Sanskrit Baby Girl Names From 'C' With Meaning

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Best Sanskrit vedic baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Chetna Power of intellect Sanskrit
chaitanyarghya samaradhya best worshipped with the offereings of the spirit as Arghya Sanskrit
chiti Citi Sanskrit
Chhavi Reflection Sanskrit
chandanadrava dhighangi Whose person is fragrant with the scent of sandal paste Sanskrit
Chameli Jasmine Sanskrit
Champakali A Bud of Champa Sanskrit
chintamani gruhantastha Whose abode is Manidvipa the Island of Wish-yielding Gem Sanskrit
Chahna Love Sanskrit
chandika the Chandika Sanskrit
Chaitri born in the hindu month Chaitra Sanskrit
Chitrashila Of Strong Character Sanskrit
Chitrajyoti Wonderfully Glorious Sanskrit
Chakrika Goddess Laxmi Sanskrit
Chancy Goddess Laksmi Sanskrit
Chandrani Beautiful as Moon Sanskrit
Chithrambari Name of a Raga Sanskrit
chakraraja ratharudha sarvayudha parishkruta Seated in Her chariot Chakra raja equipped with armaments of every kind Sanskrit
Chandana Sandalwood Sanskrit
Cinta consideration Sanskrit
charuhasa Whose smile is charming Sanskrit
Chitragandha A fragrant material Sanskrit
Chandrakanta Beloved of the Moon Sanskrit
Chandani Star Sanskrit
Chandira Moon Sanskrit
chandahsara the essence of all Vedas Sanskrit
charurupa Whose form is exquisite Sanskrit
charuchandra kaladhara has the comely crescent moon in Her crown Sanskrit
chintyarupa transcends all thought Sanskrit
chideka rasarupini of the nature of Pure Consciosuness Sanskrit
Chaandvika Beautiful Moon Sanskrit
chandravidya the subject of Chandravidya (the same Srividya as practiced by Chandra Sanskrit
Charusheela The beautiful woman Sanskrit
Chunni A star Sanskrit
Charu Attractive; beautiful; pleasing Sanskrit
chakraraja niketana has Her abode in Chakra – raja or Shri chakra Sanskrit
Caruvi splendour Sanskrit
Chitrangi With a Charming Body Sanskrit
Chandrakali Progressive Sanskrit
Charutha Beautiful girl Sanskrit
charachara jagannatha the queen ruling over all beings sentient and insentient Sanskrit
Chakori Alert Sanskrit
Cholai Garden Sanskrit
chaitanya kusumapriya loves the flower offerings of the spirit Sanskrit
Chandrima Moonlight Night Sanskrit
chaturvaktra manohara fascinating with Her four faces Sanskrit
chanda mundasura nishudini the destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda Sanskrit
Chandramukhi One with a round face like the full moon Sanskrit
Charusmitha One having a beautiful smile Sanskrit
chischaktish the Power of Consciousness Sanskrit
Chaaya Shadow Sanskrit
Chitkala Knowledge Sanskrit
chidagni kundasambhuta came out of the fire of Pure Consciousness Sanskrit
Chetaki Conscious Sanskrit
chandramandala madhyaga stationed in the centre of the moon (the pericap of the Sahasrara) Sanskrit
Chayanika The chosen one Sanskrit
Chitra Picture Sanskrit
Chandrakanti Moonlight Sanskrit
Chaitra The beginning; the first month of the year as per the Indian calendar Sanskrit
chaturbahu samanvita Four-armed Divinity Sanskrit
Charumati A beautiful lady Sanskrit
chatushshashtih yupachardhya worshipped with sixty four ingredients (Upacharas) Sanskrit
Chesta Desire Sanskrit
Charulekha Beautiful picture Sanskrit
Chandramani Moonstone Sanskrit
Candi the passionate and angry Sanskrit
Chanchal Active Sanskrit
Chandraprabha Star Sanskrit
Chinmayi Pure Knowledge Sanskrit
Charvi Beautiful Sanskrit
Chaarvi beautiful girl Sanskrit
Cetana intelligence Sanskrit
Charuroopa Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Chakshani Good looking Sanskrit
champeya kusumapriya fond of the fragrant Champa flowers Sanskrit
chandranibha shines as the Moon in the pericap of the Sahasrara lotus Sanskrit
chatushshashti kalamayi embodies the sixty four forms of fine arts Sanskrit
Chandrika Moonlight Sanskrit
Charuvardhani Name of a Raga Sanskrit
Chandrakala Ray of the Moon Sanskrit
champakashoka punnaga saugandhika lasat kacha Whose shining locks of hair impart their fragrance to flowers like Chamka Sanskrit
Chandraki Peacock Sanskrit
Chandravati Lit by the Moon Sanskrit
Chandrajyoti Moonlight Sanskrit
chaturanga baleshvari commands armies well – equipped in all the four arms Sanskrit
Charuvi Light Sanskrit
chetanarupa pure consciousness itself Sanskrit

Hindu Baby Girl Names

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Ashakiran Anandini
Nemisha Leena
Vadivu GunaMaalai
Jalela Liza
Kanchi Jalajini
Elilnangai Neetal
Harishri Javitri
Mili Zora
Sumangli Pranisha
Rikita Jalakanta

Tamil Baby Girl Names

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Eisha Malimi
Marudham Ksema
PugalVadivu Upala
Bel Trinayani
Chndraja Bhaumi
Chandrakin Sollalagi
Abeer Aarohi
Havina Sanjita
Prathiksha Kameela
Magnai ManiMaalai

Goddess Baby Girl Names

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Brahmani Uma
Kausiki Tulasi
Mahamaya Dhana Lakshmi
Vijaya Lakshmi Tridevi
Ambika Sataksi or Shakambhari
Sita Meenakshi
Vidya Lakshmi Siddhidhatri
Shailaputri Kamakshi
Bhudevi Kamalatmika
Mari Kushmanda

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