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Like Names Means Origin
Sydelle Princess Hebrew
Syala She who is like a doe Hebrew
Suzanne Derived from the hebrew Soshana means lily Hebrew
Suzana Lily Hebrew
Suzan A flower Hebrew
Sussan White lily Hebrew
Susie Lily Hebrew
Susanna Lily Hebrew
Susana Lily Hebrew
Susan Kinship Hebrew
Surina A laughing princess Hebrew
Surie She is a princess Hebrew
Sula A little peaceful she-bear Hebrew
Suesan Variation of Susan which means Lily Hebrew
Sue She who is a graceful lilly flower Hebrew
Sudie She is a lily flower Hebrew
Stav One who is like an autumn Hebrew
Sosie She is a lily flower Hebrew
Sose A woman who resambles a lily flower Hebrew
Solomiya Peace Hebrew
Sofiyko Ukrainian form of Sophia Hebrew
Siusan A woman who resambles a lily Hebrew
Sisel She who is of sweet nature and appereance Hebrew
Siouxsie A woman who looks like a lilly flower Hebrew
Simcha A feeling of joy and happiness Hebrew
Simah One who is a great treasure Hebrew
Sima A treasure Hebrew
Sigliah Violet Hebrew
Sigalit Violet Hebrew
Sigal A color purple or violet Hebrew
Shyloh Variation of Shiloh which means Tranquil Hebrew
Shushana She who is as graceful as a lily flower Hebrew
Shuliah She is peace Hebrew
Shulamith She is full of peace Hebrew
Shubha Auspicious Hebrew
Shoshona She is like a lilly Hebrew
Shoshana Lily Hebrew
Shosanna She who is beautiful like a lily Hebrew
Shondra A gracious and merciful Yahweh Hebrew
Sholah A woman who is full of energy Hebrew
Shlomit Peace Hebrew
Shivawn The graciousness of thr God Hebrew
Shivaun The God is giving and gracious Hebrew
Shirrina This is my little song Hebrew
Shirra The song that belongs to her Hebrew
Shirom In Hebrew means "my song" Hebrew
Shirilee My song Hebrew
Shirie A tune Hebrew
Shiri Song of my soul Hebrew
Shira Song Hebrew
Shir One who is a poet Hebrew
Shifrah Good looking woman Hebrew
Shifra Improved Hebrew
Shifana God is gracious Hebrew
Sherry White meadow Hebrew
Sherrina She who sings beautifully Hebrew
Sherrie The plains Hebrew
Sherri The plains Hebrew
Sherly She who sings Hebrew
Sherine From sharon Hebrew
Sherina She who loves to sing Hebrew
Sheri The plains Hebrew
Sheralina She who brings light Hebrew
Shenoa Yahweh is merciful Hebrew
Shelah Request sheri from sharon Hebrew
Shekinah God's manifested glory Hebrew
Sheindal A beautiful woman Hebrew
Shebah A given promise Hebrew
Shayne God is gracious Hebrew
Shayndel She who is beautifil Hebrew
Shaye Supplanter Hebrew
Shayah A woman worthy of God's gifts Hebrew
Shaya One who is worthy of the God's gift Hebrew
Shawni The Gracious and Giving God Hebrew
Shawnell A Gracious and giving God Hebrew
Shawna God is gracious Hebrew
Shawn God is gracious Hebrew
Shawanna She has known God's generocity and mercy Hebrew
Shawanda The God is giving and forgiving Hebrew
Shavawn The Lor's grace and mercy Hebrew
Shaunteva She has known God's mercy Hebrew
Shaunte The grace of the Lord Hebrew
Shaunice The giving and merciful Lord Hebrew
Shauni The gracious and merciful Lord Hebrew
Shaune The gracious and merciful God Hebrew
Shaun God is gracious Hebrew
Sharonda A form of Sharon Hebrew
Sharon The plains Hebrew
Sharnee One who is from a little fertile field Hebrew
Sharis Flat plain Hebrew
Sharie One who has a fertile plain Hebrew
