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Looking for best sikh punjabi baby girl names for your baby girl with gurbani words of female sikh punjabi girl names for your cute little angle and as you know most sikh punjabi gurbani guru granth sahib baby girl names are gender neutral and mostly cased girl name end with kaur and boy names with singh so these punjabi sikh names are popular and unique and uncommon.

You can easily find punjabi sikh baby girl names with starting letter from a to z and also you can suggest your punjabi girl names by emailing us if we missed any best popular unique latest punjabi girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Navkirat New Glories of God Sikh 8
Tanvir Embodiment of Heroic Strength; Brave Sikh 6
Madhurbain Sweet Words Sikh 1
Grahini Someone who would make a wonderful housewife Sikh 7
Bijul Lightning Flash Sikh 5
Dhianjot Enlightened by Meditation Sikh 8
Dhavni Music; Cruel Against Sound; Noise Sikh 6
Dukhniwarn Remover of Sorrow and Suffering Sikh 1
Lochan Bright Eyes Sikh 6
Rewa A girl meant to be speed ahead in life without troubles Sikh 4
Preeyam Love; Beloved Sikh 7
Jauna Someone as gentle as a dove and born with the grace of God Sikh 5
Ekamdeep Light of Two Persons in Just One Baby Sikh 8
Rajvinder High Thinking Sikh 9
Dilsher Lion Heart Sikh 7
Mishmeet Beauty; Love Sikh 8
Dayvi The woman with a visage of the Goddess Sikh 5
Divyajyot Light of Divya Sikh 9
Jaafi A girl who is fair and just Sikh 5
Tanveer Rays of Light; Star Sikh 7
Vidia Knowledge Sikh 5
Divyaleen Divine and Brilliant Sikh 9
Devi Goddess; Kindness; Bright; Beautiful; Luck; Rich; Goddess Laxmi / Parvati / Durga Peaceful Sikh 4
Rasam Beam of Light Sikh 5
Rompreet Who Lives in Heart Sikh 8
Pinky Most Beautiful; The Little Finger; Pink Coloured; Sweet; Pinkish Sikh 5
Dildeep Lamps of Heart Sikh 7
Manjeet One who Wins her Own Heart; Conqueror of the Mind Sikh 7
Nehchal Immovable Sikh 7
Pushpinder God of Flowers; Of the God of Heaven Sikh 1
Payal Foot Ornament Sikh 5
Purvanshi Purv Disha; Sun Sikh 9
Ikisha The one and only true God Sikh 6
Meen Fish; Horoscope; Raashi Sikh 4
Uppenderjeet Add Meaning Sikh 1
Mankinder Protector Sikh 9
Ninderjot Light of Good Sleep Sikh 9
Namrit Precious to the World Sikh 6
Rasnaam God's Elixir Sikh 7
Loveneet Love Sikh 8
Raman Comfort; Repose; Strong Person Sikh 5
Rupinder Beautiful Sikh 8
Ishmeet Friend of Goddess Sikh 7
Fatehvir Victor Sikh 8
Maninder Lord of Mind Sikh 8
Rangras Pleasure Sikh 7
Rina Peace; Form of Catherine; Pure; Queen; Beloved; Melody; Joyful; Dissolved; Of the Sea Sikh 4
Yash Fame; Success Sikh 4
Yashpreet Friend of Success Sikh 9
Ekkirat Only Ones Praise Sikh 7
Husnah A girl with impeccable beauty of the eternal Sikh 6
Xilmal Shimmer Sikh 6
Xery All True Sikh 4
Keerat A devotee and worshipper of God Sikh 6
Fatehnoor Beautiful Winner. Sikh 9
Dilchanann Spiritual Illumination of the Heart Sikh 1
Tajpreet Happy Always Sikh 8
Darshpreet Lord Krishna's Love or the Love for Lord Krishna Sikh 1
Kajali The beauty an eyeliner brings to a woman?s eyes Sikh 6
Chuni One who is loved like a scarf you hold close to you Sikh 5
Maha Gazelle; Wild Cow; Resembling the Moon; Beautiful Eyes; Shining; Great; Cow; Large Eyes Sikh 4
Eknoor One Light; Light of God Sikh 6
