Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting From 'T' With Meaning.

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Hebrew baby girl names starting with T letter.

Like Names Means
Tzviya Deer
Tzophiyah Looking towards God
Tzipporah Bird
Tziona Excellent
Tzafrirah Morning zephr
Tseeli Princess
Toviel The Goodness of my God
Tove Good
Tovah Good or one who does good
Tova Good
Torah To guide or to teach
Tomasina One of a twin baby girl
Tmira One who is upstanding or upright
Tivona Lover of nature
Tisa A desirable person
Tirzah Delight
Tirza My girl is my delight
Tirtzah Agreeable
Tirsa Pleasant
Tiran A beginner or a place in Israel
Tira In Hebrew it means encampment. In Hindi it means an arrow
Timnah To held from
Timna To restrain or to hold
Timaria One who belongs to the land of palm tree
Timara A date palm or the palm tree
Tilles One who is fortunate
Tilia The tiel trees or lime trees
Tierza Pleasantness of a Cypress tree
Tiersa Pleasantness
Thirza Sweet-natured
Thersa A cypress tree
Thamara A date plam
Thadine The praised theresa
Tessica She who sees everyting
Temira A tall girl
Temima She who is flawless
Tema Righteous
Tehillah A praise song
Tehilla Songs of God's glory
Tehila Song of praise
Tavora A fracture
Tamyra Variation of the name Tamara
Tamya A date palm
Tammie A form of tammy
Tammi A form of tammy
Tamma Perfect tammy
Tamitha Twin
Tamera Palm tree
Tamarr Hebrew for palm tree
Tamarah A woman who is like a palm tree
Tamara A name that means date palm tree
Tamar A name that means date palm tree
Tamaira She who is like a plam tree
Talyia She who is the dew of the heaven
Talya Dew from god
Talore One who is like a light dew
Talora Dew of the morning
Talma A hillock or a mound
Talli Choctaw name meaning jumping water
Taliyah Dew of God; A lamb that is female in gender
Talie From the latin natalia
Talida Diminutive of adelheid which means kind of noble
Taliah Abbreviation of natalia also means lamb from heaven or a lambkin
Talia Dew from heaven
Taleah One who resembles the morning dew from heaven
Tal Dew from god
Tahliah Morning dew
Tahlia Lamb or lambkin
Taffy Derived from the element dod which means favorite
Tadeja Gift from God
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