Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting From 'B' With Meaning.

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Bulah She who is a bride
Bula A married woman
Bruriah Clarity of God
Brichheve To be blessed
Bricheve To recieve a blessing
Blith A carefree
Biniyam Amharic (Ethiopian) form of Benjamin
Bezawit Hebrew - God is perfection; God is my Oath; House of figs; Life; Foundation; Pillar; Short form of Elizabeth
Beulah Married
Betty Oath of God
Bettina Consecrated To God
Betsy Consecrated To God
Bethlehem Bethlehem is the city where Jesus was born Its literal meaning is "house of bread" in ancient Hebrew
Bethesda House Of Mercy
Bethena One who lives in the house of figs
Bethel God's home
Bethany Life-Town Near Jerusalem
Bethanni One who lives in the house of light
Bethanie Variant of Bethany - a vi ...
Bethanee Variant of Bethany - a vi ...
Betha Hebrew - God is perfection; God is my Oath; House of figs; Life
Beth Derived From Elizabeth
Bete The perfection of Lord
Bet House; God's Promise; God is My Oath; Short Form of Elizabeth
Bessie Consecrated To God
Bess Derived From Elizabeth
Berura She who is pure.
Bersaba Cornish medieval form of Bathsheba meaning oath
Beracha Hebrew name meaning "blessing"
Belia God's promise a variant of Isabel (Hebrew) -form of Belle -Belia is unusual as a baby Female name. Its usage peaked modestly in 1931 with .5% of baby Females being named Belia. It was #962 in rank the
Belem House of bread; one who is sentimental
Bekkie She is the God's servant
Bekki A snare
Beaulah She who is married
Bayla Beautiful
Batya Daughter of God; Daughter of Yahweh; Latin - Foreign Woman
Batty God is my oath
Batsheva Original Hebrew form of Bathsheb
Bathsua daughter of prosperity
Bathsheba Seventh Daughter; Daughter of satiety; Daughter of the oath; Voluptuous
Bat-Tzion Daughter of Zion
Bat-Tseeyon Daughter of Zion
Bashia Variant of Basia meaning "God's daughter"
Balah Hebrew - Timid; Bashful; A variant of name Bilhah
Baile One who is troubled.
Baht The daughter of God
Baara A Flame; Purging;
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