Zhagar Pass through Sikh 6
Roopinder Beautiful Sikh 9
Pehila First Sikh 6
Parwah Supremely Wonderful Sikh 6
Parwan Acceptable Sikh 6
Tawakkali Hope; Trust in God Sikh 9
Tavgun A woman of all good qualities Sikh 6
Rattan Gem Sikh 6
Rajmeet Queen; Friend Sikh 7
Zareefa Elegant; Witty; Graceful; Fem; Of Zarif Sikh 7
Darminder Door of the God of Heaven Sikh 9
Noor Attractive Light; Light; Moonlight; Star Light; Holy Light; Illumination Sikh 4
Bargitta An extremely strong and powerful young woman Sikh 8
Furman Commander Sikh 6
Qishen Deity Krishna Sikh 6
Ekjit Victorious One Sikh 5
Priya Kind; Beloved One; Loved One; Darling; Dear One; Lovable Person; Loving to Everyone Sikh 5
Eeha Desired; Wish Sikh 4
Sukhleen The woman on whom God bestows the eternal light of happiness Sikh 8
Lavanya Pretty; Beauty; Grace; Sweet; Attraction; Angel; Beautiful Sikh 7
Namreet Very Rich; God Gift Sikh 7
Preet Love Sikh 5
Deep The Lamp of Light Sikh 4
Sukhminder The pivotal place where you can pray for happiness Sikh 1
Zaima Leader Sikh 5
Haryath The name for a wonderful and brave woman Sikh 7
Aagya An obedient daughter and a polite woman Sikh 5
Inderpreet Lover of God Sikh 1
Simarleen A girl who is created from memory Sikh 9
Tazmann Crown Heart Sikh 7
Maahi The great union of heaven and Earth Sikh 5
Husaina An extremely beautiful and pretty girl Sikh 7
Vanshmeet Clear Sikh 9
Chahak The call of a lover Sikh 6
Ishita The master of wealth and superiority Sikh 6
Manveen Add Meaning Sikh 7
Taj Crown; Jewel Sikh 3
Nimrta Patience Sikh 6
Nijta Combination of Love; Union of Love Sikh 5
Esharvir Victorious Almighty God Sikh 8
Prithvipal Beloved Cherisher; Protector Sikh 1
Queen Highest Lady; Wife of a King Sikh 5
Nirmal Pure; Without Any Impurity Sikh 6
Zaaminah One who Stands Surety for Another One who Helps Sikh 8
Maninderjit One who Conquer Lord of Mind Sikh 1
Madan Battlefield; Lord Shri Krishna Sikh 5
Kanina A woman filled to the brim with youthfulness Sikh 6
Nimraati Half Night Sikh 8
Pragunn Blessed with All Qualities Sikh 7
Rattanpal Devoted to God Sikh 9
Parminder God of Gods Sikh 9
Devta Divine Damsel Sikh 5
Dashmeet Loving All People Sikh 8
Simrat One who remembers through meditation Sikh 6
Aas A unique name for a girl representing the power of hope Sikh 3
Gurleen Gurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru Sikh 7
Geet Popularized by the movie Sikh 4
Navpreet New Love Sikh 8
Prabhveer God; Brave Sikh 9
Yashnoor Beauty of Glory Sikh 8
Rachpinderjeet Trusted in Faith Sikh 1
Nili Success; Indigo; A Goddess Sikh 4
Charanpal A girl Sikh 9
Paramjit Supremely Victorious Sikh 8
Nabjit Charming Sikh 6
Juneeta A girl who can see through the complications of the world Sikh 7
Gurkirat One who sings praises of the guru Sikh 8
Pratibha Intellect; Splendor; Brightness; Inspiration; Talent Sikh 8
Aantika The guiding light of an elder woman Sikh 7
Bisanpreet Love Of God Sikh 1
Falak The boundary between sky and heaven Sikh 5
Uma Goddess Parvati / Durga; Nation; Mother; Light; Fame; Reputation; Education Sikh 3
Prabhkirat Dedication to God through Honest and Hard Work Sikh 1
Tavneet Beautiful Sikh 7
Niroop Beauty Sikh 6
Kaydee Quite different from the Hindi meaning Sikh 6
Divroop God's Beauty Sikh 7
Janee The bringer of mercy for the evils of man Sikh 5
