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Like Names Means Origin
Ezelea A woman who looks like flower Hebrew
Evuska Alive or living Hebrew
Evulka Alive or living Hebrew
Evinka A form of Eve Hebrew
Evi?ka A form of Eve Hebrew
Evie Variation of Eve which means life Hebrew
Evey Variation of Eve which means life Hebrew
Evelynne this is a spelling variation of a famous name which means to live or life. Hebrew
Evelynn this name means to peacefully live and have a life. Hebrew
Evelyne a name which means to live. Hebrew
Evelyn a Hebrew name which means to breathe or live or life. Hebrew
Evedene a name which means a juniper tree or good luck Hebrew
Evea the juniper tree in Greek language. Hebrew
Eve the first woman on earth. Hebrew
Evanesca an event that fades away. Hebrew
Evanee young fighter. Hebrew
Evaleigh the juniper tree. Hebrew
Evabelle beautiful breath of life. Hebrew
Eunicia a word in Greek which means good victory. Hebrew
Eunice good victory. Hebrew
Ethill a German word meaning noble. Hebrew
Esty a feminized Hebrew word which means star. Hebrew
Esther Sweet; Star; Planet Venus; The Babylonian goddess of love; Fifth Century Queen of Persia Hebrew
Ester a Hebrew word meaning star. Hebrew
Esphyr it means stars. Hebrew
Esabella a person who has been devoted to god for salvation. Hebrew
Esabell somebody who has been devoted to god. Hebrew
Erzsebet someone who is devoted to god. Hebrew
Erzs�bet a person who is truly devoted to god. Hebrew
Erlinda princess or spirited. Hebrew
Erith it means flower. Hebrew
Eriella a Spanish word for lioness of god. Hebrew
Eriel lion of god. Hebrew
Erelah a Hebrew word meaning angel. Hebrew
Erela angel on earth. Hebrew
Era wind or air; it also means a very long duration of time. Hebrew
Ephtehia a feminized name meaning overly fruitful in nature. Hebrew
Ephrath abundance or fruit bearing. Hebrew
Enye it means grace. Hebrew
Emunah Faith Hebrew
Emmegail this means a high born lady. Hebrew
Emmanuella means god with us from the old testament in Biblical verses. Hebrew
Emmanuela this is the feminine form of the Biblical name for the Messiah and also has the meaning that god should be with us. Hebrew
Emanuelly A variant of Emmanuella Hebrew
Emanuelle this name depicts the feminine form of the Messiah or faith. Hebrew
Emanuell this name means god is with us or faith. Hebrew
Emanuela the literal meaning of this name is god be with us. Hebrew
Elzie this name means that my god is my vow. Hebrew
Elza this is a form of Elizabeth or can also mean god is my joy Hebrew
Elyzabeth this name means my god is abundance or oath is my god. Hebrew
Elyza this name means god is perfection or god is my oath. Hebrew
Elysse this means someone from the blessed isles. Hebrew
Elyssa this name means my god is my oath. Hebrew
Elyscia this name means salvation is god or noble and honourable. Hebrew
Elyon this name means Jehovah is my god. Hebrew
Elyannah this name means lord is my god or light or moon. Hebrew
Elyanna this name means my lord has answered. Hebrew
Elvena this means someone who is a friend of the elves or a friend Hebrew
Elveena a good friend of the elves is described by this name. Hebrew
Elu this name means someone who is full of grace. Hebrew
Elsy this basically means god is my oath. Hebrew
Elsie this means noble by birth or god is bountiful. Hebrew
Elsi this means my god is a vow. Hebrew
Elsabeth this name means that god is a vow. Hebrew
Elliette Jehovah is the God almighty Hebrew
Ellieana An answer to God's prayers Hebrew
Ellie God is the guiding light Hebrew
Ellicia Blissful God provides salvation Hebrew
Ellice Jehovah is the ultimate God Hebrew
Ellianna Answer to God's prayers Hebrew
Elliana The almighty god has answered Hebrew
Elli A kind and devoted individual Hebrew
Ellesha A bountiful God; salvation Hebrew
Elka Where God is a vow; God s taken as a oath Hebrew
Elizebeth God is a faith and is satisfaction Hebrew
Elizabete Latvian form of Elizabeth. It means my God is abundance Hebrew
Eliza Pledged to God Hebrew
Eliya One who serves others; Lord is the God Hebrew
Elissia God of Oath who provides satisfaction Hebrew
Elishia One who is taken as a vow; stable Hebrew
Elisheva They have taken God as an oath Hebrew
Elisedd One who is the provider of satisfaction; an oath Hebrew
Elised One who is very close to God Hebrew
Elisaveta One who is fully devoted to God Hebrew
Elisavet A devoted individual; loves humanity Hebrew
Elisangela One who takes God as an Oath; a friend Hebrew
Elisabette They take God as their oath; loving person Hebrew
Elisabeth God providing satisfaction and support Hebrew
Elis One who loves the company of the Lord Hebrew
Eliora They are the guiding light Hebrew
Eliisa Vow is a God; merciful and gracious Hebrew
Elice One who is very close to the Lord Hebrew
Eliava One who takes his father as God Hebrew
Eliane Jehovah is the ultimate God Hebrew
Eliana God has given the answer Hebrew
Elia They have a feeling good feeling about the lord Hebrew
Eleora Idealistic; God is the ultimate light Hebrew
Eleisha God who provides salvation Hebrew
Elefteria Honorable; one who provides salvation Hebrew
Eleasha One who is born to provide salvation Hebrew
Eleasa A fantastic and humble beings Hebrew
El�a Jehovah is the Lord Hebrew
Elandra Home by the Sea; God is my Oath; God is perfection Hebrew
Ela They are the representative of mother Earth Hebrew
Eisa Yahweh is my salvation; Name of a Prophet Hebrew
Eiliana A Hebrew saying means My God has answered Hebrew
Eilat A grove of tall trees; Pistacia tree Hebrew
Eilah Juniper tree; oak; one who lives forever Hebrew
Eila The daughter of manu who is like the Earth Hebrew
Eik One who gives laughter; strong as a Oak tree Hebrew
Efrosini A fawn; bird like creature Hebrew
Eeva A life giving person Hebrew
Eeli To ascend; uplifted soul and spirit Hebrew
Eeden One who can provide pleasure Hebrew
Edria Possesive of great power and strength;Mighty Hebrew
Edrea One who is rich and powerful; of high authority Hebrew
Edra Powerful and happy one Hebrew
Edna Rejuvenation; one who needs relaxation Hebrew
Edenia A secure place in paradise Hebrew
Edena A delightful person; core; centre Hebrew
Eden A place of delight; joyous and happy place Hebrew
Edekin One who is good natured and friendly Hebrew
Eddiz One who brings joy one who is rich and happy Hebrew
Eddi One who always provides pleasure Hebrew
Ebeta It means Oath of God. Hebrew
Ebbie It means father or light. Hebrew
Eawa It means 'Life' in Hebrew Hebrew
Eafa The meaning of eefa in Welsh means' Life' Hebrew
Eabbe Its derived from the hebrew word abbe which means "Father of extreme happiness" Hebrew
Eva life or living one. Hebrew
Elizabeth One who provides satisfaction and fullness Hebrew
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