Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting From 'S' With Meaning.

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Hebrew baby girl names starting with S letter.

Like Names Means
Sydelle Princess
Syala She who is like a doe
Suzanne Derived from the hebrew Soshana means lily
Suzana Lily
Suzan A flower
Sussan White lily
Susie Lily
Susanna Lily
Susana Lily
Susan Kinship
Surina A laughing princess
Surie She is a princess
Sula A little peaceful she-bear
Suesan Variation of Susan which means Lily
Sue She who is a graceful lilly flower
Sudie She is a lily flower
Stav One who is like an autumn
Sosie She is a lily flower
Sose A woman who resambles a lily flower
Solomiya Peace
Sofiyko Ukrainian form of Sophia
Siusan A woman who resambles a lily
Sisel She who is of sweet nature and appereance
Siouxsie A woman who looks like a lilly flower
Simcha A feeling of joy and happiness
Simah One who is a great treasure
Sima A treasure
Sigliah Violet
Sigalit Violet
Sigal A color purple or violet
Shyloh Variation of Shiloh which means Tranquil
Shushana She who is as graceful as a lily flower
Shuliah She is peace
Shulamith She is full of peace
Shubha Auspicious
Shoshona She is like a lilly
Shoshana Lily
Shosanna She who is beautiful like a lily
Shondra A gracious and merciful Yahweh
Sholah A woman who is full of energy
Shlomit Peace
Shivawn The graciousness of thr God
Shivaun The God is giving and gracious
Shirrina This is my little song
Shirra The song that belongs to her
Shirom In Hebrew means "my song"
Shirilee My song
Shirie A tune
Shiri Song of my soul
Shira Song
Shir One who is a poet
Shifrah Good looking woman
Shifra Improved
Shifana God is gracious
Sherry White meadow
Sherrina She who sings beautifully
Sherrie The plains
Sherri The plains
Sherly She who sings
Sherine From sharon
Sherina She who loves to sing
Sheri The plains
Sheralina She who brings light
Shenoa Yahweh is merciful
Shelah Request sheri from sharon
Shekinah God's manifested glory
Sheindal A beautiful woman
Shebah A given promise
Shayne God is gracious
Shayndel She who is beautifil
Shaye Supplanter
Shayah A woman worthy of God's gifts
Shaya One who is worthy of the God's gift
Shawni The Gracious and Giving God
Shawnell A Gracious and giving God
Shawna God is gracious
Shawn God is gracious
Shawanna She has known God's generocity and mercy
Shawanda The God is giving and forgiving
Shavawn The Lor's grace and mercy
Shaunteva She has known God's mercy
Shaunte The grace of the Lord
Shaunice The giving and merciful Lord
Shauni The gracious and merciful Lord
Shaune The gracious and merciful God
Shaun God is gracious
Sharonda A form of Sharon
Sharon The plains
Sharnee One who is from a little fertile field
Sharis Flat plain
Sharie One who has a fertile plain
Sharene A woman who is plain singer
Sharena One who comes from the place of fertile plains
Sharayah She who is plain Princess
Sharae A Princess who is plain
Shara The plains
Shanon Having ancient wisdom
Shannon Having ancient wisdom
Shannen God is gracious
Shannah She is completely beautiful
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