Devpreet Love for God Sikh 8
Tarun Very Beautiful and Intelligent Sikh 5
Darvish Humble Being; Religious Beggar Sikh 7
Zoya Shining; Life; Loving or Affectionate; Alive; Beautiful; Fashionable: Gift of God; Perfect; Soul Sikh 4
Chandeep Bright of moon Sikh 8
Mehroop Add Meaning Sikh 7
Gyanleen A girl who is bathed in the light of heavenly knowledge Sikh 8
Gurinder Lord; guru Sikh 8
Hushaima A woman who is modest Sikh 8
Chitleen A woman fully absorbed in the awareness of the world Sikh 8
Dharmjot Light of Religious Sikh 8
Nizel Champion; A Beautiful Bird Sikh 5
Mukham Manager Sikh 6
Veta Very Successful; Life; Intelligent Sikh 4
Meher Benevolence; Moon; Sweet Smell; Aura; Blessings Sikh 5
Nivarn Dispelled Sikh 6
Mahie Connection of Heaven / Earth Sikh 5
Dilshan Joy of Hart Sikh 7
Jaganmohini A name for Durga adopted by the Sikh Sikh 1
Madhumeet Friend of Honey Sikh 9
Rajneet Having Everything Sikh 7
Rasmeet Beautiful Princess Sikh 7
Tamannah Desire; Wish Sikh 8
Nirbhau Without Fear; Fearless Sikh 7
Mahtab Moon; Moonlight Sikh 6
Rajnarind King Like Incarnation of God in Heaven Sikh 9
Reet The tradition of all life Sikh 4
Sargun All the quality Sikh 6
Zeena A Hospitable Woman; Welcoming; Power of Zeus Sikh 5
Rinar Drop of Rain Sikh 5
Itcha Beautiful; Desire Sikh 5
Divjyot The bringer of heavenly light Sikh 7
Katreesa A graceful and elegant woman Sikh 8
Hansa The gracefulness of a swan Sikh 5
Mahtaab Moonlight Sikh 7
Ishwarpreet God's Beloved Sikh 1
Rayna Queen; Pure; Purity; Holy Dust Sikh 5
Malinder Sense of Responsibility Sikh 8
Safa The clear purity of innocence Sikh 4
Mantaz Queen of Heart Sikh 6
Pavandeep Firmament Illuminated; Lamp of Heavens Sikh 9
Dharvan A Winner Sikh 7
Tejinderpreet One who loves the mighty God Sikh 1
Staleenjeet A girl who is always successful in her life?s endeavours Sikh 1
Ojal Splendour; Vision; Shelter. Sikh 4
Pareet Love; The One who Loves the Lord Sikh 6
Prav God Sikh 4
Junaraaj A woman that is open and honest with everyone around her Sikh 8
Ekamkar Only One Creator Sikh 7
Roopraaz Queen of Beauty Sikh 8
Tripta Satisfied Sikh 6
Evneet-Kaur Number One Sikh 1
Lavpreet Beauty; Swaggerific Sikh 8
Gurmeet Friend of Guru; A companion of the Guru; A variant spelling is Gurmit Sikh 7
Bhagvanjyot Someone who carries the light of God with her Sikh 1
Taranjeet Victorious Saviour Sikh 9
Prabhjot Related to God Sikh 8
Rai Trust; Love; One Name of Radha Sikh 3
Zaghlula Young Pigeon Sikh 8
Taru Tree; Myth; Legend Sikh 4
Naveen Fresh; New; Excellent Sikh 6
Zhallu Defender Sikh 6
Puran Complete; Perfect Sikh 5
Ibhar Stigma of Flower Sikh 5
Divjot Divine Light Sikh 6
Yakin Trust; Belief Sikh 5
Ravneet Source of Light Sikh 7
Navkiran New Light; New Ray of Sunshine Sikh 8
Ria Singer; Love; To Flow; Earth; River; Merry; Victor; From the River's Mouth; Anger; Happy; In Bengal is for Fragrance of a Flower; Best Friend; Drop of Water; A Flooded River Valley; Fairy Sikh 3
Mehtab Light of Moon; Moon Sikh 6
Katriana A pure and divine woman Sikh 8
Paramjeet Supremely Victorious Sikh 9
Zaida Abundance; Fortunate; Prosperous; Growth Sikh 5
Nar Good Nature Sikh 3
Majeet Who Lives in Mind Sikh 6
Zinat Beauty; Adornment; Ornamentation; Decoration Sikh 5
Livavtar Love Incarnate Sikh 8
