Russian Baby Girl Names From 'T' With Meaning

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Best russian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Taska - Russian 5
Tiane - Russian 5
Tanee - Russian 5
Tahsha - Russian 6
Tashi - Russian 5
Tatjana - Russian 7
Tahnia - Russian 6
Tatie - Russian 5
Tasenka - Russian 7
Taina - Russian 5
Tetyana - Russian 7
Tatiyana - Russian 8
Tonnya - Russian 6
Tatihana - Russian 8
Tama She is like a thunder Russian 4
Tassy Variation of the Russian name Tassie Russian 5
Tassa - Russian 5
Taitiann - Russian 8
Tatiana - Russian 7
Tashey - Russian 6
Taneea - Russian 6
Tisha Aristocrat Russian 5
Tati - Russian 4
Tahna - Russian 5
Taya - Russian 4
Tiauna - Russian 6
Taniya Russian pet form of Tatiana; fairy princess Russian 6
Tyanna - Russian 6
Tasha - Russian 5
Tana - Russian 4
Tanazia - Russian 7
Tatyana - Russian 7
Tanya - Russian 5
Theodosia Giver of God Russian 9
Tyana - Russian 5
Tasya - Russian 5
Tianna - Russian 6
Taisiya - Russian 7
Tonja One who is precious Russian 5
Tatyanna - Russian 8
Tatianna - Russian 8
Tatijana - Russian 8
Tarnya - Russian 6
Taitianna - Russian 9
Tonya - Russian 5
Taziana - Russian 7
Tashia - Russian 6
Tianne - Russian 6
Tawnya - Russian 6
Tianara - Russian 7
Tiana - Russian 5
Talya Dew from god Russian 5
Toshiana - Russian 8
Tora In Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder. Russian 4
Tiani - Russian 5
Tanja - Russian 5
Tasiya - Russian 6
Tatiania - Russian 8
Tanis Serpent lady Russian 5
Tahnee Female ruler of an independent state Russian 6
Tiandra - Russian 7
Tiahna - Russian 6
Tassiana - Russian 8
Tiatiana - Russian 8
Tahni - Russian 5
Tahnya - Russian 6
Tanamaree - Russian 9
Tiarna A graceful princess Russian 6
Tanita - Russian 6
Tatia - Russian 5
Tashina - Russian 7
Tonyah - Russian 6
Tatyanah - Russian 8
Tania - Russian 5
Tionna - Russian 6
Tiona - Russian 5
Tassie - Russian 6
Tat?na Father's daughter Russian 6
Taisia - Russian 6

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