Japanese Baby Girl Names From 'S' With Meaning

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Best Japanese baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category
Saburo third son Japanese
Satsuki Fifth month Japanese
Shin'ichi faithful first (son) Japanese
Sumire A lovely violet Japanese
Sakuko child of Saku Japanese
Sayoko child of Sayo Japanese
Sada The woman who is the pure one Japanese
Star Star Japanese
Sora (??) She is like the sky Japanese
Shoko A little child who is auspicious Japanese
Seika Pure summer Japanese
Satoshi clear-thinking Japanese
Shigekazu first son of Shige Japanese
Sumi clear Japanese
Sakiya cherry blossom growing Japanese
Sajonara Farewell Japanese
Saory A nicely woven cloth Japanese
Shuji governing second (son) Japanese
Shiori To be a guide Japanese
Shig names beginning with Shige- Japanese
Sute forsaken; foundling Japanese
Sakiko child of Saki Japanese
Shin truth Japanese
Sana Brilliance; exceptional talent or intelligence towards things Japanese
Senichi first son of Sen Japanese
Shina virtue Japanese
Saiua A name which means a ripe fruit Japanese
Soma No Japanese
Shiko A woman made of stone Japanese
Shamon Buddhist monk Japanese
Sadako The child that is chaste and of integrity Japanese
Sakae prosperous Japanese
Shizu silent Japanese
Sango coral Japanese
Sumiko She is a beautiful child of goodness Japanese
Shoma reaching for truth Japanese
Shinon Japanese name of a type of flower Japanese
Sora sky Japanese
Shiki The four seasns of the year Japanese
Subaru One who is uniting. A term that identifies the Pleiaddes star cluster in the constellation Taurus Japanese
Sakurako A child of the cherry blossom Japanese
Shikha gentle deer Japanese
Shinobu A person that is very enduring Japanese
Sin'ichi faithful first-born son Japanese
Shinichi first son of Shin Japanese
Seijun pure Japanese
Shuichi first son of Shu Japanese
Sushi A Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice. Japanese
Sen Name of Lotus flower Japanese
Shoichi first son of Sho Japanese
Satoko Child of Sato Japanese
Shynah She is a victor Japanese
Shiniqua A woman who is a victor Japanese
Seki wonderful Japanese
Sayaka A clear one Japanese
Shika A gentle deer Japanese
Saeko A serene child Japanese
Sara Princess Japanese
Sayuri A flower Japanese
Shino A woman who is like a stem of bamboo Japanese
Sanyu Japanese name meaning happiness Japanese
Shunichi first son of Shun Japanese
Sayua One who is swift andf fast like an arrow Japanese
Seiko A child that is sincere Japanese
Sachiko The child of good luck and happiness Japanese
Sorano of the sky Japanese
Shion A person who remembers Japanese
Suzuki A common surname in Japan Japanese
Sanako child of Sana Japanese
Sumiye bright mind; smart girl Japanese
Shun A fast and talented person Japanese
Shigeko A child that has everything it needs Japanese
Saori Color of sand Japanese
Sai Japanese name meaning paint Japanese
Sakura A woman who is like a cherry blossom Japanese
Setsuko temperate child Japanese
Sueko She who is the youngest child in the family Japanese
Sadao decisive man Japanese
Sato sugar Japanese
Seiren A refined star Japanese
Sakai To live in prosperity Japanese
Sunako The sand child or the dark side Japanese
Saki A blossom of new hope Japanese
Saku Remembrance of the Divine Japanese
Seiichi first son of Sei Japanese
Seina The innocente one Japanese
Shiho maintain original intention Japanese
Sachio happy child Japanese
Suki A beloved woman Japanese

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