Ishwin One who Praises the Lord Sikh 6
Leena A Devoted One; Tender; Light; Free Man; Palm Tree; Feminine Diminutive Form of Charles; Carl; A Man; Wet Meadow; Little and Womanly; Plant of Dates; Soft; Mild; Clemency; Variant of Helen Sikh 5
Samreet Unique Sikh 7
Upavan Salvation Sikh 6
Amarjot The immortal light Sikh 7
Millan Showing Matching of Relationship Sikh 6
Zohra Venus; Love; Beautiful Sikh 5
Priyanka Beautiful; Loveable; Beautiful Symbol; Lovable Act; Beautiful Body Sikh 8
Omarpreet-Kaur Add Meaning Sikh 1
Neet Original; Ethical Sikh 4
Rama Lord Rama; Goddess Lakshmi; Pleaser of the Lord Sikh 4
Prabhjot-Kaur Relation with God; Smart; Prabh means God Ki Jot; Light of God Sikh 1
Freya Goddess of Love; Queen of the Gods; Beloved; Lady; Noble Woman; High-born Lady; Mistress Sikh 5
Inderjeet One who Wins the Love of God; God's Triumph Sikh 9
Parvinder Love Sikh 9
Onkarjit Triumph of the Inseparable Creator Sikh 8
Mankirat Work of Heart Sikh 8
Xemjeet Topper Sikh 7
Partit Faith Sikh 6
Masum Innocent Sikh 5
Janika Someone who is as compassionate and kind as God Sikh 6
Jheel A woman who adorns the calm and quiet of a still lake Sikh 5
Omika The blessing granted by God Sikh 5
Rashmeet Sweet; Cute Sikh 8
Fatehjit Victorious Victor Sikh 8
Kamili A perfect woman Sikh 6
Rachnik Creator of Universe Sikh 7
Pummy Innocent; Beautiful; Intelligent; Sharp Sikh 5
Maanvi The daughter of the entire mankind Sikh 6
Faajal Accomplished Sikh 6
Sukhdeep The bringer of peace and light in the world Sikh 8
Zoyaara Destiny Sikh 7
Dilberjot Sweet Heart Sikh 9
Invir Smart; Beloved Sikh 5
Parvender Loving God Fellow Sikh 9
Pavandip Wind; Light Sikh 8
Rijak Earning; Tradition; Way Sikh 5
Dilbaagh Blossoming Heart; Within Sikh 8
Yodha Heroic Warrior Sikh 5
Dishmeet Lovely Soul Sikh 8
Bishan The immaculate God Sikh 6
Kajalla A bringer of the strength as strong as iron Sikh 7
Devatma Deity Incarnate Sikh 7
Rinti Clever Sikh 5
Mehar God's Mehar; Good Wishes; Good Girl; Courtesy of God Sikh 5
Ujaala One who Radiates the Light Sikh 6
Nihaara The unseen beauty of the morning mist Sikh 7
Mishpreet Sweet Sikh 9
Eshpreet Gods Love Sikh 8
Sukhjyot The shining flame of happiness Sikh 8
Inderveer God's Warrior Sikh 9
Indirpreet Lover of God Sikh 1
Lakshmani Belonging to Lakshman Sikh 9
Aaima The undisputed leader of all living Sikh 5
Zhagan Cross over Water; Ford Sikh 6
Manjira Ankle-bells Sikh 7
Wahpreet Waheguru Very Good Sikh 8
Praavi A woman with incredible beauty Sikh 6
Phuman Tassel Sikh 6
Mithi Truthful; Sweet; Daughter of Goddess Lakshmi Sikh 5
Varneet Calmness Sikh 7
Mansirat Sweet; Beautiful Mind Sikh 8
Chadda A warrior princess born in the midst of battle Sikh 6
Upninder Add Meaning Sikh 8
Janilee One who is as beautiful as a lush green field Sikh 7
Praneet Dear one Sikh 7
Nitnam One who Ceaselessly Remembers the Lord Sikh 6
Nitya Everyday; Constant; Continuously; Goddess Parvati Sikh 5
Taranjot Light of Redemption Sikh 8
Tamanpreet Gold; Golden Sikh 1
Uptej Glorious Sikh 5
Brithi A woman who brings strength and nourishment to humans Sikh 6
Ishika Sacred; Sacred Paint Brush; The Queen of Water and Mountain; Lovely Sikh 6
Umaid Inspire Hope Sikh 5
Sukhjot The light that the peace gives Sikh 7
Dilneet Ethical Heart or Moral Soul Sikh 7
Janiya A woman who spreads the love of God to everyone Sikh 6
