Japanese Baby Girl Names From 'M' With Meaning

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Best Japanese baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names. Also japanese names for girl meaning moon , japanese names for girl meaning fire , japanese names for girl meaning water

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Mariko A genuine person Japanese 6
Masashi correct official Japanese 7
Misaki The beautiful newly-grown flower Japanese 6
Miyu A beautiful truth Japanese 4
Midori one of the colors Japanese 6
Manzo third-born son Japanese 5
Maimi smiling with truth Japanese 5
Mako A woman who is grateful ant truthful Japanese 4
Minami The one who lived in the south region Japanese 6
Miyo A Beautiful and charming child Japanese 4
Masuyo increase world Japanese 6
Mayumi A girl of true beauty Japanese 6
Mutsuko child of Mutsu Japanese 7
Minori village of beautiful fields Japanese 6
Maru round Japanese 4
Mon Gateway Japanese 3
Masakazu first son of Masa Japanese 8
Masami One who will become beautiful Japanese 6
Mamoru earth Japanese 6
Miu A beautiful feather Japanese 3
Mitsuko child of Mitsu Japanese 7
Masako A truthful Japanese 6
Miyoko A beautiful child of a beautiful generation Japanese 6
Mizuki The beautiful and pleasant moon Japanese 6
Morika A fragrance of the forest Japanese 6
Mameha Name of the Geaisha Japanese 6
Moe It is a German reference to "Mother Mary"; the holy virgin Japanese 3
Mie three way division. Japanese 3
Masae One who is blessed with elegance Japanese 5
Mine A will or a desire to protect Japanese 4
Morina forest town Japanese 6
Minako A beautiful child Japanese 6
Miyako Beautiful Japanese 6
Mana One who is full of spirit Japanese 4
Makaira One who brings Happiness Japanese 7
Mayako child of Maya Japanese 6
Mikazuki moon of third night Japanese 8
Mikia flower stem Japanese 5
Masayuki correct happiness Japanese 8
Masumi A woman of true purity and beauty Japanese 6
Moto source Japanese 4
Maria sea of bitterness Japanese 5
Mamiko She who is a daughter of the sea Japanese 6
Mika In Hebrew Japanese 4
Marri A ball Japanese 5
Maiya Japanese name meaning rice valley Japanese 5
Mikki flower stem Japanese 5
Mei A beautiful girl Japanese 3
Mitsuo third male (son) Japanese 6
Mayuko A child of Mayu Japanese 6
Misa A beautiful bud or a beautiful sand Japanese 4
Mirai The future Japanese 5
Mari Hebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary; Japanese 4
Mitsue A shining light Japanese 6
Misako A fascinating child Japanese 6
Miki beautiful tree Japanese 4
Mao A real and genuine girl Japanese 3
Makiko A child of the one who is true Japanese 6
Masanori correct principles Japanese 8
Maki Finnish meaning is Hill Japanese 4
Miku A beautiful sky Japanese 4
Mieko the brightness of the light. Japanese 5
Misumi pure beauty Japanese 6
Maemi A truthful smile Japanese 5
Mio A beautiful cherry blossom Japanese 3
Miho Beauty Japanese 4
Mayoko child of Mayo Japanese 6
Mitsu A shiny reflection Japanese 5
Mikka Three Japanese 5
Mami Genuine Japanese 4
Madoka tranquil Japanese 6
Makoto A sincere person Japanese 6
Masaaki correct brightness Japanese 7
Machiko A fortunate child Japanese 7
Maho One who always tells the truth Japanese 4
Moriko A child that hails from the forest Japanese 6
Mayu Genuine Japanese 4
Maeko The child of truth Japanese 5
Momiji Red leaves Japanese 6
Mitsuki The gracious moon Japanese 7
Machi ten thousand Japanese 5
Miyah In French it means the pregnant virgin. In Japanese it means a sacred temple Japanese 5
Monterio big boy Japanese 8
Mikasa A Nara Word that means three hats of Bamboo. Also means "to resolve" Japanese 6
Mai A person who dances with great grace Japanese 3
Mihoko child of shielded loveliness. Japanese 6
Mikan A Japanese word that means Orange or tangerine. Japanese 5
Momoka Hundreds of flowers Japanese 6
Michiya wisdom Japanese 7
Masahiro govern widely Japanese 8
Michi the upright path. Japanese 5
Mi Beauty Japanese 2
Miya A sacred house Japanese 4
Miwa A beauty or harmony Japanese 4
Michiko the child with fantastic knowledge. Japanese 7
Momoko Numerous children Japanese 6
Manami Affectionate Japanese 6
Maiko A child that has a love for dancing Japanese 5

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