Japanese Baby Girl Names From 'K' With Meaning

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Best Japanese baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names. Also japanese names for girl meaning moon , japanese names for girl meaning fire , japanese names for girl meaning water

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Kita Kita means North Japanese 4
Ko Baby Japanese 2
Kichi fortunate Japanese 5
Kishi seashore Japanese 5
Kioka Kioka means Mirror Japanese 5
Kimiko Means Valuable Child Japanese 6
Kosuke Kosuke means The Rising Sun Japanese 6
Kono dexterity and skill Japanese 4
Kin Kin means Golden Japanese 3
Koshiro wide-mind; ambitious Japanese 7
Kazuko harmonious child Japanese 6
Kaiyo forgiveness Japanese 5
Kisho one who knows his own mind Japanese 5
Katashi firmness Japanese 7
Kawa river Japanese 4
Kei rapture Japanese 3
Kentaro big boy Japanese 7
Kotone harp sound Japanese 6
Koto Beautiful Japanese 4
Koko Koko means Night Japanese 4
Kyo Kyo means Village or Unite Japanese 3
Karou Karou means Fragant Japanese 5
Kiaria Kiaria means a Lot of fortune Japanese 6
Kokoro Heart Japanese 6
Kikuko chrysanthemum Japanese 6
Kimika Kimika means Noble Japanese 6
Kayo Kayo means The Beautiful Generation Japanese 4
Kiko hope Japanese 4
Katana Katana means Honorable or Sword Japanese 6
Koemi smiling Japanese 5
Kibo hope Japanese 4
Kohana little flower Japanese 6
Kaiya forgiveness Japanese 5
Kanaye zealous one Japanese 6
Kayda Kayda means Looks like a little Dragon Japanese 5
Kyoto mirror Japanese 5
Kioshi quiet Japanese 6
Kiyoshi quiet Japanese 7
Kazane Kazane means The Sound that the Wind Makes Japanese 6
Kitaro happy boy Japanese 6
Kitiara The name means Blade from the North Japanese 7
Ken healthy and strong Japanese 3
Kane two right hands Japanese 4
Kana dexterity and skill Japanese 4
Kuma Kuma means Bear Japanese 4
Kimi Kimi means Beautiful Story Japanese 4
Keomi Pure Japanese 5
Komako filly; term of endearment Japanese 6
Kairy Kairy means Sea Japanese 5
Kagome Kagome means Lost Japanese 6
Kurva mulberry tree Japanese 5
Kazashi hair ornament Japanese 7
Kaya Native American - Little but wise; African - Home; Japanese Yew Japanese 4
Kazuhiko harmonious prince Japanese 8
Kimmi Kimmi means Righteous Japanese 5
Kerriann Kerria means Yellow Japanese Rose Japanese 8
Kenji intelligent ruler Japanese 5
Kiyo purity Japanese 4
Kaoru Kaoru means Fragant Japanese 5
Koge Koge means Scented Flower Japanese 4
Kasumi Kasumi means Mist Japanese 6
Kameko tortoise-child Japanese 6
Kiyoko Kiyoko means A Pure and Clean Child Japanese 6
Kirika Means Natural Beauty Japanese 6
Kuni country born Japanese 4
Kaori Fragrant Beautiful Girl Japanese 5
Kaida Kaida means Little Dragon Japanese 5
Kyoko Kyoko means Mirror Japanese 5
Kojika fawn Japanese 6
Katsumi victorious beauty Japanese 7
Kyou Kyou means Capital City Japanese 4
Kiki Double happiness Japanese 4
Kozue Kozue means Chinesee Black Pine Japanese 5
Kiwa Kiwa means She is Born on the Borderline Japanese 4
Keiko Keiko means Child that is Celebrate and Respected Japanese 5
Koharu Koharu means Late Summer Japanese 6
Kuri Kuri means Chestnut Japanese 4
Kaede maple leaf Japanese 5
Kumi Kumi means Forever Beautiful Japanese 4
Kagami Kagami means Mirror Japanese 6
Kana Kana means The One who Has the Power Japanese 4
Kiyomi Pure Japanese 6
Kei Kei name means Square Jewel Japanese 3
Keina Keina means Prosperity Japanese 5
Kairi Kairi means Ocean Village Japanese 5
Kumiko Kumiko means Companion Child Japanese 6
Kura The name means Treasure House Japanese 4
Kiku Kiku means chrysanthemum Japanese 4
Kioko The name means Who Shares The Happiness With the World Japanese 5
Kano water god Japanese 4
Kohaku Kohaku means Amber Japanese 6
Kazumi Kazumi means Beautiful Harmony Japanese 6
Kata Kata in Japanese means Worthy One. In Greek Japanese 4
Keon Keomi means Pure Beauty Japanese 4

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