Zaina Beautiful Sikh 5
Darsev One who Serves Sikh 6
Ujjala Bright Sikh 6
Xallu Defender Sikh 5
Ikongkar One Creator Sikh 8
Zarina The Gold One; Golden; Queen; Magical Sikh 6
Dhara Constant Flow; The Earth; Constant Flow of Liquid Sikh 5
Eishita Goddess Lakshmi; Desired. Sikh 7
Birva Someone as gentle and marvellous as a leaf Sikh 5
Alisha The salvation offered by God Sikh 6
Wafa Faithfulness; Loyalty Sikh 4
Mata Injunctions; Is Considered; Opinion; Mother Sikh 4
Vaani Guru's Voice; Speech; Goddess Saraswati; The Sweet Spoken One Sikh 5
Luvnoor Light of Love Sikh 7
Ujala Lighting; On Fire Sikh 5
Upneet Someone close to the heart Sikh 6
Rajpratap Dominion of Majesty Sikh 9
Bhavya A splendid feeling of joy Sikh 6
Neknoor Nice Sikh 7
Roop Look; Beauty; Appearance Sikh 4
Baani The very words uttered by the Guru Sikh 5
Tejbir The Glory of the Brave One Sikh 6
Premsiri Greatest Love Sikh 8
Manmeet-Kaur Friend of Mind; Friend of Hearts Sikh 1
Pavanjot Light in Wind; Flammable Wind Sikh 8
Anya A woman whose gracefulness will never end Sikh 4
Ekkam The one who is united Sikh 5
Dilpreet Of one?s liking Sikh 8
Mustak Forehead Sikh 6
Roopkanwal Beautiful Face Sikh 1
Ira Earth; Goddess Saraswati; Crystal Clear Water Sikh 3
Raveena Sunny; Beauty of the Sun Sikh 7
Deepinder Light; Light of God Sikh 9
Hurriya A free Sikh 7
Dipleen The Divine Candle Sikh 7
Preetum Longing for Beloved Sikh 7
Rashi Cute; Wealth; Money; Beautiful; Collection; Sun Sign; Collection of Wealth; Sign; The Queen of All Planets Sikh 5
Zoreed One who Meets; One with Strong Intentions; One with Decisiveness; Distance; Gap Sikh 6
Omahara Welling Up of Rapture Sikh 7
Navserat New Sol Sikh 8
Balvinder The girl who wins over everyone with her strength Sikh 9
Pranjita Winner of Life Sikh 8
Luvleen Imbued; Infused; Absorbed in Love Sikh 7
Tajinderpreet Someone who is in love with the might of God Sikh 1
Ekjot God is One Sikh 5
Aarushi First ray of sun Sikh 7
Yugneet Forged by the divine fire Sikh 7
Nimeeta Beauty Sikh 7
Etebar Belief; Faith; Trust Sikh 6
Rawinder Kind Hearted Sikh 8
Raja King-queen; Hopeful Sikh 4
Baisakhi A popular festival in Punjab which is also a great name for a girl Sikh 8
Rajdeep Light of State Sikh 7
Qurbani Sacrifice Sikh 7
Dilreet An emotion that stems from the heart habituated to love Sikh 7
Laila Sweetheart; Night Beauty; Nocturnal; Nightfall; Beloved; Dark-haired Beauty; Holy; Blessed; Dark Beauty Sikh 5
Mana Supernatural Power; Love; Alike; Similar; Name of a God; Affection; Psychic Gifts Sikh 4
Tulvar Blessed Support Sikh 6
Ikantika Someone born with a singular focus in life Sikh 8
Paluk Eyelashes Sikh 5
Faheema One who is learned and wise Sikh 7
Harveen A person who always ensures to love another Sikh 7
Padamdeep Thousand Billions; Of Regions; Of Lotus Petalled Lamps Sikh 9
Zinaat Dress; Ornament Sikh 6
Hiromin The one who keeps the home warm and comfortable Sikh 7
Melody Music; Rythmic; Instrument; Song; Harmonious Sikh 6
Mokshika To Find Good Soul; Name of Durga Sikh 8
Manreet Custom of Heart; Very Good Girl Sikh 7
Iffat The virtue and honour of being chaste Sikh 5
Reejh Dedication; Wish Sikh 5
Drivnaynee Angelic Eyes Sikh 1
Dharat Earth Sikh 6
Pranjeeta Winner of Life Sikh 9
Lakhmi Goddess of Fortune; Luck Sikh 6
