Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting From 'D' With Meaning.

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Hebrew baby girl names starting with D letter.

Like Names Means
Dvosye Yiddish form of Deborah
Dvorah A bee who is also an invader
Dvoire A form of Divorah
Dunia They are very understanding and passionate
Drorit One who is gift of God
Diza A joyous individual; they bring happiness
Dinorah Avenged one; they are Jacob's daughter
Dinora A form of Hebrew name Dinah
Dine Yiddish form of Dinah
Dinah A vindicated being; Jacob's daughter
Dina A valley which is filled with beautiful flowers
Dikla Palm tree
Derora Freedom
Denita A practical and efficient person
Denielle God is Judge; provides justice
Dena A vindicated and humble human being
Delilah One who has enormous mental and physical strength
Delila A languishing and desirable being
Deebe A Bee which collects honey
Debroah Bee; a victory song
Debralee One who is part of te book of judges
Debrah Queen Bee; a prophetess
Debra Bee; a song writer
Deborrah Song written in the book of judges
Deborah A prophetess of the Biblical times
Debi One who writes victory songs
Debera One who is as busy as a Bee
Debby One who is a Bee; untiring
Debbra One whose song is a part of Book of Judges
Debbie One with strong desires and aspirations
Debbi One who has won a battle against the invaders; strong
Debashmeet One who is fast as a Bee; a busy person
Debaprita A person who is very nice to poor; a Bee
Deb A prophetess; they have a unique personality
Dayana A judge; Latin of Diana
Dayan A judge and a peacemaker; who finds joy in small things
Daya Bird of prey; a compassionate person
Dawnn A patient and charming personality; dawn
Davon Determined worker
Davinia A cherished and lovely individual
Davinah Much loved individual
Davia Feminine of David; One who has strong spiritual powers
Davette A determined good worker
Davene A beloved darling
Dassah A tree
Darreth Rich Pearl of wisdom
Darice Known for knowledge
Dareen One who has wisdom
Daphna One who always attains victory
Dannin God is protecting
Dannielle God is a judge
Danniella God is my protector
Danniell A promise by God
Danniel Calm and soothing
Dannie Good natured
Dannia One with influencing personality
Danni A strong woman
Dannette A Prophet; Strong
Dannelle French variant of Daniel
Dannell Love of God
Dannah Strong and together; Name of a place
Danna Feminine God rules
Danjela An intelligent one
Danita A Prophet
Daniil God is a judge who rules
Danielle A Biblical name
Daniella God has ruled a decision
Daniell God protects all
Daniele God is a judge
Danielan God is my judge.
Daniela God is powerful
Danie A good worker
Danice Feminine God
Dania God is all powerful
Dani God is all powerful and kind
Daney God's rule
Danette God has ruled on us
Danelle God is the one powerful judge
Danella By God's permission
Danell God is a wise judge
Danelea God is judge of all
Danek By God's Will
Daneira God rules all
Daneen A Princess
Danalyn A judge
Danala White Swan
Danae Mother of Perseus
Daliyah A branch
Dalit One who draws water
Dalis Draws water
Daleah To tease
Dalea Branch of a tree
Daganyah Ceremonial grain
Dafni Laurel bush
Dafna Victory; one who triumphs
Dael Valley of knowledge
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