira Ankle-bells Sikh 7
Maninderjit One who Conquer Lord of Mind Sikh 1
Mehroop Add Meaning Sikh 7
Manat A Prayer; Sweet Wish; Intelligent Sikh 5
Meet Love; Friend Sikh 4
Mayra Moon; Beloved; A Plant Name Sikh 5
Manavi Humanity; Daughter of Man Sikh 6
Millan Showing Matching of Relationship Sikh 6
Madhumeet Friend of Honey Sikh 9
Mahie Connection of Heaven / Earth Sikh 5
Mamta Mother's Love; Love; Motherly Love Sikh 5
Mandira Intelligent; Helpful; Caring; Melody; Cymbals; Home Sikh 7
Mayree My; Mine Sikh 6
Mehpreet Mind Filled with Love Sikh 8
Monu Soft; Pretty Sikh 4
Manmeet-Kaur Friend of Mind; Friend of Hearts Sikh 1
Majaal Worthy One Sikh 6
Mishvit Sweet Sikh 7
Manpreet Girly Sikh 8
Meen Fish; Horoscope; Raashi Sikh 4
Mahek Fragrance Sikh 5
Maneet Helper; Inner Soul; Who Wins Hearts; Mind to Win Sikh 6
Mithi Truthful; Sweet; Daughter of Goddess Lakshmi Sikh 5
Mehakveer Fragrance Sikh 9
Mansundar Beautiful Soul Sikh 9
Mansirat Sweet; Beautiful Mind Sikh 8
Madan Battlefield; Lord Shri Krishna Sikh 5
Mustak Forehead Sikh 6
Mehakpreet Love and Fragrance Sikh 1
Mesh Loved by Many; A Zodiac Sign Sikh 4
Majeet Who Lives in Mind Sikh 6
Mohkam Manager Sikh 6
Mahtaab Moonlight Sikh 7
Mantaz Queen of Heart Sikh 6
Mastuk Forehead Sikh 6
Mahindar God of Gods Sikh 8
Maherbani Word of the Headman Sikh 9
Mayukhi Someone as captivating as a beautiful peacock Sikh 7
Meherbani Master's Word Sikh 9
Malinder Sense of Responsibility Sikh 8
Mahikpreet Love with Beautiful Smell Sikh 1
Manreet Custom of Heart; Very Good Girl Sikh 7
Masum Innocent Sikh 5
Mehak A sweet fragrance Sikh 5
Mandeep Light of Heart; Light of Mind Sikh 7
Manmeet Friend of Mind Sikh 7
Mehtaab Starlight; Moonlight Sikh 7
Mankiran Ray of Mind Sikh 8
Manpriya Beloved Heart Sikh 8
Manjeet One who Wins her Own Heart; Conqueror of the Mind Sikh 7
Maanvi The daughter of the entire mankind Sikh 6
Muni A Sage; Saint Sikh 4
Mastak Forehead Sikh 6
Manraj Ruler of the Heart / Mind Sikh 6
Mankirat Work of Heart Sikh 8
Meenu Girl with Fish Eyes Sikh 5
Manveer Heart Winner Sikh 7
Muskan Smile; Laughter; Sweet Smile Sikh 6
Mahtab Moon; Moonlight Sikh 6
Mayray Of Mine Sikh 6
Mata Injunctions; Is Considered; Opinion; Mother Sikh 4
Maninder Lord of Mind Sikh 8
Manshish Warrior Given by God Sikh 8
Mehr Blessing; The Seventh Solar Month of the Calendar Sikh 4
Malveen God Sikh 7
Maya Illusion; Goddess Durga; To Increase; A Princess; Mother or Great One; Water; Truth and Everlasting; Wealth; Dream; Abbreviation of Amalia; Industrious; Striving; Work; Variant of Maia; Money Sikh 4
Mehar God's Mehar; Good Wishes; Good Girl; Courtesy of God Sikh 5
Mandip Light of Sages Sikh 6
Maha Gazelle; Wild Cow; Resembling the Moon; Beautiful Eyes; Shining; Great; Cow; Large Eyes Sikh 4
Manseerat Beauty of Heart Sikh 9
Manjit One who Wins her Own Heart; Conqueror of the Mind Sikh 6

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