Sikh Baby Girl Names From 'D' With Meaning

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Looking for best sikh punjabi baby girl names for your baby girl with gurbani words of female sikh punjabi girl names for your cute little angle and as you know most sikh punjabi gurbani guru granth sahib baby girl names are gender neutral and mostly cased girl name end with kaur and boy names with singh so these punjabi sikh names are popular and unique and uncommon.

You can easily find punjabi sikh baby girl names with starting letter from a to z and also you can suggest your punjabi girl names by emailing us if we missed any best popular unique latest punjabi girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Dilpreet Of one?s liking Sikh 8
Deep-Kamal Lotus in the Lamp of Light Sikh 1
Divya Pure; Divine; Settlement; Heavenly; Divine Luster; Pure Light; Source of Wisdom Sikh 5
Dalbinderjit Victorious Army of God in Heaven Sikh 1
Diljot Light of the Heart Sikh 6
Daani Light Green Sikh 5
Dilbaagh Blossoming Heart; Within Sikh 8
Dalmeet Team Friend Sikh 7
Dpinder Light of Lord Indra Sikh 7
Dayvi The woman with a visage of the Goddess Sikh 5
Deveera A girl representing the divinity of Mother Earth Sikh 7
Dhanjot Light of Goddess Lakshmi Sikh 7
Dharas Hope Sikh 6
Devta Divine Damsel Sikh 5
Dhianni Meditative One Sikh 7
Dharat Earth Sikh 6
Dhano Special Sikh 5
Darshanbir Sight; View; To Perceive; Vision; Philosophy; Paying Respect; Visions of Divine Sikh 1
Darminder Door of the God of Heaven Sikh 9
Dilvinder Heart of God in Heaven Sikh 9
Diya The divine and bright light of God Sikh 4
Dukhnivarn Remover of Sorrow and Suffering Sikh 1
Dhavni Music; Cruel Against Sound; Noise Sikh 6
Dilsheen Shining Heart Sikh 8
Dilpreet-Kaur Loves Heart Sikh 1
Deepnoor-Kaur Beauty of Light Sikh 1
Dilneet Ethical Heart or Moral Soul Sikh 7
Dishu Direction Sikh 5
Divprit God's Love; God Lover Sikh 7
Darvish Humble Being; Religious Beggar Sikh 7
Divleen Lost in God's Praise; Divine; Drawn in God Sikh 7
Darshpreet Lord Krishna's Love or the Love for Lord Krishna Sikh 1
Devinder The King of Gods Sikh 8
Dalbinder Army of God in Heaven Sikh 9
Daljinder Love for God Sikh 9
Devi Goddess; Kindness; Bright; Beautiful; Luck; Rich; Goddess Laxmi / Parvati / Durga Peaceful Sikh 4
Dharamleen One Absorbed in Righteousness Sikh 1
Dilmeet Add Meaning Sikh 7
Dilraj Ruler of Hearts Sikh 6
Dharmjot Light of Religious Sikh 8
Dharampreet Love for One's Faith Sikh 1
Dipleen The Divine Candle Sikh 7
Devatma Deity Incarnate Sikh 7
Drivnaynee Angelic Eyes Sikh 1
Damanjeet Skirt of the Victor Sikh 9
Dilshan Joy of Hart Sikh 7
Diljeet Heart Winner Sikh 7
Damanpreet Demolishing Negative Energy Sikh 1
Dildeep Lamps of Heart Sikh 7
Darsev One who Serves Sikh 6
Divroop God's Beauty Sikh 7
Dhianjot Enlightened by Meditation Sikh 8
Dhara Constant Flow; The Earth; Constant Flow of Liquid Sikh 5
Divyaleen Divine and Brilliant Sikh 9
Daya Kindness; Mercy; Pity Sikh 4
Daman Beauty; Mysterious; Innovative Sikh 5
Deepti Flame; Lustre; Glow; Shine; Luster; Nice Sikh 6
Divjyot The bringer of heavenly light Sikh 7
Divyajyot Light of Divya Sikh 9
Deep The Lamp of Light Sikh 4
Daljeet The Conqueror of Forces Sikh 7
Dalbir The Brave Soldier Sikh 6
Devindar The King of Gods Sikh 8
Divreet Faithful Sikh 7
Divsheen Shine Sikh 8
Dilchanann Spiritual Illumination of the Heart Sikh 1
Dilberjot Sweet Heart Sikh 9
Dashmeet Loving All People Sikh 8
Deepi Beauty; Gorgeous; Light Sikh 5
Disha Direction Sikh 5
Dasmeet Clever Sikh 7
Dilsher Lion Heart Sikh 7
Dimplepreet Dimples Sikh 1
Dilreet An emotion that stems from the heart habituated to love Sikh 7
Deepinder Light; Light of God Sikh 9
Devpreet Love for God Sikh 8
Divjot Divine Light Sikh 6
Dukhniwarn Remover of Sorrow and Suffering Sikh 1
Dayapreet Lover of Compassion Sikh 9
Dharvan A Winner Sikh 7
Dalwinder Army of God in Heaven Sikh 9
Dishmeet Lovely Soul Sikh 8

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