Sanskrit Baby Girl Names From 'P' With Meaning

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Best Sanskrit vedic baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
pancha sankhyopacharini worshipped with the fivefold offerings Sanskrit
Puni Heavenly flower Sanskrit
parvatrAja putri - Sanskrit
Pushpanjali flower offering Sanskrit
Pradnya Wisdom Sanskrit
Prisha Beloved Sanskrit
paramananda Supreme Bliss Sanskrit
Parnika A small leaf Sanskrit
puratana the most Ancient Being Sanskrit
poorna Poorna (the all-encompassing whole) Sanskrit
Parnavi Bird Sanskrit
Parnal Leafy Sanskrit
Pranavi Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
panchashat pitharupini forms the fifty basic sounds of our speech Sanskrit
pranadatri gives life Sanskrit
Poorvi A classical melody Sanskrit
pashahasta holds in Her hands the nosse that binds all to Samsara Sanskrit
panchatanmatra sayaka holds five arrows representing the five Tanmatras (Subtle elements) Sanskrit
Parnita Auspicious Apsara Sanskrit
Priya Beloved Sanskrit
panchakrutya parayana engaged in the five functions mentioned above Sanskrit
pancha yagya priya loves the five sacrifices of the rightward Savya path Sanskrit
Pari Beauty Sanskrit
Pravi Incredible Sanskrit
padmaraga samaprabha shines like a ruby Sanskrit
punyapunya phalaprada the dispenser of the fruits of righteous as also of evil actions Sanskrit
pranarupini Herself Life (Prana or Brahma) Sanskrit
Pranaya Leader Sanskrit
padmanabha sahodari the sister of Padmanabha or Mahavishnu Sanskrit
Poornima Full moon Sanskrit
Padma Lotus Sanskrit
payasannapriya likes offerings of Payasa (milk food) Sanskrit
punyakirttih famed for holiness Sanskrit
Panita Admired Sanskrit
patali kusuma priya fond of Patali flower (the pale – red trumpet flowers) Sanskrit
panchami the Consort of the Fifth of these (Sadashiva) Sanskrit
paramodara supremely generous Sanskrit
pashahantri cuts the bond of Samsara Sanskrit
prabhavati endowed with the power of effulgence (Prabhavati) Sanskrit
Poonam full moon Sanskrit
prabharupa the Effulgence of Power itself Sanskrit
Punya Virtuous Sanskrit
Pragnya Scholar Sanskrit
Pratima Idol Sanskrit
parvatavardhini - Sanskrit
Parin Fairylike Sanskrit
pratyak chitirupa in the form of consciousness turned inwards (when the Reality is unmanifest in dissolution) Sanskrit
padmasana Brahma Sanskrit
paratpara the Supermost superior even to those who are adored as supreme deities Sanskrit
Pinakini Bow shaped Sanskrit
pushta full of vigour Sanskrit
panchavaktra exhibits five faces Sanskrit
pitavarna yellow in hue (ee golden in colour) Sanskrit
prachanda awe-inspiring Sanskrit
papanashini destroys sins together with the root of all sinful tendencies Sanskrit
Pechi Pearls Sanskrit
premarupa pure Love itself Sanskrit
Parina Fairy Sanskrit
Parul Beautiful Sanskrit
pulomajarchita adored by Pulomaja Sanskrit
Pratibha talent Sanskrit
Prinu Pleased Sanskrit
pratishtha the foundation of all things Sanskrit
parakasha the Transcendental Ether Sanskrit
Piral Crescent Sanskrit
Pauri Filler Sanskrit
priyavrata fond of holy vows Sanskrit
Palaksi White Sanskrit
Parvati She who lives in the mountains Sanskrit
Pauravi Descendant from Puru Sanskrit
parapara both the Absolute and the Relative Sanskrit
Piyali a tree Sanskrit
Prachi East Sanskrit
Parveen Star Sanskrit
Pakhi Bird Sanskrit
Priyasha dear one Sanskrit
Prema Love Sanskrit
parameshvari the sovereign Supreme Sanskrit
prasavitri gives birth to the universe Sanskrit
pujya worthy of devoted worship Sanskrit
prakatakrutih manifest in all as the I-sense Sanskrit
Piki cuckoo Sanskrit
Parinita Complete Sanskrit
pavanakrutih Whose form is holy and sanctifying Sanskrit
purushartha prada bestows the fourfold values of human life – Dharma (morality) Sanskrit
parimaLa suganta nAyaki - Sanskrit
Prit Love Sanskrit
paramantra vibhedini breaks the spells of one’s enemies Sanskrit
