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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Vivianne Alive Christian 8
Vinothini Christian 9
Veselka One is cheerful and full of life. Christian 7
Vulpine Like a fox Christian 7
Vineetha Christian 8
Varsha Christian 6
Vidette The beloved Christian 7
Vismaya Christian 7
Vigora Feminine form of Vigor Christian 6
Violet Name of a flower Christian 6
Vandhana Christian 8
Viveka Christian 6
Valsala Christian 7
Vickii Variation: vicky Christian 6
Vandna Christian 6
Vivienne Christian 8
Verna Latin baby name that means 'born in the spring' Christian 5
Vespera The evening star. A variant of Vesper. Christian 7
Velvet Velvety Christian 6
Vinnarasi Christian 9
Victorria Victorious woman ; winner ; conqueror Christian 9
Valerie Christian 7
Vinitha Christian 7
Venus Venus was the Goddess of love and sensuality Christian 5
Vina Christian 4
Veda Christian 4
Vanshika Christian 8
Valle From the glen Christian 5
Viatrix Voyager through life Christian 7
Viviane Alive Christian 7
Vinodhini Christian 9
Vanea A precious blessing from the Almighty Christian 5
Vanessa Greek name meaning butterfly Christian 7
Vinisha Christian 7
Violett Resembling the purplish- blue flower Christian 7
Victoria The royal name of Latin origin means 'victory'. Christian 8
Veronnica Displaying her true image Christian 9
Verronica Displaying her true image Christian 9
Vikki Conqueror ; victory Christian 5
Varda Rose Christian 5
Vindya Christian 6
Vinicia Christian 7
Vineela Christian 7
Vickki Variation: vicky Christian 6
Violetta Resembling the purplish- blue flower Christian 8
Vanitha Christian 7
Varnitha Christian 8
Varshini Christian 8
Varina Thorn Christian 6
Vivianna Full of life Christian 8
Vidhya Christian 6
Vannah God is gracious Christian 6
Vindhya Christian 7
Vanity Vain Christian 6
Vladimira Female of Vladimir Christian 9
Viorica Romanian form of the name Friederike Christian 7
Vanetta A form of vanessa Christian 7
Viviann Lively woman Christian 7
Vasantha Christian 8
Vini Christian 4
Vedrana Cheerful and high-spirited? Christian 7
Vera Truth veronica - genuine image Christian 4
Valorie To be healthy Christian 7
Virginnia One who is chaste ; virginal Christian 9
Vivi Life is a short form of all the vivian and viveca Christian 4
Vesna Spring Christian 5
Vitomira Female of Vitomir Christian 8
Veera Brave Christian 5
Valarie To be healthy Christian 7
Vasudha Christian 7
Viktoria Conqueror ; victory Christian 8
Vivian-Vivianne One who defines the universe Christian 1
Valentinna One who is vigorous and healthy Christian 1

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Tamil Baby Girl Names

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Kruthi Devaja
Kritika Devanshi
Tanasi Dhriya
Charuprabha Kanira
Jigisha Sabri
Gitashri Lehar
Navyata Tushika
Darshani Nazeeha
Bhagyashree Brundha
Alar Iyalisai

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