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Nyoma Spell variant of Arabic word Mohammed that means glorified person. Hebrew
Nurit The plant with full of yellow and red color flowers. Hebrew
Nuris My bright Hebrew
Nuriah The Master of the consuming fire. Hebrew
Nuria The Lord of the burning fire. Hebrew
Nur Spark Hebrew
Norayr A divine and glittering light Hebrew
Noomi The biggest star of the space (Sun) Hebrew
Nomy There is none like the creator of this world. Hebrew
Nomi Fundamental or basic. Hebrew
Nogah Attractive and beautiful lady. Hebrew
Noami My happy and my content. Hebrew
Noam Loveliness or satisfaction. Hebrew
Noa Undertaking or wave program or indication. Hebrew
Nizana A blossom or a bud of flower Hebrew
Nizah One who blossom Hebrew
Niva To talk or the expressions of talking Hebrew
Nitzah One who blossom Hebrew
Nitza Blossoming of flowers Hebrew
Nira Alive Hebrew
Nili The eternal God of Israel will never lie. Hebrew
Niel The good news from God. Hebrew
Nevish The one who is much important to God as his breathe. Hebrew
Neviah The one who can foretells the future things. Hebrew
Neveyah A fortune -teller Hebrew
Netty God has shown his kindness upon me. Hebrew
Netanya Gift of God Hebrew
Neta Plants Hebrew
Ness Enchanted Hebrew
Neria The nimble from God Hebrew
Neri The shining nimble or the deity of the sea. Hebrew
Nera Candle Hebrew
Neorah Shining as a bright light. Hebrew
Neomi Niceness Hebrew
Nelle The person who provides brightness. Hebrew
Neila The one who is concluding or finishing the activities. Hebrew
Nehama The one who gives relaxation. Hebrew
Nediva The one how is honourable and plentiful. Hebrew
Nechama Luxury Hebrew
Nearra A ploughed agricultural field Hebrew
Nívea The juniper tree or who is alive Hebrew
Nayce A miracle of God Hebrew
Naya An equal distant from the extremes. Hebrew
Nava Attractive or melodious or good-looking or musical. Hebrew
Nathania The treasure from God. Hebrew
Natassia The one who was gifted by God. Hebrew
Nataniela Awarded by the most high God. Hebrew
Natania Presented by God. Hebrew
Natana The special talent from the high above the heavens. Hebrew
Nasya A miracle of Yahweh Hebrew
Nariah The lamp or lantern of God Hebrew
Naphtali Grappling or fighting or struggling. Hebrew
Naomy Wonderful or enchanting or charming. Hebrew
Naomie Agreeable nature or appeal or loveliness. Hebrew
Naomi Enjoyableness or niceness or satisfaction. Hebrew
Naomh The pleasantness of a person Hebrew
Naome My happy and my glad. Hebrew
Naoma Enjoyable and agreeable. Hebrew
Naoimh The enjoyable pleasantness Hebrew
Nanssy The grace of God Hebrew
Nansi Loveliness or elegance. Hebrew
Nanshar One who is preferred by God Hebrew
Nannie Kindness of God Hebrew
Nanni God has shown his kindness on me. Hebrew
Nannette God has shown mercy upon me. Hebrew
Nannerl God is merciful. Hebrew
Nanna Mercy or kindness. Hebrew
Nann God has preferred me. Hebrew
Nanice One who is favoured by God Hebrew
Nanette A ruler full of grace and charm Hebrew
Nancy A divine person Hebrew
Nancijane The grave of Jehovah Hebrew
Nancie A balanced person Hebrew
Nanci The graceful person Hebrew
Nancey The person with grace Hebrew
Nancee An elegant person Hebrew
Nan Grace Hebrew
Naleigh A graceful meadow Hebrew
Nakira The one who will bring Justice Hebrew
Naiomi A pleasant person Hebrew
Naimi The sweetness or the delight Hebrew
Nagid A ruler or a princess Hebrew
Naavah The person who has pretty emotional admiration. Hebrew
Naava In a delightful manner or pretty. Hebrew
Naarah Youth girl or damsel. Hebrew
Naami Pretty Hebrew
Naamah melodiousness Hebrew
Naama mellifluousness or enjoyableness or my gladness. Hebrew
Na'ima In Hebrew it means the pleasant and gracious person. In Arabic it means a fruitful gift. Hebrew
Noah Relaxation Hebrew
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