Christian Baby Girl Names From 'Z' With Meaning

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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Zuriel God is my rock Christian 6
Zoheret She shines Christian 7
Zisel Sweet Christian 5
Zaylie Dry Christian 6
Zevida Gift Christian 6
Zhaklina Bulgarian form of Jacqueline Christian 8
Zavrina A form of sabrina Christian 7
Zella Little marcus Christian 5
Zacharee God is remembered Christian 8
Zahar Morning light Christian 5
Zofia Wisdom Christian 5
Zoey The name Zoey is of Greek origin meaning 'Life'. Christian 4
Zinachidinma The Lord is compassionate Christian 1
Zarra Dawn Christian 5
Zaina A form of zanna Christian 5
Zantina One who is a great devotee Christian 7
Zahavah Golden Christian 7
Zakia Bright Christian 5
Zaneta God's gracious gift Christian 6
Ziva Bright Christian 4
Zerlinda Beautiful dawn Christian 8
Zeena Hospitable Christian 5
Zipporah Little bird Christian 8
Zara Dawn Christian 4
Zita The seeker; virgin Christian 4
Zaharra White-skinned / flowerlike Christian 7
Zina Hospitable Christian 4
Zaza Movement Christian 4
Zia To tremble Christian 3
Zayley Dry Christian 6
Zikoranachidinma The name means 'a blessing from the true Lord'. Christian 1
Zuzka One who blossoms and shines brightly Christian 5
Zandra Defending men Christian 6
Zenna Hospitable Christian 5
Zitomira One who is well known and celebrated Christian 8
Zarrah The day's awakening Christian 6
Zaharinka A variant of Zaharina Christian 9
Zeba Christian 4
Zornitsa The first light of the day Christian 8
Zimra Song of praise Christian 5
Zambda Meditation Christian 6
Zaylee A heavenly woman Christian 6
Zelimirka One who desires. Christian 9
Zemirah Song of joy Christian 7
Zoja The name is a variant form of name Zoe Christian 4
Zanna A short form of susanna Christian 5
Zenobia Child of zeus sinobia Christian 7
Zoeey A life-giving woman ; alive Christian 5
Zana A form of zanna Christian 4
Zaklina A version of Jakov Christian 7
Zoee A life-giving woman ; alive Christian 4
Zanaa White lily Christian 5
Zarria Blossom Christian 6
Zila Shadow zilpha - stately; noble Christian 4
Zvjezdana The shining light Christian 9
Zeta Rose. linguistics Christian 4
Ziona A sign Christian 5
Zaara Flower Christian 5
Zaria Christian 5
Zephrine Breeze Christian 8
Zena Life and zeus Christian 4
Zooey A life-giving woman ; alive Christian 5
Zinnia Zinn's flower Christian 6
Zelene Sunshine Christian 6
Zanele One who is affluent Christian 6
Zoe The Greek word for life 'zoe' meaning 'life' Christian 3
Zuna One who has great wealth; blessed being Christian 4
Zagorka One who lives in the mountains Christian 7
Zabeth One who is pledged to God. Christian 6
Zlatica A precious gem Christian 7
Zehava Golden Christian 6
Zoffany A blessing from the Almighty Christian 7
Zaharina The name is the Bulgarian feminine form of Zechariah Christian 8
Zelsana Blessed with success Christian 7

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Tamil Baby Girl Names

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Thillai Iniyaval
Divani Ranjeetha
Maghna Selvakumari
Parnavi Ishwarpreet
Goldy Gorochana
Anbumoli Sahiba
Firoza Tarla
Vaneesha Prajana
OppilaaChelvi Disha
Romini MeenVili

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