praneshvari the ruler of Prana (life force) Sanskrit
pancha ptreta manchadhi shayini seated on a seat supported by the Five Dead Sanskrit
paramdhama the Supreme Abode that homes all things that exists Sanskrit
Prina Content Sanskrit
pragyatmika the soul of the totality of Jivas experiencing Deep Sleep Sanskrit
pashupatinAyaki - Sanskrit
panchabhuteshi rules over the five primordial elements Sanskrit
Purva east Sanskrit
Prakhya Appearance Sanskrit
parichhedya the Infinite without any limitation Sanskrit
purvaja the first born Sanskrit
pancha koshantara sthita the Jiva within the five Kosas (Psychological sheaths of the Jiva’s personality) Sanskrit
Pameela Honey Sanskrit
pratyagrupa the Self within Sanskrit
pranada gives life Sanskrit
panchapretasa nasina sits on a seat formed of the five dead deities (same as the Brahmas mentioned below) Sanskrit
Parmita Wisdom Sanskrit
Paridhi Limit Sanskrit
Prerna Inspiration Sanskrit
paramjyotih the Supreme Light that illumines all luminaries Sanskrit
Pritika Loved one Sanskrit
Pratyusha Bright Morning Sanskrit
paparanya davanala also the wild fire that burns down the jungles of sins Sanskrit
paradevata Paradevata the object of supreme devotion Sanskrit
panchabrahma svarupini Whose form is composed of five Brahmas (Brahma Sanskrit
parvatasundari - Sanskrit
pushti fullness (Pushti) and is also the deity Pushti Sanskrit
pushkara like a lotus in bloom Sanskrit
Pia beloved Sanskrit
pratipan mukhyarakanta tithimandala pujita to be worshipped on the full – moon day Sanskrit
para the Para or the Transcendent Word (above the other lower stages of speech known as Pashyanti Sanskrit
pashuloka bhayankari frightful to the ignorant (Pashu) Sanskrit
pashupasha vimochini releases the ignorant from their bond of ignorance Sanskrit
paranishtha the Supreme End and establishment in Faith Sanskrit
pashyanti Pashyanti or speech in the inaudible stage Sanskrit
Putul doll Sanskrit
Payal Anklet Sanskrit
Pranali Organisation Sanskrit
parama also the Supreme Self Sanskrit
Pranjal Honest and soft Sanskrit
prasiddha the celebrated Sanskrit
paramanuh also the subtlest particle Sanskrit
punyashravana kirtana To hear of whom and to praise whom make for holiness Sanskrit
priyankari grants what is dear to us Sanskrit
Preet Love Sanskrit
pragyana ghanarupini Pure consciousness condensed Sanskrit
Panna Emerald Sanskrit
Pallavi Lotus Sanskrit
Preyasi beloved Sanskrit
padmanayana Whose eyes are like a lotus petal Sanskrit
padmaraga shiladarsha paribhavi kapolabhuh Whose cheeks are far fairer than mirrors of ruby (Padmaraga) Sanskrit
pushkarekshana has eyes charming like petals of lotus Sanskrit
parashaktih Para – sakti Sanskrit
punyalabhya can be attained only through holiness Sanskrit
panchabrahma sanasathita rests on a seat formed of the five Divinities (Brahmans) Sanskrit
padadvaya prabhajala parakruta saroruha Whose feet defeat the lotus in beauty Sanskrit
Paravi Bird Sanskrit
pragalbha surprisingly daring Sanskrit
Priyanka Everyone’s favourite Sanskrit

Hindu Baby Girl Names

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Nagamatr Tansi
Rosheen Kumkum
Kanta Grhadevi
Geetika Yosita
Bhasvati Vaishnavi
Pradipti Thabsheera
Onella Swati
Kamasena Vrusti
SenTamilMani Tara
Chitramala Rucika

Tamil Baby Girl Names

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Kalnisha KodiMullai
Jyotirmoyee Maljumana
Animalar Dorothy
Harinee Remitha
Zoona ThamaraiKodi
Chandrapushpa Kalapini
Maanika Uyirmani
Kripi Bavishya
Mehuli Titiksha
Mainavi Prathika

Goddess Baby Girl Names

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Skandamata Indrani
Durga Brahmani
Yogamaya Sridevi
Bhramari or Bhramarambha Kamakhya
Rudrani Mahakali
Gayatri Vijaya Lakshmi
Chhinnamasta Vani
Kamakshi Vishalakshi
Sataksi or Shakambhari Vidya Lakshmi
Mari Kamala

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