Hawaiian Baby Girl Names Starting From 'K' With Meaning.

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Like Names Means
Kealohi Kealohi means The One Who Shines
Kealoha Kealoha means The One Who is Loved
Kealii Kealii means Chief
Kealani The name means The Clear and White Heaven
Keala Keala means The Path
Keahilani The name means Heaven's Fire
Keahi The meaning of the name is Fire
Kaylani Majestic
Kawena Kawena means The Rosy Glow in the Sky
Kapuni Kapuni name means Favorite One
Kapula The meaning of the name Kapula is Prayer
Kapueo Kapueo name means Owl in Hawaiian
Kapono Kapono means Righteous
Kapena Kapena means Captain
Kani Kani means Sound
Kanani Kanani means The one who is Beautiful
Kamea Kamea means The One and Only
Kamaya Kamaya means Precious One
Kamalei Kamelei means Beloved Child
Kaloni Kaloni means The Sky
Kalona Hawaiian meaning is The Sky
Kaleo Kaleo means The Voice
Kaleighia Happiness or a bliss
Kaleia Curled flower or twisted flower
Kalei The name Kalei means The One who works for the Kinf
Kaleho The name means The Cowry Shell
Kalea Kalea name mans Joy and Happiness
Kalani Kalani name means The Heavens
Kaiulani Kaiulani means Royal Sacred One
Kaipo Kaipo means The Sweetheart
Kainona Kainona means Sea with No Restrictions
Kainoa Kainoa means The Free Flowing Ocean
Kainalu The name means Sea Wave
Kaimana Kaimana means Power of the Ocean and Diamond
Kaileah Kaileah name means Clear and Bright
Kail� The name means Hawaiian Deity
Kailani Kailani means Sea and Sky
Kaiko Kaiko name means Sea With Strong Current
Kaiholo Kaiholo means Moving Sea
Kaia Kaia name means The Sea
Kahuna The name Kahuna means The Hidden Secret
Kahua Kahua means Base
Kahoni Kahoni means The Kiss
Kaholo The name means Nimble
Kahoku Kahoku means The Star
Kahlia Kahlia means Keeper of the Keys
Kahli Kahili menas Rainbow part
Kahiau Kahiau name means Selfless Generosity
Kahealani The name means The Call of Heaven
Kahale The name Kahale means House
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