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Like Names Means Origin
Now The new or the recent one Persian
Noushineh A musical tone of old Persian music. Persian
Noushin Honeyed and sweet smelling. Persian
Noushafarin Initiator of joy and bliss. Persian
Nousha Honeyed Persian
Nidara She who is loved by all. Persian
Nizha A delightful Persian
Niyoosha A patient listener Persian
Nisrina A girl who is aromatic as a flower Persian
Nisrin An aromatic plant Persian
Nisreen An plant full of aroma Persian
Nirvikalpa The new or the recent one Persian
Nirut Honeyed and sweet smelling. Persian
Nirush Initiator of joy and bliss. Persian
Nirupesh Honeyed Persian
Nilufar The lily flower that grows in the lakes or ponds. Persian
Niloufer Saintly Persian
Niloufar The lily floras which are prospering in the water ponds. Persian
Niloofar A beautiful flower of Lily Persian
Nilofer Lilly flowers that flourishing in the water places. Persian
Nikou The most dearly one. Persian
Nikoo The most dearly one. Persian
Nijaza Wish or need Persian
Nihada Character Persian
Nestani A form of Nestan Persian
Nermina A variant of Nermana Persian
Nermana Hero Persian
Negina The precious gemstone Persian
Negin The priceless gem or valuable gemstone. Persian
Negar The one is very loving and close to heart. Persian
Ned?ara Dear or beloved. Persian
Nazveen A beautiful lady Persian
Nazish Something to proud Persian
Nazis The proud or something that can be proud of Persian
Nazilla A cute person Persian
Nazhin Name of a particular tree Persian
Nazanin Zahra Nazanin means sweetheart Persian
Nastaran A flower like a wild rose Persian
Nasrine A beautiful white flower Persian
Nasrin A Jonquil flower Persian
Nasreen A white colored wild flower Persian
Nashah A judge Persian
Nashad An unhappy person Persian
Narmin Soft and gentle girl Persian
Narmeen Pleasing to the senses Persian
Narjis A sweet smelled flower Persian
Narina Fresh Persian
Nargis The eye-shaped flower Persian
Narges A flower of a shape of eye Persian
Nareen Good natured Persian
Nahrin River Persian
Nahidah A delightful and beautiful girl Persian
Nahida Planet Venus Persian
Nahid The Second planet of the solar system; Venus Persian
Naheeda A delightful person Persian
Naheed The planet Venus of the solar system Persian
Nahal A young plant Persian
Nagma The tune or the melody Persian
Naghmah A melody or a song Persian
Nadereh Not widely known to others. Persian
Naazneen Stunning and fascinating lady. Persian
Naasiha Professional in giving truthful guidance to others. Persian
Naaheed The star Venus Persian
Naadiya The one who calls Persian
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