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Like Names Means Origin
Sury She is like the Red Rose Persian
Suria To be like a red rose Persian
Suri A girl who is like a red rose Persian
Suraya A woman precious as a jewel Persian
Suraa A woman of greath power and strenght Persian
Soussan She is as beautiful as the lily flower Persian
Souri A girl who is like a red rose Persian
Soulmaz a persian A woman who never wilts Persian
Soraya She is precious as a jewel Persian
Sooria To be like a red rose Persian
Somaieh One who is high above others Persian
Shydi One who brings happiness Persian
Shouka A kind of a deer Persian
Shohreh She is a very famous girl Persian
Shohrah A famous woman who is well-known Persian
Shiva She who is very charming Persian
Shirin banoo A very sweet young girl Persian
Shirin A sweet girl in Persian. Also Persian
Shideh The bright one Persian
Sheyda A lovesick woman Persian
Sherin A charming woman Persian
Sherene Woman who is pleasant to be around Persian
Shehzadi Persian name meaning princess Persian
Sheeva A charming woman Persian
Shayana She deserves nice things in life Persian
Shawdi One who feels deep joy Persian
Shamsa Sun Persian
Shakufa The opening bud. Persian
Shahwar A woman worthy of Kings Persian
Shahrzadi She was born from the city Persian
Shahrnaz The town's most loved one Persian
Shahrbanou She is the lady of the town Persian
Shahrbano She is the king's wife Persian
Shahnaz Pride and bride of the king Persian
Shahmir A woman with beautiful Persian
Shahlah One who blushes Persian
Shahida One who is considered beautiful Persian
Shadman A happy woman Persian
Shadleen Happy and soft hearted women. Persian
Seriyah A princess or a daughter of a king Persian
Sanaz A flower Persian
Sahba One who is like a wine Persian
Sadie A princess Persian
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