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Hosanna A prayer or cry of express praise or adoration to God. Literally means "please save" or "save now." in Hebrew. Hebrew
Honi Amiable; the one who is gracious and loving Hebrew
Hokhmah A lover of nature who loves outdoors Hebrew
Hodaya Praise God Hebrew
Hila Praise or appreciation Hebrew
Hessye Star Hebrew
Hepzibah My deilght is in her; She is my delight; My desire is within her Hebrew
Hepsy Diminutive of Hephzibah: my delight is in her Hebrew
Hepsiba My deilght is in her; She is my delight; My desire is within her Hebrew
Hephzibah My deilght is in her; She is my delight; My desire is within her Hebrew
Henye God is gracious. Hebrew
Hedva joy Hebrew
Hedra Hebrew - Joy; A variant form of the Hebrew Chedra Hebrew
Haviva Beloved Hebrew
Havily From the stretch of sand Hebrew
Havilah Stretch of Sand; The sand region; One who suffers pain; that brings forth; Hebrew
Hasida She who is righteous. Hebrew
Hasia Hebrew for "protected by god."; One who is defended by God Hebrew
Hara Princess (Hebrew) Hebrew
Hanny Charming Hebrew
Hanneke favour Hebrew
Hannalee Gracious Hebrew
Hanna God's given gift to me (a child) Hebrew
Hanika A graceful woman Hebrew
Hananiah Grace; Mercy; Gift of the Lord Hebrew
Hanah Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious Hebrew
Hamutal The shadow of his heat; Hebrew name possibly meaning "of the morning dew' Hebrew
Halleli Greatly praised Hebrew
Haggith Hebrew - One who rejoices; Festive; The dancer; A variant form is Haggyth Hebrew
Haddix This is a variation of Harriet Hebrew
Haddison This is a variation of Harriet Hebrew
Haddie This is a variation of Harriet Hebrew
Haddasha Myrtle Tree; Hebrew name of Queen Esther Hebrew
Hadassah Variant of Myrtle tree in Hebrew Hebrew
Hadassa The Myrtle tree in the Hebrew Hebrew
Haana Hebrew - Grace; Maori name family name; A variant of Hannah Hebrew
Hannah Grace Hebrew
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