Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting From 'L' With Meaning.

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Hebrew baby girl names starting with L letter.

Like Names Means
Lyzette She worships the God
Lyzbeth Satisfaction found in the worship of God
Lyza Her life is dedicated to God
Lyska God is my perfection
Lysbeth A woman whose god is in the oath
Lysa The God is my Promise
Lynden Biblical name
Lyliann A flower symbolising purity and resurrection
Loveie A lovely and happy soft hearted individual
Lizzy Woman who Pledged to the God
Lizzie Honoring her Oath to the God
Lizzi Devoted to the Vow made to the God
Lizzette My God is in my Vow
Lizzet My God is a Vow
Lizza A brightly shinning decoration
Lizz A woman hallowed by the Oath made to God
Lizina She is blessed to serve the God
Lizette Her life is her Oath to God
Lizeth She is devoted to honor an Oath made to the God
Lize Lives her life by the Oath made to God
Lizbeth She devoted her life to the Lord
Lizbet A woman who devoted herself to God
Lizanne A bright glowing ornament
Lizann An ornament that shines bright
Lizabeth She who worships God
Lizabeta A woaman who is consecrated to God
Liza A woman whose life is dedicated to God's worship
Liz An Oath of God
Liyah A person who is often tired and weary
Liya She is one with the God
Liviya A woman who is considered a Lioness of the Lord
Livana The colour White
Lisl God is my oath
Lisel God is my oath
Lisbeth Diminutive of Bethia
Lisbete God is perfection
Lisabette She who is devoted to God
Lisabet Variation of Elizabeth
Lisa One who is devoted to God
Lirit Poetic
Liran My joy
Lirael Name mentioned in the old testament
Liorit Variation of the name Lior
Liora Name means God's gift of light to me
Liones A Lioness of God; powerful
Linit To rest and be calm
Limor to exchange
Lillith She who belongs to the night
Lillah Variation of name Bethia
Lilie Lily flower
Lilah Night beauty
Lihi This woman belongs to me
Lih She is mine in Hebrew
Lieschen The perfection can be found only in God
Liddie God is my pomise
Libiya A person whose heart belongs to God
Libby A person who made an Oath to the God
Libbie I pledge my life to the Lord
Libbi A Vow that is made to the God
Libbee An Oath that is made to the God
Libbe From Hebrew elisheba
Libba A pledge made to the Heavenly Father
Lib An Oath
Liath A hebrew name meaning "You are mine"
Lianna A God's anwer to the prayers
Leza The noble ornament
Lewanna Brighly shinig white light
Lewana The one shinig white like the moon
Levona Frankincense
Levina Woman who is a dear friend
Levia Name meainig to join
Lesya Defender
Leshah A precious and kind person
Lerone My Song in Hebrew
Lerina A song that I love
Leora The light belongs to me
Lendca A noble person
Leisl A person who made an Oath to the God
Leigha Weary and a tiresome
Leia Heavanly child
Leeza Variation of Lisa
Leehi She who is mine
Leeba Beloved one
Leba Beloved woman
Leaxa An oath of God or the God is my satisfaction
Leatha Gazelle
Leahla A mistress or a ruler of an empire
Leahanna Biblical name
Lauriel Laurel of bay tree
Laurel Biblical name meaning laurel or bay tree
Lashanda The Graciousness and Mecifulness of God
Lashae A Gracious and Merciful God
Lanita Name meaning God has shown favor
Lailie The name means in the Nightfall
Laili Laili means Nightfall
Labronna Labronna means The One with Brown Hair
Leah Weary
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