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Best Japanese baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names. Also japanese names for girl meaning moon , japanese names for girl meaning fire , japanese names for girl meaning water

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Kaori Fragrant Beautiful Girl Japanese 5
Satoshi clear-thinking Japanese 7
Bashira Joyful; Predictor of Good News Japanese 7
Chiaki Sparkling Japanese 6
Ko Baby Japanese 2
Rikona intelligence Japanese 6
Ayano colorful woven silk Japanese 5
Namie Blessings or little help Japanese 5
Akira Bright Japanese 5
Morina forest town Japanese 6
Haruhi Japanese name meaning Spring Day; Blooming and Flowering Japanese 6
Leiko arrogant Japanese 5
Shigekazu first son of Shige Japanese 9
Hoshiko Japanese - star Japanese 7
Kei rapture Japanese 3
Amaya night rain Japanese 5
Tsunade One who is like the young thunder; confident Japanese 7
Sana Brilliance; exceptional talent or intelligence towards things Japanese 4
Tokiko child of Toki Japanese 6
Shun A fast and talented person Japanese 4
Raidon thunder God Japanese 6
Nen deep hope Japanese 3
Aiya beautiful silk Japanese 4
Jona it means the God is gracious and Dove bird. Such people are most adored and admirable in the society or among family. Japanese 4
Misumi pure beauty Japanese 6
Sinichi faithful first-born son Japanese 7
Suzuki A common surname in Japan Japanese 6
Saiua A name which means a ripe fruit Japanese 5
Annaisha helpful guide to others Japanese 8
Yuriko child of Yuri Japanese 6
Hideyo superior generations Japanese 6
Chika Filled with wisdom and intellect Japanese 5
Sayaka A clear one Japanese 6
Takane mountain peak Japanese 6
Yoshifumi Japanese 9
Etsu delight Japanese 4
Moriko A child that hails from the forest Japanese 6
Sumiko She is a beautiful child of goodness Japanese 6
Seiko A child that is sincere Japanese 5
Hide excellent Japanese 4
Chihiro Thousand springs Japanese 7
Renjiro virtuous Japanese 7
Takara A piece to cherish Japanese 6
Setsuko temperate child Japanese 7
Haruki springtime tree Japanese 6
Tamako precious stone Japanese 6
Ayaka colorful flower Japanese 5
Kita Kita means North Japanese 4
Kosuke Kosuke means The Rising Sun Japanese 6
Akiara A bright person Japanese 6
Kura The name means Treasure House Japanese 4
Mieko the brightness of the light. Japanese 5
Mai A person who dances with great grace Japanese 3
Emiko this name means a prosperous and beautiful child. Japanese 5
Yogi one of the yoga practice Japanese 4
Daichi great first son Japanese 6
Sada The woman who is the pure one Japanese 4
Akiko Clear Japanese 5
Nami wave Japanese 4
Usagi moon Japanese 5
Katashi firmness Japanese 7
Azumi safe residence Japanese 5
Hatsumomo Japanese - First Born peach Japanese 9
Ruqa One who is a bright blue flower Japanese 4
Toshiko An ancient or valued child Japanese 7
Yutaka rich Japanese 6
Shoko A little child who is auspicious Japanese 5
Yasuko peaceful child Japanese 6
Haneen flower child Japanese 6
Natsuki Green color fruits or plants or vegetables or bright moon. Japanese 7
Shinon Japanese name of a type of flower Japanese 6
Eiko long-lived child Japanese 4
Oki The Champion in all the fields Japanese 3
Minami The one who lived in the south region Japanese 6
Senichi first son of Sen Japanese 7
Miyo A Beautiful and charming child Japanese 4
Eichi wisdom Japanese 5
Asami Morning beauty Japanese 5
Gin silver Japanese 3
Ayumi stroll Japanese 5
Jin tender Japanese 3
Miki beautiful tree Japanese 4
Ran An orchid flower Japanese 3
Yumena famous Japanese 6
Etsudo a Japanese name meaning joy and child. Japanese 6
Haru born in the spring Japanese 4
Hikaru light; shining Japanese 6
Kurva mulberry tree Japanese 5
Fumiko Academic or intellectual. Japanese 6
Morika A fragrance of the forest Japanese 6
Rika A woman who is going to stay strong forever Japanese 4
Ryoko A woman who is like the dragon Japanese 5
Taigen great ambition Japanese 6
Mei A beautiful girl Japanese 3
Ken healthy and strong Japanese 3
Nyoko Combination of two Sanskrit words "Moha" means infatuation and "Mad" means intoxicated. Thus Japanese 5
Harue Spring Bough; Sunshine Japanese 5
Sachiko The child of good luck and happiness Japanese 7
Risako child of Risa Japanese 6
Fuji Refers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion. Japanese 4
Mayu Genuine Japanese 4
Akane Madder; red dye Japanese 5
Namiko child of Nami Japanese 6
Akako red Japanese 5
Ai love Japanese 2
Jiro second male Japanese 4
Kohaku Kohaku means Amber Japanese 6
Maeko The child of truth Japanese 5
Madoka tranquil Japanese 6
Kiko hope Japanese 4
Fudo god of fire and wisdom Japanese 4
Yoshito good and lucky man Japanese 7
Miho Beauty Japanese 4
Sara Princess Japanese 4
Sakiya cherry blossom growing Japanese 6
Yutsuko child of Yutso Japanese 7
Emi Beautiful Japanese 3
Maiko A child that has a love for dancing Japanese 5
Wattan homeland Japanese 6
Monterio big boy Japanese 8
Mutsuko child of Mutsu Japanese 7
Tame unselfish Japanese 4
Saki A blossom of new hope Japanese 4
Shizu silent Japanese 5
Masako A truthful Japanese 6
Komako filly; term of endearment Japanese 6
Takeo warrior Japanese 5
Momoko Numerous children Japanese 6
Koharu Koharu means Late Summer Japanese 6
Kana Kana means The One who Has the Power Japanese 4
Nobu faith Japanese 4
Miyu A beautiful truth Japanese 4
Ayako scholarly child Japanese 5
Taku Japanese 4
Maru round Japanese 4
Yoshimasa good luck; correctness Japanese 9
Mayako child of Maya Japanese 6
Junko pure child Japanese 5
Shika A gentle deer Japanese 5
Ima Now Japanese 3
Kioko The name means Who Shares The Happiness With the World Japanese 5
Suki A beloved woman Japanese 4
Shikha gentle deer Japanese 6
Chiharu one thousand springs Japanese 7
Mana One who is full of spirit Japanese 4
Ito thread Japanese 3
Kano water god Japanese 4
Kuni country born Japanese 4

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