Rawal Gold Dust Sikh 5
Rabsimar Messenger of God; Kind; Remembering God Sikh 8
Ramneek Beautiful Sikh 7
Yeeshu Name of God Sikh 6
Ikjas Equality; Praise of One Sikh 5
Nimrata Humble Sikh 7
Mandip Light of Sages Sikh 6
Devinder The King of Gods Sikh 8
Punam Full Moon Sikh 5
Vidhya Wisdom; Knowledge; Learning Sikh 6
Zhanda Insignia Sikh 6
Lakhviar Heroic Quality Sikh 8
Rajinder King Indra; The Emperor; King of Kings; Variant of Rajendra Sikh 8
Rajwant The One of Its Kind Sikh 7
Dayapreet Lover of Compassion Sikh 9
Lovepreet Sweet; Lovely Sikh 9
Ruby Reddish; Red Colored Precious Gemstone; Red; Ruby Jewel; Reborn; The Red Gemstone Sikh 4
Qasam Oath Sikh 5
Xamak Twinkle; Shimmer Sikh 5
Yasmine Jasmine; Fragrant Flower; Shine; Jasmine (Flower); Precious Stone Sikh 7
Parteet Faith Sikh 7
Kathika The bringer of strength and courage to everyone Sikh 7
Paven Wind; Air Sikh 5
Tashu Kind; Cute; Talented in Many Ways; Sweet Singer; Melodious; Adorable; Brave; Joy; Pure Love Sikh 5
Zhim Soft; Gently Sikh 4
Isht God Sikh 4
Wichar Reflection on God Sikh 6
Narinder Mighty Man; Lord of Mankind; Doctor Sikh 8
Eamanjot Mind's Light Sikh 8
Smrita A woman adept at meditating through the troubles Sikh 6
Virinder Heroic One of God Sikh 8
Pyar Love Sikh 4
Saarpreet Essence of love Sikh 9
Mavleen Chief Sikh 7
Raekh Shape Sikh 5
Preeto Loved One Sikh 6
Lovereet Tradition / Pearl of Love Sikh 8
Rehet Tradition; Prestigious Customs Sikh 5
Upenderjit Add Meaning Sikh 1
Rajkamal Add Meaning Sikh 8
Niwarn Dispelled Sikh 6
Mehakpreet Love and Fragrance Sikh 1
Zubaira Sunshine Sikh 7
Randeep Light; Bright Sikh 7
Vaapaar Trade; Vocation Sikh 7
Mahinder God of Gods Sikh 8
Irwin Jesus of Drum; Always Happy Sikh 5
Veerinder A Brave Godly Person Sikh 9
Namrita Modest; Humble Sikh 7
Mehtaab Starlight; Moonlight Sikh 7
Tapa Penance; To Burn; Shine; Suffer Sikh 4
Prableen Absorbed in God's Love Sikh 8
Lovinder Love with (God) Inder Sikh 8
Junakhi A girl with honest intentions to discover various truths of the world Sikh 7
Mansundar Beautiful Soul Sikh 9
Dharas Hope Sikh 6
Layla The magnificent beauty of the night Sikh 5
Ikman One Mind Heart Mind Soul Sikh 5
Rit Tradition Sikh 3
Mina Love; Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection; Sea Port; Goddess of Sun; Moon; Stars; Enamel; Blue Glass; A Light; Child of the Red Earth; Garden; A Gem; Fish; Jewel Sikh 4
Mohenpreet Enticing Lover Sikh 1
Ravi Sun; Name of River Sikh 4
Neeshma Supreme Sikh 7
Dharampreet Love for One's Faith Sikh 1
Neha Beautiful Eyes; Love and Affection; A Flower; Love; One who Loves and is Loved; Cherished Beauty; Sweet Rain; Adorable; All Kinds of Water Sources; Friendship; Lovable; Perfect; Eyesight Sikh 4
Loveleen Loved One Sikh 8
Daani Light Green Sikh 5
Shirim A girl that resembles the resounding echo of infinity Sikh 6
Divreet Faithful Sikh 7
Mayra Moon; Beloved; A Plant Name Sikh 5
Prabhdeep Candle of God Sikh 9
Prabhsimran Admiration of God Sikh 1
Surinder The queen of all Gods in heaven Sikh 8
Vigsai To Come into Bloom; Blossom Sikh 6
Lovleen Absorbed; Imbued; Infused Sikh 7
Taan Strength; Power; Body Sikh 4
Etibar Belief; Faith; Trust Sikh 6
Onadeep Graceful Sikh 7
Ishjeet Victorious Supreme Being Sikh 7

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