Sharene A woman who is plain singer Hebrew
Sharena One who comes from the place of fertile plains Hebrew
Sharayah She who is plain Princess Hebrew
Sharae A Princess who is plain Hebrew
Shara The plains Hebrew
Shanon Having ancient wisdom Hebrew
Shannon Having ancient wisdom Hebrew
Shannen God is gracious Hebrew
Shannah She is completely beautiful Hebrew
Shaniyah A girl pretty as a lilly or a rose Hebrew
Shanice The Lord is gracious Hebrew
Shane God is gracious Hebrew
Shamniya One who watches the mountain Hebrew
Shameara She protects and guards Hebrew
Shalice She who is the third Queen Hebrew
Shalica The Queen of the three or the third Queen Hebrew
Shaked An Almond plant Hebrew
Shaine Beautiful Hebrew
Shaindel A little beautiful girl Hebrew
Shahrzad Bringing freedom to the city Hebrew
Shae An admirable man Hebrew
Shabriri Jewish demon of blindness. Hebrew
Sevil Beloved Hebrew
Seuar Sour or an embittered person Hebrew
Setia One who is faithful Hebrew
Sethe One who is appointet to be here Hebrew
Serita A princess Hebrew
Serefina A burning fire Hebrew
Seraphine Burning fire Hebrew
Seraphia A fiery angel Hebrew
Serah A morning star Hebrew
Serafine A fire that burns Hebrew
Serach Free of restraint Hebrew
Sera A princess Hebrew
Sephora A bird name Hebrew
Senaida God is gracious Hebrew
Semira She who is from heaven Hebrew
Sely Strong like a rock Hebrew
Selima One who brings comfort Hebrew
Seleta Rock Hebrew
Sele A rock Hebrew
Seimone She who is heard by God Hebrew
Segulah Treasure Hebrew
Sayde A princess Hebrew
Saveria Brand new home Hebrew
Saundra Protector of humanity Hebrew
Sasa Hungarian name meaning princess Hebrew
Sarrauh A princess Hebrew
Sarina Princess Hebrew
Sarielle Angel of guidance Hebrew
Sarianne She who is royal Hebrew
Sariah Princess Hebrew
Saria A princess Hebrew
Sari Princess Hebrew
Sarena A princess Hebrew
Saraya One who loves to quarrel Hebrew
Saray She who is content Hebrew
Sarai Quarrelsome Hebrew
Sarahi Princess Hebrew
Sarag A princess Hebrew
Sarae A lady Hebrew
Sara Princess Hebrew
Samora She who is under God's rule Hebrew
Sameria She who is under God's rule Hebrew
Samatha The God has heard you Hebrew
Samarie One who is like a watch tower Hebrew
Samarah The watchful mountain Hebrew
Samara She is protected by the God Hebrew
Samanta The name of God Hebrew
Samanda Feminine of Samule Hebrew
Samala The one who was requested from the God Hebrew
Salomi One who is calm and peaceful Hebrew
Salomea The peaceful one Hebrew
Salome She who gives peace Hebrew
Saloma She who is peaceful and tranquill Hebrew
Sallyann She who is a princess-like lady Hebrew
Sally Hebrew name meaning princess Hebrew
Sallie Nickname Hebrew
Sallianne A variation of the name Sarah Hebrew
Salleigh A lady or a princess Hebrew
Sallee She who is a princess Hebrew
Salka Icelandic version of Sarah Hebrew
Saletta A princess Hebrew
Salema She who is at peace Hebrew
Saheena A gift of God Hebrew
Sagiv Somthing great or sublime Hebrew
Safire One who is like a sapphire Hebrew
Sadye A princess Hebrew
Sabriyah One who is resting Hebrew
Sabrah The one who is resting Hebrew
Sabra A name meaning to rest Hebrew
Sabella God is my vow Hebrew
Sabela God is perfection Hebrew
Saari Empress Hebrew
Sarah Princess Hebrew
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